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Career Path“Welcome, Jordan,” smiled the middle-aged white man. “We’re real excited to have you on the team here at Wyatt Motors.”“Thank you, Mr. Phillips! I’m happy to be here too.”“Please…Call me Jim,” the finance manager informed him.“Alright, Jim!”“Let me show you to your desk so you can put your things down and then I’ll introduce you to everyone.”Jordan sat down and dug a four photo frames out of his messenger bag. He set them up to his liking. He was the new senior accounting clerk for the successful used-car dealership. He adjusted his Stafford brand charcoal and red gingham tie as he heard someone come up behind him.“Hi, I’m Tasha. I’m the receptionist. Mr. Wyatt is my uncle,” she snootily introduced herself. “I take it you’re Jordan.”“Oh, yes ma’am! It’s nice to meet you,” he extended his hand.Tasha rolled her eyes and huffed slightly, “I’m not that old.”“I didn’t mean any harm. I’m sure we’ll get along fine.”“I bet,” she smirked. “Nice pictures. Who’s that,” she inquired pointing at the photograph farthest to the left.“Oh,” the caramel-skinned twenty-seven year old smiled warmly. “That’s Viceroy. He’s my cocker spaniel.”“Cute,” she lied. “That your family?”“Yep. My mom and brother.”“He’s handsome,” she salivated slightly.“Yeah, my girlfriends are always trying to get me to hook them up my baby b*o,” Jordan giggled.“Who’s the girl,” she now referenced the last two frames containing headshots of a woman wearing a different tiara in each.“That’s me,” he replied matter-of-factly.“You’re a drag queen,” Tasha’s mouth fell open.“Occasionally.”“So you was in a pageant,” she continued to pry.“I’ve been in a few. Those are the two that I won.”Tasha grabbed one of the pictures from the desk and asked, “What pageant?”“The one in your hand is when I won Miss Gay Texas America. The other one is when I won Miss Southwest Gay U.S. of A. Newcomer.”“Hmmmm…Okay. You not coming to work dressed like that are you?”“Well, I hadn’t planned on it. I’ll stick my shirt, slacks, and tie if that’s okay with you,” Jordan grinned as he motioned for Tasha to return the photograph to him.“I see you’ve met Jordan, Tasha,” Jim interrupted them.“Uh, yeah. I’ve met Miss Jordan,” she rolled her eyes.“That’s enough, Tasha. I’m sure there are calls that need to be answered.Tasha excused herself and returned to her post.“Don’t pay her any mind. None of the rest of us do. She’s only here because her uncle owns the place,” Jim shared.“I’m cool. She introduced herself as his niece so I knew she was a special case from jump.”Jim laughed, “Smart young man. Let me take you around to meet the rest of the team.”Jim introduced Jordan to all of the employees from the guys in the shop to the sales people to Mr. Wyatt himself – the former pro football player who had built one of the most successful Black-owned businesses in the state. The last office on the tour was that of Steve Thomas, the General Manager. Mr. Thomas stood from his desk and stretched out his hand, “Good to have you aboard. Jim tells me you’ve got quite a bit of experience and he sees you taking on a key role as we look to expand in the next eighteen months to two years.”“Thank you, sir,” Jordan replied enthusiastically with a firm yet gentle handshake. “I’m ready to do whatever it takes.”“That’s what I like to hear,” the five-foot-eleven-inch, two-hundred-thirty-pound Steve Harvey lookalike replied.Jim and Jordan returned to Jim’s office where the new employee received login information before heading over to the human resources manager to complete paperwork. While Jordan was away from his desk, Tasha took the liberty to round up her uncle and Mr. Thomas’ shared secretary, the H.R. assistant, and one of the female salespeople. She led an expedition to Jordan’s desk to point out his female impersonation headshots. As the foursome huddled over his desk whispering, Mr. Thomas emerged from his office. “Ladies,” he boomed.The pack s**ttered like roaches.“No, no, no, ladies. I wanna know what’s so interesting about Jordan’s desk.”“Nothing,” Tasha fibbed.“I’m not buying that, Ms. Monroe,” he looked at the owner’s niece directly. “Tell me what’s got everyone’s attention, Chantel,” he directed the statement to his salesperson.“We were just admiring the pictures,” she answered somewhat truthfully.“What about them,” he pressed.“Well, it seems those two beauty queens are actually him.”“I’m not sure I understand.”