B.T.V.S.: Buffy Summers and the Sex Demon Part 4

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B.T.V.S.: Buffy Summers and the Sex Demon Part 4BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYERBuffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy Summers and the Sex Demon Part 4Part 1 – http://xhamster.com/user/crystalwaters69/posts/317615.htmlPart 2 – http://xhamster.com/user/crystalwaters69/posts/320094.htmlPart 3 – http://xhamster.com/user/crystalwaters69/posts/321154.htmlBuffy returned home after her evening with Faith even more convinced that something was wrong in the town of Sunnydale. By the time she got home, she had seen at least a dozen couples fucking. In their car, by the side of the road, on a picnic table, everywhere, with no shame. She even saw a human and a demon getting it on at the end of her road.Buffy threw open the door to her house, afraid she might find an orgy going on. To her surprise everything seemed quite.”M*m! Dawn! You guys here?”No answer.Buffy headed up stairs still calling for her m*ther and s*ster. She went to open her m*ther’s bedroom door.”M*m? You in here?””DAWN!”Buffy opened the door and was struck with the sight of her little s*ster, barely fIf*een years old, buck naked and straddling the cock of the local paperboy, Kyle.She was bouncing up and down with gusto, riding his cock. Kyle was moving under her, trying to keep up with the nubile young girl working his organ with all she could. Neither of them even noticed Buffy open the door.”OH SHIT! OH GOD YOU’RE COCK FEELS SO GOOD!”Dawn was screaming as she climaxed. Kyle had his hands outstretched and had two huge handfuls of Dawn’s wonderful tits in his hands, massaging them as she pounded his cock into her.”OH FUCK!” he screamed out as they came together in unison, both covered with sweat. Buffy watched as Dawn fell forward and they embraced, making out wildly as they enjoyed their climaxes.Buffy’s shoulders sank as she realized there was nothing she could do right now. She would need a firehouse to separate them two little lovebirds. Walking down the hall, she opened the door to her bedroom to change her clothes and… “OH GOD!”Buffy was greeted with the sight of her m*ther on all floors on her bed. But the most disturbing thing was the sight of her mentor’s lily-white ass on his knees behind her m*ther holding her by the hips and fucking her hard, doggy-style.Fap! Fap! Fap!Buffy could hear his balls swinging up and hitting Joyce across the pussy.”OH Shit, that’s it! Fuck me harder!” Joyce was yelling for more as Giles worked her from behind.”JESUS! GILES! M*M! STOP IT”Giles looked back over his shoulder, “Oh hello Buffy. Care to join in?””WHAT!?! Join in?!””Yes, you know a little threesome action. I’ve always had a fantasy about doing a m*ther and d*ughter at the same time.””HELL NO!””No? Oh, alright. Maybe Dawn then.” Giles seemed to be imaging Dawn.”Oh yes, Dawn’s the youngest anyway.””OH GOD!”Buffy slammed the door as she stepped back out into the hallway. She couldn’t take any more of that. She headed down to take a shower. Maybe there nobody fucking somebody else.Almost an hour later…Buffy had showered and finally gotten Dawn and Kyle and Giles and her m*m apart and they were all gathered in the kitchen.”Listen to me! All of you! Something is going on here and we need to figure out what it is.””Buffy, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. What you saw your m*ther and myself doing is a perfectly natural act.””Don’t remind me.” Buffy covered her face trying to push the image out of her memory.”Maybe if you got laid more often, you wouldn’t be such a tight ass,” Dawn muttered under her breath as she played with herself for all to see, but everyone still heard her, snickering.Buffy ignored her.”Giles! I need your help.”Giles seemed more interested in her m*ther though as he leaned over to kiss Joyce and reached into her robe and grabbed her breast.”Dammit!”Buffy grabbed Giles by the shirt and pulled him off her m*m and slapped him across the face. Giles was tossed backwards and fell over the back of his chair to the kitchen floor.”Get a grip!” Buffy yelled at him.”I was trying to,” the Englishman murmured.Buffy pulled her fist back to punch him, hoping to snap him back to his senses but he raised his hands as he climbed back to his feet.”Okay, okay. I get the point. Your instincts are usually correct Buffy. If you say something is going on, then something is amiss. What do you need from me?”She thought for a few seconds, “I need you to go back to the Magic Box and see if you can find that anything like this has ever happened before. Like a spell or enchantment that makes people… I don’t know… horny?”