At the lake

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At the lakeThe couple is off to have a rest at the lake but when they get nude and start swimming, they realize that they place, they thought to be secluded is actually full of horny guys watching them….My wife hates to be treated rudely and brutally in everyday life. But as for sex, it’s possible here. Everything is possible, actually. Jennie loves when I sort of **** her. She loves me to fling her on the bed, rip off her clothes and lingerie, feel up her tits, paying special attention to her tiny nipples. Then I usually turn her on her stomach, making her get on all fours, and start ramming both of her holes with my fingers. She usually cums in about two minutes of my wild drill. Then I impale her pussy on my dick, and then I enter her butt suddenly. She usually cums again. By this moment I feel like cumming too. Then I take my cock out of her rectum, pull her by the hair and make her suck on the dick. Her hot frisky tongue makes me spurt semen in her throat. She often swallows some and then lets the sperm get on her face. She loves to slap my stem across the face, spreading the cum over it. I’m holding her hair, tossing her head back. It makes her cum again.That’s how we usually have fun. Of course, it lasts a bit longer and it can be very exciting and fantastic. But that’s not the point. I’m gonna tell you a story that changed our family life completely.It was summer. We decided to make a picnic by the lake. I loved the place. It seemed to be untouched by civilization and not spoiled by humans. It was a real oasis of virgin forest not far from our town. So, we arrived there. I must confess I dislike swimming in lakes and oceans, but Jennie loves it. I can’t get why a pool and Jacuzzi aren’t enough for her! So I was lying in the sun (I didn’t know why I was doing it when actually I spent a lot of time in tanning salon every week). Jennie went to the car to put on her bikini. She was absent for some 20 minutes. When she got back I found out that “we left the main thing at home”. She didn’t find her bikini. She said she wouldn’t get in the water in her expensive lingerie. It took her a moment to think up the decision. She pulled off her panties and her bra, and then rushed into water.My Jennie is very beautiful. She’s slender and tall. Her butt is very firm, as well as her big boobs. And I love her waist – it’s so thin. She looks just marvelous, and she’s only 29 now!So, I get back to my story. I closed my face with a magazine, hoping to get some nap in the hot sun. Jennie was swimming in the lake. I was lying on the sand, imagining her body in the water. I was thinking of sun beams on her slender body. I could almost physically see her small nipples get hard. My dick was getting hard too. I felt sort of uncomfortable and tight in my swimming trunks. I took it in my hand then, jerking.All bursa escort of a sudden I heard some noise. I stood up and looked around. I saw four guys. They were absolutely naked; their flaccid cocks were hanging between their legs. First, they saw our car. As the car was really great, it immediately attracted their attention.-Wow! – One of them said.And then they saw me. They saw me looking at their nude bodies. It was embarrassing. One of them covered his cock with the clothes he was holding.-Hello.-Hi. – I must say I was no less embarrassed.Firstly, my dick was still hard. Secondly, my naked wife was swimming several yards away from us. I tried to do my best not to embarrass her too.-Listen guys, can you choose some other place for rest, please?-Why is that? – The one with the clothes said defiantly. –Have you bought this place?-No, but we came here first.-And we live not far from here. So this is our place.They passed me by, heading for the beach. They dropped their clothes on the ground. They were standing still, looking at me and at my wife. She finally noticed them. She was apparently surprised. She was standing in the water waist-deep, letting the guys see her big tits with dark nipples. They were leering at her, whispering something to each other. The situation made me real hot! I love porn moves with gang bangs (Jennie loves them too!). But I couldn’t even dream about THAT kind of hardcore action.I saw one of the guys going to me, while the rest were sitting on the ground, looking at Jennie. She regained control over the situation and drew herself deep in the water, looking at their young bodies.-Hey man, we’ve got something for you. – The guy said, coming close to me. – You’ll let us have fun with your chick, and we’ll let you stay here for long.His suggestion made me even hotter; I was on the verge of cumming. The guy’s cock was hard now. It was red and throbbing. I imagined his dick entering Jennie’s butt. That thought made me dizzy.-OK, – I said. – But I guess she won’t agree to it.-Then you gotta talk her in.-No, guys, you do it yourself. But generally, I have nothing against your suggestion. But… Don’t slap her across the face. She’s my woman, anyway.-She is a bitch, so it’s OK. – He replied.Man, I can’t believe it! They thought my wife to be a hooker! Well, let them think so.-Anyway, be careful with her, do you hear me, man?-Don’t worry, dude. – Everything will be great. By the way, I’m Calvin.He stretched his hand, I shook it.