Becoming a Webstar Ch. 03

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It had been a week since Christine performed her first show with Sarah. The two agreed that Christine would only join her on the weekend so that they would have more time without the stress of class getting in the way. It also gave Christine time to mentally prepare herself for this, an option she didn’t have last time. During the week Christine had wondered what her roommate would have planned for them. Sarah had told her that they could just do what they did before (if it would help Christine ease into it) and the audience would still pay, but variety pays more. That word was stuck in her mind, “pay.” Would she only degrade herself solely for the sake of getting paid for it? Then again is it really degrading if you are indulging yourself? You know what they say, “do what you love.”

Now this doesn’t mean that Christine was a whore, but she wasn’t exactly that experienced. She wasn’t a virgin, especially after Sarah, but she never talked about her sex life often so most assumed only the occasional boyfriend she might have. Sarah, on the other hand, was quite experienced and proud of it. Calling her a slut was pointless because to her it was a compliment, but this was mainly because those “insulting her” rarely got any. One was the shy nerd and the other was a party girl. Yes, the two complimented each other fairly well despite what most would think.

The reason this is brought up is only so that the readers may fully understand these two better and why they would be willing to do what they do.

It was Friday night and Christine had just gotten back from her study group. She found Sarah sitting cross-legged on the couch with her hand in the pickle jar. She seemed focused on getting the one at the bottom, but her hand didn’t quite fit in enough to reach. Christine set her book bag and laptop down on the counter. The noise made Sarah look up; she smiled when she saw her roommate.

“Hello, my floozy guest-star. Have a nice day?” Sarah said playfully. She had been learning different dirty words through the internet and a thesaurus. “I certainly hope you’re ready to fornicate in front of an adoring audience.”

“I’m as ready as I’ll ever be, I think.” Christine replied. She sighed quietly. She wondered about having second thoughts.

“Now don’t go cancelling on me,” Sarah could tell by her face and tone what Christine was thinking, “remember that you loved it, they loved it, and I especially loved it.” She set the jar down and got up. Sarah walked over and slapped Christine’s ass. Christine yelped in surprise as Sarah started to squeeze and chuckle.

“Besides, it’d be a waste for such a sexy thing to go to waste.” Sarah remarked. She turned around and smirked. Christine sighed and smacked her roommate’s butt in return. Sarah smiled brightly and walked away to shower. Christine thought about how she felt about Sarah being so open about sex. As long as she’s known this girl she never blushed or seemed embarrassed to talk about it. On their first day alone she hooked up with three guys, IN THE SPAN OF AN HOUR. However that was with men, Christine couldn’t really recall Sarah’s history with girls, except last week when they… and it was so… Christine shook her head to regain her train of thought.

It was weird living with someone with so much experience while having little to none. Christine had only been with two boys. The first was when she was 15; she met a senior in high school at a dance. He pretended to love her and she was in love despite only just meeting him. He didn’t last very long, maybe only a minute or two, before leaving and never speaking to her again despite her wanting to. The second was when she was 17 and she dated a boy for a year and eventually had sex with him. He was about average, but she didn’t care. She liked him for him and not his sexual prowess; sadly he didn’t feel the same. Besides those two boys the only other experience she had was the occasional kiss after a date, but nothing happened after. Christine often wondered if it was her personality that put her suitors off or that at the time she was more preoccupied on classwork. Thinking about the past started to make Christine feel upset so she blocked it. She put away the pickle jar and cleaned up the small mess caused by Sarah. The plus side to living with a girl like Sarah was that if Christine ever had romantic issues she’d ask Sarah who was never the type to be uncomfortable by this. Although the down side was that Sarah’s solution most of the time was “just fuck him.”

Christine thought that Sarah was certainly the, if not one of, sexiest girl on campus. This was before what they did together. Christine pondered on her arousal in that moment. Was it an actual attraction to Sarah or just a coincidence from a lack of sex? She had an hour or so to figure this out before the show. A show was a weird way to describe it. It’s two girls having sex on camera in front of hundreds or thousands of people. It’s really just live porn.

Christine went to her room to put her books and trabzon escort computer away. She set them on her bed and took her hoodie off. She wore a crop top with jeans and old sneakers. The shower ran loudly as Christine took off her shoes and socks. She looked at herself in her mirror. She didn’t really feel sexy enough to do a show. She didn’t really see what people liked about her body.