“I’m horny enough as it is,” Joyce quickly said.He nodded, “Okay, Buffy, I will do that.””We also need to find Willow. She might be able to do something to break this thing.”Buffy looked over her shoulder, “Where’s Dawn?””I’m here,” her s*ster’s voice came from below the table and then her face popped up from Kyle’s lap. Buffy noticed that the young man’s head was back and his face was dazed as Dawn had begun working on his cock again.”Dammit Dawn! You’re coming with me. I can’t trust you here alone.”Buffy grabbed Kyle and lifted him to his feet, his pants around his knees. She began to drag him to the back door.”No wait, I can come too. I can help.”Buffy ignored him and shoved Kyle down the back stairs and out into the yard.As Buffy slammed the door, Dawn cried out, “Call me.”Buffy gave her s*ster a look that told Dawn that he would unlikely be calling her. Eventually Dawn, resigned to the fact that she would not hook up with him, started to touch herself again.Thirty minutes laterBuffy and Dawn were walking down the hall of the dormitory where Tara and Willow were living. Buffy had moved back home after she had dropped out of college, but the two of them were still going to school at Sunnydale U.She had made sure that Giles had headed to the store and gotten her mom to go upstairs. It had taken two trips back to the house, catching Giles trying to sneak back in, and catching her m*ther and Kyle fucking each other again, before she was finally sure they had done what she told them to. All the while Dawn was giving herself another orgasm.Finally, when they reached the campus Buffy had to fight Dawn into putting her clothes back on, but Dawn made sure Buffy touched her breasts and pussy before she agreed to do so. When they were both fully clothed and made their way to Willow’s dorm room Buffy knocked on the door. It was opened quickly. A tall beautiful blonde was standing naked in the doorway.”Oh good, new meat,” she purred while taking a long drag on a cigarette.Buffy looked past the young woman at the orgy scene behind her. There must have been thirty women, all young and all beautiful in Willow’s dorm room. They were all fucking and fingering and licking each other. The cries of pleasure and orgasms were nearly deafening.”Umm, is Willow here?””Hey Willow!”Buffy looked through the crowd of female flesh and saw her friend look up. She was relaxing in a plush chair with several beautiful women hanging off her, one of which had her head between Willow’s legs.She looked up, and seeing her friend, motioned for the girls to let her up.”BUFFY!” she exclaimed as she ran over and hugged her friend. Willow was completely naked and Buffy felt her press herself up against her and then felt her hands on her ass cheeks.Willow’s body was tight and lean. Her complexion was pale and her body was covered with small freckles. Her tits were not large, but had big round areoles surrounding her dark nipples. Buffy admired her confidence to be totally naked and open as she was, and secretly hoped that she could be like that one day.”Um, hey Will. Can we talk? Outside?””Sure. Hey Dawnie.”Willow was smirking and Buffy looked back to see why. Dawn had her jeans down around her knees and was stamping her feet in an attempt to get them the rest of the way off. She also had her T-shirt pulled up over her head and seemed to be tangled in it, thrashing side to side in an effort to free herself. Willow was smiling as she watched Dawn’s tits bounce back and forth as she struggled with her clothes.”Dawn!?! What are you doing?”Dawn fought with her shirt and managed to work her head free but her arms remained tied up.”What? I don’t want to be rude.”Willow pulled the door shut and stepped into the hall and Buffy turned back to face her, ignoring her s*ster who lost her balance and toppled over in the hallway.”Willow. I need your help. There is something funky going on here. We have to stop it.””What are you talking about? If there were some bad mojo going on, I’d know about it. Trust me. And I haven’t sensed anything like that at all.””WHAT!?! If there is nothing going on then what the hell is happening in your dorm room?””What? You know I’m a lesbian. I just invited a few friends over for a little party is all. Totally happens all the time. And when did you get so uptight? I have just the cure for that.”Willow leered at Buffy and leaned in close, wrapping her arms around her shoulders and whispering into her ear, “You know, if you just gave it a try, you might like it.””Sorry Willow, but we have bigger problems right now. Maybe another day.”Buffy pulled away and started to leave, believing that her friend would be of no use when she found she couldn’t lift her feet. Looking down, Buffy saw two green glowing rings of light surrounding both ankles, holding them.”Willow? What’s…?”Then two rings of the same light appeared around her wrists. Buffy began to struggle but it was no use, she couldn’t move. Suddenly, her arms were jerked upwards and her body was hoisted into the air. Her legs were pulled wide to the sides as well.”Willow! Stop!”The red-headed witch approached and ran her hand up Buffy thigh and then she unzipped Buffy’s jeans and slipped her hand inside. Buffy could feel Willow cup her crotch and slip several fingers inside her pussy. Buffy was trying to talk, but a green glowing band of light appeared over