Camping with my girlfriend

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Camping with my girlfriendQuick background info for those who haven’t read any of my other stories.I’m a bi-bottom guy, and I’m submissive by nature. My submissive side was always a secret until I started to experiment with my girlfriend of 3 years which led to her becoming the dominant person in our day to day lives and led her to cuckolding me and also watching me being fucked.Now that the background info is out of the way we can start with the story.This story is about a cuckold experience I had with my girlfriend which led to a gay experience for me.The story is pretty long and has a lot of dialect, so try to pace yourself.Enjoy!The story started when we decided to go kayaking in a natural spring a few hours away from our town. We planned our trip with our friend Evan and his new girlfriend Julia, and agreed to meet up at the springs. Evan is aware of our lifestyle and has joined us in bed a couple of times, but his new girlfriend didnt know. While driving on the highway, on our way to the springs, Sue kept joking about the idea of her acting slutty with Evan to see his girlfriends reaction, which I thought was hot, but I told Sue to restrain herself at least until we get to know his new girlfriend a little more.We arrived at the springs, packed our snorkeling gear into the kayaks, and started paddling and explored the area. The girls were ahead of us chatting and getting to know each other while me and Evan followed enjoying the view until we got to the main spring, we tied the kayaks to a tree and started to swim in the area. Sue took off her beach dress to show her revealing bikini, she was wearing a mini bikini top and a thin string thong! We swam around and talked about random stuff like how clear and warm the water is etc.Me and Julia started talking and Evan and Sue swam together. I can see Evan and Sue slowly separating from us moving further away, Sue looked at me and smiled so I knew what she was up to! I watched from a distance as while keeping Julia busy, I can see them standing in the water close to each other and I could only imagine what was going on underwater! A few minutes after we separated Julia noticed so we swam back towards them, I quietly asked SueMe: Did u guys do anything?Sue: Only a little… Just some touching and stuffWe swam another couple of hours, Sue was teasing Evan the whole time by getting real close to him, or diving then popping out quickly which made her breasts slip out a couple of times which was turning me on more and more!We paddled back to the dock and started to load our stuff back into the cars, I gave Evan directions to the camping area since we agreed to camp after but Julia canceled saying that she has stuff to do the next day and she has to be back in town. I was disappointed that Evan and Julia canceled, but me and Sue decided to go ahead and spend the night anyway.We got to the camp site and I set everything up, started the grill, and grilled some fish for us. We ate and cleaned up, then we went for a walk and I switched the subject right away to her and Evan.Me: So how far did you and Evan go?Sue: Well at first I was flirting but he wasn’t doing anything, but I started to stroke his dick and got him hard then he started grabbing my assMe: And?Sue: He got hard and started to get into it but then he stopped me! I think he was worried about JuliaMe: Were you planing on going further if he didn’t stop you?Sue: I don’t know, I didn’t really have a plan! Why? Is this turning u on? Would you have enjoyed watching me with him?Me: That would have been so hot! I would even join in and blow him then sit back and watch!She reached over and grabbed my dick only to see how hard I was!Sue: Oh wow! Looks like my baby is in the mood to watch me be naughty!She took off her beach dress and asked me to hold on to it, she was still wearing her bikini which was still wet, she walked in her thong bikini enjoying the stares she was getting whenever we came across other campers. After sun set, it got pretty dark so we walked back to our camp site. Once we arrived, we noticed that group of guys, roughly in their early to mid 20’s, set up camp at the site next to us. Sue: Go check if they have any beers to spare.Me: We have more than enough in the coolerSue: Then go ask if they want any from us! Just go and socialize!I went over and said hi, I asked if they would like some beers and they said no thanks and that they already have their own, they seemed puzzled by me randomly walking over and offering beers and as I was about to walk away Sue caught up with me.Sue: There you are! Where did u sneak off to?Me: Oh I just noticed that these guys set up camp next to us and I came over to say hiTheir puzzled looks quickly turned into stares as Sue got closer to the light from the camp fire, Sue was wearing a small tank top and she was still wearing her bikini thong!Sue: Babe don’t bother these people lets go back to our area and leave them in peaceOne of them quickly replied: oh no it’s not a