Catherine, Part One

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Anal Fucking

Catherine, Part OneThe phone was ringing and Catherine walked into the kitchen to answer it. “Hello,” she said.”Hi Catherine, its Jane from next door,” Jane was talking a mile a minute as usual. “I just spoke to the man at the glass shop and they will be out on Monday to fix your door, sorry they couldn’t do it any sooner, but they are booked today and don’t work weekends, and the bill will come right to me so you don’t have to worry about anything. Again I am so sorry about all of this.”Yesterday afternoon Jane’s teenage son Eric had thought it would be a good idea to practice chipping golf balls in their back yard, landing the balls on Catherine’s roof next door. Everything was fine until one of the balls went through Catherine’s full length glass door leading from the kitchen into the back yard. Catherine looked at the door which now had a sheet of plastic taped to it.”That’s fine Jane, accidents happen,” Catherine said, especially when you are an idiot teenager she thought to herself.”Thanks for being so understanding Catherine, and just so you know he is going to work to pay this off to me this summer and I want him to work for you to do anything you need around the house. I know you have a service that does the lawn but is there anything else you need done?” Left unsaid was ‘I know you must have work for a man since your husband left you,’ although Eric was more boy than man.Catherine paused then said, “You know what, I do have some boxes and some of Jim’s things in the basement that got wet when that pipe broke last month. They are getting musty and I need to get them out. Send him over at nine tomorrow morning and I will put him to work.””I will have him there at nine sharp, ready to work. And if you need more stuff done let me know, we can’t let him get off too easy. Okay hun, let me know how it goes, maybe we can get together for a drink tomorrow night.”Catherine started to reply that that sounded like a good idea but Jane was already off the line.Up until eight months ago Catherine had been happily married to her college sweetheart, Jim. They had dated for all four years of college and got married a month after graduation. Both had good jobs but a year earlier Catherine received a major promotion at work, almost doubling her salary and requiring them to move to a new city. Jim was able to stay with his same company but didn’t like his new role in the new city and was never happy. Four months after the move Catherine came home to find most of Jim’s stuff gone and a note saying he had moved back to their old city and would be filing for divorce. No hard feelings. Catherine later found out he moved in with his girlfriend who he apparently had had for the last four years. She also worked in Jim’s old office, no wonder he didn’t want to leave.Catherine didn’t mind being alone, she had dated some, and was getting over the betrayal. She was still young, 27, good looking and earned a lot of money, she would find happiness again. But right now she just needed to get Jim’s old things out of the basement.Jim took his suits and most of clothes but when he left he’d left older clothes and boxes of papers, old office stuff and things that should have been thrown away before the move. It had all been stored safely in the basement waiting for Catherine to sift through it for anything of value and then toss the rest to the curb; that is until a month ago when a pipe broke. The water didn’t cause any real damage but it soaked a lot of Jim’s old stuff and now it was starting to smell musty and she needed to get it out of there before it became a mold hazard. Catherine had been so busy at work she hadn’t been able to find the time but her broken glass seemed to have given her the opportunity.The next morning, as promised, Eric was waiting at Catherine’s broken back door at nine o’clock sharp. He was a skinny k**, tall and broad shouldered but not filled out, a few pimples but generally good looking. He was wearing an old t-shirt and shorts, hiking boots and had a pair of gloves. He looked like he was ready to work even if he didn’t want to.”Hello Miss McCabe,” he said as he knocked on the door frame, shaking the plastic, “I’m ready to work.”Catherine put down her coffee, “That door’s broken Eric, but you know that already,” she couldn’t help herself, “go to the basement door on the side, its open already. I’ll meet you down there.”Catherine walked through the inside and found Eric waiting near a stack of cardboard boxes and plastic bags filled with damp clothes and old papers. “Okay,” she said, “this is it. I’ve got a new roll of heavy plastic bags here so as you go through the stuff look for anything valuable like jewelry or money and set it aside, the clothes and old papers can all go, it you aren’t sure about something set it aside and I will look at it when I get back. I am going for a run so I should be gone about 45 minutes to an hour. Take the bags through the door