At Long Last

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We stand together alone, finally alone in our room seeing nothing but one another. After all that time we are here, our arms around each other in a warm happy embrace. Her beautiful eyes looking into mine, her body held to mine as we sway gently to the soft music in the background.

The ride here after the ceremony felt as though it would never end. We got into the limousine and all I wanted to do was rip that dress off of her to have her right then and there. Her beautiful smile, her lovely eyes looking at me the same way as the driver pulled away from the chapel.

Our first kiss together in the car was heated, impassioned, our lips meeting and parting so easily for one another. Our tongues move together as though our bodies are already in sync, one to the other.

Our hands roaming over each other’s body, fondling, gripping, rubbing, our breasts pressed together, I reach to remove the dress to get at those luscious orbs of flesh, wanting so much to feel the nipple there.

She pushes away, gently smiling at me and motions with her head towards the front. The driver is there smiling and looking on; we all laugh at it. The driver shakes his head and mouths, “sorry”, as he raises the dark glass to give us our privacy. There you sit with that happy smile, with no words you signal to me to be patient. We can wait until we get to our rooms.

We arrive at the room, the ride not exactly interminable but taking a lot longer than either of us wanted . The chauffeur opens the door for us you give him a smile, and hug him kissing his cheek; for a split second I look on the picture with jealousy, then realize you are mine and soon I know, I am going to have you and prove it! I laugh at it and hug him as well kissing his cheek and pressing a 50 dollar bill into his hand as we part. He got us there to our room, for what is coming I want to give him more. Smiling at the thought I giggle as we walk to the door, you smile and giggle right back at me.

We arrive at the door laughing and anxious, you use the key and open it, it’s then that you look at me and your laugh becomes a smile of mischievousness as you hug me then suddenly lift me up in your arms carrying me over the threshold. The laughter I hear isn’t yours alone, I can’t help at how silly it looks as I see the chauffeur look at us and shake his head again with that knowing smile.

Here we are now holding one another, both of us nervous, but so hungry for one another, my head to yours looking into each other’s eyes as we gently sway to the soft music. Wanting to hurry, to rush, to literally tear the bolu escort dresses off one another but so anxious and nervous, not wanting to make this night of ours, the first night of ours cheap.

We move together then, our lips meet, mine full and warm against yours. Parting them one for the other, our tongues slipping together, sliding alongside one another, playfully, teasing and sliding, entangling as we move to the music. My hands reaching back to unzip your dress your hands already having mine unzipped; both of us pulling the others down and away to expose our unhindered breasts, yours so firm, a cupful, mine larger swaying slightly as we step out of our dresses to hold one another again. Our breasts pressed together now skin to skin our lips tight together in our impassioned kiss, as we slide one another’s tongues together, almost becoming one.

Your body tight to mine our movements gently rubbing skin to skin as I feel you hard against me your member there throbbing already, against my belly so thick and hard, long and hot against my skin as our kiss becomes almost unbearably hot. I pull away I can wait no longer I have to have it!

My hand reaches down as I look into those oh so beautiful eyes as I see your breathing quicken then your sudden gasp as my fingers gently touch your shaft, wrapping around it. My fingers barely touching my thumb, your hard throbbing shaft so thick, so beautiful, the feel of it throbbing, pulsing in my hand as you moan at my touch.

I kiss you again, gently, almost begging with my eyes you softly nod your assent . I have been waiting for this moment too long, and you are here now in my grasp, literally, and I want it so badly.

I kneel down, my eyes move from yours to see the gift you have for me,that long hard throbbing cock , my hand stroking at it gently up and down. It’s such a beautifully hard cock, 9 inches of thick wonderful hardness, 3 inches in diameter it actually feels thicker in my hand. I lick my lips knowing what I want, especially at the sight of the pre cum slightly oozing out of the mushroomed tip.

Looking up past those firm globes of your breasts, and now hardened nipples, into your eyes as I move my lips to your hardness, stabbing my tongue out sliding it around and then onto the head of your member to taste that salty sweet slippery drop of cum. Loving the feel of it as it coats my tongue, your groan of pleasure making me smile as I lave my tongue over your hard cock-head, circling it as you whimper at the feel of my hot tongue sliding over your throbbing head again and bolu escort bayan again . Stabbing my tongue at the tiny hole there as you moan reaching your hands down to my head to my hair to stroke at it as I lave my tongue over the core of you, your member throbbing harder, the veins along the shaft thick and blood-filled.