problemSue: I’m sorry our friends left early so my boyfriend has been overly social all dayHim: Well since you guys are all alone out here, why don’t you join us?Sue: Are you sure were not intruding?Him: not at all!He pulled a chair up to us, I sat down and sue stayed standing giving them a good view of her half naked body.We talked for a while and got to know each other, turns out they were collage students out camping since it was a long weekend. Sue did most of the talking, I sat quietly watching her get all their attention, she flirted with them a bit and they flirted back. Watching her flirt was such a tease for me! I knew that she was going to try to take things further but she was taking her time flirting and she wasn’t really taking things further.They finished their beer, Sue walked over to their cooler to grab them another round. She opened the cooler and with her back towards us, she bent over to take out the beers… She took her time taking one beer out at a time with all the guys staring at her ass which was only covered by the thin string of her thong then she walked around and handed everyone a beer.One of the guys made a joke and said to me: A beautiful girl with an ass like that that brings a guy his beer… You hit the jackpot!Me: I know I did!Sue: you think I have a nice ass huh?She turned around while standing in front of him and leaned forward bringing her ass closer to him and shook it side to side.Sue: would you like to touch it?He was caught off guard, he froze and looked at me… Sue grabbed his hand and put it on her ass, he left his hand there for a couple of seconds and squeezed a couple of times then she moved away.Sue looked at me, I was sitting literally at the edge of my seat watching with anticipation! Sue smiled and winked. Once she winked I thought “FINALLY!” Since it was obvious that she was done flirting and that she was going to take things further.Sue: what do you think? He didn’t reply and looked at me.Sue: aww are you shy?Him: Huh? No no I’m not shyThe other guys watched quietly, they seemed shocked or puzzled because of how forward she was!Then one of the guys asked: is that your usual bikini?Sue: I have others but this one is my favorite.She took her tank top off.Sue: why do you ask? Do u like it?Him: it’s nice… But it barely covers anythingSue: “with a naughty smile” That’s kind of the point!They laughedHim: if the point is to show more skin then why bother with a bikini at all?Sue smiled and looked at meThe guy looked at me and said: no offense buddy I’m not trying anything I’m just arguing the logicI decided to join Sue and help her move things forward.Me: non taken… Actually that’s a good pointSue stood there smiling and looking at us for a bit, I knew she was going to strip now but it seemed like she was thinking.Sue: well if I take my bikini off then you guys get a show but what’s in it for me?Me: Are you debating his point or are you asking for something in return?Sue: If you guys take ur tops off then I will do the same, if u strip down to ur boxers then I will take my bikini off.They looked at each other for a second as if they were wondering if she was serious or not?Then one them took his shirt off, she smiled then looked at the other three, they all followed and took their shirts off then their pants Sue took off her bikini top and giggled, then she slipped her bikini bottom down and jumped back in my lap acting like she was shy!She was in my lap with her arms around me which basically covered all the important stuff which one of them pointed out.Him: The way you are sitting is kind of covering you more than when u were wearing ur bikini!Sue giggled then whispered to me: remember when you said that you would have joined with Evan?I noddedSue: well I’m going to try to make that happen! I want to see u with a guyShe stood up in the middle and turned around for them giving them an all around viewSue: enjoy the show boys, you can look all u want but you can’t touchThe guy sitting across from me said: This isn’t really fair! I’m the only one sitting all the way over here, it’s pretty dark I can’t see anything Sue walked over to him, she stood in front of him and squeezed her breasts then turned around and wiggled her assSue: Better?Him: much better!He grabbed her assSue: Hey I said no touching Him: sorrySue: Too late for sorry now we need to make it evenShe reached down and slid her hand up the leg of his boxers and grabbed his cock, she stroked it for a bit while smiling. I was insanely horny watching all this.Sue: now we’re evenI got up and pulled Sue by her hand and guided her to one of the tents, I asked him to follow we all got into the tent together I got on my hands and knees and started to lick Sues pussy as she moaned, I licked her till she was good and wet. I looked at the guy, he was sitting there watching us, his cock rock hard and sticking out of his boxers.Me: I’m gona go back and join them outside, u guys have funI went back outside and sat with the guys. I saw how they were all hard under their boxers, I got curious so I lied.Me: Sue asked me