you came through and take them down to the curb, you can use the wheelbarrow if you want. There’s water in the fridge in the kitchen. Any questions?””No, I think I can handle it,” Eric said with no enthusiasm but he did seem to be trying to sneak the odd look at Catherine in her tight fitting running gear. Not only were her massive tits stretching her sports top for all it was worth she was also showing a bit of cameltoe.”Well try not to break anything.” She couldn’t resist.Catherine went back upstairs and finished her stretching then went out the front door and began her run. Catherine tried to run at least three times a week and it showed, her stomach was flat and firm and her long legs were well toned, but she had to be careful not to over do it; too much running and her boobs and back would ache for days. The sun was out and the morning was warm but with just enough coolness in the air to make the run comfortable. Catherine started on her regular route and got about 15 minutes in when she came to an intersection with a massive five car pile-up. Everyone looked okay but the police had the road and sidewalks blocked and were turning people around. Fifteen minutes one way would give her 30 minutes total (maybe less if she sprinted some) that would have to be enough. Catherine güngören escort turned around and headed back.Catherine sprinted the last two light poles and slowed juust after her house, jogging to the end of the block and walking back. She hadn’t noticed when she sprinted by but now she saw there were only two trash bags by the curb. She looked at her watch and saw it had been well over half an hour since she left Eric in the basement and wondered what this k** could be up to. He’s either going through every bag with a fine tooth comb or he’s sitting on his ass she thought. Catherine walked to the side of the house and went through the basement door. At the far end of the basement she could see Eric standing over a stack of boxes, his back to her. She was about to say something when she noticed his shorts were pulled down, not all the way but to about his knees. Suddenly she felt devious and kept walking, more quietly now, seeing how close she could get. As she got within about 10 feet she could hear him breathing hard and could see his arm moving from the side. Just when she was about to speak she heard him call out, “Oh yeah Catherine, that’s it suck my cock.””Oh really!” she exclaimed, now about four feet behind him.Eric totally engrossed in his own activity was oblivious to Catherine walking up behind and spun around, cock still in hand. His shorts fell down below his knees and when he tried to move he fell over backwards landing on the pile of old clothes, cock pointed straight up.”Well, well, well, mister. Is this what you do when you are supposed to be working?” Catherine said, having some fun.”Uh, uh,” Eric stammered, “please don’t tell my mom.”He started to pull his shorts up and stand up at the same time but Catherine stopped him. “I didn’t tell you that you could get up. The last I checked you are working for me and need to do what I tell you, so sit right there; unless of course you want me to go talk this over with your mom?””Uh, no, no,” he stammered again, staying put but trying to cover himself with his hands. This, Catherine noticed for this first time since catching Eric, was not an easy task. For a skinny young man his age Catherine couldn’t help but notice how big, and thick his cock was, even as it rapidly shrunk under her scrutiny.”Good,” she said, thinking about that thick cock, “now what where you looking at over here?””Nothing,” he said quickly.”Are you sure? Don’t lie to me. Oh could it have been this?” Catherine asked as she picked up a piece of paper with a color photo printed on it. It was a picture Jim had taken of her sucking his cock, a good cock for sure but not as big and fat and young Eric’s here. She remembered the picture, Jim had taken several that day a couple of years ago and this one showed her with Jim’s cock half in her mouth, a load of cum dripping from the corner of her lips. She did miss the taste of cum.”Yes I was looking at it, and the other things,” he confessed.”What other things?” Catherine quickly asked.”The other things in the box, more pictures and a dildo, sex stuff,” Eric blushed. His cock was now limp but still slightly inflated, Catherine noticed a huge pearl of precum oozing from its tip.Catherine looked over the top of the pile and into an old cardboard beer box, she leafed through the items, there were no more pictures of her but there were several of the girl from Jim’s office, the one he had gone back to. She was attractive Catherine thought and in the pictures was showing her pussy and ass; for presumably Jim. At the bottom of the box were some fuzzy cuffs she and Jim had used once and an old butt plug of hers. The plug was small and she had since graduated to a more satisfying size.”So tell me,” Catherine asked, “why were you looking at my picture and not the other woman? She’s