Beach House

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Beach HouseDarren closed his eyes and let the hot sun wash over him. His toes burrowed into the sand anchoring him to the beach like roots. He took a deep breath of ocean air and felt his whole body relax. Finally, summer. Last semester had felt like it would never end, but as he stood in front of his newly rented beach house it was like he’d been there all his life.”Dare!” His sister’s shout interrupted Darren’s reverie but he didn’t mind. It had been too long since he’d seen Delilah. He turned just in time to catch her as she leapt at him. Darren grunted at the impact but closed his arms around her tiny waist and held on. “Careful Lilah, I think the freshmen fifteen maybe catching up with you.” He chuckled in her ear. She slid down until her feet hit the sand but didn’t take her arms from around his neck. “Take that back jerk!” She laughed and pushed her body into his in an attempt to make him stumble. Not that it had any effect. Darren was 6’2″ and fairly muscled from the rowing team at Berkley. And Delilah, well she was 5’3″ and shaped like a little pixie, hardly a match for him in brute strength.Darren faked falling backwards and gave into her wish. “I take it back. I take it back. You’re gorgeous as always.” Delilah beamed at him even though she already knew that. She’d never been self-conscious. And with good reason, she had her mothers blue eyes and her father’s blonde hair and a body that was made to fit any man. But all girls liked to hear how pretty they are. Darren smiled down at her. “I missed you, you know. I still wish you’d just stayed home and gone to Berkeley with me this year.”Delilah sighed and stepped away from him. This was an old argument. “Columbia is a great school and I needed to get away from everything with dad. You know that. Maybe you should just think of coming to New York with me. You’d love it there. And you could just transfer to Columbia for your senior year.” She intertwined her fingers with Darren’s and pulled him along the beach. “Yeah… maybe”. He said. Though they both knew he couldn’t leave. He was the one holding down the fort. Since their father had started his binge drinking three years ago it had been Darren who made sure bills got paid and everyone ate. He’d made sure Delilah got into a good college and had put his own education on hold for that to happen. This past year had been his first year back at school. With Delilah across the country it had finally been his time. It hadn’t been easy but he would have done anything for his little sister. “Hey, don’t be down. It’s summer and it’s a beautiful day. You and me in our very own beach house for eight whole weeks! It doesn’t get better that that!” She looked like a k** again with that goofy smile on her face. He couldn’t help but laugh and agree. This rental house was the only way he’d gotten her to agree to come back to California for summer break. She’d refused to go back to their house in Berkeley. He couldn’t blame her. Their dad was a lot to deal with and Darren had had trouble finding some one else to stay with him while they were away, even though Half Moon Bay was only a little over an hour from their house in Berkeley. “The water looks great. Maybe we should go for a swim after we get settled?” He tugged Delilah to a stop and turned towards the water. It was crystal blue and so inviting. “Why wait? Lets go in now.” She let go of his hand and kicked off her flip flops. “Come on lets just jump in like we used to when we were k**s.” She smiled back at him then jogged towards the water. She pulled the tank top over her head and tossed it to the sand next to her. Darren’s breath caught in his throat when he saw her bare back unhindered by bra or bathing suit. Sure as k**s they would both strip naked practically as soon as the car stopped and they’d run headlong into the ocean without a care in the world. But they weren’t k**s anymore. Before Darren could protest Delilah’s shorts hit the sand, obviously she hadn’t been wearing underwear either. Darren caught only the briefest glimpse of rounded ass before she dove into the surf.”Come on Dare!” Delilah shouted when she resurfaced moments later. “The water is perfect.” She bobbed up and down as she propelled herself farther out. The tops of her high full breasts rose and fell as she moved. Darren had to shake his head to remind himself that she was his sister and he shouldn’t be noticing her breast or remembering her perfect little ass that would fit right in his hands. “I… I should… probably grab my suit. It will only take a second.” he stammered and tried to clear his head. “Oh just come in already. You can wear your boxers if your embarrassed.” Delilah drew out the last word