“The new guy is a drag queen,” she giggled along with the others.Steve picked up one of the frames and examined it, “What our employees do on their personal time is their own business. I suggest you ladies get back to work post haste.”With that, all of the women returned to work. Over the next few weeks, Jordan proved himself to be quite adept and veritable team player. Jim, who was one of the few white employees, was constantly singing his praises to Mr. Wyatt and Steve. All three gentlemen were excited about opening a second dealership on the outer edges of the metro area in the near future. Jim felt Jordan should be groomed to be the finance manager. Of course that would set him up for the loftier title of finance director. His superiors agreed. It was decided in one of the senior leadership meetings that Jordan should accompany Steve and Jim on the next trip to the car auction.When Jim announced to Jordan their intended plans, he could barely contain himself. He thought of his life and how he had given up his dream of going to a four-year college because his Apostolic minister parents had disowned him and cut him off financially. Instead, he attended community college and earned an Associate’s in business. Now, he was taking classes two nights a week to earn his B.B.A. Along the way, he had lived with a string of friends until he earned enough to secure his own apartment. During these years, he had dated a number of men of all shapes, sizes, and marital statuses. It was though his former daddy, Wayne, that he had been introduced to female impersonation.Wayne was a retired Marine, and current warehouse manager, who just happened to be married to a woman that lived a thousand miles away. He had moved into the area after making a job connection through a former military buddy. Wayne’s slightly younger cousin, Marvee, also lived in the city and offered up his guest room for a couple months. Wayne was happy to take advantage of the offer and his wife was keen on moving back near her hometown after traveling the globe for twenty years. Wayne’s cousin was also a long-time female impersonator and successful pageant queen.After a couple of weeks in town, Marvee finally persuaded Wayne to come to a show he was emceeing as ‘Sasha Couture’, his drag persona. There, Wayne met one of Sasha’s young protégés – Cadence Blahnik. Cadence was twenty-two to Wayne’s forty. But, the two sparked up a great conversation and Wayne was mesmerized when she took the stage. At last call, canlı kaçak bahis Wayne offered to buy her one more drink. They conversed and laughed some more. Wayne escorted his cousin and Cadence out of the club. It was just after 3:00 a.m. and Sasha commented, “The boys are out, Miss Cadence.”“That they are,” she blew a kiss towards a passing burgundy Cadillac Brougham.“What do you mean,” Wayne inquired.Sasha explained, “When the club lets out, all of the so-called straight dudes ride around like vultures looking for one of the gurls to get down with.”“Oh,” Wayne said catching on.“Ooh, there’s Terry,” Sasha purred. “I’ll see you back at the house later Wayne.”“Are you driving,” Wayne asked Cadence.“No, I’ll walk down the street to my place,” she replied.“It looks kinda dangerous. I can give you a ride.”“That’s okay. I’ll be fine.”“No. I insist. A gentleman would never let a lady walk home.”Cadence accepted his offer and gave him the directions to the weekly rate only extended stay hotel she called home at the moment. Wayne brought his vehicle to a stop and informed her he would walk her to the door. As she unlocked it, she offered for him to come inside and have one final drink with her. Wayne accepted. Cadence poured two glasses of gin and mixed each with a splash of orange juice and ice cubes.“I need to get out of this gown,” she complained.“Go ahead and change. I’ll wait,” Wayne stated.Cadence grabbed some clothing from a drawer and disappeared into the restroom. When she emerged, the evening wear was discarded and she now donned a pair of small shorts and a graphic tee. She had also taken the liberty to freshen up her make-up and reapply perfume. She and Wayne sipped away as they talked more about their lives. Finally, Cadence asked, “Why are you so nice to me?”“Why wouldn’t I be,” he shot back.“I didn’t mean it like that. I just wanted to know what makes you want to chill and talk to me.”“You’re an interesting person.”“That’s sweet of you to say. I think you’re interesting too. Your cousin said you’re a good guy and she was right.”“Yeah, Marvee is good people too. I mean Sasha.”“It’s all good. I know what you mean. So is there anything else you think of me?”“Like what?”“I don’t know. Do you think I make a convincing girl,” Cadence prodded.“To be quite honest, I think you’re very beautiful. I’m not sure why, but I’m pretty fucking turned on by you.”