After a few minutes Sarah’s shower ended and she went to her room to prepare. Christine went into their bathroom and turned the water on. It was still warm, luckily Sarah hadn’t used up all the hot water. She stripped down and stepped into the shower. It felt nice on her skin and was definitely relaxing after her day of classes. Christine used her favorite shampoo that smelled like cherry blossoms. The body wash she used made her skin soft and pleasant. Christine made sure to make her breast, legs, and other places clean or else she might turn off Sarah.

“Sarah…” Christine thought to herself. “Why am I so concerned on how she feels? She’s nice and all, but she’d fuck anything. I doubt something like my scent is a deal breaker at this point.”

Christine thought back to that night. Her body became hot as she stroked herself. She closed her eyes and turned so that the water was hitting her back. She breathed in deeply as her thoughts focused on Sarah. She imagined how it felt to have Sarah kiss her body while in a tender embrace. No other person made her so aroused this quickly. Maybe it was because Sarah was a girl and knew what they wanted, yes that must be the reason. If a man had done it then Christine would feel the same. Still though, Sarah was very beautiful. Those deep brown eyes and those small, intoxicating lips that just draw you in- Christine stopped and shook her head. Just because she had sex with a girl doesn’t mean she was a lesbian. It was just something that happened with no other meaning than money. Sarah no doubt felt the same, right? She isn’t the romantic type anyway.

Christine rinsed off her body and turned the shower off. She draped a towel around herself and quickly rushed to her bedroom so Sarah wouldn’t see. Christine shut the door behind her a sighed. Why was she concerned if Sarah saw her? They’ve already seen each other naked. Christine dried herself off and put on a clean pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt.

“These will do until I decide what to wear.” Christine thought. She went through her underwear but none of them were really sexy. Christine considered just wearing anything as long as the panties matched the bra (they always should is what Christine believed.) Then again, it wasn’t like they’d be spending the whole show in their underwear since it’ll end up on the floor anyway. This made Christine wonder if she should just go nude the whole way through, but she recalled Sarah saying that stripping down was often worth the most in a night. Maybe she should just let Sarah decide since she’s the expert.

“You got to be more assertive and stop blushing and curling up all the time” is what Sarah had told her. Christine had to choose for herself on how sexual she is to look and act tonight. After digging through the bottom of her dresser drawer she found an old black lace piece of lingerie that was a gift from Sarah when they first met. It was a joke gift and Christine never even wore it, not even to see if it fits. Christine inspected it and it was still in perfect shape.

She undressed and put the piece on. It hugged her body, but it fit her beautifully. The lingerie drew attention to her chest and there was a small slit in her panties (probably for easy access). The lace felt nice on Christine’s tender skin and also somehow matched her ginger hair. Just looking at herself in the mirror made Christine feel hot and the epitome of lust and desire. When she moved around the piece rubbed against her sensitive areas gracefully, making even the smallest movement turn to bliss. Her chest looked it would pop out of the bra at any moment and the thong seemed like it would rip itself apart. Despite how it appeared the lingerie held together. Christine figured it was meant to attract people to the idea that mere size of her breasts and ass were enough to break her underwear off. The thought of the bra flying off and hitting somebody in the face amused Christine as she started to suppress a giggle. “Weaponized boobies” was what came to mind and that only made her laugh harder. Christine had to eventually sit down and catch her breath.

As she calmed herself down Christine took another look in the mirror. Her hair was a mess and still needed to be brushed. As she grabbed her brush she decided to paint her nails too while she was at it. Whatever makes her sexier, right? Sexiness=money. During her personal grooming Sarah knocked on the door.

“15 minutes, babe. I always like to be on schedule if possible. Easier for customers to keep paying for shows.” Sarah said on the other side of the door.

“Okay, I’m almost done anyway,” replied trabzon escort bayan Christine. She still was having a hard time believing that she let herself do this again. She breathed deeply to avoid any shaking or trembles. As her red nail polish dried she put on her purple and pink polka-dotted robe and entered Sarah’s room. Her roommate was wearing her black robe as well. Sarah didn’t seem to notice Christine’s presence because she was focusing on setting up the camera, laptop, and other equipment required. Christine sat down on the bed and Sarah looked back at her.

