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Blackmail sister with videoI am 21 years old and I am going to a community college. I have an apartment close to my parents house. My little 16 year old sister still lives there. She is done school now and I had been invited over for a supper at my parents place. I decided to show up and hang out with my sister a little after lunch.When I left the house to get an apartment we got two black labs from a litter. They were both male dogs and we never had any brothers growing up so we called them out adopted brothers lolI took Digger (guess why he got that name 😛 ) to my parents house so that he would play with his brother Dodge. I showed up at my parents house and let Digger out of the car. I got a text message and stayed in the car for a bit to reply. Digger ran out to the side of the house and in back. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and ends up my little sister was sunbathing in the back yard. My parents’ back yard is so secluded, nobody can see you and both neighbors are very far away. About 5 minutes pasted and I was getting hot sitting in the car, I walked to the door while texting and walking. Pushed the doorbell….no answer…try again…No answer. This doorbell does not ring very loud. I tried the door and it was locked. I realized I had not seen Digger since I left him out of the car. Instead of yelling his name I continued texting and walking to go get him in the backyard. Also where my parents leave the spare key so I could let myself in. I turn the corner and I noticed Digger was waking his tail and well ….. Here’s how my sister explained what happened— Younger sister —I went sun bathing and my back yard being so secluded I undid my top and bottom of my bikini so I would not get tan lines. I fell in a very deep sleep. I don’t worry about it because I have a timer that wakes me up. Well, I was having a great dream that I was being eaten out by the boy in my school I find hot. This dream felt more real than ever!! Without realizing it I was waking up but I thought it was still a dream. I looked down and that is when I spotted what I thought was Dodge my dog. He was licking my pussy, I pushed his head away but he cam right back for more. It felt so good, I could not believe it. I decided I would let him continue despite every fiber of my being telling me I should not be doing this. I closed my eyes and pretended it was the boy I found so hot. —–Older sister again—-So I turned the corner and I see Digger between my sister’s legs. I switch my phone to video camera and slowly approach her. Her eyes are closed so I am able to get right up beside her. At this point my sister is rubbing her nipples, she is really into it and enjoying herself. I watched and filmed her for another minute or so and then I let out a little cough. Immediately she pushes the dog away and covers her pussy and tits back up with her bikini. She looked at me frozen and unable to speak. internet casino I just had a big smile on my face. I like to tease/bug my little sister. It’s my job. We get along fine overall but I am more mean and do more pranks on her than she is with me. My sister had no spotted my phone. She tried passing it off like Digger just now put his head between her legs as she showed up. “Oh yeah I said” and then showed her the video I just captured of her letting Digger lick her pussy. Her face turned white. “Now what?” she asked me. “So………How does it feel?” I asked her.”Surprisingly good” she replied.Digger was sniffing around her pussy again but my sister was stopping him by moving her legs in the way of the dog’s nose. “well in that case, let Digger continue licking” I said and slowly started parting her legs. She resisted but then I pressed play on the video and showed it to her.”She let her legs open and Digger went right back in the sweet spot. I could not believe how wet my sister’s pussy was. She lay back down on her back and decided to enjoy the licking. It was real quick, I looked at my sister and she looked at me. “Enjoying this?” she asked in a somewhat snarky tone. I paused for a bit and reply “Yes, I am. So are you judging from how hard your nipples are” My sister’s nipples were pointing straight up to the blue sky above. Rock hard pencil tip looking nipples. I started going towards them to give them a pinch and my sister grabbed my arm to stop me. With my other hand I wiggled the phone again. She let my other arm go and I started playing with her nipples. She started smiling at this point and I knew she was enjoying this. I kept pinching, twisting, tugging and teasing my sister’s nipples. Suddenly I see her arch her back up a bit and her toes curled up. She was having an orgasm. Her eyes got nice and wide and she convulsed a good 4 or 5 times in a row. Wow I said to her. You had a few orgasms there huh!? She just bit her lip , smiled and nodded. She then said “I have only have 2 or 3 orgasms in a row before and they were never that intense. I know this is so wrong but that’s what makes it so exciting.”I looked at Digger and his tongue was sticking and then I spotted a little pink tip near his belly.”OMG” I said. “It looks like Digger enjoyed this as well. You should return him the favor” I said.”What do you mean? she muttered.”I don’t know, jerk him off I guess. I have never done anything or see anything like this before.” I laughed”Oh and I have?” she replied.My little sister started petting my dog and slowly reached for the dog’s penis. She had it in her hand and started stroking it.”What’s it like?” I asked.”Find out yourself” my sister replied…..I surprised her when I moved her hand and started playing with my dog’s penis. It kept getting bigger and bigger. I was surprised how flexible it was. I was able to swing it forward and back so that güvenilir casino it was pointing the same direction as its tail. We both were amazed. My dog was fully erect at