I place my mouth over it then wanting all of you, smiling around it as you groan and whimper , one hand placed at your cheek to hold you and keep me balanced while the other moves gently up and down . Every once in a while tugging at the cock-ring that is our wedding ring, I smile as I think of it as my personal collar for you.

MY hot mouth engulfs your hard cock-head, my lips pressed together around the base of the head alone as I swirl my tongue around and around tasting the buildup of those precious drops all the while your hands grip at my hair. I move my mouth lower, taking as much of your hard cock into my hot mouth as I can; the feel of your member as it rides over my tongue. Feeling the texture of your skin and veins as your cock slides in between my hungry lips to the back of my throat is so perfect so hard. I try to take more but your thickness, your length, its so big .

I feel you gently push down on my head and I do try to take all of you, but your too much for me, I gag and move my head back up your length realizing that I have only taken in just over 5 inches of your hardness so I try again your moans egging me on. Your legs almost collapse as I hold you there my hand gripping your ass-cheek, my fingers digging in as I move my mouth down along your length again and again. Loving the feel of you, the taste of your hot cum drops on my tongue and now at the back of my throat as you look down at how I look with your hardness in my hungry mouth.

I get an idea, I move back off of that lovely thick gift for me and I tell you. “Baby I want it. I want to feel you cum for me I want to taste you my love.”

I look into your eyes, pleading at me to continue, wanting more and I know you belong to me; I lick my tongue over your hard cock-head again gripping the shaft hard now and ask you. “Whose cock is this my love? Who does this beautiful thing belong to, who owns it my baby?”

You moan and whimper deep in your throat, then you almost pleadingly tell me. “Yours my love, only yours, please baby please. I belong to you now this is yours alone!”

Loving the sound of it, the honesty in your eyes, I take you again between my lips sucking on your hard cock as I move my mouth up and down now gripping escort bolu your firm ass-cheek in my hand. My hot mouth is as far down as I can go, I gently but firmly slide one of my fingers into your tight little rear, your anal ring gripping around it as my finger probes at it and then into your tightly gripping hole; you whimper at the feel of it the tiny invader buried into you as my hot mouth sucks and moves up and down faster, taking as much of you as I can into my hungry mouth as I move my tongue along the shaft.

The incredible feeling of sheer unadulterated pleasure drives you over so suddenly you cry out my name as you grip my hair in your hands your cock expanding in my mouth as I smile around it, so thick as you hold me there; your orgasm hits you so fully if I wasn’t holding you up you would collapse atop me.

I suck and suck at it then suddenly feel it as the first spurts of that salty stickiness hits the back of my throat almost surprising me with the power of it as your cum begins to pump into my sucking gulping throat my finger gently fucking in and out of that tight little hole as your hard cock spurts what I crave into my hungry, gulping mouth until I can’t contain it all; I feel it dribble out between my lips as you stand there holding me in place to accept it. Loving it as I hold you up with my finger now deep into your tight ass your moans and cries of pleasure so pleasing to me as I finish swallowing your hot seed before looking up into your eyes your breasts heaving, as I pull off of your still hard, thick, lovely cock.

I lick my lips still enjoying the taste of your cum moving a finger up to catch the dribbling off my chin as I lick it off, looking into your smoldering eyes so filled with love and hunger.

You smile at me and say. “Baby it’s my turn and you are going to belong to me now, thank you my love, but you have to know this is just a happy beginning for us.”

My fnger slips from your tight hole as you kneel down to me and kiss my lips, your tongue sliding between them to taste of your own seed. I have never loved anyone as I love you right this moment.

You pull me up then smiling at me then hug me, holding me in your arms our breasts once again pressed to one another our nipples hard and poking, you pull away smiling, always smiling with such a loving hungry look at me , you lead me to the bed, sitting down with me and kissing me tenderly .

You move down then nibbling at my lips then lower to my neck, making me breathe heavier. The touch of your lips and tongue on my neck sending shivers up and down my back as you whisper to me. “You are mine as well; my darling love and you are going to know that soon enough.” As I moan at the thought of us like this at long last, looking up and seeing the mirror above the bed and smiling in happy bliss. I am in heaven now, at long last…

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