“For real, daddy,” she cooed.“Yeah,” Wayne gulped.“No way,” she giggled as she reached for his crotch.To her surprise, she felt a stiff rod beneath his jeans. She squeezed it and looked in his eyes.“You wanna taste it,” he inquired.“Yes, daddy,” she mouthed.Wayne sat back and enjoyed the best head job he’d ever been given. Moments later, Cadence was in his lap and they were making out like teenagers in the backseat of a car. Cadence rose up and swirled her taut chocolate ass on his nine inch dick. Wayne belted out and Cadence winced as the meaty tool entered the tight rectum. “Oh, baby. That feels good,” he whispered.“Yes it does,” Cadence confirmed.“I’m about to make love to you.”“Ooh, daddy.”The pair continued kissing as they gyrated into one another. Wayne stood and carried her from the couch to the bed without ever removing his tool from her inner sanctum. He placed her gently on her back and began to give it to her in the most passionate missionary position. Wayne gripped her tightly as his balls erupted. His seed flooded Cadence.From that night, Wayne was hooked. He spent the next year dating Cadence. It seemed that every year, he had a new gurl on his arm. Jordan came along a few years into his discovery. They were together at one of their apartments on most nights. Wayne encouraged him to enter his first nightclub pageant which he handily won and thoroughly enjoyed. But their relationship was not to be forever. There were no hard feelings. Both simply moved on their separate ways.Now, several years later, Jordan was glad for the time he had spent with Wayne. It helped him develop self-confidence, commit to his education, and begin standing on his own feet. The trip to the car auction was two weeks away.The Tuesday before the three were scheduled to go buy new cars for the dealership, Jim approached Steve.“My daughter’s having some complications with the pregnancy. The doctors want to take the baby on Friday. My wife’s a wreck. I don’t think I can make it to this auction, Steve,” he lamented.“Don’t sweat. You need to be here for your family. I’m sure Jordan and I can handle it just fine.”“Thanks! I really appreciate it.”Shortly before closing, Steve announced that he wanted to treat all the employees to drinks at a bar down the street. Most everyone went. The vast majority of them begged off after one beverage. A few hung around for another. The final contenders were Steve, Jordan, and one of the mechanics. The grease monkey looked at his phone and shared that his girlfriend was texting him to get home immediately so he gulped down his Jack & Coke and headed out the door. Steve took a swig of whiskey and said, “So, it’s just us.”“So it seems,” Jordan replied.“Just like this weekend at the auction.”“Yes Mr. Thomas.”“Steve,” he corrected his employee. “You know the first day you came to work for us some of the ladies told me that the pictures of those beauty queens were you.”“I’m not surprised. I figured it’d get around pretty fast after I told Tasha.”“Yeah. It’s fine. What you do on your own time is your business. Do you think she can make an appearance on Friday night?”“Tasha?”“No. The beauty queen.”“You mean me,” Jordan was puzzled.“Yes, I mean you. What’s her name?”“Jamaica Raine.”“Well, I’d love to hang out with Jamaica on Friday night after we get settled in if that’s okay with you. If it makes you uncomfortable, you can tell me no and I won’t ask you again.”“No, sir. I’d love for you and Jamaica to get acquainted.”“Excellent. Let me close out this tab. Our secret, right?”“Yes, sir!”“Good girl! Make sure you pack something to wear to dinner.”Steve paid the bill and the two parted ways. Jordan was hyped up the entire drive home. There had been countless nights were he fantasized about sucking Steve’s dick or taking it up the ass. He had gotten so worked on numerous occasions that he took to watching porn and hopped on sex sites looking for a quick hook up. Tonight would prove to be no different.Jordan brought his silver 2011 Honda Accord Coupe to a screeching halt outside of his apartment. He rushed inside and put the leash on Viceroy. After letting the dog take care of his business, he headed back to his abode. He pulled up the computer and posted an ad looking for a big Black dick to fuck him. He attached a few picture of him in a bikini. Once that task was completed, he opened a pouch of frozen strawberry daiquiri and started on his make-up. He heard the pings indicating new messages received. He cycled through casino firmalari them and sent off replies to four. He got a quick hit back from two. He decided on the six-two; two hundred pound African. When the foreigner arrived forty-five minutes later, Jordan had completely transformed. He introduced himself as Maya. The much taller Nigerian was definitely turned on by the pink platform heels, white thigh-high stockings, pink thong, blonde wig, and flawless make-up.