like an insult and Dare knew she was rolling her eyes, even though he couldn’t see it because she turned away from him to swim further out. “Fine. Fine. I’ll just go in.” He mumbled to himself. And jerked his polo shirt over his head. He quickly hooked his thumbs in his wait band and pulled his shorts and boxers down as one. He looked around nervously hoping no one in a boat would come by before he could get in the water. He didn’t worry about neighbors because they were pretty much the only people on this stretch of beach. Naked and fidgeting he moved quickly into the water.By the time Darren reached Delilah the waves lapped at his chest and she was treading water. He stayed a few feet away from her so the water was reflecting the sun, if he got much closer it would be like looking through glass at each other’s naked form. He didn’t want that. Not that he was embarrassed by his body like Delilah had said, far from it, but he might be embarrassed by the way his body reacted to his sister’s. “Perfect right?” Delilah sighed. “I’m glad it’s just you and me Dare. I do love Dad, you know that. I just can’t bear to see him like this. I thought he would have gotten over mom by now. I just wanted this to be a real vacation and I didn’t want to spend every night fighting with him about how much he’s had to drink.” “I know Lilah. It’s okay. And it’s good for me to have a real vacation too so I’m glad you thought of this.” He smiled and leaned back in the water to float. “It’s not your job you know. To take care of him like that. He made his own choices and you shouldn’t have to suffer for them.” Delilah had been telling him the same thing for two and a half years. They had all suffered after their mom had run off with an accountant from her office. But their dad had never tried to move on from it. He just drank himself into oblivion every night. “I know.” Darren said quietly. He didn’t need to say anything else. There was no defending their farther. But Darren couldn’t just leave him like their mother had. So he stayed. Simple as that. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The sun felt wonderful on his bare chest. “It’s nice out here. Thanks for dragging me in.” He smiled.”Anytime, b*o.” Delilah sounded far away through the water so Darren lifted his head and cracked an eye. She was reclined like he was, with her eyes closed enjoying the sun. However her being a girl afforded a much different view at this particular angle. Her arms floated loosely at her sides and though water covered her from the waist down, her bare breasts floated in the open air almost like they were reaching for the sun. Her pale pink nipples called out to be sucked and teased with kisses.Darren gulped in a mouthful of salty ocean and jerked up out of the water sputtering and coughing. But the image of his sisters breasts was burned into his brain.Behind him Delilah laughed “Swim much, Spaz?” She joked and swam past him. “Come on, lets go in before you drown. You’re too heavy for me to drag up the beach.”Darren followed her slowly still coughing up water. He tried not to watch her as she walked out of the water and back to their clothes but he couldn’t stop himself. Her cute little butt swayed with her hips. And he tripped and almost went under again when she bent over at the waist to pick up her shorts and tank top. He spun around and stared out at the horizon guiltily. The rose colored slit that had opened for him when she leaned down had been too much. There were far too many sexual thoughts racing through his mind to get out of the water just yet. Heaven forbid she would turn around as he walked out and notice his raging hard on. “Come on. I’m not unloading both our cars. Don’t be lazy.” Delilah yelled to him when she saw him still sitting in the water.”Yeah. I’m coming… I mean I’ll be there in a sec. I just don’t want to stop relaxing yet. Go ahead and start unloading your car and I’ll come in a minute… I mean I’ll be there to help you in a minute.” He said without turning towards her. He felt like a thirteen year old boy getting caught jerking off for the first time. She laughed and he though for sure she would keep hounding him. Instead she headed towards the house. “Don’t take too long.” She said.