to tell you guys that she wants canlı bahis us all naked.I took my clothes off and they all slid off their boxers. While they were standing to take off their boxers, I rearranged the chairs so that they are closer together. We sat next to each other, all of us naked, and all of us hard! We can hear them whispering and laughing inside, then Sue started to moan! Her moans started getting louder and louder. I went into the tent to take a peak, he had her on her back with her legs on his shoulders, he would raise himself then fall back down with his full wait thrusting his cock back in her! Sue saw me and smiled, he looked back and saw me he stopped and got off herMe: no need to stop!Him: r u sure?Sue: don’t worry about him! Watch! She looked at me and said: Come here babe.”Sue knows that the only I enjoy more than watching her get fucked by another guy, is being humiliated in front of that guy”She pulled me down laying me on my stomachSue: do u see how wet his cock is from my pussy?Me: yaSue: lick it all off I started licking, he didn’t stop me, I licked the whole length of his cock licking all my girlfriends juices offSue slid her finger up my ass and stopped me from suckingSue: he asked if ur sure that ur ok?Me: ya I’m sureSue: do u want him to keep going?Me: oh yes!Sue: don’t tell me! Tell him!Me: please don’t stop! Fuck my girlfriend hard!I started to suck againHim: then get out give us some privacy!I looked back as he started fucking her again, she just smiled at me while he fucked her.I walked back out and sat with the guysOne asked: I thought u just went for a peak! What took u so long?Me: Sue wanted me to blow him for a bitHim: u sucked his dick?Me: only for a bitHim: interesting, so are we going to get our turns?Me: ya once she’s done with your friendWe hung out for a bit listening to her moaning, the guys commented on her and they asked what are her likes and dislikes etc.After a while the moaning stopped, they were quiet for a few minutes then the moaning started again.The guy next to me asked: what’s going on? I thought they were done!Me: maybe they decided to go againHim: fuck! They started all over again?Me: looks like it! Why? R u in a hurry?Him: what do u think?We sat there for a while quietly, as he stroked his cock listening to the loud moans coming from SueI didn’t know what was turning me on me! Sue cuckolding me or the cock that was just in my mouth and the three hard cocks infront of me! Him: I’m seriously considering just getting a blow job from youThat was the invitation I was waiting for!!Me: SureI got on my knees and held his cock but he stopped meHim: I think I’m just gona waitMe: r u sure? The first load is always the quickest!I leaned forward and started to suckHim: I don’t know!I kept sucking…Me: I’m gona make u cum now so that when it’s ur turn u would last longer! He didn’t reply and just looked down at me as I sucked.Me: am I doing a good job?Him: yes!Me: really? Is this gona make u cum?Him: fuck yeah!I continued sucking and stroking him, I looked at the guy next to him and he was jacking off and watching us! I smiled I continued to suck.I started licking his balls and stroking his cockHim: yeah suck it good! Get it nice and ready for ur girlfriendMe: are u gona fuck her good?Him: oh ya! And u better watch! As I was still sucking Sue came out, she saw me sucking him, she stood and watched for a second then asked who’s next? I stopped to see if he wants to go with her? Him: keep goingSue: ya keep sucking… Your just a cocksucker that entertains guys before they fuck ur girlfriendI loved the humiliation!I smiled and kept sucking, One of the two guys sitting next to us got up and took Sue to the tent. They got straight to the point! As soon as they were in the tent she started moaning.There I was on my knees, listening to sues moans as this stranger fucked her, I had a cock in my mouth and my finger in my ass! I was in heaven! Suddenly he pushed me off of him and stood up, I got up then he pulled me to the picnic table and bent me over, he slid his cock in my ass, it was painful because it’s been a while since the last time I was fucked! He slid it all the way in and started fucking me.Me: yes!! Fuck me harder!Him: u like it don’t u?Me: I love it! Please don’t stop!He kept fucking me as my moans were almost as loud as Sues!Him: I’m going to cum!!Me: cum inside!He thrusted a few more times then filled my ass with cum! After he was done, I turned around and sucked out the rest from his cock, I grabbed a bottle of water and washed his cock then grabbed him a beer and handed it to him, we sat down next the guy that just finished and the fourth guy who is still waiting his turn. I offered the guy that was waiting if he wants me to blow him, he agreed and I sucked him for a bit but then he stopped me saying it was too weird for him. We hung out till Sue was done, she walked out and the last guy pulled her over and she straddled him on the chair, she fucked him while we all watched till he came on her breasts.Sue went over to our campsite to use our water for a quick shower. While