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My stories are in the form of a memoir of my life. The tales are first of my growing up in my parent’s guesthouse, then progress as I was an hotelier and culminating with me as sailing ship captain.

However, memory is a faulty device, as any trial lawyer will tell you. No two witnesses to any incident relate the same series of events. Memories are colored by experience and imagination. I have been blessed with a surfeit of both.

As I write this memoir at the start of my eighth decade of life, I find the memories of some of the events related have dimmed. I find though, as I continue to write, many of the memories burst forth like a climatic crescendo in a welcoming grotto of pleasure.

Though these stories are, for the most part true; I freely admit that some of the stories are “more true” than others. I can say, however, that all the stories are based on true events. I have changed the names of the participants to obscure their identity and to give them plausible deniability, if they so choose. All the sexual participants mentioned or alluded to were eighteen years old or older!


“They’ve just cleared out a road for the new Fort Warden State Park. Shall we go there?” I asked Heather, my high school sweetheart, as we were seeking a secluded place to park.

“Sure, let’s go there,” she replied.

“You can cum in me tonight, it should be safe. I so enjoy when I get to feel the power of your ejaculation deep within me!” Heather was careful to track her fertility so we didn’t inadvertently cause her pregnancy.

We had been having fantastic sex in my “room” which was in a guest cottage behind my Great Aunt and Uncles summer home. They had just returned from St Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands for the “summer” (it was early spring), so I thought it might be too conspicuous if I took Heather there to have sex.

We headed down Swan Road until we see the new gravel road off to the left. I turn down the road. It winds for about a mile and I follow it to the end. It ends abruptly by a large pile of gravel and an earth moving tractor. There is a fairly large flat area, so I turn the car where we can see the moon through the windshield and stop.

We start making out under the waxing gibbous moon. Basically we could tell when it was safe for her to allow a sperm shower in her vagina, due to the phases of the moon; Gibbous cum on, Crescent pull out. Her menstruation cycle was very predictable and seemed tied to the phases of the moon.

It isn’t long before ankara escort our necking in the front seat escalated to my trying to get Heather’s jeans off. She was helping me as well as she could, but the steering wheel and shift arm kept getting in the way.

“This is ridiculous let’s get in the back seat.” I said in exasperation.

“Good idea,” she affirms.

She pulled her pants back up, I pulled up mine, and we got out of the car and moved to the back seat. This made so much more sense. I can easily get her pants and panties off. It’s still pretty cold so she left her sweat shirt on though her bra was unhooked long before during the preliminary necking and breast feeling portion of this evenings love making session.

I didn’t need to totally remove my pants. So they were just around my ankles. Heather lay back on the seat and spread her legs. One leg was over the back seat; the other on the floor of the car. I closed the door behind me to keep the little heat that there was in the car. At this point we were generating our own heat as is indicated by the fogging up of the interior windows.

I slowly entered her moist and ready vagina. Our preliminaries had me ready to spurt soon after the first couple of thrusts. I filled her welcoming love chamber with my sperm. I didn’t delay to restart the action. This time, having the tension caused by the two week long abstinence from her tight young cunt relieved, I thrust in a more slow and methodical pace.

Heather moaned her approval of this new motion. After a pleasing dozen thrusts, I increase the pace pulling her closer to me with each thrust by holding her hips with my hands and easing with the out stroke. My glans lightly brushes her cervix now with each forward thrust. I feel I’m ready to cum, at this point during a crescent moon, I would rapidly withdraw and I’d cum all over her belly, as I did two weeks ago.

We would have last week, had I not had a welcome reprieve given to me by the Canadian girl, Jane Pond, who was thankfully on a different menstrual cycle. Now thanks to my moon goddess, I can cum forcefully into her womb. And I do. The first blasts shoots powerfully right through the door to her young womanhood; each subsequent stream also. I grunted uncontrollably with each shot of sperm. Heather likewise, moaned in unison to my grunts.

“Oh, Jacques that feels so good. Please do it again. I really do love to feel your sperm fill me up!”

“I love to hear you say that Heather. I ankara escort bayan really love to cum inside you, too!”

I started my thrusting action again. My action is gentle and slow. I wish to pace myself. I’m hoping for several more lovemaking sessions tonight.

As I continue this action, I’m thinking, ‘The car is not as comfortable as my bed, so maybe I should save the marathon until tomorrow night.’