———-The house they’d rented was your typical beach bungalow. Big beautiful balcony looking over the water. Open floor plan on the main floor, living room, kitchen, and dining area all rolled into one cozy space. Huge floor to ceiling windows with a killer view. And just one master bedroom/bath combo in the loft. Delilah’s purple duffel bag was already sitting on the bed and as Darren peeked into the bathroom he saw her girlie crap was all over both sinks. Just as well. His sister always slept late and this way she wouldn’t be sleeping on the güvenilir bahis couch while he tried to go about his morning workout. “So I guess I’m taking the couch then” he called to her over the railing of the loft. He could just see her lower half as she banged around in the kitchen putting things in their place. He’d already started back down the stairs when she yelled back, “Don’t be silly. We’ll just share. The bed is big enough and the bathroom has two sinks. Just shove my stuff over.” She knocked over something and muttered a curse.Darren stood frozen on the steps. How the hell was he supposed to share a bed with the beautiful and attractive woman he had formerly seen only as his little sister. “Well it’s kinda close quarters don’t you think? I’ll be fine on the couch.” He said hopefully.”Loveseat.” She yelled up to him.”What?” Darren wasn’t sure what she meant.”No couch. It’s a loveseat or a chair. Neither will fit a man your size and I’m sure as hell not sleeping on either.” She stepped to the foot of the stairs as she said it. “What’s your problem. It’s not like we’ve never shared a bed before. It’s only a few weeks.” She smirked and went back into the kitchen.”Yeah. Sure. Okay, I guess I’ll start putting stuff away up here then.” He trudged back up to the loft and dropped his bag onto the full sized bed. It wasn’t very big. In fact it was barely big enough for him. It could be a very awkward eight weeks if he didn’t get control of himself. How long had it been since he’d had sex. Too long obviously. He hadn’t thought about it recently. Hadn’t felt the need too. He hadn’t had a girlfriend since their mother had left but he’d never missed it… he’d been busy. Now suddenly he wished he’d given a second look at some of the girls on campus who’d asked him out.”Hey can you hang up some of my stuff while you’re up there. I’d rather not wear wrinkles for the whole trip.” Delilah called up the stairs.”Uh, sure.” Darren moved to her bag and unzipped the top. He pulled out a few of the summer dresses on top and paused when his hand met silk. He pulled out what he hoped weren’t the pajamas she’d be wearing. Tiny silk nightgowns in all different colors. He tossed them back in the bag and pulled out the rest of her clothes and a few lacy bras. He thanked the saints that she obviously kept underwear in a different pocket of the bag. Strange, he hadn’t noticed another pocket.”Hey you hungry? I made sandwiches. You can finish that later.” Delilah yelled, distracting him from her clothes.”Yeah food sounds good. Be there in a sec.” He tossed all of the silky things from the bottom of her bag into one of the dresser drawers and headed down stairs.———-The rest of the day passed without event. Lunch, walk through downtown, dinner at a local place and back to the house for what Delilah had called the first movie night of the summer. She’d picked out a random chic flick from the eclectic selection the rental unit provided. Darren would have preferred something with a little less romance and a little more ninja sword fighting but he didn’t feel like arguing the point. Things had started to feel normal again between them and he was walking on eggshells to keep it that way. Darren sat in the middle of the loveseat with popcorn and waited for Delilah to start the movie.”Scootch over.” Delilah said when she turned towards him. “Sit in the chair. I’m a big guy, I need a big place to sit.” Darren replied with a cocky grin. He spread his arms and legs out to take up more room. “Yeah well I like to cuddle when I watch a movie and I can’t cuddle by myself.” She replied as she tried to squish in next to him.”You can’t cuddle with me crazy. I’m your brother. Why don’t you cuddle with a blanket.” Darren tried to laugh it off but the more she wiggled next to him the more uncomfortable he got.”We always used to cuddle. Come on, it’s just a movie. It’s not like I’m asking you to spoon me.” Delilah fluttered her lashes comically at him. He couldn’t help but give in to her.”Okay. Just for the movie. You’re so spoiled.” He laughed and wrapped one arm around her shoulder when she burrowed into his chest. They settled in and halfway through the movie Darren hardly thought about Delilah’s soft body wrapped up his arms. Her head was nestled under his chin and he could smell the familiar fruity shampoo she’d been using for years. It felt right holding her like this, it felt like home. And by the time the credits rolled Delilah was asleep and Darren was once again feeling the peace of the beach house. “Come on sleepy head. Time for bed.” Darren whispered to Delilah. She mumbled incoherently so he tried again. “Rise and Shine. Nice soft bed up there. Gotta get up and go.” She shifted an inch or so but didn’t wake.”Carry me?” She mumbled. “You’re not a k** anymore. I’ll