attractive, no? And she is spreading her pussy and asshole wide open.””Yeah she’s hot but…””But what?”Again stammering and blushing, “but I couldn’t help but thinking of you. Your are so hot and I have seen you out by the pool, and when I saw that picture of you… well you know, I couldn’t help imagining…””Imagining what?” she asked, wanting to hear him say it.”You… sucking my cock,” he said with a gulp.”You’d like that would you?” He nodded yes, she moved closer to his spot on the pile of clothes. “What else would you like, do you like my big tits?” He nodded again, she moved even closer, now almost standing over him. “What else? Do you want to fuck me?””Uh, yeah,” he managed. She noticed he was still trying to cover himself up but his cock had begun to grow again and the precum was now running down his shaft.”Have you ever fucked a girl Eric?” she asked.”No.””Gotten a blow job?””No.””Have you kissed a girl?””A few times, and I kissed a girl’s boobs once, but that’s all, and they weren’t nearly as big as yours.””Are you going to college this fall Eric?” she knew he wasn’t.”No, I’m a junior, I’ll me a senior in the fall.””Do the girl’s in your class know what a nice big cock you have? Do you know how nice it is?” Catherine asked, licking her lips slightly.”I guess I know it’s pretty big compared to the other guys, but I don’t think any girls know about it.””Well, when they find out, at least the certain girls, they won’t leave you alone. Even it they don’t fuck you they will still want to see it and maybe touch it. Some will want to stroke and suck it and others even fuck it; with their tight little pussies and their asses. Some girls crave a big cock like that.” She was standing directly over him now, leaning over so her pendulant boobs were inches from his face, her sweat from the run dripping on him. She reached down and placed her hand around his cock and felt it jump to life. She ran her hand up and down the shaft now slick with his precum.Standing up she took a step back and asked, “Is your mom home?””No, she took my sister to the mall they won’t be back until after lunch.””Good, do you want me to show you how special that cock is?””Yes,” he said showing the first signs of enthusiasm she had ever seen from him.”Good, then stand up and take off all of your clothes,” she directed. “All of them, boots too.”He did as he was told while Catherine watched. His cock was fully escort güngören erect now and must have been at least 9 or 10 inches but also very thick with an even bigger mushroom like head. “How long is your cock? You must know, all teenage boys measure.””9 1/2 inches.””Well that’s good but let’s get it harder and longer if we can, stroke it a little but don’t cum.”Eric reached down and grabbed his cock and stroked it slowly up and down, rubbing the precum around the head and down the shaft. As he did so Catherine thought she could see it grow a bit in length and the head definitely swelled up.”That’s good technique,” Catherine said, “you must have been close to cumming when I caught you, I bet you need to cum pretty bad now.””Not too bad,” Eric said, his breath shortening.”Well that’s good because you can’t cum yet. Do you understand? If you don’t do as I say then your mother may still find out about this, but if you do exactly what I tell you to do then it will be our little secret, agreed?””Agreed!””Now your cock is big but I can make it swell up a little more and get you to make more of the yummy precum you are pumping out. Do you ever taste your own precum? I bet you do,” he nodded, “go ahead and scoop up a drop and taste it.”Eric hesitated briefly then pumped a drop onto his finger and put it to his tongue. He had done it before, and liked the taste, but never with anyone watching, especially his older next door neighbor.”That was good wasn’t it you dirty little boy?” he nodded not wanting to do anything wrong and ruin what was happening. Reaching into the box Catherine pulled out the butt plug and held it up. “Do you know what this?””A dildo,” he said half asking.”Close, it’s a butt plug. I used to use it but I prefer a larger one now, this is for beginners, I didn’t even know it was down here. Here, take it,” she said handing it off, “I want you to put it in your ass. Don’t worry it’s clean, and it’s only been in my ass, Jim didn’t like ass play.””What do I do?” Eric asked holding it up. Good boy she thought.”Go ahead and lick it and get it slick with your spit, pump some of that precum on it, that will really help.” He did both. “Now push it in your butt.”He looked at Catherine with a bit of trepidation. “Where did you think a butt plug went, your ear?” she giggled, “It’s okay, bend over and push it in, it’s small and won’t hurt, much. And it won’t make you gay if that’s what you’re worried about, lots of guys do it, and the way you are looking at me you are plenty straight.”Eric bent over and used one hand to spread his cheeks and the other to push the plug in. It took a bit of effort at first but once in got past the small bulge