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So Jodi and have been married for a long time now, almost 15 years and in the last three or four years our sex life has gotten, well, different. I had long been masturbating to porn on the internet and my taste in stuff has change and gotten weird. I love cock and ball torture, and have even gotten my lovely wife Jodi to start giving me a few good beatings. In fact not to long ago she took her hair brush to my balls and beat me really hard. So like most wives she knows all about my strange little things that I look at, and one night while in bed, the kids off at grandma’s we where sitting in bed talking.

“So John, besides beating your balls, is there anything else you would like to try” Jodi asked me, smiling. She was wearing the bath robe I had gotten her for Christmas and was sitting at the end of the bed. I was lying on top on the bed, naked, and she was rubbing my ankle and calf. Her robe was slightly open and I could tell she was not wearing a bra. She is so pretty, I am a lucky man.

“Well, there is something that I would really like to try. But if you don’t want to I will understand.”

“Tell me”

“I want to eat your pussy” I said quickly

“You have been doing that for years” she laughed looking at me kinda strangely.

“Yeah, but I want to eat you after I have cummed inside your pussy.”

“Really, you want to eat your cum out of my pussy” Jodi asked

“Yes baby, I really really want to do that, I will do anything you want if you let me.” I replied.

“Well OK, I guess, but I want to do something first. OK?” Jodi asked a smile in her eyes.

“Yes honey, anything.” I cried my voice getting a little high pitched getting very excited. She smiled that smile that she saves just for me while we are in the bedroom. I have no idea what I have gotten my self into, but to be given the chance to lick her wet pussy full of cum, I was ready to do anything.

“Get off the bed lay down on the floor, on your stomach.” She said getting off the bed herself and moving around to where I was. I laid down on the floor stretching out, “spread you legs honey, that’s a good boy” her voice floated down toward me. “Push you cock down between your legs, so it is pointing toward your feet” she further instructed. I heard her robe slid off and I could sense her looking down at me both her feet between my legs at about me knees.

Now I have to admit I was a little nervous and starting to sweet just a little, not knowing what she had on her mind. A thousand things ran through my perverted little mind, all of them making my blood start to boil. “Relax baby, you are going to enjoy this as much as I am, and just keep you mind on you prize, my cum soaked pussy all over you face.” Jodi giggled. That is when I felt her bare foot on the tip of my penis pushing it down bingöl escort on the hard wood floor we have in the bedroom. A moan, or groan, or some sort of noise came from my mouth. “See I told you you would like this.” Her foot moved a little more forward. My entire cock was under her foot now, her heel on my penis head and her toes at the base of my nut sack, she has small feet. She started to pump her foot up and down never leaving contact with my cock but added and removing pressure. I could feel my dick trying to get hard, but between her foot and my weight it was difficult to get an erection.

“You want me to stomp your balls?” Her cool voice said, I could tell she was smiling when she said that. No my mind screamed, that would be too much pain but somehow when I opened my mouth my brain changed the message “Oh god, please Jodi, step on my balls!” I must be insane, but no sooner had I said it she moved. Putting her full weight (130 pounds or so) on my cock, she stepped forward with her left foot to rest on the side of my hip. “Here we go baby, try not to cum”

My mind went completely blank not a single coherent thought got past the pain. I could feel the ball of her foot pressing down on one of my nuts. We were both making noise at this point, both grunting, mine from pain, hers from effort. Both were the sexiest things I have ever heard. Jodi moved her foot to my other nut and started to twist her foot and she continued more and more pressure. Pre-cum was pouring out of my dick I was in so much pain, “Harder baby, do you want it harder?” she asked. Again, my mind and voice contradicted each other. “Please Jodi, Harder, Harder, Please”

Who the fuck is this asshole who keeps talking, that small little voice in my head screamed. Her foot came complete off me for a several heart bets, my heart was racing, and wham her foot came down hard on nut sack. Something must have moved because it didn’t hurt that much. “Shut” she whispered, and then four times in a role, wham wham wham wham, all hitting me directly in the balls. Screaming it rolled away from her cupping my damaged balls my eyes held tight shut, tears streaming down the corners. I sensed her moving toward the bed and heard her sit down. She didn’t speak but only watched me struggle with the pain. When I was finally able to open my eyes I say her sitting on the bed wiggle her toes at me.

Not sure what to do, I got up on my knees and took her foot placing her toes on my mouth and slowly started to suck. She liked that, I could tell by her womanly noises. I slowly took her other foot and placed the top of her foot directly below my swollen balls. Still sucking her toes I looked up at her breasts heaving just a little, her eyes squinting down at me her foot starting to bounce my balls up and down. bingöl escort bayan “Don’t take my toes out of your mouth” she said, and then gave me three quick kicks in the balls. More tears roiled out of my eyes, but I was able to keep her toes in my mouth. “Good, think about my wet freshly fuck pussy you will be eating soon.” Three more quick kicks, my balls really hurting bad now. I had to use one hand on the bed to keep from falling over.