break my back.” He teased. Delilah let out a mumbled laugh but showed no other sign of waking. Darren sighed and shifted her to the side so he could maneuver one arm under her legs and the other behind her back. “Alright. Up we go little girl.” He said as he stood. She was small in his arms and he felt a wave of protectiveness flow through him. At the top of the stairs he stopped again. “Hey you have to wake up now. You can’t sleep in your clothes, you’ll get the bed all sandy. You have to change and get ready for bed. I’m gonna put you down on the edge here so you can change.” Darren said as he set her gently on the bed. He held onto her shoulders as she finally opened her eyes and stretched. “Oh right.” She said through a yawn. “Change of clothes. Where’d you put my nightgowns and stuff?” She asked sleepily.”Um. They’re over here but wouldn’t you rather sleep in something warmer, it might get cold.” He asked as he went over to the dresser and opened the top drawer. “Nah. I like the silk. Just grab me one and toss it here will you. I don’t feel like getting up.” She said with another yawn. “Yeah. Okay” he mumbled and pulled out a light blue nightgown. He turned to toss it to her and let out a whoosh of air. She’d already pulled her shirt off and thrown it to the floor. Her head was bent down as she struggled with the zipper on her jeans. Shiny blonde hair hung in front of her chest giving tantalizing peaks of nipple. “Jesus Lilah.” He gasped and whirled around.”What? What happened?” She asked sounding more awake. “You can’t keep doing that.” Darren reprimanded.”Doing what? And by the way I’m still waiting on that gown.” She said.He threw the silk over his shoulder in her general direction. “You can’t keep getting naked around me. We’re not k**s and I’m not one of your girlfriends.””Geez, don’t throw a fit. It’s not like you’ve never seen a naked girl before. Besides you didn’t care earlier. You’re just grumpy cuz your tired.” She said. Darren could hear the sheets rustle as she climbed underneath. “There. I’m all covered up. Not a bit of skin showing. Promise.” Delilah said from behind him.He turned slowly and saw that she’d pulled the covers up over her head and was indeed covered completely. “No need to be a smart ass. I just think we need to establish some ground rules about Nudity… and how there shouldn’t be any.” He walked to her side of the bed and pulled the covers off her face. “You’re my sister. And I’m not supposed to be seeing quite so much of you. That’s all.” He felt like a school teacher scolding a c***d. And he didn’t think she was taking him seriously.”Yes sir Mr. preacher man. I never meant to upset your delicate sensibilities.” She said in a breathy Marilyn Monroe voice that confirmed his suspicion.”You’re such a brat. You know that.” Darren laughed and tickled her through the blanket. She squirmed and laughed. “Okay okay. I promise. No more skinny dipping.” She was breathless by the time he released her and went into the bathroom to get ready. When Darren came back into the bedroom a few minutes later Delilah had turned off the lights but he could see she was still awake. She had the covers pulled up to her waist and her arms curled under her chin. Just a little cleavage peeked through her folded arms but it was enough that Darren had to look away. He went around to his side of the bed and lifted the covers. As he slid in his body was quickly pressed against Delilah’s because the space was so small. He tried scooting back over but he almost slipped off the edge.”So… are you offended by my body or…” Delilah distracted him from the lack of space issue with her question.”What? No. I don’t know.” He stammered.”Well how can you not know. Either my body is for some reason repulsive or it’s not.” She said. If he didn’t know better Darren might think she even sounded a little hurt.”No. Of course you’re not repulsive. You’re beautiful, you know that.” He said slowly.”I’m beautiful as your sister or as a woman?” Delilah asked quietly.”What does that even mean? Look Lilah, lets just go to sleep.” Darren gruffly replied and turned away from her to face the wall. “I just don’t get it. What’s wrong with looking at someone’s body if it’s nice to look at? I like looking at your body.” Delilah said to his back.”What? You don’t look at my body.” Darren turned his head towards her confused.”Sure I do. You’re in really good shape. I used to love going swimming with you because you always looked so good in a bathing suit. Especially after your first semester at Berkeley when you’d been working out so much with the team. But that’s not even the point. I just don’t see why it should matter who türkçe bahis the person is if it’s just about the way they look. You’re allowed to like the