Auntie Jean Drummond Lloyd Ch. 2

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Auntie Jean sat on a chair behind the bar. She pulled me onto her lap, cuddling me against her orange dress. Kimberley had gone over to her husband. Kevin had his arm around her. They both were kissing, to show they were happily married. Auntie Jean stroked my hair. Karen had left the room, but soon returned wearing a black, lacy dress. Auntie Jean farted quietly, then spoke out in a very loud voice.

“Let me introduce you to my kinky niece Carly Lloyd,” said Jean proudly.

“Yeah I’m Carly and I want to shag everything in sight,” I boasted.

Simon seemed to be interested in me. He was the only person in the bar who didn’t recognise me. Then to his surprise Karen moved beside him, holding his hand tight. I suddenly realised that I had grown breasts, the same shape as Karen’s.

“Just one thing Carly, Simon belongs to me,” said Karen.

“Well that depends Karen, on whether you can satisfy him,” I replied.

Simon was blushing, as Karen cuddled up to him. Adele let out a nervous giggle. I gave Auntie Jean a sloppy, wet kiss on the lips and lifted myself over the bar, making sure everyone could see my pink, satin thong. Belinda Beynon could sense that I was interested in her boyfriend James. Both were now in their mid thirties. Belinda knew who I was and whispered to James, suggesting that they should leave. I knelt down in front of James.

“Hi James, bet you’re a big boy,” I said taunting him.

“Why don’t you leave us alone, you disgusting pervert,” Said Belinda in her squeaky voice.

“Listen to miss mummy fucker, Amy’s perfect sweet mummy,” I replied mimicking her voice.

“You leave Amy out of this, she is a respected 18 year old student,” said Belinda.

“Don’t know much about your daughter then, I fuck Amy Beynon at least twice a week,” I replied.

Tears appeared in Belinda’s eyes. She wiped them away with her pretty, white, lacy hanky. I pulled down the zip of James’s trousers. They were soon around his ankles. James did not flinch. It was as if he was in a trance. I knew that James had a crush on me. I took down his red pants with my teeth. Holding his balls in my hand, I put my pink lips around ankara escort his erect cock.

“Go on Carly babes, give James a lovely blow job, drink the twat dry,” cackled Auntie Jean.

“Resist him James, oh! James how could you,” cried Belinda. Belinda Beynon was a petite women, with medium length, brown hair. I used to be her best friend about 15 years ago. The stupid bitch. hitched up with James later. Belinda was still wearing her office clothes. Short, black skirt, with matching tights and a black jacket over her white blouse. Belinda was an adorable, mummy fucker. I took James’s cock into my mouth., sucking him hard . James’s contorted face showed that he was enjoying this new experience. Belinda tried hitting me, to get me off her boyfriend. Kimberley came to my rescue. Kimberley picked Belinda up into her arms. Belinda struggled at first, but Kimberley held her tight.

“Come on now Belinda, there is no need to get so upset, Auntie Kimberley loves you,” said Kim in her strong welsh accent.

“This is getting out of control, do something to stop this,” cried Belinda.

Kimberley laughed as she grabbed Belinda’s hair, kissing her hard on the lips. Belinda looked shocked , then was distracted as James , exploded his semen into my mouth. The sound of me swallowing it, made Belinda burst into tears. Snot dripped from Belinda’s nose. Belinda then went quiet as Kimberley licked her snotty nose. Auntie Jean clapped her hands. Simon was feeling sick, but Karen was giving him soft kisses on the lips , to calm him down. Drinking James dry, was a fantastic experience. I could see by his face that he wanted more. James looked into my eyes. He had a dreamy look on his face. I gave him a very wet kiss on the lips. Belinda looked disgusted. Kimberley stroked her hair.

“Come on juicy James, beg me to fuck you, make kinky Carly a happy transvestite,” I shouted.

“I love you Carly Lloyd, fuck my ass off, my pretty sissy,” said James in a pathetic voice.

I ripped the rest of James’s clothes off. Auntie Jean was now with us. She held out a pair of Karen’s sky, blue panties. James moaned as Jean put the ankara escort bayan pretty panties on him. I turned James over on the floor, Jean spread his legs open. She lifted up my school skirt, pulling my thong down. I then was on top of James. My stiff cock shot up his ass.