“Look at all that ass,” he said in a thick accent.“It’s yours,” Maya confirmed.“Suck my dick!”Maya dropped to her knees and pulled out an eight inch dick that was as fat as a beer can. She struggled to wrap her entire mouth around it. Slobber ran down his shaft and her chin. The African coached her through the process.“You sure you can take it up your pretty ass,” he inquired.“Yes sir,” Maya replied although severely muffled.“Where do you want me to fuck you?”Maya stood and pointed at the couch, “Here.”“Bend that ass over then.”Maya assumed the position as she lubed up her hole with Vaseline. The African eased behind her and pressed his bone hard love stick into her. Maya wailed as she struggled to accommodate his girth. The Nigerian did not relent. Maya willed herself to open up. Soon, he was fully inside of her. “Get used to it. Let me know when you’re ready for me to fuck you.”“Yes sir,” Maya yelped. “I’m ready.”The African pulled out partially and thrust it inside of her gently. He picked up the pace with each repetition until he was hammering with all of his might. Maya was losing her breath and in danger of passing out. He thundered away showing no mercy.“Fuck meeeeee,” she cried out. “Fuck my faggot ass!”“Yeah. I’m fucking that faggot ass!”“Give me that big African dick.”“You like this fat Nigerian dick in your boipussy, bitch?”“Yes sir.”“Tell me again,” he ordered smacking her ass cheeks. “Tell me again.”He had stamina and pounded away as Maya imagined being with Steve.“Oh yeah! Fuck my faggot ass boipussy with your big Nigerian dick. Fuck me like a bitch.”“Oh shit! You’re about to make me cum, sissy.”“Cum baby!”“Get on your knees and swallow this shit!”Maya hopped up and opened her mouth. The African tugged at his dick until he shot several streams of ooey goodness down her throat. Maya swallowed like a good slut and led him to the restroom so he could wash off before heading out the door.Once he was gone, Maya cleaned off her face and readied for bed. Jordan played with his nipples and fingered his ass until he could take it no more. He jerked on his six inch penis and as he ejaculated he called out, “Oh, Mr. Thomas, fuck me!!!” Jordan drifted off to sleep with his cum on his stomach.The next two days at work, Jordan found it hard to concentrate. But, he did his best trying to avoid Steve. That was a task that proved quite tough since the General Manager made it a point to stop b periodically to take about how important this weekend was to the dealership and Jordan’s future with the company. Steve enjoyed playing this cat-and-mouse game with Jordan. Friday arrived. Jordan came to work with his suitcase packed as did Steve. Just slightly after 3:00 p.m., they hopped into one of the SUVs and embarked on the two and a half hour journey. They were only spending one night and driving back after the auction tomorrow. On the drive, Steve began to ask Jordan questions.“How long have you been a faggot?”“I’ve known I was gay all my life.”“How long have you wanted to suck my dick?”“Since the first day I saw you.”The back and forth lasted until they arrived in the hotel parking lot. The room was at a nice three-and-a-half star property. Steve marched to the front desk and gave his name. He handed the clerk the corporate American Express card to pay for the two standard adjoining rooms. Each gentleman entered his room, put down his bags, and unlocked the door connecting them. “I want to watch you transform,” Steve announced. “I remember you drink gin from the bar the other night. May I pour you a glass? I brought cranberry juice as well.”“That’d be great,” Jordan confirmed.“I’ll get some ice. Be right back.”Steve returned and fixed Jordan’s drink. He poured himself a glass of whiskey. Then, he pulled a chair up outside of the bathroom after delivering the beverage to Jordan. Jordan gulped it down as he started the shower. Soon, the room filled with steam as Jordan lathered his legs with strawberry-tangerine scented shaving gel. Steve observed via the mirror as the five-foot-seven inch fairy carefully ran the razor up and down the length of his limbs. Steve took another draw on the liquor and shifted in his seat. Jordan grabbed his pink bath sponge pouring the shower gel on it from his recently purchased Pink Chiffon gift set from Bath & Body Works. The entire suite of skin care products smelled of soft pink petals and vanilla icing. Jordan took serious care caressing every inch of his supple caramel skin. He spent extra time swabbing his juicy bubble butt. Steve perked up a little more as did his substantial member.