way I look even though I’m your sister. Aren’t you?” Now Delilah sounded nervous and was rambling.Darren didn’t know how to respond. “I think we should just talk about this some other time. I thought you were tired? Lets just get some sleep.” He begged and turned over again.”Okay Dare. Whatever you want.” Delilah whispered. And Dare was sure he felt her heated breath on the back of his neck before she turned away from him. ———-Darren raised a hand to his face to block out the morning light. The house may not face the sun but it sure was bright with all those windows. That was odd. If the sun was already high enough to be bright Darren had slept in hours more than usual. And he felt completely rested, in fact he felt better than he had in years.”Must be the vacation sinking in.” He mumbled to himself.”Mmm?” Delilah’s voice finally registered in his head and made him glance down. Her graceful little body was d****d unceremoniously across his chest. He flinched when he noticed his own arm was wrapped around her holding her close to him. Darren hadn’t remembered turning back towards her or pulling her onto him but here she was, one of her arms laid over his waist and her leg was snuggled between his. “Its late. We slept in. Should probably get up.” Darren said uncomfortably. He shifted his legs a little trying to dislodge her.Delilah laughed into his chest. “Feels like you’re already up.” She giggled again and rubbed her thigh along his growing erection.Darren grunted and rolled her off of him. “Okay then. Now I’m definitely getting out of bed. I’ll be downstairs.” He said as he grabbed some workout clothes off his duffel bag and rushed down the stairs. “Oh come on. That was funny. Don’t be mad.” Delilah called from the loft. But Darren wasn’t mad. He was turned on and irritable, and it was all Delilah’s fault. How was he supposed to wake up like that every day for eight weeks without any release? That was asking too much. “I’m going for a swim!” Darren yelled up to Delilah and left the house. If he couldn’t get release here he would get it out there. Darren waded into the water. It was cold and he was naked, even though they’d agreed not to be naked anymore. He hadn’t thought to grab a suit and it didn’t really matter. His only reason for being out here was to quickly rub one out and get back to normal. Once he was waist deep he sank into the water and wet his hair. He tried to think about the last girl he was with but her face was a blur and her body looked much to similar to Delilah’s. Instead he thought less about the person and more about the act of actually plunging into a tight wet core. He stroked himself as he pictured just how good it would feel to sink into a woman from behind. Her on her knees, him towering over her back. Slick heat engulfing him. Until his whole body felt warm despite the water temperature. He was lost in the pleasure. Which is why he didn’t hear Delilah silently gliding through the water to him. “You didn’t have to come all the way out here just to do that.” She said in a husky voice.Darren jumped and whirled towards her. “What the hell are you doing out here!” He accused loudly. “I just needed a little privacy.” He said harsher then he’d meant to.”You’re the one who broke our agreement and went skinny dipping. At least I have a bathing suit on.” She fired back. He glanced down and noticed that she was indeed wearing a bathing suit. Though it was far too tiny to cover everything. And at this moment he really wished everything was covered. Instead he could see the creamy white skin of her breasts all around the thin triangle of fabric in the center and her nipples were clearly outlined by the cold and the wet. This was torture. “Just go back inside please.” He said trying desperately not to stare at her breasts.She ignored his request and instead moved closer to him. “Is this just an everyday morning thing… or does it have to do with…. Something else?” She asked quietly as her eyes searched the water where his body was. “Lilah. Go away. Please.” Darren’s voice was low and dangerous. But he couldn’t keep the tremor from it. She was so close and so beautiful. His hands were itching to reach for her and it was getting too difficult to remember she was his sister.”Dare. I could help you.” She said and moved even closer. She was only inches away from him and her hand was reaching for his own which at the moment was the only thing covering his swollen dick.He jerked back like he’d been burned when her other hand caressed his thigh. He hadn’t seen her move. He’d been so focused on the hand that was still reaching for him. “Don’t.” He said hoarsely. But he didn’t move away again when one hand settled on his thigh and the other gently moved his arm from in front of