I thrust, and thrust, uncomfortably driving my cock deep into her moist haven. A little discomfort is worth it, for the exultation I feel as my sperm is released into her.

I think, ‘Tomorrow night I can park behind the garage. We could come in the back door and perhaps Aunt Mildred and Uncle Jacques won’t see us. That certainly would be more comfortable.’

I thrust, and thrust; faster I thrust. I change my thinking to the pleasure at hand. This beautiful young woman loves to have me cum deep inside her body. I love how it feels to cum deep inside her body. I thrust faster and deeper, and deeper still, I increase my pace to a crescendo!

“Uh, uh, uh, oooooh, uh” I grunt as I repeatedly cum again.

“Oh Jacques, oh Jacques, yes I love it Jacques! Thank you.” says urgently and breathlessly.

I give her a loving kiss. I collapse on her out of breath. My feet are up against the window of the car. My penis is deep in her vagina. She wraps her arms around me. Her head is resting, perhaps uncomfortably, on the arm rest. Her long blond hair is flowing over the seat. Her left leg is still over the back seat back. Her right leg is still on the floor. We doze in a loving stupor.

… Several hours later.

RAP, RAP, RAP… “Are you Jacques Lith?” a firm voice comes from outside of the car.

A bright light is shining on Heather’s face, it then traces her bare right leg, shines across my bare butt, to her other leg and back to her face which is partially blocked by the back of my head.

“Are you Heather Louvre?”

Before I have a chance to answer he says, “Baker County Sheriff’s Deputy Deckwa. Get out of the car, Jacques.”

I pull my dripping penis from Heathers sperm saturated vagina. And try to put on my pants. I open the door and half fall out. Then, with my feet firmly on the ground, I can get my pants up over my flaccid wet penis. I notice the flashlight slowly moves to highlight Heather’s open legs and her moist labia. He then brings the light up to my face.

“How old are you Heather?” he says keeping the light escort ankara on my face.

“Eighteen,” she says shyly.

“How old are you Jacques?”

“Eighteen, sir,” I say.

“Let me see your driver’s license.”

I take out my driver’s license.

“Uh huh, Ok, your pretty lucky alright.” He hands me back my license. “So you kid’s been tellin’ each other bedtime stories, I see. Do you know what time it is? It’s two a.m.! Heather’s dad called us at one a.m. Said you told him you’d have Heather home by midnight. Was worried you got in to a car accident. If I were you I get Heather home right now and hope her dad don’t blow your head off! Now Heather get your pants on. And Jacques you get her home. Obey the speed limit. You hear?”

Heather was kind of caught like a deer in the headlights and had kept her legs spread through the whole encounter. His flash light again highlighted her dripping vulva.

“Yes Sir. Thank you, sir.” I said.

Realizing now that he checked my license to be sure I wasn’t guilty of statutory rape. And that Heather wasn’t the proverbial “jail bait.” We got back into the front seat, Heather came over to me and sat as close as humanly possible. She put her left hand on my thigh, her little finger touching and moving against my penis through my pants.

As we were driving home the Everly Brothers song Wake Up Little Susie played in my head. “Whatta we gonna tell your mamma. Whatta we gonna tell your pa.” ‘I didn’t think our friends would care.’

I drove down the long drive to Heather’s house. All the lights were on. Apparently the Sheriff had called and told them we had been found and were on our way home. Before the car even stopped, Jack Louvre came over to the driver side of my car.

“Jacques, I’m very disappointed in you! Heather is grounded for a month and it’s your fault! I don’t want you to even call her. Is that clear?”

“Y-yes sir. I’m sorry sir. We just fell asleep, sir. It was all very innocent.” I said, lying, stammering and trying to lay cover.

I don’t know if he figured out we were fucking. It’s possible because Heather’s sister got knocked up by Jim Rent about five years before, when she was in high school. She ended up marrying and divorcing him. She was then a senior and seventeen. Heather was a senior too but she was eighteen.

During my month of Heather exile; Alan, my best friend, called several times, asking if I would help him out by distracting his Seattle girlfriend, Silvia’s, girlfriends, while he fucked Silvia. As good luck would have it; they too wanted to fuck and I obliged. So all and all it wasn’t a bad or dry month.

I stayed away from Heather for the month. A month later, the moon was in the right phase for us to pick up where we left off. We were both ready for that delayed love-a-thon!

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