Believing Or Actually Experiencing

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Believing Or Actually ExperiencingBelieving Or Actually ExperiencingBy: Londebaaz Chohan It was beyond belief for both Jonathan and Melisa. After almost 10 years, they met and in a city bar no less. They were not only neighbors but also attended the early school years together and then came the moving time. The families were separated, almost lost and now suddenly this. Melisa gave Jonathan her phone number, telling him that she lived alone and was working for an employment agency in the town. Jonathan also informed her about his job as the head in the Postal Service of this area. They sat drinking for about an hour and then Melisa had to go and she asked Jon to call her for a get together on the weekend at her house. She said, she will give the address and the directions, when he called to say, he was on his way.Jon was not sure if this was an invitation to spend the whole weekend with her alone in her house, in her bed or what! Anyhow, he called on Friday early evening and the time was set. She invited him to be his guest for dinner and the evening together reminiscing about the parted times on the next day, Saturday.Next day, he was dressed in an attractive pants and T-shirt showing the muscles of his upper body. With a bottle of ‘Chivas’ in his hand, he knocked on her door, after parking across from her driveway. Melisa answered in a very pleasant mood, wearing a low cut dress and invited him inside. Jon wanted some assurance, when he asked her if they were really alone and she giggled while confirming the fact. Of course Melisa was blushing deeply. He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply as they sat on the sofa and the scotch bottle got opened. After couple of drinks, they walked into the dining room where she had arranged for a lavish candlelit dinner. She sure had spent a lot of time to prepare this special dinner. It was splendid. After done, Melisa insisted but Jon helped her clean the table, loading the dish washing machine and they walked back in the living room. Melisa turned on some soft romantic music as they sat on the sofa with their glasses refilled. Soon they were both very passionate and breathing heavily, as she got up and pulled him up by his hand to her bedroom. The bedroom was already lit with some candles and she turned off the lights as she sat down on the bed, whispering quietly for him to get undressed as she walked into the bathroom. She shut the door behind her and began stripping quickly while Jon did the same in the bedroom and put on the thoughtfully placed terry gown on the bed. Shaking with nervous exhaustion he did not have to wait long and she came back in the bedroom dressed in a baby doll nightie, concealing nothing of her naked body. Jon got up on his feet and immediately took her in his arms and said, “You are beautiful”. His voice was husky and gruff with sexual desires.He slid his hands down to her breasts through the nightie and kissed her ardently. His penis had started to rise, pressed between their bodies. He was surely surprised when she reached down and parted his gown to grope and began stroking his big cock. Jonathan groaned, feeling the steel mixing in his cock muscles as she stroked it harder. Encouraged, he reached under the waistband of her panties to finger her pussy totally drenched by now. She moaned loud, feeling his finger part her pussy folds and caressed the inside softness. Jon swept her in his arms and laid lovingly on the bed, slipping her nightie. She readily raised her hips, allowing him to slide off her panties. Now, Jon slid off his gown as well to lay down on her side, gently nibbling on her neck and working on her nipples to make them hard. Now Melisa was moaning beyond control and twisting her hips. Jonathan moved down to her belly and her clean shaved pubic mound, bayburt escort spreading her thighs and sliding his tongue into her cunt.Melisa let out a gasp and grabbed a fistful of his hair, pulling his face into her wet, slippery pussy. He inserted his finger into her warm den and began rotating it to stretch her innards for his cock. He was kind of encountering a resistance inside and did not know if it was her cherry still intact or a false feeling about her seal being unbroken. He did not want to ask her if she was still virgin. Melisa could not much of this and with sudden loud gasp, her total body tensed up. “Ahhh, Eeeieeee”! She screamed loud as her body bounced all over the bed hit with the most violent orgasm in her pussy, Jonathan had ever witnessed. Her thighs were so tightly gripping his head that he was afraid for breaking his neck and thankful that it was not his penis instead. After a few minutes, she calmed down and freed his head and he slowly moved up to her lips for passionate kissing. “Oh honey, I never felt anything so intense”. She exclaimed, still breathing hard and trying to reach his cock for fondling. “Now put your cock in, where it is supposed to be”, she did not mince words. She was rubbing his cock head and spreading the pre cum all around the