him. Delilah took in a deep breath when she saw his size. Darren knew it would look even bigger through the water’s magnification. But he also knew he was most likely larger then other men she’d been with. An irrational pride swept through him at her reaction but he tamped it down quickly. Then he lost all thought completely when she closed her hand over him.She massaged him slowly at first. Testing his endurance and exploring his hard silky shaft. Her free hand slid down his thigh to cup his taught balls. He groaned as she squeezed gently. Encouraged by his reaction she stroked him faster. Her body was only an inch or so from his own and they were both breathing hard. Darren was surprised to observe that his hands had moved to her upper arms and were gripping her firmly. He tried to loosen his hold but as she tugged him harder he gasped and dug his fingers into her soft skin.”Lilah.” He moaned her name and leaned his forehead against hers.”Kiss me Dare. Just this once. Please Dare.” Delilah begged as she frantically rubbed him. Darren groaned in frustration. His brain tried to function, it really did. But in the end he crushed his lips to hers. It was brutal kiss, punishing. But soon it morphed into more. Her mouth opened under his and she tangled her tongue with his. Darren moaned and pulled away.”Come for me Dare.” Delilah said breathlessly. It was his name on her lips that did it. Those perfect full lips that he’d so recently kissed. He threw his head back and let out a harsh curse as he came into her hands under the ocean water.As soon as she had milked the last drop from his spent shaft he took hold of her wrists and gently pushed them away from him. He stepped back from her and tried to catch his breath. “This can’t happen again.” he said when he could finally force the words from his throat. Then he mutely moved past her towards the beach. He didn’t turn back despite how much he wanted to. Everything had changed and Darren couldn’t for the life of him figure out how to fix it.———-Darren was in the shower already when he heard the sliding door open and then slam closed. He could hear Delilah muttering to herself all the way up the stairs and then the unmistakable sound of a bag being packed. Hangers squeaked on the wooden bar as close were ripped off of them, drawers opened and slammed shut, zippers were zipped, and velcro was velcroed. Darren turned off the water and grabbed his towel. “What are you doing?” He asked Delilah’s back when he sk**ded to the bathroom doorway with his towel wrapped around his hips. She already had her bag over her shoulder and was reaching for the sweater she’d hung on the back of the door.”What do you think I’m doing. I’m leaving. You’ve made it abundantly clear that I make you too uncomfortable. There isn’t any point in me staying to ruin both of our vacations.” She huffed without looking at him. “Lilah. I don’t want you to leave, I just…” Darren struggled for words but couldn’t come up with any.”Forget it. This was a mistake. I just got confused. Why did you ask me to come back here?” She spun towards him accusingly. “I was doing fine in New York. But you begged me to come back. You said you missed me, that you would do anything to have me back here again. I thought that… I thought you… never mind. Obviously I was wrong. I’ll see you at Christmas. Maybe” Then she jogged down the steps. “Wait. Lilah just wait a minute. What do you mean you got confused. What did you think I wanted?” Darren took the steps two at a time to catch up to her. “Just hold on and talk to me.” She was almost to the door in the kitchen before he grabbed her arm and spun her around.”Let go Dare. What my touch disgusts you but you can put your hands on me whenever you want?” Delilah snapped at him.”What are you talking about?” Darren was at a complete loss. She kept pulling her arm so he let her go. “Lilah? Lilah tell me what is going on. I’m sorry about what happened in the water okay. I’m sorry. It’s been a long time for me and I never would have done that with you if I’d been in my right mind. I’m sorry.” The words came out in a rush but with each passing second Delilah looked even more angry.”Oh I know you wouldn’t have done it. Can’t stand to have me touch you. Can’t stand to have me even look at you. Do you know how long I’ve wanted you? No. because all you can see is you’re little sister. I’m not a little girl anymore. I’m not a c***d you need to take care of. I love you, but right now I hate you.” She spit the words at him and turned to leave.Darren grasped her hand güvenilir bahis siteleri and pulled her close to him. “What do you mean you’ve wanted me? Lilah, I don’t understand.” His fingers entwined with hers and his other hand cupped her face “I’m your brother. I don’t want