Bert and I

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Bert and II met Bert at my wedding. He was introduced as my wife’s uncle. Later I found out that he wasn’t really a relative but a c***dhood family friend. Bert and his wife seemed happy and were cordial and interesting dinner companions. He was at least 20 years older than us and he quite disappeared from our lives as we moved ahead with buying our home and raising our family.He reappeared just about a year ago again at a family function. His wife had passed due to cancer several years prior and he now lived alone as a single. Bert has to be well into the back side of his 60’s. He’s bald and pot bellied but not really fat. He remained as good natured and charming as when I had met him so many years prior.During the chat of the evening, he mentioned having problems with an electrical circuit in his home. I have a basic understanding of home electrical circuits and I offered to come by and do some investigating.We agreed on time and date and I showed up tool bag in hand. With in a half an hour I had nailed the problem to a faulty circuit breaker and even had a new one in my tool bag to replace it. Bert was overjoyed and insisted we open a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate my success. After consuming most of it he insisted on ordering out for food and I called my wife to explain I would be late. She laughed and said not to hurry as she had friends over and was planning on turning in early that night.I excused my self to use the bathroom. I was happily urinating when I noticed a small mirror had been placed just so, so that my cock was reflected back in it. It was a new, strange sensation looking at it. It was almost like seeing a strangers cock. I felt it twitch in my hands and after finishing my needs I pulled and stroked it, watching its image swell in the mirror. I began to stroke myself, opening my legs slightly to more fully allow my cock to engorge and my testicles to swing. I know this sounds crazy but here I was fascinated by my own cock and actually jerking off to my own dick. I thought about cumming, I wanted to canlı bahis cum. I wanted to watch the sperm squirt out of the head of my cock. I could see the head turning bright purple as it disappeared into my quickly stroking hand. No, I thought, no I can’t be cumming off in Bert’s house. I stopped jerking and began washing my hands. My penis slowly shrunk back to its softness and I slid it back into my jeans.“Did you find everything you needed?” Bert asked with a smile. “Yes, why yes I did, thank you for asking. “The food is on its way, he said, and if you don’t mind I’d like to get out of these clothes and find something more suitable to wear. Make yourself comfortable, I’ve poured you some more wine, please enjoy.” I sat back into the chair and pulled deeply on the wine. I felt good, strangely good, I looked closely at the wine bottle, it was a good but not expensive brand. Its effect on me seemed to be more than the amount of wine I had consumed. I was feeling wonderful. My cock felt full, turgid and throbbing, pulsing in my pants. I settled back into the overstuffed chair.Bert returned wearing slippers and a robe. The food arrived and we moved to the dining room to consume it. The conversation found us talking about Bert’s wife and why he had not remarried. “I lost interest in women after Sonya died, he said, I can’t find an interest in them, even now” “What about dating, I asked, you don’t date?” “No, he replied, none. I suppose you wonder about my sexual needs and how I take care of that part of my life?” “Yes, I’m curious as to how you go about that.”I just masturbate. I use the porn on the internet to stimulate myself and I let my hands bring me the relief I need in my moments. I have an extensive collection of erotica and I have a large number of online friends I can share my ecstasies with. Masturbation is clean and disease free. I indulge often, sometimes for hours on end.Wow, I said, I dabble myself but with the wife looking over my shoulder it’s not easy to get away with more than a moment or two. I felt my cock bahis siteleri swell again and once again I noticed just how comfortable and marvelous I felt. I pulled deeply on the wine again. Suddenly I realized I could see the head of Bert’s cock peeking out from his robe. I tried to be discrete and forced my eyes up to look into his but I couldn’t help peeking at the cock head exposed only a few feet from me. My own turgid member hardened, I wanted to squeeze it badly. I could not understand why I was so sexually aroused but I was and I wanted to reach out and touch another man’s cock. I wanted to do it badly. My head swirled, my cock throbbed and ached to be fondled. I excused myself and quickly made my way to the bathroom. I locked the door behind me and I pulled out my cock and relieved myself, squirting and squirting cum like I was a teenager. My pounding heart slowed. I cleaned myself and the bathroom. My head was spinning wildly. I grabbed my jacket and my tool bag and mumbled something and left. The coolness of the night air revived me some and I made the half hour drive home safely. The next morning I was groggy and the whole events of the previous evening seemed dreamlike and unreal….Did I really get all horned up over another man’s cock, did I really jerk myself off in his bathroom wishing I was stroking his cock? I waited nervously for the other shoe to drop but nothing did. I knew I would have to call Bert and apologize. There was no way around it I would have to man up. He was a gentleman and pretended nothing strange had happened at all. We joked around a bit and he jokingly invited me back over and I felt myself wanting to do so. My curiosity was inflamed; I certainly could have said no, I have no excuse for going back to that house. I wanted to go there; I wanted to peek again at the fat head of Bert’s cock again, I felt the stirring of my desire in my loins. My cock swelled and I began to drip pre cum. I went into the basement and pretended to work on my project but I wasted no time in getting some relief for güvenilir bahis my painful erection. The next day I called Bert and told him I thought I might have left a voltage meter at his house and I would be by to pick it up shortly. Sure, he said, I’ll have the wine chilling for you when you get here. I tried to keep my mind blank as I drove to his home but the vision of the fat red head of his cock kept creeping into my thoughts. I knocked nervously on his door.Come on in, the door’s open, he called. I found him sitting in the living room dressed as I had left him in a loosely tied robe and slippers. Wine chilling in a bucket and what at a glance appeared to be gay porn flickering away on the big flat screened TV. I thought you might have liked what you saw on your last visit, you did didn’t you? You liked what you saw and that’s why you are back, he whispered. I could only nod, I’m not sure why I’m here, I stammered. But I do know why you are here my young friend, I know exactly why you are here. Bert stood slowly and his robe fell aside reveling his ample belly and thick fat cock. He reached down and began to pull on it. I watched with my own passion rising as fast as his cock thickened and swelled. The head flared and glared an angry purple as clear pre cum oozed its way from the slit. You do want to suck on this don’t you? He asked. I could only nod as I dropped to my knees and felt his hot salty cock enter my mouth. I gagged, choked on the long thick piece of turgid flesh. My mind was screaming wrong, wrong, wrong but I sucked greedily on his meat. I relaxed my throat and felt the cock head slide deep into my mouth. The pleasure was unexpectedly immense. I realized I was cumming. I had this fat cock deep in my throat and I was pissing my load of cum into my pants. I looked up at Bert and I could see he was about to cum also. I felt his release pour into my mouth. Yes, yes he cried. Suck my cock, suck me…He fell back into his chair and I stood looking down at the wetness soaking through the front of my jeans. We both began to laugh. He told me to head to the shower and leave my clothing, he would launder it and he would bring me a robe to use while we waited. The evening proved to be the first of many wonderful evenings to cum….

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