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The following has not been edited just submitted. If you would like to assist with editing any of my stories please DM or leave a comment. Daddy Big Dick


Speaking of condoms, have I told you the condom story from the time I went to Thailand?

It was around 15 years ago and I had gone with a large group of friends. We had already been travelling around the country for a few weeks so we decided to just spend the last few days in Bangkok before flying back home. I must admit that up until the night in question I was doing a pretty good job of not fucking around on the new girlfriend that I had left back home, but I was also getting pretty horny and that night I just needed to fuck something… other than myself.

So one of my good mates and I left our group and decided to explore the nightlife Bangkok had to offer. Sure, we had previously done the whole live sex show thing and we had watched a couple of ping pong shows but we just wanted to go out to some night clubs, like we would back home. So we found one, which then lead to another, which lead to another. It was here when we met a small group of Israeli chicks. They were all reasonably fuckable, some more than others, as usual my mate goes straight for the hottest one of course. I was just happy chatting and flirting with the others for the meantime, you know, seeing where the night might take us.

A few drinks and a couple of dances later we headed to club number four. The music was louder, faster, the club was crowded, sweatier, this was more like it. So there we were all drinking and dancing, bumping and grinding when I made a move on the quietest one in the bunch. She was a bit better than average, average height, average weight, with a fit toned body, thank you Israeli military. She was wearing a tight fitting T-shirt that showed her C cup tits held up by a black lacy bra which was visible beneath her top thanks to the club’s black lights. I remember she had on this drab A line type skirt that failed to show of her ass and eryaman bayan escort legs, all anyone could see was her slender yet defined calves leaving you to guess the shape of the rest of her body.

What I do remember though was that her face was dark. She was well tanned had big dark brown eyes and bigger black eyebrows, but her most memorable feature was her hair, her thick, long, black curly hair. It was unkempt and lacked style, but even though she had this shy timid demeanour I sensed there was a lively wild woman ready to pounce. More importantly, she seemed like she was interested too but needed a little push, there was another one but she wasn’t as hot, so I went for it and we started to make out.

Soon, an argument between the girls erupted, tempers flared up, breaking the group into two. One group leaves with the chick my mate was chasing, leaving me with the rest. We soon all go outside to cool down and catch our breaths when the dispute almost breaks out into a full on fist fight. The two groups finally separate and I find out from my mates girl that the two chicks were both interested in me and that the one I hooked up with ‘stole me’ from the other one.

A bit proud, and a bit drunk, I strut over to the first group who were having a heated discussion in Hebrew. Now I don’t know a fucking word of Hebrew, don’t even think I had ever heard a conversation in it before that night, but I decided to interrupt their conversation saying ‘I totally agree with what she said’ clearly siding with my hook up. The friends all stop, look me over and simultaneously ask if I speak Hebrew. I explained to them that I just thought it was a cool way to interrupt. They then proceed to tell me that the chick I was making out with had just declared that she wanted to take me back to their hotel to fuck, which conveniently was just around the corner.

Well that was all I needed to hear and I ran with it. A few moments later the two of us are alone in their hotel room stripping each other naked. We escort etimesgut stumble onto a bed, no covers because it’s still 20 something degrees outside, and continue to make out. She grabs a condom and insists I wear it. Now, anyone that knows me knows that rubbers and I are not good friends, but if there was ever a time to cover up, this was it, right? I reluctantly agreed and squeezed my big rock hard dick into the constrictive prophylactic, then positioned myself between her welcoming thighs.

I remember thinking as I was kneeling between her wide spread legs that she was better put together than first thought. But I wasn’t there to admire, I was there fuck. She still had her underwear on so I grabbed hold of the last remaining garment and pulled them from her hips down her legs and on to the floor. That’s when I saw it the hairiest pussy I have ever seen, it was thick, long, black and curly and just like the hair on her head it too was unkempt with no style. I cleared a path through the thicket exposing her moist wet lips that indicated she was wanting my cock inside her just as much as I did. I tested the waters with my thumbs and she moaned as the two digits slid effortlessly inside her. I wrapped my hands around her thighs, moved into position and jammed my cock hard into that hairy pussy.

So we started to fuck, the lube on the condom, and her own wetness, allowed me to force most of my fuckmeat into her tight cunt. I was impressed how much she could take, bottoming out a few times, but she didn’t seam to enjoy the delightful pain as much as some of the others. So I fucked her with speed rather than depth repositioning myself so I could just jack hammer the hell out of that cunt. All indications was she was enjoying it, there was the usual moaning and panting, she was clawing at my back and kissing me hard when she could, but the friction between her stretched out fuck hole and my latex covered cock was increasing. I was getting more and more frustrated as I could feel the elvankent escort heat starting to burn through the condom and I could sense she was getting uncomfortable, but the tightness of her box was clamping down hard, and at that moment all I wanted was to come more than ever, so I just kept on fucking.

Then it happened, instant relief, the constricted burning disappeared replaced with the warm, soft velvety embrace of a woman’s vagina. The condom had broken and our love organs were stimulating us both as God had intended. This caused me to fuck that slut harder and faster, she soon wrapped her legs tight around me I felt her womanhood flood with her own excitement, my fucking had caused her to cum which in turn caused me to push further into her cunt, pinning her body to the mattress underneath. With my cock head pressed hard against her cervix I unload several jets of my baby batter deep into her womb. Her pussy quivered as my cock spasmed instinctively milking every drop it could.

We laid there for a few moments in our post fuck haze, she said something about how good it felt, but how sore she’d be later. I was used to hearing that by then. Then she suddenly realises that the latex barrier that was protecting her from motherhood had all but disappeared. She pushes our sweaty bodies apart, jumps off the bed yelling and screaming. Completely useless, had she forgotten I didn’t speak Hebrew? My clothes were thrown at my thick and fast and I was ushered out into the hallway half naked, the door ceremoniously slamming behind me. I could hear her sobbing through the door as I quickly got dressed and headed downstairs.

As I sat on the stairs of the hotel putting on my shoes I envisioned her womb flooded with my semen, my sperm making their journey to find that fertile little egg and make her a mother. I wondered what her slender frame would look like in eight months time after her breasts had swollen and her belly had grown with my offspring swimming inside. It made me so fucking horny again, I’d better get back to the club then.


I hope you enjoyed reading my story. Please note that all participants were willing and aged at least 18 years old. If you recognise the story I would love to here from you, hit me up on my socials. Daddy Big Dick

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