“That’s my Carly, fuck the dopey bastard, look Belinda my niece is riding your pretty boyfriend,” said Auntie Jean.

Kimberley Holmes laughed as she rubbed Belinda’s face against her breasts. James was grunting like a pig. Kevin Holmes was get randy. His wife was busy with Belinda. He stood over James and me, dropping his trousers, Jean pulled his pants down. Kevin had an enormous erection. I felt a sharp pain as Kevin mounted me.

“My stallion Kevin Holmes has come to ride me,” I groaned.

“Well Carly, you can’t blame me,” said Kevin.

Simon Bennett was now getting sexually aroused. Karen’s hand was down his trousers stroking his cock through his pants. Adele Howells had her arm around him. Simon’s virginity was now in serious doubt. Jean started to tease Belinda. Lifting her head up by her hair, from Kim’s blouse. I was humping James and Kevin was pumping my ass with his semen.

“I’m Auntie Jean, hi Belinda babes, I’m picking my nose for you, as you are a pretty girl,” said Jean.

Leave me alone you disgusting cow,” said Belinda.

Kimberley put Belinda over her shoulder, smacking her hard. Belinda started to cry. Jean continued to pick her nose. Kimberley returned Belinda to her arms, so that her pretty face was just inches from Kimberley’s. Belinda had the indignity of having her nose wiped with Kimberley’s filthy, paper hanky. Auntie Jean sat on an armchair.

“Pass Belinda over to me please Kimberley. ” said Jean.

“Oh! mam What are you up to now,” laughed Kimberley.

“My pretty Belinda, going to give you the Auntie Jean special, Carly loved it,” said Jean in a menacing voice.

Belinda cringed as Jean pulled a large, green ,sticky bogie from her nose. I had now finished my sex with Kevin and James. I put my school uniform tidy. Jean pinched Belinda’s nose, forcing her mouth open. Kimberley escort ankara gave a disgusting look. Jean Drummond Lloyd’s finger entered Belinda’s mouth. The sound of Belinda sucking the bogie from Auntie Jean’s finger was such a pleasant sound to my ears. Kimberley then grabbed me, sitting me on her lap, she cuddled me against her jumper.

“Hier my kinky niece, hi kinky Carly, come to play with Auntie Kimberley,” taunted Kimberley.

“I love you Auntie Kimberley Holmes,” I replied.

“You must pick my nose before you fuck Belinda Beynon,” said Kimberley.

Kimberley then removed her jumper, lifted the cup of her black lacy bra and breast- fed me. Auntie Jean open the top of her dress and breast-fed a now docile Belinda. I then picked Auntie Kimberley’s nose with both my fingers. Kimberley purred with satisfaction. Auntie Jean was kissing Belinda sloppily on the lips, after Belinda had drank her milk.

“Oh! Carly you dirty cow, clean my nose of all bogies, you kinky bitch,” shouted Kimberley.

“Yes Auntie Kimberley,” I replied.

Kimberley decided to humiliate me even more, by putting a piece of chocolate into her mouth. She then let it melt on her tongue. I continued to pick her nose. She then took the gooey mess from her mouth, feeding it to me from her fingers. I have to admit it was delicious, mixed in with one of her bogies.

Jean put Belinda up onto the bar. Kimberley put me on top of her. I ripped off Belinda’s tights, removed her black skirt and fondled her small, white panties. James watched as I opened Belinda’s blouse, removing her bra and fondling her breasts.

“Go on Carly, fuck Belinda Beynon,” screamed Auntie Jean.

Kimberley laughed as I screwed Belinda on the bar. Karen Lloyd was tossing Simon Bennett off. He was spurting his cream all over Adele’s blouse. Twenty minutes of kinky mummy fucking with Belinda, ended with Kimberley taking Belinda’s snotty, white, lacy hanky out of her handbag and stuffing it into my mouth. Belinda Beynon was having the time of her life.

I knew exactly who was next on my list. Simon Bennett was gagging for me. Adele Howells wanted me to prove that I was better in bed, than her husband Tony. As for Karen Lloyd, my sexy niece, there were many kinky things I wanted to do for her.

Jean Drummond Lloyd had a relaxing look on her face. She knew that I was being punished for being a kinky pervert. Auntie Jean was enjoying every minute of my humiliation.

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