her mouth, silencing her.”Don’t fight Buffy. Trust me, I know you’ll have fun. You kaçak iddaa just have to give my team a chance is all.”With a wave of her hand, the door to her dorm room opened and Buffy’s hovering body moved effortlessly through it and into the room. Willow stepped through and placing her hand on the door, she turned and looked over at a now nude Dawn, “Coming?”Dawn eagerly followed, “Hopefully very soon, yes.”The room was small, just a typical dorm room but in it there was at least 30 naked women. Buffy looked around and saw several of them wearing the bright orange shorts of Hooters waitresses. Buffy recognized several as students from when she went to school here and even one or two from Sunnydale High. A number of them looked like strippers with huge fake breast implants. And at least six of the girls had on short skirts, white with gold trim and marked with the logo of the Fighting Cubbies, the cheerleading squad that supported the Sunnydale University Fighting Cougars.All the girls were groping each other, grabbing each other breasts and fingering each other’s pussy. They were kissing and licking and rolling around all over the room. The floor and beds were covered with naked females of all shapes and sizes. But when Buffy came silently floating into the room, all the women stopped their lesbian activities and stared at their newest plaything.”I knew she’d show eventually. You couldn’t resist, could you?”Buffy turned her head, craning her neck to see the woman who had spoken. It was Tara, Willow’s girlfriend. She, like all the others, was naked. Tara had a fuller figure than Willow, with full hips and large breasts that seemed to have some real weight to them.”Aww, don’t be jealous Tara-kins.”Willow wrapped her arms around Tara and embraced her, “You know you’re my favorite. But I just wanna play a little. Okay?”Tara looked sheepishly at her girlfriend, “Okay, but I get Dawn.”Without waiting Tara grabbed Dawn by the arm and pulled her into a kiss, lips against lips. Then Tara pushed Dawn to the bed and onto her back. Tara leapt onto her and straddled her head, forcing Dawn’s face between her legs. Two other women grabbed Dawn’s thin legs and pulled them wide and Tara leaned forward and began sucking on the teenager’s clit as they took a `69′ position.Buffy turned her attention from her s*ster and Tara and back to Willow who was grinning at her now that she had gotten permission from her lover to have some fun.Willow waved her hand and suddenly Buffy’s shoes flew off her feet. Her white socks then rolled down her ankles on their own and fell off. Buffy’s jeans, already unzipped, opened the rest of the way and slid off her legs. Buffy’s shirt and bra flew off next, leaving her totally naked once again.With a snap, the green light gagging her faded.”P-please Willow. Stop. Something is controlling you. This isn’t what you want.”Willow laughed, “Sorry Buffy, but I’ve been dreaming of doing this for years. Even with Dawn.””Willow, wait, don’t!””Don’t be afraid Buffy,” She seemed to be thinking for a second, “Oh that’s right, you still prefer cock, don’t you?”Willow waved her hands and closed her eyes as she seemed to fall into a trance.”WILLOW!”Buffy was ignored as all eyes in the room were on the witch. They watched as a thin green tendril, appearing to be a mixture of light and smoke and glowing, extended from out between Willow’s legs. It appeared to be emanating from her pussy. The ethereal line of mist snaked its way out of Willow and up and across the room, towards Buffy.”What the hell?”As the mist rose before Buffy, it began to grow and expand. Before her eyes, the mist solidified into a tube like shape over a foot long. One end seemed to be slightly bigger than the shaft. As it grew, it split in two and a second tube formed alongside the first; both connected back to Willow’s crotch by a thin line of ectoplasm.The green glowing phalluses hovered for a second then one of them began to glide downward.”What? Wait?”Buffy struggled against the energy bonds on her limbs, but it was no use. She could not break free, the magic was too strong. Buffy watched as the dildo of light moved down and positioned itself between her legs, the fat end pointing up at her cunt.”WILLOW!”Willow could not hear her friend, she was in a trance with her eyes rolled back in her head.”WILLOW! WAKE…”Buffy’s body went rigid and tense as the shaft drove itself up into her pussy.”