it slid in as if being sucked then held firmly in place. It felt surprisingly good and it made his cock jump and every time his cock jumped he could feeling it in his ass which made his cock jump again.”I think you liked that,” Catherine smiled, “you should, it stimulates your prostate and helps to make more of that yummy precum. Go ahead and have another taste.”Eric did as he was told, visibly enjoying the taste of his own precum.”Naughty boy. Now stand very still.” He did. Catherine squatted down in front of him placing her head just below and in front of Eric’s massive cock. “Now pump one drop out and when you do pull back on your head so the opening is nice and wide.” Eric did so without question or further instruction and Catherine leaned forward with her outstretched tongue showing the tip in to the end of end his cock and licking out a massive dollop of clear sticky precum.Standing back up she licked her lips and smiled, “You can get dressed now,” she said and started to turn around. She quickly turned back toward Eric and caught the extreme look of disappointment on his face. “Gotcha,” she said. “I know that was cruel but you do have to pay for breaking my window. Anyway I wouldn’t let you get off that easy, I need more than a little taste from you.” A smile came back to Eric’s face. “Don’t act too happy, you’re still being punished,” Catherine warned with a smile of her own.Catherine told him to turn around and face away from her and he did. Then she reached in the box and pulled out the cheap fuzzy handcuffs.”Put your hands behind your back,” she commanded, and he did. She promptly put the cuffs on and he gasped as she did. “Don’t worry, they’re just plastic and you could break them if you wanted to, but don’t you dare. Now turn back around.”Eric turned around and faced Catherine who had pulled her sports top off just as he began to turn. He now came face to face with Catherine’s giant yet well shaped and very firm boobs. Her chest was covered with sweat from her run and she had a slight odor of clean sweat now mingling with the musky scent of her pussy which was absolutely throbbing inside her spandex running shorts.”You like my big boobs don’t you? That’s why you were jerking off to the picture of me sucking my ex’s cock wasn’t it? I think you should suck on my tits to show how sorry you are for breaking my window and then not doing the work you were supposed to be doing.”Catherine grabbed the top of Eric’s head and pushed him down to her tits, which wasn’t far given her height. “Now suck!” she commanded and pushed his head to her left nipple which was fully erect and begging for attention. “Good,” she said as he began to suck, “Now nibble lightly.” Again he did what he was told and the sensation was exhilarating. Her other nipple was now just as hard with envy and she moved his attention there. Her pussy ached and she could feel her clit rubbing against the inside of her shorts.Catherine pulled Eric’s mouth from her aching nipples and wedged his face between his boobs, smothering him. “You like that? Get in there and lick that sweat between my tits, does it taste good? Not as good as your precum I bet?”Eric tried to respond but was muffled by Catherine’s voluptuous chest. She pushed him back and gave him a chance to get some air.”Okay,” she said, “sit on the edge of that pile of clothes and spread you legs slightly.” Now the fear of Catherine stopping, not her telling his mother made him follow all commands promptly.Catherine got down in front of Eric placing her hands on güngören escort bayan his thighs pushing them apart a little more and using them to steady herself. His hands were still firmly behind his back and he was at her mercy, she reached up to his chest, pausing to feel his developing muscles, and pushed him back further into the musty clothes pile. “You lie back there and look at the ceiling; let me take care of this.”Catherine opened her mouth and took his entire cock in one fell swoop. It almost made her gag but she pulled back up in the nick of time and concentrated on his head, swirling her tongue around and under the massive ridge, darting it into his opening and licking out the precum which now was flowing like a stream. Eric moaned and she felt his balls start to tense up and she pulled her mouth off of him. “Not yet, you need to hold out a bit longer. Lean forward and look at me.”Eric pulled himself up; it was difficult with his hands behind his back and was like doing a crunch. Catherine leaned up to his face and looked in his eyes, such an innocent boy she thought. Smack she let her right hand fly and make contact with the left side of his face on the cheek. He winced but didn’t cry out, Eric knew some women liked to play rough, both giving and receiving and figured Catherine might be this sort. He just hoped it didn’t get too rough.”That’s for breaking the glass in my door,” she said then let her left hand fly to his right cheek. “And that’s for jerking off to my picture.” She leaned back down and placed her mouth