she was gone, the guy that fucked me had enough rest and decided he was ready.Him: I think I’m ready to go! Do u think she would be up for more?Me: ya of course she wouldHim: and u said she prefers it rough right?Me: oh ya!She walked back, she was just wearing one of my t-shirts and was naked under it. She looked cute, she smiled and sat down.Sue: wow u guys took care of me!Me: did u enjoy ur self?Her: I had a blastThe guy that fucked me got up and stood next to herHim: u know that I didn’t get my turn yet Sue: oh I’m sorryHe pulled her off the chair to her knees and put his cock in her mouth!I went to the tent and grabbed a blanket and laid it on the floor next them so that they can lay down.The guy who fucked Sue first asked me if he can join in? And I told him to go aheadThere she was, the love of my life, on her knees between two strangers alternating between sucking both their cocks!Sue: are you two going to fuck me some more?One replied: we are going to fuck ur brains outSue: I want my boyfriend to see me with two guys at once!One of them laid down and she got on top of him, the other guy came behind her and started fucking her assSue: oh ya! Both of u, fuck me hard!They complied and started fucking her rough, one was pinching her nipples and the other was pulling her hair! Her moans were so loud as she begged for more!Sue: yes! Yes! Don’t stop!She saw me watching and jacking off.Sue: look at my boyfriend, look at that cuckold! U like seen how much of a slut I can be don’t u honey?They continued fucking her, she came at least three times and I was working on my second load, the guy fucking her pussy stopped and got out from under her, she stroked him a bit more and he came. The guy fucking her ass turned her around and carried her putting her in my lap and continued to fuck herHim: I’m going to cum where do u want it?Sue: on my face!Me: no in her pussy!He started cumming as I held her legs spread wide, she moaned as he came. When he finished cumming I held her legs open so that all the guys can see her cum filled pussy.Sue: do u guys know why he like it when guys cum inside me?They asked why?Sue got up and stood on my thighs lowering herself on my face allowing me to lick her cream pieSue: lick it all up baby, and don’t swallow it right away! Wait till they see how full ur mouth is!I sucked all the cum out till I got it all, she got up and made me show them then I swallowed, she even made me show them that I swallowed it all.We relaxed for a bit then said our good nights, we thanked them for the great night and went back to our tent.We went to bed and I was still hard.Me: are you in the mood for one more?Sue: sure but not u!Me: why not?Sue: u had enough fun tonightMe: but I’m still hard!Sue: on ur back!I laid on my back, she spread my legs, she slid her finger up my ass and started to massage my prostate wile giving me a hand jobSue: did you have fun tonight?Me: it was amazing!Sue: yea? I saw you giving one of them a blowjob! Me: I did it so that he could last longer with uSue: yea, well good job! He lasted forever! I bet u wanted him to fuck u!Me: he did! He just bent me over and I couldn’t say no!Sue: why would u say no? U love it don’t you?Me: yes it was amazing!Sue: say it! Say I’d rather share my girlfriend with strangers, and get fucked by them too, than fuck my girlfriend myselfMe: I love it when strangers fuck my girlfriend and fuck and fuck me too! I love it more than fucking my girlfriend myselfSue: that’s because ur not a man! Ur a cuckold and a fagot!This dirty talk went on the whole time! She gave me a hand job and had three fingers up my ass while she degraded me till I came. Once I came I just laid there for a while, catching my breath and completely satisfied!We finally went to sleep, I slept for only a couple of hours, around 3:30am I woke up to the sound of someone outside the tent, I unzipped the window and it was James “the guy who fucked me before Sue earlier”James: I can’t sleep, u want to hang out?Me: sure!James: it’s ok if u want to sleep.Me: no I’m not that comfortable anyway! I’d rather stay up and sleep in my bed when I get home.I sat up and unzipped the door to get out. James looked in and saw Sue, she was sleeping in cute pink panties and was topless.James: she looks so hot!Me: u want a picture as a souvenir?James laughedMe: no I’m serious! James: oh if love a picture if that’s ok with u guys! She looks gorgeous why wouldn’t I want a picture?He pulled out his phone and took a couple of pictures, I even rolled her over so that he can take a few of her ass.Me: here give me the phone, I can take a few of the both of uI took the phone and James sat next to her, I took a few pictures then I told him to get in between her legs and took another few. I saw the bulge in his pants and told him to take it out, I woke Sue, sat her up and told her to suck. She mumbled something and while half asleep I took a couple more pictures of her blowing him. He took his cock out of her mouth and she just collapsed bahis siteleri and passed out again.James: man she is exhausted!Me: u guys should take that as a compliment! U fucked the life out of her!We stepped out of the tent and went to sit down, the whole time we were sitting my eyes were fixated on the bulge in his pants! I couldn’t help myself, seeing how hard he was I quickly got horny again!I slid my hands under his pants and grabbed his solid cock.James stopped talking and we just looked at each other for a few seconds before he said something.James: what are you doing?Me: nothing, ur hard on turned me on that’s allJames: ur still in the mood?Me: well seeing it put me in the mood! Besides, Sue wouldn’t let me fuck her, she just gave me a hand job so I wasn’t taken care of like u guys were!I stroked his cock while he sat quietly thinking. I got down on my knees and pulled his pants down.James: what do u want to do then?Me: I’m just going to suck it! We don’t need to do more if ur not in the mood! Ur hard as a rock so u need it to! Is that ok? Can I suck it?James: okMe: no I prefer to hear it! Suck or don’t suck!James: suck itI started to slowly a gently suck his cock, I was being very slow and gentile to make him hornier and to keep him from cumming.Me: am I good at it?James: surprisingly!Me: yeah? Do I make your cock feel good?James: you like talking dirty don’t u?Me: oh I’m very verbal! And I like being talked down toJames: really? Why?Me: really! I’ll explain why later just try to be verbal if u can.I pulled my dick out and started stroking it while I continued sucking his cock. James started trying to talk dirty, the more he got into the blowjob the better he got at talking dirty.James: yeah suck my dick! You like sucking dick don’t you?Me: I love it! And I especially love sucking ur dick! It’s so thick and hard and it felt so good inside me!James moaned and pushed my head down shoving his cock down my throat and chocking me!James: is that what you want? Do you like choking on my dick you cocksucker?He kept his dick deep in my throat only easing the pressure for a second when I’m out of breath but once I took a breath he would shove it right back in!James: move your tongue more! If u love sucking cock so much then u should learn how to do it better!He finally let go of my head and I gasped for air. I caught my breath then slowed the pace and started licking down the shaft then his ballsI looked up at him while taking one ball then the other in mouth. We maintained eye contactJames: are you having fun?I kissed his dick a few timesMe: I’m in heaven! I don’t want to stop!James: get up and go get a blanket and some pillows so that I can get comfortable.I walked to the tent and grabbed the extra blanket and a couple of pillows, I turned around and saw that he followed me.James: man she looks so hot! I wish she was awake, I would have fucked her so hard!Me: go ahead! She wouldn’t mind!James: r u sure? Me: ya! In fact a friend of mine did that before and she woke up with him already inside her and she absolutely loved it!James stepped in and got between her legs, he pulled down her panties and adjusted her. He tried pushing it in but it was too dry.Me: let me help u with that.I started licking her pussy getting her nice and wetJames: ya lick her pussy! Make your girlfriends pussy wet so that another guy can fuck her!I looked up at him and smiled. I licked a bit more till she was nice and wet, I sucked his cock for a bit then he tried again. He slipped right in! It looks like I aroused her in her sleep.James: she’s wet inside too!Me: what can I say! I’m good at eating pussyJames: good at sucking cock and eating pussy! Ur just a cocksucking people pleaser aren’t u?Me: “with a smile” it’s a giftHe started moving his cock in and out, Sue moved a little and moaned slightly.James: come take a closer look! Come look at how I’m fucking your girlfriend.He pulled my head closer giving me a perfect view of his dick sliding in and out of her.Sue moaned a bit every now and then but she didn’t wake upJames: this feels weird with her sleeping I can’t do thisI preferred that he stopped so that me and him can mess around, but he looked disappointed so I didn’t want him to stop. I woke Sue up and she looked at me.Sue: what?Me: you have a visitorShe looked at him and while half awake she replied.Sue: ya I can feel him. It doesn’t look like he needs my help. U guys have fun I’m going to sleep.She moaned and responded a bit but she was still barely awakeJames: I’m sorry to bother u Sue. I’m going to stop now, good night.We walked out and placed the blanket and pillows in placeJames: as much as I wanted to keep going, I just couldn’t. Even though I knew that she was ok with it, it just felt wrongMe: well that’s up to u.He took his pants off and told me to do the same, so I took my clothes off.James: so you like it when you are degraded huh?Me: I love it!James: get down on ur knees!I got on my knees and he brought his cock closer to my face.James: Smell it! What does my cock smell like?I smelled his cockMe: it smells like my girlfriends pussy!James: why does it smell like your girlfriends pussy? Who helped me put it in her pussy?Me: I helped you