“Are you ready for your second show? You might walk out a millionaire tonight if you’re lucky.” Joked Sarah enthusiastically.

“As ready as I’ll ever be. And I highly doubt we’ll make that much.” Christine sighed.

“Now don’t pout. If you don’t want to do it you don’t have to, but I’m not going to fuck a sad sack. It’s too boring. Now are you ready or not?” Sarah said firmly. She was quite serious in this moment surprising Christine.

“Yes, I’m ready,” smiled Christine. “Just still a little nervous about this whole ordeal I think.” Christine sat there fidgeting with her hands. Her mind was still racing with thoughts about sex vs money vs maturity of intimacy. Still, she agreed to do this and until she found a proper job this is the only option. Guys catcall and hit on her anyway so she might as well make money from it. Sarah shook her shoulder to snap her out of it.

“You alright? You’ve been staring at your hands for a couple minutes now.” Sarah sounded concerned.

“Yeah, sorry, I’m fine. Just deep in thought,” Christine said quickly. “Anyway, let’s do this. Are you finished setting up?” Christine said now sounding eager.

“I am. All that we need to do now is start the camera and pervs will immediately come flocking to us.” Sarah sounded like she was beginning her plans for world domination. Christine smiled and moved next her roommate so that both were in the camera’s view. Sarah leaned in and gave Christine a quick kiss.

“For luck,” Sarah smirked while tasting her lips. “Mmmm… Strawberry lip gloss just for me? You really want me to fall in love don’t you?” Sarah said in a mocking tone.

“Anything that’ll make you more turned on and produce more cash.” Retorted Christine. Sarah laughed as she turned on the camera. As predicted it only took at most 10 seconds before thousands people started viewing them.

“Hey boys, and maybe some ladies, did you miss your queen?” Sarah spoke bombastically to the camera. The audience set in comments. Christine didn’t really read them but they all went along the theme of “yes, I love you, I missed you, sex queen, queen and slut, etc…” Even without doing anything but say hello the computer was already pinging with donations. One guy even sent $50. It was hard to believe that people paid just to watch women do nothing.

“Some of you may recall my roommate, Christine-” Sarah pointed at Christine. “-whom I turned into a slut last week.” Christine groaned at that comment of being a slut, but kept it to herself. “Well she agreed to return and be my assistant tonight. If you donate enough she might even stay on permanently. So come on and show us that you love her and want her.”

Sarah had a good hold of her fans because all she had to do was say “send money” and they followed her orders. The pinging became more frequent along with the comments. Now they mainly consisted of people declaring their undying love for Christine.

Over the course of an hour Sarah and Christine had not done anything sexual or even stripped. Yet people were still donating and commenting. They responded to comments and answered questions about their favorite things. Sarah did most of the talking as Christine mainly smiled and read comments. “I can’t wait to see your sexy body’s” was one comment. Others said “please show me tits ive donated enough.” “hey bb,” “whats under the robes,” “hot babes are here,” and “my cock desires both of you” were the ones Christine had noticed. A few minutes later Sarah spoke to the camera.

“Are you ready for fun?” Sarah cheerfully asked. Comments poured in and the viewers seemed to be cheering “YES!”

“What about you?” Sarah asked her roommate. Christine took this as a sign to start being more involved.

“I’m so ready. I’m sure they can’t wait any longer.” Christine said lustfully. It felt weird saying such things and yet it felt so right. As if she’s always wanted to seduce people for a living or for fun. While saying those words Christine’s prude self seemed to fade away as her adrenaline built. She decided to take advantage of this and kissed Sarah deeply. Sarah was shocked but went along with this change of personality. Sarah grabbed her shoulders and pulled her closer. This was unnecessary as Christine was already pushing in as much as possible.

Christine tasted her own lip gloss smudging onto Sarah’s lips. Her mind went blank as Christine let her sexual instincts take escort trabzon over. She kissed deeper and began to breathe in deeply. Whether it was Sarah or kissing in general Christine did not know, but she wanted more of it. Maybe she just wanted this feeling of passionately joy for eternity no matter who it was with. Her heart accelerated the instant Sarah’s tongue enter the ginger’s mouth. Sarah’s fingers ran through Christine’s hair before grabbing it and pulling Christine’s head back to stop the kiss.