knob. Jon took hold of his flag pole and began rubbing the head over her sopping wet pussy flaps. He did not need any additional encouragement and sank full length into her until his balls saved him to glide inside the needy pussy hole. Her hips quickly resumed the violent gyrations, whirling and twirling while she groaned, “Honey do not hold back, put it all in me. Take me, take me fully Jonathan. Fuck me, I saved it for you”. Jonathan’s cock was not average. He was already full 8’’ deep inside her but he back wrenched about half the shaft and rammed as hard as his forces allowed him. Melisa cried with pain, her hymen was broken and deep crimson blood was seen flowing out on the shaft. She was not giving up. The ecstasy, the bliss and the pleasure of getting fucked was far more than the pain. She was definitely hornier than before, if at all possible. “Now fuck me nice and hard and make me cum again”. This was not her desire but the need and the orders. “Fill me up with your male cream”. Jonathan could not hold back. He was really very excited not only to fuck his old sweetheart and friend but taking her virginity. He began pumping in her even faster while rubbing his pubis over her clitoris. Suddenly she began to cum again with a growl. “God Melisa! I am Cumming, Oh fuck you Melisa, Arrgghh”! Jonathan’s cock could not take the gripping, the groping of his cock by the shriveling, contracting pussy of Melisa in an attempt to be molded to look in the exact shape of Jonathan’s fat cock. “Yes, fuck my cock” he could only mutter as he ejaculated a huge amount of his life fluid into her whore cunt and her pussy spewed out her juice running down her butt into the bedsheets. Hitting the orgasm together was a great experience and it took a while for both of them to come to senses and start kissing, thank you and caressing each other before falling asleep holding each other. Somewhere in the middle of night, Jon felt a hand on his cock playing with it, stroking it back and forth to full hardness; awakening him. As he stirred, eyes still closed, Melisa said, “Hi, this is nice way to wake up”! Jonathan only groaned in reply and pulled her in his arms for kissing keenly. In a while, she broke the kiss and looked in his eyes, “I want you to know”, she said, “I saved myself for you, even when I knew, every girl around me was fucking every cock available and I also wanted to fuck badly but I decided to wait. I remembered you, you were always loving, bayburt escort bayan patient and caring to me. I promise, never to say no to you. I shall never withhold myself from you, no matter what. If you ask, I shall fuck you on the stairs of the police precinct or even on the stairs of the court house in the broad day light”. She stopped to take a deep breath and then completed her thought, “Sexually, I shall do anything for you, anything at all. That’s how much I trust you”. Jonathan was confused for a moment. “What the fuck”, he thought! After all, up until couple of days ago, they had no hope to meet. As a matter of fact, he had forgotten her. It is true, then, he did like her and could have had sex with her. He always wanted to play with her pink nipples and conical shaped breasts. Truly he did not have much of a comprehension of fucking or he must have fucked her in the school grounds. He was confused about the word ‘trust’. After all, she did not let him see her pussy, forget about touching or fucking her at all. He did not want to dwell long on this topic and just shook his head thinking, well, it was nice that she was grown up into the real world. Just as to illustrate her point, Melisa leaned over to Jon’s cock and started to suck and lick it. Now wanting to fuck her much more, his cock sprang to full growth at once. Jon quickly pulled her over him in a classic 69. Spreading her labia, he dove right in with vigor and fervor. They ate each other with lusting urge. Jonathan tried to bury his face in her warm pink fortress and she tried to swallow him whole without the fear of choking on it. Jon concentrated on her enlarged, swollen clitoris, licking, sucking on it like a little penis. She was sucking his cock shaft, going back to licking the cock head repeatedly, paying special attention to the sensitive underside of the helmet joint. She was trying to swallow a bit more of the long shaft, every time, her mouth was swallowing it. Jonathan was also wanting to drive her crazy, so he stuck a finger in her while he sucked her clitoris. Her gyrating motions suddenly increased in vigor and even she was bobbing her head on the cock, much faster, all the while trying to take slightly more inside her mouth with each sucking. Jonathan was in a playing mood. He took his soaked finger out of her cunt, replaced it with his thumb and eased it in her asshole. This caused Melisa to gasp and come up for air and next second she resumed sucking his cock, with even more energy. Jonathan was pumping his thumb in her ass, feeling the slow surge of his orgasm rising from his toes and clustering in his balls. He knew, this shall be the biggest orgasm, he will ever unload in her throat. As