put it in her pussy! I made her wet for you and I sucked your dick James: that’s right! You put it in her pussy, because your not a man! Your a cocksucker who likes to watch real men fuck his girlfriend right? Say it! Say your a cocksucker!Me: I’m a cocksucker!He pushed his cock against my mouth.James: well then cocksucker, suck my cock!I started to suck his cock again, he tasted like pussy and he made sure that he reminded me exactly who’s pussy it tasted like!James stopped me from sucking and laid down and got comfortable.Once he adjusted himself I took his dick back in my mouth and he got back to the dirty talk.James: If ur girlfriend wakes up horny right now, she probably wouldn’t come to u! She would probably go over to my friends and they would take turns fucking her while you are here on your knees sucking dick! Your girlfriend is a slut who would fuck a group of guys together even though she just met them! And ur her boyfriend, not would you not stop her but you would either go watch and jack off in the corner or you would look for a cock to suck!He was really getting creative with the dirty talk, degrading me as much as possible! The nastier the things he said got, the hornier I got! I even came and rubbed my cum off on the ground without him noticing because I didn’t want him to stop! In fact I agreed with everything he said and I even tried to encourage him to go further!James started to cum, I tried to collect all of his cum in my mouth.James: oh fuck! Suck it all up! I don’t want there to be anything left!I sucked it out and licked his cock until my mouth was completely full and I opened my mouth to show him what a good job I did, then I swallowed it.We laid down next to each other, naked and out in the dark woods. He asked me all sorts of things about our sex life. I told him about my mistress, I told him how Sue used to be innocent until I shared my fantasies with her, I told him how Sue would often make me go and talk to random guys and try to pick them up for her while she relaxes at home! I even told him how she still has sex with all her exes and how she would frequently make sex part of her hospitality whenever my friends are visiting.At first he just seemed curious, but as I started telling him more about our life, he seemed to be getting hard again! I started to intentionally tell him stories with full details, I showed him whatever pictures or videos I have on my phone. After about half an hour to 45 minutes of relaxing, while I gave him every dirty detail I can think of, James was fully erect again! I reached over and held his cock and very slowly and gently stroked it. While we were laying next to each other with his cock in my hand, I asked.Me: Are you up for more or is this just a false alarm?James: No it’s not a false alarm. All the things that you have been saying really turned me on!Me: Really? What turned you on the most? Was it how I share my girlfriend? Or was it all the pictures and videos?James: A mix of both, I guess it’s mainly the fact that you have no pride or jealousy and you know it and actually enjoy it! And how your girlfriend takes advantage of your sexuality sleeping with who ever she wants!I leaned over and licked his cock a bit.Me: So it turned u on that I have no pride? Like the fact all of you fucked my girlfriends brains out except me yet here I am licking your cockJames: Not only are you still licking my cock, but you enjoy it!Me: I don’t enjoy it, I fucking love it!I one quick motion I took as much of his cock as I can, he closed his eyes.James: fuck that feels good! Me: well I’ve been making you feel good all night! How about you make me feel good now?James: how? Me: Fuck me like you did last night! That felt so good!James quickly got up, he got on top of me and flipped me over and I was face down and ass up. He held his cock against my ass the gradually slid his cock in. The thickness of his cock was still painful, but I enjoyed that pain!James: is that what makes you feel good?Me: yes! But harder! He started fucking me with quick hard thrusts! He would pull his cock all the way out, then in one sudden quick motion he would shove it all the way in!Me: yes just like that!James: is that what you like?Me: yes! I fucking love it!He started picking up the pace, fucking faster and faster thrusting hard! I didn’t touch my dick because I knew that I would cum instantly!Me: did you fuck my girlfriend this hard last night?James: this is exactly how I fucked her! Didn’t you enjoy watching?Me: I did! I loved watching her sandwiched between you and your friend!He slowed his pace a little bit, I guessed that he might be close to cumming so I had to stop him for a bit so that he doesn’t cum. Me: How about we go inside the tent? I want you to fuck me next to my girlfriend!James: That sounds fun! Maybe she would wake up and see u acting like a slut!We got up and walked into the tent, Sue was laying güvenilir bahis there topless with her panties still around her knees from when James fucked her in her sleep.I got on my hands and knees next to Sue. James got