…UUUUUPPPPPP! UUUUUHHHHHHHAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!”Buffy screamed out as she was penetrated by the large magical device. Her face grimaced as she felt the dildo drive deeper into her than anything ever had. As the first dildo, drove itself up between her legs, the second, plunged downward into Buffy’s mouth, forcing her jaw wide.Both of them began to work their way, on their own, up and down, in and out of her, penetrating both ends. Against her wishes, she had to admit, it felt good, the sensation of having this thing rub against the inner walls of her cunt, driving itself in and out of her. She gave into the pleasure and began sucking on the magical cock in her mouth with vigour.”UGH! OH! AH!”Buffy was grunting and moaning as she was fucked. At the same time, Willow’s body began to rise off the floor. She was hovering face to face with Buffy as they were connected by the tendril of magical energy between them. Willow let out a soft moan; she seemed to be deriving pleasure from the connection. As Buffy was fucked, Willow was feeling the sensations as well.Buffy was having trouble focusing as more green tendrils crept out from between Willow’s legs. Each thread of smoke expanded and soon every woman in the room had at least one, sometimes two, of these dildos plunging into her.All over the room, the women were being fucked and moaning in pleasure with Willow at the center. Willow let out a deep moan as she took in the orgasmic pleasure of all the women as they writhed and grunted.As Buffy’s pleasure built, her eyes blinked open and she saw a third hazy phallus moving towards her. It crept towards her face and as she wondered what it was for, it slid over her shoulder and she felt it moving down towards her backside.Buffy’s eyes went wide as she suddenly realized where it was heading and she felt the tip push itself against the tight opening between her buttocks. She clinched her ass cheeks, but it was no use. The twelve inch dildo f*rced itself into her rectum and disappeared within her.Buffy’s entire body began to shake as she was anally penetrated. Not for the first time, but certainly the deepest of her life. While the initial thrust was painful and shocking, she quickly succumbed to the pleasure as all three cocks drove into her body through her three orifices.Willow’s body began to convulse as all the women in the room began to moan and shriek louder and louder. Their cries reached a crescendo as in unison, all of them, including Buffy, Tara and Dawn, all experienced the most intense orgasms of their lives. For Willow, connected to them all, this was something beyond ordinary human understandings of pleasure. The sensations and intensity of all these female feelings rushed back into her, amplified.”OH… MY… GODDESS!”Willow finally spoke as he felt a sensation that perhaps no one on earth had ever felt before.After the most intense moments of their lives, both Buffy and Willow went limp, their heads flopping back as they seemed to lose consciousness; simply hovering in mid-air.Buffy’s eyes flickered open. She was on her back and she raised her hands to shield her eyes. There was a bright light shining down on her and she didn’t know where it was coming from.She climbed to her feet. Her legs were shaky, but held her up. The first thing she noticed was that she was still nude. She felt a cool air against her skin. Her eyes adjusted and she looked in shock at her surroundings.She was standing on top of a large hill covered in thick lush green grass. Off to her right was a tall oak tree. It was daylight and the sun was shining down on her and warming her skin as a breeze blew across her naked body making her tiny nipples pop out. The sky was a bright blue and clouds rolled by. She looked into the distance and as far as she could see was rolling hills and pastures.”What the hell!?””Uhhhh.”Buffy heard a soft moan and looked down and saw Willow lying on the grass, beginning to stir. She was also nude, her bright red hair and pale body, with a Brazilian shaped pubic region, a sharp contrast to the green of the grass. Buffy helped Willow up who seemed more unsteady.”What happened? Where are we?””I don’t know Will?”Just then Buffy heard a sound from behind and whirled to face it. She took a fighting stance, determined to make an accounting of whatever threat came at them. The sound grew louder she could tell it was hoof beats.Over the hill, a large white horse came into view with a rider on its back. The horse was magnificent. Easily the biggest one Buffy had ever seen. It had no saddle and its mane was cascading behind it as it ran towards them.The creature stopped about twenty feet away, braying and snorting into the air as it pawed at the earth with its hoofs. On its back was a female. Not a woman exactly. Buffy and Willow could immediately tell she was not human. She swung herself down from the horse’s back and rubbed the massive neck of the horse to calm it.She was tall and regal looking. She had light blue skin and long stark white hair that fell over her shoulders and came down past her knees. She was nude and had all the same parts as Buffy and Willow, but more ample. Her breasts were large and full and her legs long and her eyes were white like her hair. Also, she had a small white tuft of hair between her legs as well.Willow suddenly dropped to her knees, “Goddess!” she exclaimed.”Goddess?””Yes Buffy Summers and you have nothing to fear from me.”The woman’s voice was soft but powerful. Buffy lowered her hands.”Rise Willow Rosenberg, s*ster. We do not kneel here.”Willow bahis siteleri rose, but