Beneath the waves eyes stare back (For shark Week)

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Beneath the waves eyes stare back (For shark Week)Just another day a man says as him and a crew work on an oil rig that is drilling in to the sea bed. When a control operator comes running up from beneath the lower levels screaming that the pipe has broken and from it the oil had caught fire. The man grabbed the radio and called for help but the fire recuse house was to far out and the fire spread to the tanks. So explosives came with metal flying everywhere. The fire burned so hot that the rig started to fall apart the men where scared for there lives. They cowered in the corner at the edge of the rig. Minutes later the helicopter comes and the man yelled down here but another tank blows sending the helicopter back and with a chunk of metal hits the tail it goes down and crashes into the rig making it more unstable. One of the men says this world has it out for us as they scream in terror. Then a portal opens up and the guardian core runs out and Clara shields them as Lindra and Celestia help the wounded through the portal. Sindin tries to control the fire as Rose draws her sword to cut the flying metal apart. But the ground they stand on is falling apart to fast, out of the portal steps Caim with his cloak on and he kneels to strike the ground. With his hands in the metal he uses his powers to buy his c***dren more time as he keeps the rig from falling apart anymore. But Caim hears Rose call out to him. He looks güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to see she has two pieces of metal flying towards her but she can’t get both as three more are on their way. Sindin runs and strikes the two in coming but Caim hears a roar from below and yells to Clara to move out of the way but she can’t hear him over the fire and people screaming in pain. Celestia Screams no as Caim releases the rig and runs for Clara. He grabs her and throws her through the portal and uses his powers to force everyone into it. A wall of fire comes up from below and burns Caim’s body. He falls to his knees and the rig falls in to the ocean. Caim sinks as he looks at the light shining through the water. He hits the bottom and the rig comes close to claiming his life when a gray skin creature grabs him and swims away. Then he looses his sight and blacks out. He feels the creature holding him softly and lovingly like a mother holds her new born baby. He takes one last look before blacking out and sees green eyes staring at him with a smile. Then a kiss that fills his lungs with air for him to live on as they move through the ocean water. Caim moves his arm but ends up touching her breast and he blushes as he tries to say sorry he forgets he is under water. He loses air and she again kisses him and fills his lungs. But she rubs her nose against his and puts his hands around güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her as she wraps her legs and arms around him. She uses her tail and swims him and her in to a cave. In the Cave there was a large pocket of air and a small beach she lays Caim on. He coughs as she holds him close in the water the pain stayed at bay while he was in the water but with him out of the water the air was effecting his body. She yells out to the back of the cave in her own language and more sharks of all kinds, such as great white and tiger sharks but as Caim lays there in pain he sees a crown on her head. She was the queen. Caim goes into shock and she grabs and holds tight to his body to stop him from twisting around. The others gather around Caim and kneel to put there hands on his chest. Caim tries to look and sees a bright light and the pain increases as he sees they are all females, He yells out and then goes silent. The queen cries but one of the others touch her shoulder and points to Caim he was still breathing he just blacked out. They watch over him as he rests. The queen takes her hand and softly pets Caim’s head and moves the hairs out of his eyes. The others blush and gather moss and put it on his body but first they remove what is left of his clothing. The moss in the cave had healing properties that take away the scaring of the flesh. Back at what is left of the güvenilir bahis şirketleri rig large dragons circle around above and below with Clara and the others of the guardian core looking for there father. Clara screams out father and falls to her knees crying as Celestia holds her close. In the cave Caim hears her and awakes with a deep breath. He looks around and he is alone but he rubs his head saying did it really happen or was it a dream but how did I end up here. He sits there thinking how to get out when arms wrap around him and he sees the queen smile at him with razor sharp teeth Caim looks a small blue in the face scared if she is going to eat him. He tries to say hello but she tilts her head not understanding him. Then Caim takes her hand and puts it on her face and takes her hand to his face. Then he reads her language and speaks to her. She claps her hands in enjoyment, then she says her name is Amia (meaning Beloved) and that she was the queen of her kind. She smiles again and Caim sees those teeth again and she kisses him. Caim asks being curious how do they live who does the hunting and tend to well you know your needs if that makes sense? Amia tilts her head again and blushes. Caim says sorry I guess it is none of my business. But she takes her hand and places it on his lap. Caim swallows hard and looks at her. Amia has a lust filled look on her face. (Be Continued)If you like this short erotic story you can follow Franklyn Casey at the site above the story copy and paste he’s a amateur erotic novelist so post comments if you want more stories like that from him here’s the link for more stories by Franklyn Casey

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