behind me, he held his cock against my ass then pulled my hips back as he thrusted forward shoving his whole cock in my ass. James fucked me while I was on my hands and knees, I was looking next to me at my naked girlfriend who was fucked till she passed out, James was talking dirty as he was thrusting his thick cock deep inside me!I was enjoying his cock so much I couldn’t help my self! I started jacking off and in less then a minute I started to cum! I didn’t stop James or tell him that I came, instead I just kept taking his hard thrusts and started jacking off again.Sue woke up and looked at me with a smile.Sue: well it looks like you two are having fun!Me: I am! This is so good!Sue: so you’re taking care of our new friends I seeJames slapped my ass and kept fucking me. I leaned to the side and kissed Sue, then she sat up next to James and watched, she reached around and started giving me a hand job, a minute or two after I came again, much harder this time!Sue: it only took two minutes for you to cum! Is it be cause he’s fucking you?Me: yes I can’t help it! Sue continued to stroke even though my dick was very sensitive since I just came!James fucked my ass for another couple of minutes, then he slowed downJames: I’m going to cum!Sue: cum inside himMe: yes James please cum inside me!Sue: Do you hear that? He’s begging for it!With that James gave me one last thrust and started to cum, the warm feeling of his cum filling my ass was amazing! I pushed back against him taking the rest of the cum deep inside me! The feeling gave me shivers, I felt like I was cumming even though there wasn’t any cum coming out!James finished cumming and we laid next to each other, I laid face down to keep his cum inside me.Sue held his cock and sucked out the last few drops, she looked at us and smiledSue: usually, people sing or tell campfire stories when they go camping! Our trip was all sex so far!Me: it’s more fun!She put a t-shirt on and got up, she noticed her panties were off and looked at meMe: you don’t remember?Sue: no!Me: James wanted to have some fun with u, I woke u up but when u fell back asleep he changed his mindShe laughed.Sue: I don’t remember any of that!Sue left and me and James relaxed.James: so why do u like being degraded? U never explained thatMe: the same reason I like sucking cock and getting fucked, the same reason I like sharing my girlfriend, it’s because it’s taboo and because I’m submissive. James: so let’s say now were not having sex, if I called u a faggot would u take offense?Me: well I can’t get offended now can I? My ass hole is still sore from u fucking me and I’m still full of cum!I looked at him and bit my lip, I held his so cockMe: I’m still filled up with your hot juicy cum!We laughed, I got up and cleaned my self, we walked out and got dressed.James: so watching is also a submission thing?Me: yes because I submit to my girlfriend and can’t object to her sleeping around if she wants to. And it’s not really submission because it’s just generally hot to watch a hot girl getting fucked! Don’t u enjoy watching porn?James: I guess I get itMe: well sit back and watch, and let’s see if you agree?Sue was looking for something in the car, I snuck up behind her and whispered in her earMe: how about one more adventure before we leave? James wants to watch as well!Sue: ok but let me have breakfast first!She went to the cooler and started making a sandwich. Because she was wearing only a t-shirt and no panties, everytime she bent over her ass would show. I pointed out the peepshow to James and he watched. I rubbed his cock.Me: u don’t have to watch u know, if u want her she wouldn’t mind!James: I wish! But I can’t right now, I need to recover!We watched till she came over to us with her sandwich. James was still looking at her body so I pulled her closer until she was against the car standing between us. I raised her t-shirt exposing her pussy and ass for him, I placed his hand under her shirt on her breasts. He touched her breasts and ass as she finished her sandwich. I took his hand and moved it between her legs, I pushed her so that her back was against him. He fingered her pussy as she moaned and rubbed her ass against him. He kissed her neck, she closed her eyes, and tilted her head back. Just as she seemed to be getting into it, James stopped! I touched her pussy and she was soaking wet! Me: come on lets go Sue: I’m dripping wet! U want me to walk around the campground like this?Me: why not? We left and walked around for a bit, soon enough we saw two guys walking towards us from a distance, me and James went behind the bushes on a parallel trail and waited in the bushes till the two guys arrived. Sue stopped themSue: I’m sorry but could u guys help me? I lost my earrings.They started helping her, at first they were really looking until one of them noticed Sue bending over and that she wasn’t wearing panties under her t-shirt! He pointed it out to his friend, they enjoyed the view since, obviously, Sue kept bending over!Sue: never mind guys it’s lost for goodOne of them replied: no let’s