kept her head lowered.”What? Where are we?” Buffy asked.”You’re loving connection, with one another and other women close to you at that moment, and pleasure was so strong that I could even sense it here from another plane of existence. And I used the opportunity to bring your conscious minds here so that I may speak with you a while.””What? Why?””You’re world is in great danger as is mine.”The blue woman pointed past the two of them and they turned and saw a large storm cloud brewing in the distance.”The same creature that is taking over your world is causing that.””Who is it? How is he doing this?””He was one of us once. A beautiful specimen of masculinity. He and I were lovers for eons. But his lust consumed him and he began to care only for his own pleasure. He became twisted and evil. So we cast him out.””And you sent him to us?!?!””No c***d. We imprisoned him but after millennia, he has escaped and found his way to your dimension. A world full of selfish needy creatures that he can manipulate. He is causing your people to fall to their basest instincts and as they do he becomes more powerful. And he is using that power to destroy this world of beauty and pleasure. You must stop him, for all our sakes.””Okay. I will. But how?””You will know when the time how to do it. Now you must go back.”Buffy and Willow’s vision began to dim.”NO! WAIT! Tell me how to fight him!”Suddenly, they were both on the floor of Willow’s dorm room, surrounded by the nude and exhausted bodies of dozens of females.”GOD DAMMIT! Why are all these inter-dimensional bitches so fucking cryptic!””Buffy! Don’t say that. And besides it’s goddess dammit!”They climbed to their feet and both looked the other over. Each apparently was on the verge of saying something to address what had happened, but both seemed to lose their nerve.”How about we get dressed?””Good idea.”A few minutes later…”We have to get to the Magic Box. Hopefully Giles will have some information that will help.”Willow agreed and as they were about to leave, “What about Dawn?”Buffy looked over at her s*ster who was curled up asleep, her arms and legs intertwined with Tara’s and her small head using Tara’s left boob as a pillow.”Leave her. Considering she’s the Key, she’s safer here anyway. Don’t want any sex demons using her to open pathways to other dimensions, do we?”They left and about ten minutes later were heading into the shop. Giles was sitting at a table pouring through texts and magical tomes. Buffy was surprised he was actually doing what she asked. Then she saw Anya on her knees under the table, sucking on his five and a half inch erect penis.”Hey Giles.”Buffy walked in and put her hands on her hips, obviously annoyed at what she saw. He held his hand up before she could speak.”Now before you say anything, you should know I’ve been researching diligently this entire time.”Anya looked up and poked her head over the table top, nodding.”He has. And I’ve been helping. Sucking his cock helps him concentrate.”She went back to work. Buffy rolled her eyes but had lost the energy to argue.”Yeah, he tried to get me to do it, but even I have standards.”Faith walked into the shop from the back door that leads to the training room. She was covered in sweat and was unwrapping long strands of gauze from her hands. She had taken her sweaty top off and allowed her breasts to swing freely. Getting the attention of Willow as they swung.”I thought about what you said B. About there being some funky doings going on. For once, you made sense. So I came over here to work out some aggression. It seems to have cleared my head. But man am I glad Anya showed up. Last thing I want is to have to go down on ole Giles here.””Considering where your mouth’s probably been tonight, believe me that’s the last place I want my dick.”Faith stuck her tongue out at Giles.”Alright, enough. What did you find?” Buffy spoke up.”Well, unfortunately, I can’t find any reference to what might be causing this.””We got that covered. It’s some inter-dimensional sex god who is making everyone all horny so he can get back at his old girlfriend.””Oh, well. Good then,” Giles said before saying “Women” under his breath.”Anything else?” Faith asked as she was checking Willow’s figure out.”Yes actually. I believe I’ve found where he is. I cast a locating enchantment and identified this area as having a tremendous amount of mystical energy.”Giles pointed to the map, “He’s under Sunnydale High.”Buffy rolled her eyes, “Of course he is. They always are. I mean Jesus! Why don’t we just head there whenever anything bad happens? The bad guys are always there.”Faith approached, “least we know where he is, cause we need to do something fast. It’s getting pretty hairy out there. I mean I’m all for free love and all, but this is getting ridiculous. People are going at it all over town. I was attacked by ten guys just getting here.”“How many girls?” Buffy jokingly asked.“Not enough. And not the one I wanted to be attacked by,” Faith flirtatiously replied.‘Me?’ Buffy silently mouthed to her‘Dawn,’ Faith silently mouthed back, winking at her at the same time.”You’re right. Giles, you stay here. Faith, Willow and I will handle this.””Any plan on how we stop this thing Buffy?” Willow asked.”Actually yeah. I was thinking about it on the way over. I got an idea.”About an hour later…The three young women were stealthily moving through the corridors of the basement under the girl’s locker room of Sunnydale High. Suddenly, a loud shrill scream came from just ahead and they stopped and crouched down.”So, you both understand the plan right?”Both Willow and Faith nodded.”You sure this will work?””No, but it’s all I got. So, unless you got any better ideas…”Both shook their heads and the three women moved into the large room at the end of the hall.Standing in the center was a large male form. It looked like it could have been related to the female they saw in their dream, but a twisted nightmare version. It was big and had dark blue skin with claws and long teeth and a twisted face. It had a teenage girl, a cheerleader, in its hands and was fucking her up the ass. Brutally fucking her with its monstrous cock. She was flopping back and forth and the girls were unsure if she was alive or dead.”Alright, playtimes over asshole!”The creature turned to face them, still wearing the girl like a condom. It snarled at them, “I was wondering when you would arrive. I’m looking forward to r*ping you all.”It grabbed the teenager’s body with his large hands and tore her in two, tossing her top half to one side and the bottom to the other side of the room, hitting a prisoner as it crashed. The sex demon charged as Buffy and Faith moved forward.Buffy attacked low while Faith leapt at its head managing to kick it across the face and knocking it back.”How you like that, douchebag?”The demon responded by backhanding Faith and sending her flying across the room. Buffy leapt on the creature back and put it in a choke hold as Faith tried to get to her feet.”Willow! How’s it coming?!?!”Willow was sitting against the far wall and chanting, trying to cast a spell.”It’s not working. I’ve spent too much energy. I don’t know if I can do it.”The demon grabbed Buffy and threw her into the wall as Faith launched a new attack driving her fists into the b**st’s chest.”That’s not what I want to hear Will.””I got it I think. Hold on.”Faith had managed to put the creature in a headlock. Putting its neck under her arm and pinning one of its limbs behind it. The thing was thrashing and fighting wildly though.”Hurry. I can’t hold this thing for long!””WILL!””I got it.”Willow pointed at Buffy and suddenly she was stripped of all of her clothes before a green light, like the one she had used at the dorm room began to form around Buffy’s waist like a belt. The luminescent light began to flow around her hips and between her legs and within a few seconds it appeared as if Buffy was wearing a strange glowing chastity belt.As Willow kept chanting, the area in the front of Buffy groin began to swell. The energy was growing and forming into a long thick tube. After another few seconds, Buffy was wearing a mystical strap-on more than two feet long.”Hold him down Faith.””I’m trying.”Faith used her super-human strength to push the demon down onto his knees. She pulled it on top of her and wrapped her legs around its waist, trapping it with its ass in the air.”Just a few more seconds!””HURRY!”Buffy grabbed the demon from behind by its hips. She mounted it, pointing the tip of the massive magical cock she had sprung at its asshole. Frankly, she was glad it had an asshole. She hadn’t even been sure of that.”I’m betting you’re not gonna like this!”Buffy thrust the entire length of the cock up the creature’s ass, driving it as deep as she could.”AAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!”The demon let out a deep earth shattering scream as Buffy sodomized it. She began pounding her new found cock into the thing’s rectum as hard as she could. The b**sts broke free from Faith and began bucking wildly trying to get Buffy off him but she grabbed the horns on the top of his head and, using them like handle bars, kept riding and pounding his ass.”Oh you like that, bitch!” Buffy screamed at it as she fucked it.”HUH? BITCH!?! You like getting your ass fucked?!?!” Faith added as she watched her fellow Vampire Slayer.The b**st thrashed, trying to get free but after nearly a minute it seemed to weaken as its flailing began to weaken. The demon dropped to his knees.”Yeah, that’s what I thought. You’re not so tough now. I knew this would get to you.”She kept fucking it until it seemed to weaken even more and Buffy grabbed it by the horns and pulled the demon’s head back.”NOW FAITH!”When Buffy had begun sodomizing the creature, Faith had grabbed her battle axe and waited for a moment to strike. As Buffy pulled the thing’s head back, its huge cock was totally güvenilir bahis exposed.Faith lifted the axe and swung it down, cleaving the demon’s cock from its body; castrating it.”NNNOOOOOOO!”The