“Do you like that, Mr. Thomas,” Jordan inquired. “Hell yeah,” the aroused forty-eight year old grunted. “I’m gonna fix another drink.”Jordan prodded when Steve returned, “When was the last time you fucked a gurl like me?”“It’s been about two years.”“Why so long, daddy?”“Haven’t really found anyone that turned me on like you do in a while.”“When was your first time?”“That’s an interesting story,” Steve started. “I blew my knee at when I played football in college. So, I lost my scholarship and had to start going to physical therapy. The nurse there had a great smile and pretty ass. We would flirt every time I went. One day I got the nerve up to ask for her number. I called her that night and we talked for a while. She invited me over for dinner the next evening. She had bought a fried chicken dinner and fixings from the grocery store deli. She tried to pass it off like she cooked it by putting it in serving dishes and shit,” he laughed at the memory.“Anyway,” Steve continued. We ate and talked and watched a movie. We cuddled up together on her couch. I was feeling her and I was on hard of course. She was grinding that big ole chocolate ass against my dick and I was playing with her tits. She jumped up all of sudden and ran across the room. She said she had something to tell me. Then she told me she was a transsexual. I didn’t believe her at first. She started to cry. I didn’t know what to do. So I told her to come sit down. I held her and my dick stayed swole. I kissed her neck and lifted up her skirt. Next thing I knew, I was fucking her asshole. She was screaming. She jumped up again and put her mouth on it. She got me super hard. Then, she bent over and I fucked her like a bitch. We did it three or four times a week till I moved away.”“That’s so romantic,” Jordan gasped.“Yeah, she turned me out,” Steve chuckled.By casino şirketleri now, Jordan was using the plush hotel towel to dry himself off. He applied a generous helping of the pink chiffon body cream turning his skin into delicate silk. After moisturizing his face, he began putting on his make-up. Steve watched anxiously observing every nuance of the transformation. Jordan finished process by apply lipstick and lip gloss. He shimmied past Steve, who grabbed a handful of his ass, and pulled out a 20-inch long black kinky curly lace front wig. Jordan sat it carefully on the bed.“What kinda shoes are you wearing tonight, Jamaica,” Steve quizzed.“I brought these for dinner,” she replied holding up a pair of beige velvet rhinestone studded stilettos.“Put them on now. And the wig too,” Steve ordered. “I wanna see you model them for me now.”Jamaica complied with the request. She suited accordingly by attaching the double ankle straps on each shoe. She affixed the wig to her head and positioned it ever so perfectly using a mirror in front of one of the beds. When she turned to seek Steve’s approval, she caught him stripped completely naked with his ten inches of manhood standing at attention. “I need a piece of that before dinner, you sexy motherfucker,” he confessed. “Come suck my dick.” Jamaica fell to her knees and crawled to her lover. She stuck out her tongue and Steve took the opportunity to slap it with his dick. “Get it good and wet for daddy,” he instructed her. Jamaica kissed the head and began to work it into her mouth. She rocked her head back and forth moving down the shaft. She gagged, but kept going. “That’s a good gurl! Suck it for daddy,” he encouraged her. “Show daddy how much you want his big dick in your tight asspussy.”Jamaica slurped and savored the generous monster. It was much bigger than she had imagined, but that was by no means a bad thing in her opinion. She sucked and slobbered while playing with Steve’s balls. Steve studied her painted face and could barely control himself. “Get up and bend over the bathroom sink,” he commanded.Jamaica skipped along and Steve cozied up behind her. He spat on her hole and flicked it a few times with his tongue. “Damn, that boipussy tastes sweet,” he commented. He rose up and angled his snake for her hole. He enjoyed looking in the mirror at his massive body contrasting with the more diminutive Jamaica. He heaved in and out slowly at first. He worked up speed as the seconds ticked away.“Ooh daddy,” moaned Jamaica. “Fuck me, daddy!”“You like daddy’s dick, baby gurl?”