Back to School days

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Back to School daysFirst of all i can remember back to when i was 8 or 9 years old and being overly interested in some of my school teachers bodies, in particular my french teacher who had the most amazing cleavage and HUGE erect nipples. I used to make sure i always had questions to ask so i could go up to the desk and get a cheeky look down her blouse. Her breasts were milky white and had the most amazing smooth looking skin, though of course i never actually got to sample them first hand as i was so young at the time…This is one of my earliest memories of being sexually stimulated by someone else’s body and of course it had to be the old cliche of Teacher Vs Student…LOLAnyway when i was in the fourth year of senior school (thats year 11 now i think?) i was getting very curious about pretty much anything sexual and was beginning to notice how nice other boys cock’s looked. The ideal place for my research was of course the showers after Rugby or Football when all the cocks were out in force being lathered up with soap and getting a good clean down. There were two boys that always seemed to be having way too much fun in the shower, they would pretend to be flicking one another with a face cloth but in actual fact they were touching each others cock whenever the chance arose. They would hang around till most of the other boys had left the showers, then they would engage in touching, wanking and sucking each other. I had never seen this before and at first was a little shocked, but soon noticed that i had a hard-on myself whilst watching these boys canlı bahis getting each other off.Over the period of a few months i would position myself so that i had the best view of the shower block where the boys would get together and do their thing, i never missed and episode of ‘Cocks in the shower’ and every time would have to finish myself off whilst dreaming of having one of them touching or sucking my throbbing bell end.Then one day i was helping my school friend David out with his homework at his grandparents house (they brought him up) and part of the work was Human Biology, which i was quite good at but not David, so i undertook the task of completing it for both of us. I am unsure of what brought the subject up but i mentioned to David that there were these boys that did these things to one another in the shower block, not mentioning that i loved watching and wanking whilst they did it. He stood up and undid his trousers and pulled his underwear down to reveal this magnificent circumcised cock that was as hard as steel and doing little jumps as it throbbed literally an inch from my face. I was somewhat taken aback by this sudden move and didn’t immediately know what to do until David said “I have seen you wanking so many times in the corner of the changing rooms, now i know what you were looking at…”I couldn’t contain myself any longer, i slipped his hot, hard cock between my lips and got my first taste of cock just as he released some pre-cum from his bellend. I remember it was sticky, sweet and just a little salty, but i loved it and started bahis siteleri sucking on his member to see if i could get some more out of him. His balls were quite big and felt really heavy, as they were gently banging onto my chin whilst i continued sucking his beautiful cock, getting every drop of pre-cum i could. It was like a fantasy come true and i remember my own cock was so hard it was painful, so i dropped my trousers and pants and started pulling my swollen member for all it was worth. David knelt down and asked me to stand up so he could get a better look at my cock, which i did without any hesitation as i knew or rather hoped what was coming next. Sure enough he started gobbling up my own pre-cum like there was no tomorrow, he sucked and stroked my knob whilst playing with my balls and very gently rubbing a finger over my arse hole, not actually going inside but playing with it, teasing it. I had NEVER been so aroused in my life and could hardly hold back from cumming there and then, something i think David knew because he stopped what he was doing and just let my cock rest a few moments. I think i came just a little at that point, some milky thick cum oozed from the end of my bellend and and hung on my cock like a raindrop, David noticed this and promptly cleaned it up with his tongue, really tasting it as it entered his mouth. We led on the floor on our sides (69 style) and went to work again on each others members only this time whilst sucking and wanking David’s rock hard cock, i had a cheeky feel of his ass and started gently massaging güvenilir bahis his ring with my finger, again not going inside but teasing his hole. He went nuts and started pulsing his hips, moaning and breathing really heavy, he said “Put your finger in, just a bit, PLEASE”… So i obliged and slipped my finger in his ass only up to the second knuckle but that was enough, he gave a few almighty heaves with his hips and then his balls went tight, his ass clamped on my finger and his cock erupted in my mouth. There was so much cum pumping from his bellend that at first i gagged a little, then as it calmed down, i started sucking on him again draining every last drop from his balls. My first taste of cock and cum, and it was fantastic to say the least.David pushed me on my back and continued sucking my aching, throbbing cock and decided to engage in the exact same ass play as i gave him, gently pushing his finger up to the second knuckle and softly moving it around. Wow, i had never felt anything like it before, i was shaking, sweating, almost hysterical with pleasure and he knew it, teasing me, stopping every now and then so i didn’t cum. Eventually though i couldn’t hold back any longer, my cock pumped out wave after wave of thick hot cum into his mouth which he took and swallowed, every single drop he took and more if he could have.Well that night had started normal and ended the single most amazing night of my life bare none.Unfortunately, even though we got together many times, and spent many hours pleasuring one another, he eventually moved away and we lost contact. bloody shame would love to see him again and re-live those magical moments.So heres to David, thank you for showing me the finer things in life, and your fabulous cock of course…LOL

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