you to hate me. Please Lilah. Please tell me what you mean.” his voice was gentle but his eyes penetrated hers. Delilah looked down at his chest, one of her hands rested where his heart was. Then she looked back into his eyes and took a deep breath. “When mom left, you were the only one I could count on. When Dad started drinking, you were the one who made sure I was going to be okay. And when I went away to school, you were the only one I missed so much I thought about coming home a million times a day. You’re not just a brother to me. You’re the man I trust with my life and my heart. That’s what I mean when I say I want you.” Darren stared down at his beautiful sister and was completely speechless. He tried to summon the words to rebuke her, to tell her that it was wrong, but they wouldn’t come. He thought back to all the times he’d held her after Mom had left and she’d cried on his shoulder. And he remembered how he would shield her from Dad’s ranting and drunken behavior, how he helped her with college application essays and the SAT’s. But mostly he remembered all the goodbye hugs and kisses that were just a little too long to be proper. He’d always enjoyed holding her, touching her, just being near her. At the time he’d thought it was just brotherly love but now he wasn’t sure. “Say something Dare. Please.” Delilah whispered and Darren realized he’d been staring at her for several moments just caught in his own head. “I don’t know what to say Lilah. What exactly do you want from me?” he asked softly.”I want all of you. I want to spend time with you and to talk to you and right now I’d really like to kiss you.” She said back just as softly. Darren stood silently and thought over her words. Then he asked himself the question he hadn’t allowed himself to think before, did he want to kiss her? He knew the answer immediately. “Okay.” he whispered as he pulled her body into his and wrapped both arms around her waist. Their lips met in a gentle parody of their earlier kiss.Delilah’s hands tunneled into Darren’s hair. She moaned low in her throat and opened her mouth to his probing tongue. He explored her and nibbled her full bottom lip. Darren’s hands roved over her back and down to squeeze her perfect butt. He was right, it fit his hands perfectly. He pulled her against his throbbing erection and groaned. Darren tried to break their kiss but her lips just traveled down his neck to suck and bite his collarbone. “Wait. Lilah. Are we really going to do this?” He panted.Delilah gave him one last lingering kiss just under his jaw and then looked up at him. “I’ve told you what I want. Now it’s up to you. Do you want me Dare?” She stroked his hair while she waited for his answer. Darren tried to clear his head, to think rationally. If he did this he didn’t want to regret it later. He closed his eyes and pulled her close. Yes he wanted her. She was beautiful and charming and he loved her more than anything in the world. Even if it was only for a little while he wanted to be with her. “I want you.” he said softly and opened his eyes to look at her.”Then take me upstairs brother.” She said with a little grin. Darren didn’t waste time. He swept her up into his arms and climbed the stairs while she placed kisses over his jaw and neck.Darren gently laid Delilah on the bed and followed her down. He took her mouth again, this time it wasn’t with hesitation or desperation just a passion born from newly discovered love. He tasted her and nipped her lip. His hands explored the bare skin of her stomach and sides and this time his mind didn’t chime any warnings. Delilah was his. His sister, his best friend, his lover.”Oh god yes Dare. It feels so good to have your hands on me. I love you so much.” Delilah encouraged when Darren released her lips to taste her neck instead.”I need this off Lilah. I’ve wanted another look at you for days.” Darren said huskily as he lifted himself off of her and tugged at the tiny bathing suit top. The strings came loose and it slipped from her body revealing her full round breasts. Darren couldn’t take his eyes from her chest and waited hardly a moment before he descended on her pink puffy nipples. He sucked one into his mouth as his thumb and finger found the other. Darren groaned at the feel of her little bud stiffening between his lips and fingers. Delilah arched her back pushing her breasts into him and shoved her hands through his hair. She let out a low moan when his teeth pinched her hard nipple. “Dare, take off my bottoms. Please. I need to feel you against me.” Delilah begged.”Patience Lilah. Nothing is stopping us now, I’ll get there. Promise.” Darren grinned at her and then moved his mouth to her other breast, sucking and nibbling as he did the first. Delilah writhed