-I’m Cameron.Calvin went back to his friends. They were discussing something for several minutes; they were looking at Jennie now and then. I looked at her too. It was amazing! She was masturbating under the water! That was for sure, I saw it in her eyes. It was gonna be great naughty fun… Calvin stood up, caressing his dick and cried out loud:-OK, guys, bursa escort bayan let’s swim!they all stood up and went into the water. The closer they got the more I saw of my wife’s body over the water. The teens were standing round her, examining her body, sharing their expressions: “cool chick,” “nice boobs”, “look her nipples are really hard”. One of them put his hands on her boobs, feeling them up. Jennie closed her eyes and tossed her head back. Calvin stretched his hand, caressing her other tit. His hand slipped lower to her stomach and even lower to her pussy (Jennie got all so tense!). His hands were playing with her bush under the water and then slid between her hips.Jennie was moaning. Her moaning was a signal for the guys to go on. They started feeling up her knockers and her butt. Then they pulled her back to the lakeside. She started jerking. I understood her to be pretending a **** victim. Well, the guys didn’t know about my wife’s love to this kind of games. So, they thought she really didn’t wanna go with them. So they had to use force to make her do it. That’s exactly what she wanted.They threw her on the sand. Calvin was standing over her face for her to suck him. He pushed her hands under his legs and started caressing her body. Jennie was bucking, not really willing them to let her go. Two other guys spread her hips wide. The third one started playing with her pussy. He spread the vulva lips with his hand, while his index finger was fondling her opened snatch. Jennie arched her back, throbbing in delight. She caught Calvin’s scrotum with her lips, trying to get to his balls. Calvin was pinching her nipples.Meantime, the guy who was studying her twat, poked his dick at her wet hole and entered her cunt. It made Jennie buck more vigorously. The guy came in several seconds. He spent some time lying on her, then took his flaccid dick out of her bosom and moved to aside to watch the show. Another guy took his place, ramming into her. The guy was taller; his dick wasn’t long, but thick. He was caressing her wet lips and the pink circle of her anus. My wife started swaying her pelvis as if inviting him in. She set her hands free and was pinching Calvin’s nipples, while caressing his scrotum with her lips. The thick-dick guy raised her legs up, drilling her butt with his fingers. Jennie was moaning non-stop.Then the guy entered her vagina and then tried to enter her asshole. He couldn’t do it at first, but then Jennie helped him. He started owning her butt like crazy, slapping his heavy balls against her buttocks. Jennie let the balls out of her mouth, she was crying. The guy came too. Jennie was lying on the sand with her legs moved apart; thick white semen was flowing from her pussy and her anus.Calvin stood up and made my wife get on her knees. He was prodding his hard-on escort bursa at her face. Jennie cupped her hands round his buttocks and sucked into his cock. She was fondling the dickhead with her tongue, sucking on the dick. She never stopped caressing his buttocks; her fingers were getting closer to his asshole. The other guy was fingering Jennie’s holes with his fingers too.Then she turned Calvin around, asking him to bend down a bit. Her fingers spread his cheeks. She stared licking his hole. She’d never done it to me! She was stretching the hole with her fingers, trying to thrust her tongue as deep as possible. Calvin was bucking; he surely liked what she was doing. Jennie changed her tongue for a finger. She got back to giving him head. He didn’t last long. Soon he came in her mouth. The last guy took his place, and Jennie did the same thing to him as to Calvin. By the time the last guy came, the other three were ready to go on.Jennie took up the initiative. She made all of them get on the knees and stick out their butts. She was pleasing them with her tongue, her hands, fondling their dicks. There were many interesting things. She sucked each of them, then each of them fucked all her holes (she was pleasing all four of them at once a couple of times – she used her butt, her pussy, her mouth and her hands). They used all the positions they knew. Jennie never said “no”, she was cumming over and over again.The guys got tired in a couple of hours, they were going to leave. Jennie gave each of them a good-bye kiss on the lips, dick, and ass. The guys said good bye to both of us and left, discussing their gang bang.Jennie crept up to me. She was wet (she got in the water when the guys left) and satisfied. I was lying on my back, leaning on my elbows. Jennie kissed me passionately. I felt sperm on her lips. She was kissing my face, my neck, my chest, and my stomach. Then she pulled off my wet through pants (what?! I’d come several times not even touching my dick!!!) Her hot tongue was roaming over my balls, sliding along the stem up to the dickhead. She was holding the shaft with her lips, sucking into it. I pushed her to aside soon. I raised my legs and poked her face in my butt. She got what I wanted. She started licking my anus. When it was well lubricated with her saliva, she started ramming it with her finger. What was it like? I don’t know it wasn’t bad. Was it nice? I wouldn’t say that. It was unusual. It was arousing and unusual.Then Jennie sucked in my dick again, trying to please my ass at the same time too. It was a bit uncomfortable, but I was so hot that my arousal made all unpleasant sensations dull. I came. I was crying like a real b**st. Sperm was spurting on Jennie’s face, but she was still caressing the dickhead with the tip of her tongue. She was still screwing my hole with her finger. My orgasm was long and very bright.When it was all over, I pulled Jennie closer and kissed her, tasting my own semen on her face. I realized we started a new chapter in our sexual life. What will happen next?

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