Sarah was smiling while trying to catch her breath. She hadn’t expected Christine to persist into the kiss that much. This made Sarah ecstatic that her friend was getting into her work. Sarah adjusted herself so that she was on her back with her legs wrapping around Christine’s waist. Christine’s face was that of confusion and disappointment.

“Don’t want you to climax over a simple little kiss, do we? It wouldn’t be fair to our adoring viewers.” Sarah remarked. She reached up and pulled Christine on top of her by her robe. Christine lied on top of Sarah. As Christine looked down at her friend she thought “I can’t believe how beautiful she looks right now.”

Sarah lifted up the ends of both of their robes so that their legs and ass were revealed to the audience. Christine rested her head on Sarah’s chest thinking of how comfortable and at ease she was at that moment. Even as Sarah’s soft hands traveled across Christine’s ass. Each time she touched the lingerie Christine let out a silent gasp. It was an aphrodisiac on its own and Sarah’s touch was just helping it. Christine kissed Sarah’s neck and traced her fingers across the black-haired beauties thigh.

To the audience this didn’t appear like much, and yet they still kept paying, but to the girls this simple act of cuddling and light touching was enough. To them it was like silk becoming entwined with velvet. This was a mix of foreplay and romantic desires coming together.

Minutes of this went by until Sarah untied the belt around Christine’s robe. Christine helped Sarah in removing the robe. They tossed it aside and Christine sat up while only in her lingerie. Sarah recognized it immediately and groped Christine’s breast.

“I had nearly forgotten about this sexy little thing I got you. Glad to see it fits you and how crazy hot you are in it.” Sarah sat up and looked at the camera. “Doesn’t she look great? I got her this when she first moved into the apartment.” Sarah’s index finger ran along the spiral pattern on the bra as Christine watched and hid her amusement and arousal. The people watching typed on about how amazing Christine looks and how she should wear stuff like this more often. Christine felt glad to know that strangers approved her look, but especially happy that Sarah liked it.

Sarah leaned in and licked the top of Christine’s breast. It was strange of her to do though Christine didn’t seem to mind. Sarah’s legs were still wrapped around Christine. Christine didn’t enjoy being the only half-naked one. She grabbed Sarah’s robe and opened it to reveal simple reddish-orange underwear. Christine was disappointed that Sarah would pick something so basic while she chose the most sexual thing she owned. Sarah looked back and forth between the two’s garments and giggled.

“Look, our clothes match the other’s hair.” She said giggling to herself as if this was her greatest joke. Christine also looked at what they were wearing and realized what she meant. Sarah’s bra and panties were the same shade as Christine’s hair. They probably would have continued to laugh about this, but the sound of pings was too hard to ignore. They looked at the screen and noticed that their viewers had nearly doubled since they started. People were in love with the two of them.

Not wanting to rush anything Sarah set up some goals for the watchers. $5 for kiss, $10 for grope, $20 for flash, $30 for total nude, $50 bring out toy of choice, and $150 for sex. This was meant so that the audience could pay for what they wanted to see girls do instead of them doing whatever. This made sense to Christine though she wondered what if somebody paid extra for something Christine wasn’t comfortable with.

Not many people donated as time went on. According to Sarah, as explained earlier in the week, people could simply watch for free and most did. This was why cam models didn’t do much unless people paid specifically for that. Keeping this in mind Christine wasn’t too surprised to see most of the one’s donating were cheap. One person started a trend by donating three dollars for the girls to say anything. The first time Sarah was asked to say “my tits are so fuckable.” Christine didn’t see how this would turn someone on. After another asked for one of them to say “my pussy is wetter than Niagara Falls right now.” Again the strange phrases didn’t make sense, but luckily Sarah took them all.

Another hour went by of just repeating sentences people paid for them to say. Sarah said them all for Christine until one donator got upset that Christine wasn’t doing much. He would have been kicked from the show if he wasn’t one of Sarah’s regulars (at least that’s what she whispered in Christine’s ear). Sarah somewhat agreed and Christine hesitantly read the next one as lustful as she could bear.

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