this point.”I wonder what it tastes like” I said while wiggling my phone. My sister’s eyes got super wide. Reluctantly she leaned close to the penis and gave it a lick. “So…..” I asked”Tasted just like a guy’s penis I guess. It’s not as big as a penis so it would make a great blowjob practice. ” She laughed”OMG “I said….”That’s a great idea. Are you still a virgin?” I blurt out…. My sister just smiled and didn’t say anything “No no , that’s fine I said. I have an idea for you. My first time was not enjoyable because it hurt and the penis was just a normal sized one. You could use this penis as a practice penis.It’s smaller.. you are in control the entire time. It’s perfect!” “I don’t know” she replied . Once again I wiggled the phone in front of her.”For fuck sakes” she groaned. “How the hell do we do this?” she asked.”Hahaha good question. Ok well… by instinct.. it knows doggy style. Bend over and I will guide him onto you.”So my sister gets on all four legs with her bum sticking up in the air. She had the tightest little ass ever and her pussy was almost dripping at this point. “omg, you are so wet” I slid my finger along my sister’s pussy to get my finger wet. She put her bum down and lay flat on the ground at the touch of my finger and then said “You know what….. it can’t be any worse than letting a dog have sex with me.” and she raised her bum up in the air again. I slid my finger on my sisters pussy again and slowly inserted it into her pussy. She pushed back against my finger and started fucking it. I did not move my finger and let her do the work.”Does it hurt” i asked her. “not much” she repliedShe kept fucking my finger until she started rocking faster and faster. I took my finger out and said to her that she was ready. I then put my finger that was in her pussy in her mouth. She sucked on the finger… enjoying her own pussy juice. I guided the dog onto my sister and slowly started putting the penis in her vagina. Despite it being smaller it seemed to still be very tight. My sister kept pulling ahead.”Tell you what. I will hold the penis steady and you push your pussy against it.”Ok” she said.This method worked much better. Bit by bit she started taking more and more of the penis. She was rocking back and forth faster and faster. “OMG this feel great!!!” she saidAt this point I let go of the penis and Digger took that as a signal to start humping. Now Digger was in charge! OHHHH She said in surprise. “Are you ok? ” I asked concerned. “I mmmm think mmmm soooo” she replied. I was on my knees and watched as my dog was humping my little sister. My sister looked back and noticed something about my blue shorts I was wearing.”OMG!! You are wet.” She pointed at my crotch. I looked casino firmalari down and sure enough I was so wet that I went through my panties and had a wet spot that made my panties dark blue. My sister’s pointing finger suddenly became a rubbing finger. She started rubbing my pussy on the outside of my shorts. It felt electric. Shots of ecstasy ran through my body. I tossed my panties and shorts to the side and exposed my pussy. She started fingering me. I was so wet that I almost felt nothing. “Put two fingers in” I told her. “Are you sure?” she replied. “No worries hun, my pussy is used to it” so she slid another finger and was going to town on my pussy. I came in no time at all. At this point I was super horny. I took off my panties and shorts. I then went on my knees in front of my sister and put my pussy near her mouth. I didn’t say anything. She just looked up at me and said “I never …” she did not get to finish her sentence as just started having an orgaasm.. and another… and another. She was in heaven, I guess that made her super horny. She lowered her head and started licking my pussy. I could not believe how hot this was. I reached under and started playing with my sister’s tits and nipples. The poor thing. She was getting rammed by my dog, fondled by her sister and eating out her sister. She had an orgasm every 10 seconds it seemed. I had a few of my own and then I heard scratching. It was her dog Dodge. He finally figured out that people were present. He was going nuts scratching the screen.”For fuck sakes, he is going to ruin that screen” I complained. I got up and let Dodge out. He ran three circles around my little sister and finally stopped and realized what was going on. My little sister looked at me and said “Jerk off Dodge”. “What? …. Why?” I questioned. “Just do it please. So I jerk Dodge off and he is hard in no time, She signals me to bring it closer to her. She starts sucking on Dodges dick. The sight of her getting fucked and sucking was too much. I told her to let go of Dodge. I positioned myself so that the dog could mount me like Digger. He did without any problems. Now here I was getting fucked by a dog and I looked up and was face to face with my sister. We started french kissing and then suddenly she pulled back and looked at me in the eyes and said “OMG…Digger is cumming!!” she started cumming as Digger was cumming. She froze suddenly and said she could not move. His penis was getting bigger she was saying and she could not move. We later found out that dogs get a knot so that when they cum their penis gets bigger so that the cum does not fall out of the female dog. As she told her older sister about the knot…. Dodge started cumming also. So now both girls could not move while the knots were throbbing. THey continued kissing until the knots stopped throbbing. THe dogs then dismounted and ran around in the yard like nothing just happened. I looked at my sister and made my way to her pussy. I possitioned myself in a 69 and started eating out her pussy. She did the same until we were all cleaned up.Til this day we continue playing with our dogs and we all could not be any happier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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