around his fat cockhead and sucked while her tongue did its work. At the same time she gave the butt plug in Eric’s ass a little series of pushes and pulls in and out, but not all the way out. Eric moaned harder this time and she released him and came back up, “and that’s for choosing my picture to jerk off to over the other woman.”Catherine leaned in again this time placing her tits, still slick with her own sweat and Eric’s saliva, on either side of his cock. Looking up to meet his gaze once more she asked, “You like my big tits don’t you? Most men do. Do you want to titty fuck me?””Yes,” he said, short of breath again, “I want to real bad. I think I need to cum pretty soon too.””You let me be the judge of when you need to cum, you’re still paying for the window, don’t cum until I tell you, okay?””Okay, I’ll try.””You’d better do more than try. Now keep that precum pumping and thrust your hips so that fat head of yours can slide between my tits.” Catherine leaned forward and squeezed her tits together firmly around Eric’s pumping cock. In the space of her cleavage it felt massive, she couldn’t imagine what it would feel like in other places. Suddenly she felt him tense and she pulled back releasing his cock. “Uh uh, what did I tell you about cumming too soon. Do you think I should let you cum now?””Only if you want,” Eric said.”Good boy, you are learning,” Catherine said, pleased with herself. “I think I may let you cum soon. What was it you were saying when I found you jerking off down here?”Eric paused. “Go on, I want to hear you say it,” Catherine said as she reached out and grabbed Eric’s balls, not lightly but not too hard either.Eric tensed up and answered, “Suck my cock.””I think it was ‘Oh yeah Catherine, that’s it, suck my cock,’ does that sound right?” Catherine asked squeezing a bit harder.”Yes that was it,” Eric quickly answered.”Well go ahead and say it. Now!”Eric said the words. “Again!”He said them again.”Good, now keep saying it until I tell you to stop or until you cum, and don’t cum until I tell you to. Go!” Catherine warned and released his balls from her manicured grip. “And say it like you mean it.”Eric began reciting as ordered and Catherine spread his legs wide and began to suck his giant cock, alternating between sucking on just the head and taking the entire shaft deep in your mouth and back of her throat until she could feel him sc****, almost making her gag. Eric’s recitation became less rote and more passionate quickly, Catherine had to alter her tempo frequently to keep him from cumming but soon she could take no more and wanted him, wanted to feel him explode in her mouth, wanted to taste his sweet young seed. Catherine used one hand to stroke his shaft while she sucked his cock and with the other hand she reached down and began to tease Eric’s ass with the plug again.Eric was getting very close, he was still saying ‘Oh yeah Catherine, that’s it, suck me cock,’ but he was struggling. With his cock in her mouth Catherine looked up and met his eyes and nodded letting him know it was okay. She lowered her gaze and began to jerk and suck furiously, he was on the edge.Eric’s balls began to contract for what he hoped was the start of the final time and just as he started to cum Catherine pulled the butt plug all the way out, shoved it back in and pulled it out. Eric arched back and released the largest load he had ever produced; he had been jerking off since he was twelve and had never known an orgasm to feel so good. The sensation went on for what seemed an eternity and his cock felt like it was alive. On the other end Catherine placed Eric’s cock so just the head was in her mouth with her lips wrapped lightly around it. The amount of cum was staggering and she greedily slurped it up, it tasted of chocolate and she wondered what Eric had been eating recently. As she sucked and pumped his cock she took her hand that had been manipulating the plug and put it to the outside of her shorts rubbing her clit hard and making herself cum at the same time. She could feel her pussy contracting and could feel her juices flowing out, her hot vaginal fluids mixing with the cool perspiration already in her shorts.Catherine stood up, her legs were wobbly from squatting and the intense orgasm but she managed. She reached over and grabbed Eric by the mouth with one hand, her other hand lightly rubbing the front of her shorts, and pulled him to her mouth. She had swallowed most of the cum but she pulled him close and gave him a deep and passionate kiss that went on for a solid minute.Dropping him back she stood fully erect again caught her breath. “How was that, was it better than jerking off to my picture?””Uh yeah,” Eric gasped, “totally.””Well you are not done yet mister, there is still plenty you need to do for me, and your mother won’t be home for some time yet.” Catherine smiled and pushed Eric all the way back on the pile of clothes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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