At The Beach

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My name is Dave, and I finally made it to beach. I had been saving the past year for this excursion. I was so burned out from work I decided to treat myself. A week at a private beach was what I had in mind. I wasn’t staying at some large hotel either. This place had a handful of beautiful huts situated on an exclusive beachfront. The beach directly in front of the huts was quite private, but the manager said if I didn’t mind walking a half mile or so, I would be all by myself.

I made the half mile walk and it was true. I was all by myself. I put my blanket down and dropped my personal effects bag down next. I placed plenty of sunburn lotion on and then got on my stomach to observe the blue-green ocean. This was the life, I thought. I had been there maybe a half hour when I saw a dot on the horizon. It was walking my way. I could eventually make out it was another person. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. I thought I would have this part of the beach all to myself.

This person finally got closer. He was maybe one fifty feet away when he stopped and found his spot on the beach. I could see from this far away he was a male, dark black hair, and a deep tan. He also had a physique that made me take notice. I hated to be staring, I knew it was too obvious. It was just the two of us out here after all. This man got all his belongings in place and then he surprised me. He slipped his trunks off and started to place lotion on his body.

The people where I was staying told me that nude sunbathing was permitted. It wasn’t that my friend had stripped down that shocked me a bit. He started to walk towards me. He made it look so natural, like he normally walked around nude most days. I really was gawking now, as he got closer. His cock was about the same size as mine, but his cockhead was huge. As he walked closer I could see his pecker swaying. I was afraid my own cock was stirring in my trunks a little.

My dark haired friend approached and told me his name was Josh. He said he hated to bother me, bitlis escort but he asked if I could spread some tanning lotion on his back, as he couldn’t reach there. He made it seem like this was the most natural request in the world. I said sure, then stood up and placed some lotion on the palm of my hands. I started to spread it on his back first. I could see he worked out in a gym somewhere. His muscles were very hard and firm.

Josh spread his legs a little as I worked my hands down to his asscheeks.I made sure I placed plenty of lotion down his crack. I also knelt down to cover the backs of his legs. I was staring at his long cock dangling down as I applied the cream. My cock was starting to get semi-hard. I really didn’t want to have Josh see me this way. I finished applying the cream when Josh said he was going into the water, would I like to join him.

Josh said I should lose my trunks before we went in the water. He asked if I had worked out. I said I only did some running. I didn’t go to a gym. I have never been self-conscious about my body, but I was right then. Josh was a hunk, no denying it. He put me on the spot, so I dropped my trunks and we walked down to the water.

We both dove in and swam around. The water was warm and it felt good against my nude body. We were in the water maybe fifteen minutes. Josh then started to walk back out and then stood there in the light surf. Josh motioned me over to him. I walked over and we were a foot apart at best. Josh just stood there, eyeing me. I am sorry, but my cock started to get stiff. I looked at his body and it was getting to me. Josh moved in closer to me and kissed me firmly on the mouth.

I have to tell you, I had never been with a man before. It wasn’t that I had never thought about it. I just had never took the first steps to find out. Josh opened his mouth and I did the same. I felt his cock pressed against my belly. If that doesn’t make you hard, I don’t know what does. We were standing there in each others escort bitlis arms, it felt so right to me. Josh finally pulled away and said we should walk back to our belongings. I was a little put out, but I followed back to my blanket.

When we got back, Josh got on his back and spread his legs for me. I had my eyes fixed on his cock. It was lying on his belly, and it looked huge. Josh motioned for me to join him. I slid onto his chest. We started kissing all over again. Our cocks were straining against each other. Josh had me so turned on. Josh was groaning as I rubbed against his hard body. I was fighting the thought of cumming right there in his arms. I was trying to control myself, but it was getting so hard.

In the course of all the contact, my cock got loose and was rubbing up and down Josh’s crack.

“Get the lotion Dave,” Josh told me.

I reached over and grabbed the tube. Josh took it from my hand. He put a glob in his hand and applied it to my hard rod. He also took some lotion and applied around his hole. I had never done this with a man before. I was a little defensive.

“Fuck me Dave, please?” Josh pleaded with me.

I lifted Josh’s legs some and pushed them towards his chest. His ass was totally exposed to me. I took my stiff pecker and guided to his ass. I slowly pushed my cockhead in. Josh groaned and threw his head back. I was going slow. I rocked in and out of his tight manhole. I maybe had a couple of inches inside. Josh brought his legs down and around my back. I slide right in as he did this.

“Oh Fuck!” Josh screamed out.

I started to fill Josh’s bottom with my raging hard cock. I had never felt something as tight as Josh’s bunghole. I started to give him long strokes, I was buried right to the root. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say we were both in fuck heaven. I think we both lost it right there on the beach. After it seemed I had loosened up Josh’s hole, I fed him with short, hard strokes. I must have been hitting Josh’s prostate. bitlis escort bayan His cock was standing straight up and hard as could be.

Josh let out a gasp and he brought his ass up from the blanket. A geyser of cum came shooting from his mushroom head. He must have shot three feet or more. When I saw this I just lost it. I started to squirt my manseed into his bottom. I just kept pumping and fucking him. I couldn’t believe how much cum I had in me. Josh felt my load explode in his ass and started to scream at me.

“Don’t stop, keep fucking me!” Josh begged me.

We must have gone another ten minutes or more. Who could tell? My balls were aching when I finally slipped out of Josh. I fell on top of him. We were both panting like two dogs in a heat wave. It took some time to calm down. We were kissing each other and talking about what had just happened. I told Josh that it was my first time with a man. Josh was a little more experienced than me, he said. Josh told me he was picky who he made love to. He hadn’t expected to come across anyone there on the private beach. When he saw me he got excited and tried to get me excited also.

It was safe to say it got past the excitement stage that afternoon. After we recovered sufficently we walked back to out huts. For the rest of the week we were either at the beach or in one another’s hut. Josh taught me how to make love to another man. I had my virgin hole taken that week. Josh fucked me more than once in fact. We traded off sliding our hard cocks into one another. I also learned how to please a man with my mouth.

Josh really enjoyed this part of our lovemaking. I was able to take most of his cock down my throat. I lost count how many scalding loads were shot into my belly. Josh was a human cum machine. Josh also used his mouth on me as well. Josh knew just what buttons to push to bring me off each time. Normally he would suck me and then shove a finger into my ass at the last moment. That set me off each and every time. I blew load after load into his mouth when he did this.

The week came to a close too fast for both of us. One good thing came about. Josh and I lived barely two hours drive away from each other. We made plans to hook up after we got home. Right now I am home and my cock is stiff just thinking about having Josh in my bed once more.

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