creature let out a long guttural moan as purple blood gushed from where the cock had been.The thing went rigid and fell forward, apparently dead. Willow, Buffy and Faith all stood around it panting and gasping for breath. As they turned to leave…”Cool, a souvenir. You guys mind if I keep this?”Faith had picked up the creature’s sex organ, about the size of a baseball bat and held it up while asking her question. Willow and Buffy both looked at her like they thought she was crazy.”What? It’ll make a good trophy. I can mount it over my bed. On second thought, that might be pretty intimidating for any guys I bring home. So maybe over the fireplace. What do you two think?””Uh sure,” Buffy replied, “You can keep it. Believe me, after the last few days, I don’t know if I ever want to see one of those things again.”Willow smiled broadly, “Glad you’re finally coming around Buffy.””Just ask Dawn,” Faith said.”What?!” Willow asked, surprised at this.“It turns out that our B here likes her little s*ster,” Faith said, ignoring the look she was getting from Buffy.“Is this true?” Willow asked her best friend, a smile spreading across her face.“What can I say?” Buffy said sheepishly. “She is great when it comes to fucking. And she has a nice, tight, young body. What any woman wouldn’t want to be with a horny nymph like her?”The three of them then all imagined what it would like to be with Dawn, each closing their eyes and picturing the body of the youngest Summers and the things they would do with it.When they opened their eyes they were greeted by the sight of a creature both Buffy and Willow had been before, but not Faith. Her height and regal appearance intimidated Faith for only a second, but she shook it off. Her light blue skin and long white hair that fell over her shoulders and came down past her knees told Buffy that she was safe. She was nude and had all the same parts as Buffy, Willow and Faith, but more ample. Her breasts were large and full and her legs long and her eyes were white like her hair. Also, she had a small white tuft of hair between her legs as well. The three humans looked at each other, they were naked now.“Goddess,” Willow said as she smiled at her presence.“Thank you Willow. Thank you Buffy. And Thank you Faith for what you have done.”“You know this chick?” Faith asked Buffy and Willow.“A friend,” Buffy commented as she stared at the gorgeous woman before her. “And another,” she said as she noticed the smaller, younger looking being behind their friend.“My faithful companion. And lover,” she said indicating to the woman a few steps behind her. “Yes, Faith, a friend. And I hope that you will call upon me as a friend also.” She now turned her attention to the three of them as a group. “You have defeated a great enemy today. All who dwell in this realm will talk of you three as friends and heroes alike.”“I do not think that I am worthy of such acclaim,” Willow said, still in awe of her beauty.“Look.” The being then signalled to look behind them. “As you can see there are already statues built in your honour. We call them the three lovers of hero. As you three have loved each other in one form or another and you are heroes, and always will be, in our eyes for all time.”“Cool,” Faith said as she admired the three statues of their naked forms standing shoulder to shoulder. Every inch of the statues were in proportion to their naked selves in that time. “But what about Dawn?”“Dawn?” Buffy asked.“If she went with us all hell would be let loose.”“Who is Dawn?”“My s*ster,” Buffy explained. “Sometimes known also as the Key of Glorificus.”“You know the Key of Glorificus?!” the being exclaimed.“Yeah, but they totally kicked her ass,” Faith said to her. “Now Dawn is a vital member of our group.”“Then she shall stand among your statues,” the being proclaimed before turning to her lover. “Make sure that it is done.”Her lover nodded and backed away a few steps. She then waved her hands towards the three statues of Buffy, Willow and Faith. Soon enough a fourth statue joined them. One that was in Dawn’s likeness down to the very last detail.“Okay, I like her now,” Faith commented about Dawn.“You are all welcome to visit your statues anytime you wish,” the being said as she handed them each a medallion with her face imprinted upon it, and handing Buffy a medallion for Dawn too. “All you have to do is rub the impression of my face and say the words printed on the reverse then you and whomever you’re with shall be brought here in the form you see yourselves now.”“Naked?” Buffy said aloud. “Excellent. I think I might come here quite often.”“I would like that,” the creature replied as they turned back to face her. “Now I have a requirement that I ask of you, on behalf of yourselves and your entire realm.”“Sure,” Buffy said immediately.“Anything,” Faith said at the same time.“Go ahead,” Willow said in unison with the other two.“Would it be an imposition for myself, or any other of my species, to go to your world? To see the beauty it holds? To make friends with the friends of the lovers of hero?” she asked the three of them.