CATHLEEN. PART 4 . by special request

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CATHLEEN. PART 4 . by special requestCATHLEEN. PART 4. By special request.It was Colleen who had delivered the message herself. After she put the note on my desk, she bent down and whispered in my ear “I miss you”. Even though it was not loud enough to be heard by my neighbours, it was a dangerous and crazy thing to do. I gave her a frozen smile.The other female clerks suspected what was going on but they couldn’t do anything, especially since I didn’t receive any special treatment or rise in salary. The note said to call Alanis. At break, I used a phone in an empty office. Alanis just said Helen wanted to see me badly and gave me a place and time. The following Friday evening, I was going by cab to a part of town totally foreign to me. The houses were quite posh and separate from each other, not like the row houses I was used to. This house had two floors and looked like a small hotel. Helen greeted me at the door. “I usually have a maid, but I gave her the evening off”, she said, apologizing for opening the door herself. I knew I was in another world.It was late fall and I wore a light coat. She took it and hung it near the entrance. There was a light in the living room and that’s where she had been waiting for me. The rest of the house was in darkness. I could see her face clearly as she lit a lamp and took me by the hand. We walked upstairs, guided only by the oil lamp Helen was carrying. She wore a long dress, which looked dark blue, but I wasn’t sure of the colour. I only noticed it was buttoned in the front and that the part halfway down her thighs was not buttoned up. I had chosen to wear my work clothes, blouse and skirt, which was a look she hadn’t seen before. We reached the second floor and she led me to a room which was empty of any furniture. Actually she put the lamp on the only dresser in the room. It had hardwood floors and a barre which followed most of the far wall. I had seen enough movies to know that this was a ballet rehearsal room. “Undress please except for your panties”, she asked in that tone which was very special to her. At the same time authoritarian and pleading, it reminded me of a conscientious teacher.“I gave ballet classes here”, she confirmed.She unbuttoned the rest of her dress, folded it and put it on the dresser. She was totally naked except for a very small thong which barely covered her black pubic triangle. When I stood there in my panties, she approached me in semi-darkness. “I’ll be right back”, she whisperedShe walked briskly across the dark room and opened the door of a closet. She still walked as if she was about to spin around on the tip of her toes. She came back with something which was pink. They were two tutus. She gave me one which I adjusted around my waist. She put on the other, showing her lovely long legs. “I forgot to tell you I shaved”, I announced“Your legs ?”, she asked“No…my pubic area”, I answered“Oh…it will be probably useful later”, she said not finding the whole topic important.We continued to dress up. We wore a corset around our tummies which pushed up our tits. Obviously we also had ballet shoes. It took batman escort a few pairs to find one that fitted my rather large feet. For the rest, she directed me silently with her hands. I took off my panties and turned around facing the barre. There was a long narrow mirror which I had not seen when I first came in. She asked me to put one leg on the barre. Helen immediately crouched under me and began to kiss my legs all the way up to my thighs and my asscheeks. With the top of her head touching my tutu, she opened my asscheeks with her fingers and began to lick my hole. It felt heavenly when her tongue penetrated my puckered hole. Her tongue went deeper than during our first meeting. After a few minutes, we simply traded places and I kissed her long legs all the way up to her lovely narrow muscular ass. I heard her gasp as I twirled my hard tongue in her hole which was easy to reach, her buttocks being so flat. She called me “Anna” a few times and thanked me for licking her ass so well. Helen turned around and went back to the closet and came back with a long dildo. I loved to watch her walk in those ballet shoes and in her outfit. I could just imagine the uproar of a ballet with the women naked under their tutus. “Anna and I used to fuck each other with that”, she said as she brushed her face against mine.Actually it was a double-ended dildo less than a foot long but the narrow shape and length made it ideal for ass-fucking. I had never used one of those. She put some clear oily material around it. She knelt down and inserted the object in her ass but only a few inches. I met her ass to ass, our tutus forming a wheel of pink silk. I took the dildo and pushed it into my hole. I could feel Helen’s hand on my asscheeks as she pushed and pulled the dildo to its proper location. I saw later that it had markings which made it easier. We finally took our position, that on all fours, ass to ass, with our hands on the floor. We moved against each other slowly and our asscheeks touched. I could feel the dildo had reached as far as it would go inside my hole. After a few minutes of hesitation and a bit of awkwardness, we found a rhythm and I can tell you it felt great. We were both moaning in pleasure. It was hard to tell which of us was penetrated the deepest. I tried to imagine Helen and Anna: two ballets dancers fucking each other’s ass with a dildo like we were doing but 30 or 40 years ago. I felt Helen’s hand against the inside of my thigh. She had reached between her legs and was seeing if she could feel my cunt. We moved so we got closer and, at first our hands met and clasped, then they continued on their way, touching our inner thighs and reaching our cunt. Her cunt lips were dripping and wide open. Her fingers curled and penetrated my cunt hole. I touched her hard knob and she screamed. She pulled her hand back and I did the same. We moved again ass to ass to the point that we could hear our asscheeks hitting each other. It is difficult to describe the last minutes before our anal orgasm but let’s say it was magical. I’m the type who often comes during sex, even though escort batman I don’t always like my partner, but this orgasm