“I love it, daddy!”“Open that faggot boipussy up for daddy, you sexy bitch!”“Oh yes sir!”“Let daddy bust this first nut before we go to dinner, sissy!”Jamaica flexed her rectum as Steve gave it to her.“Oooh…Oh…Yeah…Daddy…Fuck…Ahhh,” Jamaica grunted.“That’s right. Daddy’s gonna flood that faggot ass and you’re gonna keep his babies inside you all night, bitch ass motherfucker!”“Oh god…Yessss!”“You ready, slut?”“Yes sir!”“Awwwww shit! Here it comes,” Steve bellowed as his cum raced from his balls into Jamaica’s gaping asshole.Steve pulled out and said, “Fix your face. I’m gonna wash up so we can get to dinner.” He retired to his room and took a quick wash off. He waited patiently for Jamaica to alert him that she was ready. When she did so, he admired the lovely short black scuba knit dress with the fitted V-neck bodice and flirty flared skirt she had added to the slutty heels. “You look like a million bucks,” he remarked.“Thank you,” she blushed.“You’re welcome. Let’s get going.”He had her wait in the lobby while he pulled the car around to pick her up. They drove to a cozy Colombian restaurant that Steve had discovered on one of his many trips to the car auction. The hostess recognized him, but had never seen him with a young lady. She smiled broadly and said, “Good to see you again. This time you brought lady friend.” Steve grinned, nodded, and gave Jamaica a squeeze on the ass. They ordered their drinks as Steve watched the waiter drool over his date. They dined on a splendid meal and built up more sexual tension. Jamaica excused herself to head to the restroom.“Yo! My man! That’s you,” whispered a young Black man at the table next to them.“Yeah. That’s me,” Steve proudly responded.“Do she got any sisters is all we wanna know,” interjected the other brother at that table.“As a matter of fact, she does. But, they’re married,” Steve chuckled as Jamaica returned.“You ready to get back to the hotel, baby doll,” he asked her.“Yes I’m ready.”“You ready for all this big dick?”“Yes, daddy,” she cooed.They returned to the hotel and made out in the elevator. They barely made it into the room before they were completely undressed. Steve picked her up and threw her on the bed. He pinned her down and pushed her legs behind her head. “Those niggas sitting next to us at the restaurant wanted to fuck you so bad. I got so turned on just knowing how bad they wanted my sissy ass faggot. Now open up,” he said as he spat on his dick. He pressed into her. She squealed. Steve worked every inch of himself into her until he was balls deep. “I’ll show you how a bitch is supposed to be fuck. Fuck your ass in the buck!” He slammed with all his might into her repeatedly as she squirmed and wailed. “Hold still, faggot! Take this dick!” Jamaica felt helpless in the midst of the anal assault she was experiencing. Yet, euphoria set in over her. Steve was in total control. He was owning her pussy – her faggot ass cunt boipussy. And, she loved it!Steve pulled out his huge dick and slapped her tiny clit and balls with it. “Look at the little ass thing you got there. You were born to be a pussyboy! My pussyboy!” After pummeling her in missionary, he hooked his arm underneath her and flipped over so she was now riding him. “Jump on that dick,” he yelled.Jamaica bounced feverishly on his meaty member as Steve pulled her into him. He began pounding and soon her ass was farting. This caused him to become even more aroused. He maneuvered her back into the buck and doubled down on his efforts to wreck her hole. He had her ass hanging off the bed so his feet were planted on the floor for leverage.“That’s what I’m talking about,” he sighed as sweat covered his body.“Yes daddy! Fuck me!”“Good bitch!”“Fuck my faggot ass boipussy,” Jamaica begged him.Steve pulled out quickly. He yanked her off the bed and spun her around on her feet. He squatted down behind her and slid his dick back inside. He hefted her off the ground and walked to a full length mirror just outside the bathroom. He fucked her from the back as she was elevated by him.“You like that, bitch?”“Oh yes…Oh yes!”Steve carried her back to the bed and collapsed on top of her while she was on her stomach. He thundered away in her pussy loving every moment. Jamaica cried out in pleasured discomfort.“You about to make me nut, faggot,” he announced.“Cum, big daddy! Cum for me,” she pleaded.Steve’s dick sent forth shock waves of nut into her. His body went limp on top of her. His sweat created a pool of lust around them. He whispered in her ear, “We better get some sleep. Early day tomorrow.”

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