keep looking James tapped me and smiled, I smiled back and we watched to see what Sue will do next.Sue: no it’s gone, I’m too tired anyway!She yawned and stretched her arms which raised her t-shirt exposing her pussy. The two guys stared at her pussy, Sue acted like she just realized that they were lookingSue: are u guys looking up my t-shirt? U perverts!They claimed that they didn’t look and defended themselves.Sue: calm down u two! Listen boys will be boys! U helped me so I will give u guys one free peak ok? Looked at each other then at Sue, she raised her shirt all the way up exposing her whole body! She turned around for them and took her time then lowered her shirt.Sue: what do u think boys?The complimented every aspect of her body, sue actually blushed!Sue: ok since you two are so sweet I’ll give you one more peak!She raised her shirt again but this time it didn’t look like she was going to cover! She was really taking her time!James whispered: I definitely get your point! This is too hot!We looked back at Sue who took her t-shirt completely off! She turned around a couple of times then walked up to them and grabbed their cocks! Sue: Are you guys in the mood for some fun?They asked what if someone drove by? Sue assured them the park is empty but they chickened out and walked awayMe and James came out of the bushesJames: what’s wrong with them?Me: the were too nervous! Let’s just walk backOn the way back me and James followed Sue enjoying the view of her ass.James: even though it didn’t work that was really hotI grabbed his cock and he was hard!Me: well u can still watch her don’t worry We got back to our site, Julia went to the car and I went with James to his camping spot right next to ours. All the guys were awake, they saw us and all came over thanking me for last night and asking about SueMe: are u guys in the mood for one more round before we leave?They all said of course!Me: ok I’m going to call her over, non of that c***d’s play like last night! All you guys grab her and all 3 of you just have ur way with her! Remember she likes it rough so no taking turns! Just stick ur dick in the nearest hole and enjoy yourselves!They agreed, they laid out a blanket and me and James grabbed a couple of chairs to enjoy the show. I called Sue and she came over, luckily she still didn’t get dressed!She walked up and with a smileSue: good morning guys, did u all sleep well?Before responding one of them walked up behind her and pulled her towards him grabbing her breasts, the other came in front of her and started fingering her while kissingThe third guy guided them all to the blanket, they pulled her t-shirt off and now she was completely naked!James watched as his friends touched every inch of her body sharing her amongst each other!I slid my hand in James’ pans and started stroking himMe: isn’t that a hot sight?James: really hot!The guys took their clothes off, one of them grabbed her by her hair and brought her to her knees, she was now alternating between all three cocks sucking them one by oneSue: which one of u guys is going to fuck me first?One of them laid on his back, she sat on his cock taking it in her ass, the other guy started fucking her pussy while she blew the thirdThey fucked her holes hard! Especially the guy fucking her pussy and he was the first to cum, she kept blowing one, the other guy adjusted her and was now fucking her ass from behind.The guy getting the blowjob started fucking her mouth which made her gag a couple of times. The guy fucking her ass started to cum, he came in her ass, she was now down to one guy, he flipped her over, and started violently fucking her pussy while she screamed! Sue: yes! It’s feels so good!He pulled out and came all over her face.I walked up and pulled her to her knees, we all looked at her cum covered face, she looked back and smiled the collected all the cum with her finger and swallowed it then walked back to our carI called James and we both went over, Sue was sitting against the car rubbing her pussyJames walked up to her and turned her around and bent her over the hood, he fingered her from behind.I got on my knees, pulled his cock out then alternated between sticking it and licking her pussy. I held his cock in place and he shoved it in, fucking her hard and slapping the crap out of her ass.Sue: “screaming” that’s it! Yes!He sat in the driver seat and she sat on top of him, I got on my knees licking his balls and her pussyMe: doesn’t he have a nice cock honeySue: it’s amazing!By now sue came twice, finally he wanted to cumMe: inside her!She bounced on him till he held her in place and filled her pussy. Sue got up and I licked his cock clean giving it extra attention as a good bye bj, he got up and left. Sue was in the back seat laying down. I went over to her and licked her pussy cleanI packed all our stuff, Sue was laying down in the back still naked so I gave he a towel to cover herself.We said good bye to the guys, and we drove home, both of us fucked silly and completely satisfied.

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