Pulling her foot from my mouth she leaned forward and touched the side of my face. Giving me a little kiss, smiling she said “Stand up honey” Up I came like a rocket, which really hurt my balls more because I failed to noticed that she had grabbed my nut sack and as I stood she pulled down. A little giggle escape her mouth as I staged and just barely kept from falling. “Take one step backward honey. I want to kick you in balls hard, and then when you recover you can shove your cock deep in my cunt” I love it when she talks nasty like this. My cock was as erect as it has ever been turning a deeper shade of purple, and my nut sack swollen and red. Still sitting on the bed she sized me up, bringing her foot up slowly aiming at my nuts. “I know, baby, I want you to grab your nut sack and push you balls as far down as you can. That way I will be really able to kick you squarely in the balls. OK?” she asked.

Are you fucking insane, my brain screamed, I am not going to make my nuts even more exposed for you. That is what the small little voice said, my hand reached down and grabbed my balls, pushing them down low so my nuts were pushed together giving her a perfect shot at my nuts. “Please Jodi, kick me twice, as hard as you can.” Asshole, asshole, why do I keep talking. This first kick came up suddenly while I was yelling at myself. Direct hit into my nuts, she even pointed her foot so the flat part of her foot slammed my nuts really hard. I was in such pain and my eyes where shut so I also missed her second kick but oh did I ever feel it. This time she used her toes to slam into my balls, digging her toenails into my nuts hard. I lost all control and fell to the floor really hard on my knees, I would feel that pain for a week after, and rolled over to my side in so much pain that I could not even scream.

I am not sure how long I was on the floor, I may have blacked out. When I was able to start moving again Jodi was lying on the bed with a bunch of pillows behind her head reading something and drinking wine. “Hi baby, I want you to know that when I kicked you the second time I had an amazing orgasm.” She said with a smile. I limped, crawled, over to the bed and got on top of the bed. Laying next her and feeling the warmth of her body after being on the hard wood floor. “I love you so much, and to tell you the truth escort bingöl I am starting to really enjoy beating you balls.”

“I love you to baby” I said placing small kisses on her right breast. “My balls are yours to do with as you please.” My hands started to rub her inner thigh and her legs started to spread for me. My fingers moved up her thigh and I could feel her wetness while I was still pretty far away from her bald pussy. “Can I have my creampie now baby, please?”

“Um, of course you can, I am still very moist so you don’t have to do any foreplay, in fact you will be doing all the foreplay after your done, right honey” She answered sliding down on the bed and spreading her legs wide for me. Still moving slow I move between her legs, I don’t think my cock ever got soft since we started, and in one quick thrust my cock was buried in her deep. Her soft groan was all I needed to start pumping her hard, my damaged balls slapping her ass, causing more pain, making me more excited. I knew that I was not going to last long, but then Jodi started talking dirty. “Yes baby, fuck me, fuck me hard, cum in my cunt, make it messy, hurt me with your cock, harder, faster, yes, yes, give me your cum.” She chanted in a husky voice my cock ready to explode.

Now I have been dreaming about doing this for some time so when I finally exploded in her the first squirt I kept my cock buried deep in her, the second squirt I pulled halfway out, and the final spasms I splashed on the entrance way of her pretty pink pussy. That way I would have cum all the through her to suck out. When I finally finished cumming and shaking a little, I looked her in the eyes, she smiled, “Baby, eat my cunt” she said with her eyes, and of course I wanted to so bad.

Moving down her body quickly, kissing her breasts, her stomach, and finally my face was looking at her love hole. Covered in my white gooey cum, I liked my lips, looking back up her, she raised her hips to give me better access. We locked eyes as my tongue first touched her outer lips sucking up the cum that was dripping down toward her ass crack. A hiss that may have been a ‘yes’ came from her lips, her head flung back and I dove in. Tonguing and sucking her for all I was worth, the taste of my cum wet and salty mixed with her moist juice was like nothing I had ever done before. I was more than just my tongue tasting all this wet creamy juice, my whole body was experiencing something to was other worldly. Sucking for a while, I finally drove two fingers into her wide open pussy to pull as much cum out of her as I could. Somewhere during all this I attacked her G-Spot and she screamed out her orgasm as her thighs came crashing down around my head.


Later that night after we cleaned up and were settling down to sleep she kissed me good night and said “Think about letting one of my girlfriends coming over to help me beat your balls honey.” Nasty things ran through my head, and my dick started to get hard again.


All comments are welcome, help me tell better stories.

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