his lips got tight on her clitoris, she moaned loud and finally took all the length in her mouth. Jonathan moaned and his moaning resulted to vibrate her clitoris making her cum in a jiffy. As she was Cumming, she sucked his cock much more furiously to the hilt. She was grinding her pussy on his face and he was almost suffocating. In the process of her wild and rough thrashing, Jonathan started unloading his monster orgasm in her mouth. The flow was so fast that it splashed against the back of her throat to overflowing almost. Hardly 1 minute and Jon was done feeding her and now he was panting hard. Melisa rolled over on her back. She was also panting from the exertion and still collecting all the cream with her tongue and swallowing it. It looked that that she was not ready to quit yet. She looked straight in the eyes of Jonathan, grinned, pulled her knees up to her tits and reached down to her cunt, separated her lips and asked him to fuck her some more. “Fuck me as hard as you can, Jonathan. Please make me cum once escort bayburt more”. Although, they had recently concluded ‘69’ play, Jonathan noticed something special. Melisa’s asshole was also smiling back at him just looking as inviting as her cunt. He was in a playing mood and had put his thumb in her asshole with no unwanted reaction from her and now he wanted to fuck her in the ass. Plus, her words were buzzing in his ears, “I promise, never to say no to you. I shall never withhold myself from you, no matter what. Sexually, I shall do anything for you, anything at all”. He smiled back and proceeded to comply with her passionate request. He had still enough hormonal energy in him to fuck the nympho Melisa through a dozen weekends in a row. He took hold of his rising to occasion cock, pushed her legs up and back until her knees were touching her ears and she was almost folded in half. Her silky pussy lips were open to welcome his cock in her and so was her ass, nice tight puckering but it looked ready to take the challenge. Taking a good aim, he slammed his mighty cock with full force and strength in her whore cunt.“Yeah, fuck me hard now. Do it faster. Fuck me good. Momma always said that she considered your family as her family. She always told us that you were like her own boy and the only brother of us 3 sisters she had given birth to”. Melisa was loving getting fucked and recalling her memories, asking to fuck her faster. In a frenzy, even the 8’’ long cock was slipping out of her cunt again and again when he raised his rhythm to fuck her and next time, when he slipped out, he held his cock, spit on it, took aim of her asshole and slammed right in with the same force as he had done earlier to fuck her in the pussy. Melissa only sighed loud but did not register a complaint at all and Jonathan hastened to pound away as hard and as fast as he could. Melisa orgasmed and began Cumming and Cumming and Cumming, absolutely non-stop. Jon seemed to have drained his balls and was no way close to Cumming, he thought but he was so excited and had no danger of losing his erection. Well, he kept fucking her knowing for sure that his cock will be sore, his balls would be aching and his back shall also be in pain tomorrow. It was completely an a****listic sledgehammer fucking, he was doing in her ass while she was talking of having heard the girls in the school that the brothers could be the best fuckers for their sisters. She had thought it to be a belief for some but now it was becoming her true experience and the belief. Jon was his brother as believed by her mom and he was fucking her like one too. He went on fucking her ass for at least an hour and even tried to count the number of her orgasms but gave up after 23.Well, after all, he was not a fucking machine. He could go on but was also feeling tired. Fucking slut, Melisa was proving to be greedier than the proverbial greedy Gretchen and only aimed for him to finish. She reached around, gripped his balls, wetted one of her finger with her spit and started fingering him in the ass demanding to shoot his cum in her while she massaged her balls with love. “I need your cum badly, I want to feel you filling me, fuck me harder, do what you like and cum in me now”!This had the desired effect and Jon started to shoot hard in her. He had no control over himself. He was writhing like a fish out of water, growling like the a****ls in the slaughter house. Melisa felt the heat in her ass being inseminated into her body as well as her soul and kissed him sticking her tongue as far deep as possible and also grinding her over-excited clitoris into his hurting body and Cumming once again. Now, both had no strength to fuck until next time. Although feeling very sweaty, sticky and exhausted but extremely satisfied until the next session, Melisa had learned the truth about a brother and Jon had found himself a sexy whore. He smiled to himself, wrapped himself around her and fell asleep once again till late next morning. The End. Please comment for helping me to write better for you. Londebaaz Chohan July 24, 2020.

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