“Yeah sure,” Faith said without thinking.“Only… there are a few things you must know first,” Buffy said cautiously.“Sure. What are they?” the creature asked of them.“The most people on our world do not know of the existence of demons or being from another dimension or plain of existence.”“Then we shall appear where they do not look and wait for one of our friends to find us,” the being said.“How shall we know you’ve arrived?” Willow asked her, her head slightly bowed.“Just like the one you have slain my people causes your people to fall to their basest instincts. But when we do it, it is only locally based whereas it was trans-dimensionally crossing before.”“So, basically, when we find ourselves having sex out of our regular behavior, you’ve arrived?” Faith asked.“Yes, that is correct,”“So, basically,” Faith said to Buffy rather quietly. “When we’re not trying to have sex with Dawn then.”This comment got Buffy blushing, which told Willow all she wanted to know. Not only did Buffy like girls now, but Faith had a thing for femme fatales too. Willow smiled at the thought of what they could do together.“Now I must make sure my realm is recovered from the destruction dealt upon it,” the being said as the three of Buffy, Willow and Faith felt themselves being returned and transported back to where they were only minutes ago.The three of them walked outside they saw men and women, teachers and students, boys and girls, all apparently coming to their senses and putting their clothes back on. Even the former prisoner was covering herself up as she dashed home. They all seemed dazed and unsure of what had happened or why they were naked or why they were on top of the person they found themselves on top of. Buffy, Willow and Faith walked out of the building carrying their trophies with them. Faith had the demon’s penis. Willow had a jar of its blood, the jar she had found in the school’s science lab, hoping to engineer a spell to protect her and friend from any future sex demons who would wish them harm. Buffy carried with her the demon’s horns, if nothing, she had assured the others, they would make a great masturbatory tool.When they arrived back at Sunnydale U, now fully clothed, Buffy getting Willow to mend her torn clothes, Faith and Willow entered Willow’s room and saw that it was empty of the women who occupied it before their departure, apart from the two they wanted to see. Plus one more.Dawn, Tara and Anya sat with each other, as naked as the room full of women were when Buffy and Willow had left, watching a repeat of a web-cast on their smart TV. The webcast itself was of a young brunette girl and her blonde best friend as they fucked each other as a girl in a duck mask was getting fucked by an older man.“Where have you two been?” Tara asked them, unashamed of her public nudity.“Yeah, what happened?” Dawn said as she made space for Buffy and Willow to sit between Tara and herself.“Long story,” Buffy commented as she let out a huge sigh.“I can wait,” Dawn said before kissing Buffy on the neck and wrapping her arms around her s*ster.“Really long,” Faith commented as she showed them the demon penis.“Longest one I’ve seen all day,” Anya said as she admired the length of the piece. “And I have seen more than my fair share.”This comment got a laugh from everyone in the room, each picturing all the many cocks that Anya had sucked and the cum that flew out from the end of said cocks.Buffy and Willow looked at each other. They knew the spell was over, but didn’t know why these women were comfortable being naked together.“It’s because we figure ‘why bother hiding it’,” Tara said to them, as if reading their minds. “So we just stayed naked.”Buffy, Willow and Faith then took their clothes off and cuddled with their girlfriends. Willow placed her arms around Tara and they kissed passionately. Buffy wrapped her arms around Anya and whispered to her that she like her not having cock for a long time, referring to the cocks she had to take in her mouth since that morning in the Magic Box. Faith approached Dawn and they hugged each other without having to say a word to one another. They each liked the other as much as they had hoped. Their first kiss was in front of their friends, and big sister. And they didn’t care, just as long as they could be with each other.The three couples sat down and watched the remaining of the web-show, from Seattle, where the people had switched partners with someone else. “Come to think of it,” Willow asked to anyone and everyone in the room with her as Faith’s hands began to explore the young body of Dawn Summers. “Where has Xander been all this time?”Across town in a crypt under the graveyard, Xander Harris and Spike suddenly opened their eyes as if waking from a terrible nightmare. They were lying face to face in Spike’s bed.They shot to their feet. Both were totally naked.”This never happened. Agreed?””Agreed.”The End

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