Becoming a Sissy Cocksucker (true story)

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Becoming a Sissy Cocksucker (true story)I always loved feminine things. I’d wear my sisters panties as often as I could. I loved the way they felt, the soft fabric, the high cut legs, and especially the frilly lace edging! I graduated to bras and padding them and wondered what it’d be like to be a girl.I always loved watching porn where a guy is sucked off by awoman. I started to realize, what turned me on the most about it was watching his cock when it orgasmed! I LOVED watching the cum shoot out and on to her face and in her mouth! I used to watch it (and still do) dressed in panties. Well, fantasy eventually took over, I wondered what it was like to be the woman giving head!My first wife actually pushed me over to the awesome side. She set up a meeting with a friend of mine (who she had been talking with for a month) to meet “Vickie”. I had no idea. I used to dress up and lounge around the house with her. One evening, my wife asked me to dress especially sexy. So, off I went to smooth my legs, primp and put in a short miniskirt and cami top bra with my falsies. I did my makeup and put my heels on. She came into the bedroom with a glass of wine and said she had the perfect movie to watch! I followed her out into the living room and as I turned the corner, there sat my good friend and co-worker! I was beyond surprised, stunned, embarrassed, etc. She turned around and before I could do anything, she assured me he already knew about my feminine side. As he stood up, all 6’2 of him, he extended his hand and said “Nice to finally meet you, Vickie. Won’t you sit next to me?”I don’t know what world I was in but his tender touch, calling me Vickie and being a wonderful gentleman was just wonderful. He said that my wife had told him all about me and what I enjoyed. As I sat next to him, drinking the wine and making small talk, I realized that on the TV was pure porn. Scene after scene of men shooting their cum into wide open, willing mouths! He asked me if I liked that. I nodded, but I was sure he had already seen my skirt rising a bit! As I fixated on the TV, he moved his arm around me and pulled me close. His other hand reached over and turned my head towards him and he looked me right in the eyes güvenilir bahis and asked me if I’d like to try it. I nodded and a quiet ‘yes’ slipped out before I knew what happened.He said he was hoping I was going to do more than just look like a woman, and guided my hand to his inner thigh. My wife took that cue, got up and gently kissed me then him and said, I’ll leave you with her. I watched her go down the hall and disappear into the bedroom. There I was, alone with my good friend and co-worker who’d I see Monday. But I had already given myself up. And yes, I really did want to try giving him a blowjob!As soon as she closed the bedroom door, he stood up and began to unbutton his jeans. I set my wine down and reached up to unzip him. His jeans slid down revealing his underwear which was bulging in all the right ways! I reached out, I had never felt another man’s package before. Just as I touched it, he held my hand and lifted me up. I stood before him, me 5’7, him 6’2 and even with heels on I still had to look up. He slid his hand down to the small of my back and pulled me tight. I can’t describe how good it felt to be pressed into him, for as my eyes closed I felt him bend down. His lips pressed against mine, his other hand supported my head and he kissed my lips over and over. He pressed his lips tight against mine and pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. I moaned and went limp! He relaxed his caress and guided me back on to the couch so I could sit down.I opened my eyes and was greeted with the head of his cock sticking out of the waist band. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It was beautiful! All at once, I knew I wanted to taste it. I sat up and edged forward. He asked if I wanted to kiss it. I nodded – in a trance. He walked forward and for the first time, I had a cock touching my lips!! I kissed it and realized I had something sticky on my lips! I drew back and there was a line between his cock and my face. I had precum on my lips! And it was incredible!He slid his undies off revealing a perfectly trimmed but very large package! His cock had to be 8″ if not more and it was thick! His balls easily filled my small hands. As he stood there, another drop of precum was forming türkçe bahis and began to ooze out. I leaned forward with my lips parted and as the head touched them, my tongue licked up the drop. He moaned, I savored! I looked up at him with a look of ‘may I?’. He smiled. I reached up with both hands to feel the hardness of his cock and the heft of his balls. Both were unbelievable! I licked my lips and leaned forward again, but as the head touched my lips this time, I offered only little resistance as it passed into my mouth. The feeling of the soft skin on my lips, the pop of the head passing through and the taste of precum was intoxicating (or maybe that was the wine). I was in heaven. I was sucking on a man’s cock!! I let out a long, low moan as the waves of femininity swept over me.For what seemed like eternity, I held his cock in my mouth just licking the underside enjoying the precum as it oozed out. I pulled it out to look at what a wonderful piece of manhood was in my mouth. Gorgeous! I wrapped my hand around it and felt its stiffness. I rubbed the head on my cheek as I leaned forward to kiss his balls. He pulled my head into his crotch. I had no idea how much something like that was going to turn him on! Suddenly, there was a bit of force as he instructed me to lick his balls which were firmly pressed into my face. I opened my mouth and started to lick. He started to move his hips so his cock was sliding on my face and his balls were slapping against my mouth and chin. I opened wide to try to suck one in but it only slid against my tongue.He pulled back and lined up his cock with my mouth. He pressed the head against my lips and told me to open as wide as I could. I obliged and he pushed himself in. My mouth was completely full of cock! The problem was, I had about 5 more inches of hard flesh in front of me! He slid his cock in and out. I couldn’t close my mouth at all, he was just using my tongue and roof of my mouth as his pussy. His hips moved back and forth, pushing his cock into my mouth then pulling it back. My involuntary noises seemed to turn him on even more as he started to push even deeper. I couldn’t help myself but to gag. As the spit ran out of my mouth, tears güvenilir bahis siteleri started running from my eyes, he asked if I would like to taste his cum.I looked up at him, everything blurry and nodded with his cock still in my mouth. He stared moving his hips again but this time, his hand was on the back of my head. As his cock head pushed against the back of my throat, his hand kept my head from moving. Obviously he liked it and I realized that I did too! I was beyond rock hard! My hands ran up his legs to his ass and I squeezed each time he thrust his cock in me. I felt him tense up and I wondered if I had scratched him with my teeth. Wrong, he had built up and his orgasm was starting. His hands grabbed my head and all at once, he let out a loud moan and his body began releasing a warm, bitter, salty gooey fluid into my mouth!! Squirt after squirt shot out against the back of my throat. I coughed and gagged a little which forced it to the front of my mouth. He eased back as wave after wave of orgasm flooded over him. When my mind was able to comprehend what was happening – that he was cumming in my mouth, I began leaking, then an incredible thing happened. I began to orgasm! My panties were getting soaked with my cum as my mouth was being filled with his! He had fucked me to orgasm!!!! My tongue was bathed in a mouthful of cum and it tasted great! The problem was, he had shot such a huge load in me, combined with his cock already taking up so much space, the cum was dribbling down my chin! I raised my hands up to catch it so it wouldn’t land on my cami as he withdrew his cock. It was covered with my spit and his cum but I also still had a mouthful. What was I to do?He answered that. He simply said “Bad girls spit, good girls swallow!” And with that, I became a good girl! I let his load move to the back of my throat and it slid into my tummy. I looked up and opened my mouth. “Good girl.” I then proceeded to lick up the puddle of cum out of my hand. Once that had been safely swallowed, I turned my attention to the messy cock that was all but dripping. Instead of licking it clean though, I just wiped it on my face. I squeezed another drop of cum out and wiped it on my lips. I had a nice coat of cum and spit all over my face as my wife re-entered the room.”Was she good?” she asked.”Oh, yes, she was all you said she’d be!” he replied.I had been set up, used, and my status as a sissy cocksucker solidified. I couldn’t have been happier!!!

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