was one of the strongest ones I have ever had. Still joined together by the dildo, we bent forward, our face touching the floor, our mouth open and screaming. I could feel my cunt juices flowing down my thighs. When I got up a few minutes later, I could see a puddle where Helen had had her orgasm. I wish I had seen her squirt. It took us awhile to recover. The dildo was resting on the floor somewhere between us and we were lying down close to each other, at times moving slowly nowhere in particular, our fleshy wet thighs and ass squeaking against the floor. We were both thinking of pouncing on each other but we lacked energy after this fabulous orgasm. Although our desire for each other was increasing by the minute, we still had to assimilate the dildo fuck and what it meant to us.Of course Helen was probably comparing the scene with what had happened with Anna. I was also musing on the frequency of their coupling, the secrecy of it also. Being discovered in those days would have ended both their careers yet they continued to do it. I wish I had been able to explore Anna’s ass and compare it with Helen’s. I suddenly found myself on my back, partially covered by Helen’s tall body, her breast brushing against my closed mouth, her wet mop of pubic hair rubbing back and forth against my thigh. “I want to fuck you”, she whispered in my ear, her small tits poking my larger globes. “How ?”, I answered“I want to rub cunts with you”, she said emphasizing the word “cunt”. I don’t know if she would have used it with Anna. For some reason, maybe because I was shaved, I wanted to be on top. I told her that. She pushed herself up as if she was doing a push-up and looked at me rather sternly. “Anna was always the man when we rubbed cunts because she was older”, said Helen in an indifferent tone of voice. “It’s ok Helen”, I answered softly, “If you want to be the butch that’s ok with me also”.“No…no… my sweet love…You will be like Anna…on top”, she said smiling suddenly.We took off our ballerina outfits and Helen took my hand to lead me to another room on the same floor. Both naked we made our way to the bedroom. It was a large room with a circular bed. I had never seen such a large bedroom outside a luxurious hotel. Helen was playful and teasing. She took me in her arms and kissed me, then she pushed me away and ran into the bathroom which was adjoining the bedroom. She tried to keep the door closed but I forced it open. She acted like an a****l forced into a corner, looking in panic for a way out. Then we would both burst out laughing, then get serious again in our roleplaying. Our thighs were still glistening from our previous orgasm. I stayed about three feet from her, letting her control the roleplaying. She spread her legs while standing next to the huge bath and undulated her hips erotically, licking her lips and running her hands over her breasts. I squatted in front of her. I could see her breathing faster and faster. Our eyes locked. She squatted batman escort bayan also. It was a silent invitation to special pleasures. She looked at the bath, and moved so she was squatting as soon as she stepped into it. I followed her. We had been holding back on this scene and our bladder was full. We closed our eyes as our streams met with full force, then we clasped each other in a bear hug while sitting in the empty bath, letting the warmth of the liquid stream all over our body. Helen got up and turned the shower on. We tongue-kissed as our hands touched, grabbed and pinched every part of our body which was round, fleshy, hollow or hairy. We cleaned each other thoroughly, dried our bodies with thick towels, and tip-toed into the bedroom.Helen rolled onto the large bed and moved on it like a gymnast. She opened her legs and spread her cunt lips with her fingers, she turned around and spread her asscheeks the same way. All this time, I walked around the bed watching her and making obscene gestures at her. We screamed dirty things at each other, reminding each other what had happened in the bathroom. “Fuck me”, she finally screamed“Fuck me with your cunt”, she added, drool dripping onto her small tits.I walked around the bed in silence, looking at her, seemingly indifferent. She rested her head on a pillow and slipped a smaller one under her ass so her pubic area was protruding. The sight of her small hairy mound drove me crazy with lust. “If you are not interested, then I will take care of myself as usual”, she said in a threatening voice as she began to rub her clit with her fingers. That was too much for me.“Come and get me”, I purred as I opened my cunt lips, standing in front of the bed.“It’s our wedding night, and I want you to fuck me”, I continued, watching the change in Helen’s face.“That’s why I shaved. To feel your clit penetrating my love canal. To feel you hair straining against my rosy fleshy lips. If you’re a woman, throw me on the bed and fuck me”, I screamedHelen went wild. She leaped off the bed and tackled me to the floor. I made believe I was resisting. She slipped her arms under my legs and back, lifted me like a bag of potatoes, and threw me on the bed. She jumped over me even before my body had finished bouncing off her hard mattress. I just had time to open my thighs as wide as I could and Helen was between them, pushing her hairy cunt against my shaved clam, kissing me clumsily, spitting in my face, pulling at my hair. I was consenting to being ****d by a lesbian (it was not actually the first time). I don’t know if I came but I think I did. Helen’s scream was enough to wake up the neighbourhood and covered anything I would have produced. Of course she cried when she found the scratch marks she had made on my tits. Although the situation was somewhat comical, I knew something important had happened in Helen’s life since she had known me. Helen didn’t love me like she loved Anna. I was the person who brought out of her every fantasy, every kinky or naughty behaviour she had wanted to do with Anna but couldn’t. I satisfied these fantasies and desires. Anna was free. I was paid. She put some money in my bag when I had my back turned. She said we would see each other again soon. I think she meant it. She looked happy. As I hooker, I didn’t feel used, I felt useful. END OF PART 4

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