beneath him which dislodged his towel and rubbed her cool damp suit bottoms against his straining erection. He couldn’t help but thrust his hips into hers and groan. “Dare please. I’m so wet. Dare feel me. Touch me.” Delilah mumbled as her head thrashed on the bedspread. Darren had to close his eyes and take a deep breath at her words. But he finally gave in to her and sat back on his heels. For a moment he just stared down at her. She looked like a wanton sex goddess and he couldn’t believe he’d resisted her this long. She was so beautiful.Delilah smiled up at him. “Come on Dare. I know how much you want me.” She said with a pointed look at his cock, now standing tall and straight in his lap. He chuckled at her and ran his fingers over her stomach and to the waist band of the bathing suit. He pulled it down slowly exposing the smooth waxed skin of her pussy and long toned legs. He lifted the bottoms high so her legs went up in the air and when he pulled the material off her delicate feet Delilah dropped her legs to either side of his big body opening herself to his piercing gaze. Darren gulped air and ran his hands slowly over Delilah’s knees and thighs. Darren could see that she’d been telling the truth. Delilah’s folds glistened with moisture and it made Darren’s mouth water. “God you’re beautiful.” He whispered to her. “Please Dare. Going slow can come later. I need you in me. I’ve waited so long. Don’t make me wait anymore.” Delilah said and reached forward to stroke his dick with her hand. Darren shuddered as Delilah guided the head of his penis up and down her slippery center. When she nudged him into her tight hole he nearly came. Inch by inch he leaned forward until he was almost half way in. She felt amazing. So tight and warm. Part of him was glad she wasn’t a virgin though, he didn’t think he’d be able to go slow this time. “Now Dare. Make love to me.” She demanded and raised her hands to his shoulders to pull him down. Darren didn’t have to be told twice. He thrust in to the hilt and they both moaned at the sensation. Delilah’s breasts pressed enticingly against his hard chest and her hips cradled his. He didn’t think it could get any better than this. And then he moved.”Lilah. Lilah. Lilah.” Her name was a whispered prayer on his lips as he slowly pulled out and then plowed back in. He braced himself up on his elbows to take his weight off of her. Delilah wrapped her arms around his lower back and dug her fingers into his butt. Each thrust brought her hips to meet his and their bodies slapped together. “Yes. Yes. Like that. Harder Dare.” Delilah encouraged. Darren knew she wasn’t far from climax either. And he sped up. He was afraid to hurt her but when her nails raked his butt and she growled in his ear he knew she could take anything he gave. Darren released his inner a****l and pounded away at his sister’s inviting cunt. Each push brought a grunt up from his chest and the room was filled with sounds of brutal passion. Delilah’s body tightened and convulsed around his shaft. She screamed out her orgasm and Darren followed her with an echoing cry spraying his warm seed deep into his sister. Delilah wrapped her arms and legs around Darren to hold him inside her and he collapsed onto her chest and rolled them both to the side. “That was amazing.” Delilah’s said, her hot breath panting against his neck. She wiggled her hips and rubbed against his balls.Darren laughed and stroked her back and hair. “You’ve got to give me a minute if you want to go again. I’m not a machine.” Delilah gave an answering wiggle and tucked her head under his neck. “I guess I could wait a few minutes. But not too long.” She said with a light sigh.”We’ve got seven and a half more weeks here. No sense wearing me out on the first day.” He joked. But then a thought occurred to him. “Hey Lilah?” He asked, not sure he wanted to ruin the mood.”Yeah?” She asked.”What’s going to happen after?” He murmured into her hair. “After this vacation, do you go back to new York and I stay here? Or do you leave Columbia and come home? We’d have to hide this from everyone.” At first he thought she might now answer but then she lifted her head to look him in the eyes. “I’m not sure Dare. But I don’t want to be separated from you, not anymore. We’ll figure it out. For now, lets just enjoy the next few weeks. Can we do that?” She brushed his cheek with the back of her hand and kissed him gently on the lips.”Yes. That we can certainly do. In fact why don’t we enjoy it a bit more right now.” He said and grinned devilishly as he turned to his back and pulled her on top of him. “I love you Lilah. Forever and ever.” Darren said when she leaned down to kiss him. And it was true.

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