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BarbraBarbraby theduck1930The year was 1965 I on the Eagles drill team in the local Area. There was an invitational meet in a larger city an it was to be held in their gym. The gym was large and had seating for over one-thousand people. Not many Areas had gyms let alone one of this size. The team I was on decided to attend as it was not far off and each of us would be bale to handle the expense. Those expenses included our transportation, food, and drinks.We took first place which got us one free drink at the bar that evening. Food was served and the cost was nominal and as I finished my meal with several buddies, they all left but I stayed and ordered another drink. The band was playing and being alone I just sat there quietly sipping away.Too my surprise a lady came over to my table as most of the other guys there had their wives with them. Mine had stayed home. She was on an auxiliary drill team. I had seen her at several conventions around the state. I had thought she was one hot lady. Not that she was a beauty but then no one had to put a bag over her head either. She sat down beside me and asked, “I hope this chair is not taken.”I answered, “No it is not. You are welcome to sit there if you like.”“Well thank you. My feet were getting sore standing up. Seems like every other chair around here is being used.”“I noticed that. That is why I just stayed here. Your Barbra aren’t you?”“Yes, how id you know my name?”“Well, I know several people you are acquainted with. Most of them on my drill team. I’ve been to other parties where you were also. I had hoped one day we could get acquainted, and it looks like today is that day.”“Oh yeah, I have seen you at some of those parties. They were fun and the guys were hot.”“Let me buy you a drink. What do you like?”“A Tom Collins would be nice. They are tall and cool and it is warm in here.”“Yes it is warm in here. I’ll be right back, I’d waait for a waitress but they are slow making the rounds.”Barbra esenyurt escort stayed in her chair as I got up and walked to the bar. I odered her drink, paid for it and took it back to my table. “Here you Barbra. Enjoy.”“Thank you. I do not think I know your name.”“Oh that’s not surprising. I hardly ever get introduced around. My name is Ben. I’m normally a quiet sort of guy anyway and not a very good conversationalist. Would you like to dance? I do know how to do that.”“I’d love to Ben.” So we got on the dance floor and danced to whatever it was the band was playing. I swung this gal around and across the floor and back bumping into her tits which she was poking out as far as she could. They were quite small bumps but they were there nonetheless. My leg was into her crotch and she was rubbing her crotch on my leg checking out my hard-on. And it was getting hard. At least it was aimed down my leg enough so it did not tent my slacks too much. I always wore tight-fitting shorts that held my cock in place well. But iif rubbed against a lady’s leg it could be felt good enough if she was interested. Barbra seemed very interested.Back at our table, she said, “You sure are interested, aren’t you?”“Yeah, I’m interested. Are you?”She replied, “Yes I am. I love sex.”“Would you go with me to a friends house. I do not live in the city as you should know. But I do have a single friend who will close this place up sometime around two-thirty. I think he will give me the key to his place.”“Sure I will. My panties are getting wet.”“OK, I’ll be back in a minute.”I walked over to the bar where my friend sat drinking and asked him directly if I might use his house to bang this lady? He gave me his key and wrote his address down for me and I returned to my table. “Got his key and all we need now is a taxi. Are you ready to go?”“Yes I am.” she got up and we headed for the taxi stand. There were two there so we avrupa yakası escort got into the first one and I told him where we wanted to go. Fifteen minutes later we were there. I paid the fare and we entered the house. It was a nice home, older but nice. We entered the front room and I looked around and found the bedroom and bathroom. They adjoined making clean up easy. It had a nice shower in a tub so it was too hard to get two bodies in it at the same time. But we were both clean but would most likely use it later.I was going to lead her to the bedroom but she kind of balked. I looked at her and asked, “Isn’t that why you came here with me?”“Well, yes it was. But if I get naked you’ll laugh.”“Why would I laugh.”“Well, my tits are so small.”“Small tit are nothing I’d laugh about, just having tits is all that I care about.” So she began stripping out of her drill uniform and I did the same. It was rather dark in this room but light enough we could see where everything was. I turned back the bedding when I was nude and she was also by that time and we got in bed.I hugged her to me and french kissed her and she kissed back. I played with one of her ears and her neck and let my hand pass down along her side to her hip and gave her butt cheek a squeeze and pulled my hand back up her side to her shoulder and pushed her onto her back and found her titties. They were small. ‘A’ cups I think. I had never felt such small tits before. Not even in high school. I never mentioned the size and just sucked on her nipples which were not hard to find. I think her nipples made up half of her tit. She moaned as I sucked on them both in turn. There was no way I could push them together and suck them both like I could on my wife.While sucking her tit I played my hand down to her navel and circled that and found her slit. My hand roamed lower down one thigh and up the anadolu yakası escort other back to her slit. She spread her legs wide apart giving me access to her toy box. I roamed over her slit feeling her labia lips and roaming along her thigh at the juncture then along the other side doing the same. She bucked her hips in response so I knew I was doing something right she liked and I repeated it again several times.Then I parted her labia lips and found the entrance to her cock sheath. I stuck my finger into the first knuckle and pulled it out eliciting moan of pleasure from her. I placed the wet finger on her pearl and played a little.I moved down between her legs so I could taste her wet pussy. I heard her say, “Oh, oh. Please turn around so I can suck your cock.” I did and she took it in her mouth sucking good on it.We sixty-nined like that until she had an orgasm. It didn’t seem like a big one but she had one.I was far from ready but then I wanted to fuck her so I turned around and slid my cock into her cock sheath. It felt smooth and wet and very warm as I entered to my full length. I pressed my pelvis down as hard as I could onto her pearl and wiggled my butt causing movement on her clit. She was moaning with pleasure as I was pumping in and out and pressing my pelvis hard onto her clit.I worked on that quite some time and she was having orgasms one after another. Not hard ones just small tremors. I finally shot my load deep into her. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled myself in as deep as I could she was spiring me with her heels pressing me in. Then we relaxed while I kept my cock inside her cunt.When I finally took it out I reached over to where I had placed some towels and handed one to her to wipe her crack, and she did. Then she licked all my cum off which did surprise me but I liked it.She went into the bathroom to shower and then dress. I waited my turn and when we were done we entered the front room and my buddy was there watching TV. He rose and greeted us looking over my date. “My you sure did find a nice looking lady there.”I introduced them. We talked a bit and I said, “We need to take her down to the bus station so she can get home.”My buddy volunteered to drive her there and then drive me to the ferry dock. That was a great way to spend an evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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