caught part 4

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caught part 4adam licks jimmys precum off jimmys cock as jimmy wanks adams sore cock jimmy wanks adam faster and faster adam tries to squirm to get away but he’s tied down to securely and can’t get away’please my cock is really sore please stop wanking me’ adam begs’no you heard my sister i’m going to wank you until she gets back if you want to cum tell me so i can swallow it straight from your cock ”get off me you queer’ adam saysjimmy punches adam in the balls’you should watch your foul mouth don’t call me a queer and don’t call my sister a slut , anyway you are licking precum from my cock so if i’m qeer what does that make you?”i don’t want to lick the precum from your cock its disgusting ”then don’t lick it off just take this instead’ jimmy punches adam in the balls again’please don’t ‘ adam gasps ‘i’ll lick your precum off your cock”you are getting me excited again get ready to swallow another of my loads ‘ jimmy says smiling and wanking adams cock harderjimmy groans and cums into adams mouth’swalow it all down’ jimmy saysadam swallows jimmys load’i’m going to cum’ adam saysjimmy bends down takes adams cock in his mouth and sucks as adam explodes into jimmys mouthjimmy swallows adams load but keeps wanking him’please no more please stop’ adam begs’no you heard jane she said keep wanking you until she gets back so thats what i’m going to do”please no more’ adam starts to cryjimmy wanks him harder fasterjane wanders in nude her hair still wet from the shower’please feed me my cum from the condom’ adam begs jane’say that again while i film you’ jane says smiling she holds her phone in front of adams face’please feed me my cum from the condom ‘ adam begs’open wide’ jane holds the condom over adams mouthadam opens his mouth jane tips the cum into adams mouth’swallow and say thankyou’adam swallows ‘thankyou’ he saysjimmy is still wanking adams cock’please stop wanking me anadolu yakası escort off’ he begs ‘my cock is sore”not yet here jimmy put this used condom back on his cock wank him off into it while i film it then when he cums take the condom off him and tip it down his throat’jimmy puts the used condom back on adams cock and continues wanking him unti adam groans and cums into the condom againjimmy pulls the condom off and holds it over adams mouth adam opens his mouth jimmy tips the fresh cum into adams mouth ‘i’m hungry ‘ jane says ‘who fancies pizza”yep sure sis ‘ jimmy says’i doubt you are hungry adam with all that cum in your belly but you can come downstairs with us and wait for the pizza guy’ jane says ‘remember what i have on my phone i only need to push 1 button and it gets uploaded to the internet so i suggest you do as i say’when the pizza arrives jane answers the door in just her underwear jimmy and adam in the next room ‘i’m so sorry but i don’t have any money can we come to some arrangement ?’ jane asksthe poor pizza guy can’t take his eyes off her’what sort of arrangement ?”how about if i give you a blowjob for the pizza ?”uh i suppose we could do that’ the guy says’but i am a bit shy would you mind if i put a blindfold on you 1st? and no touching ok”uh yes sure why not’jane blindfolds the pizza guy then opens the door and waves jimmy into the room jane kneels down undoes the pizza guys trousers and pulls out his cock which is already hardjane points to jimmy then points to the pizza guys cockjimmy kneels down and takes the guys cock in his mouth wrapping his hands around the cock while he sucks on the head wanking and sucking the guy it doesn’t take long before cum explodes down jimmys throatjimmy stands and walks from the room as jane undoes the blindfold while licking her lips’wow that was great anytime ataşehir escort you need pizza ask for me’ he leaves’come on in here if you want pizza you guys’ jane callsjimmy and adam walk in and sit down’look can i just go please ?’ adam says ‘i’m sorry for calling you a slut”no i don’t think you are sorry enough yet maybe tomorrow afteryou suck off the pizza guy for a pizza”come on look i’m not doing that i’ll pay for pizza if you want it”wheres the fun in that ? i want to watch as you suck him off’ jane grins ‘ and before that you can practice by sucking jimmy off in fact you can start now get on your knees and suck jimmy off while i eat this pizza when he cums swallow it all’jane starts eating the pizza jimmy stands as adam starts sucking on his cock’if you want any pizza you better be quick’ jane grins taking another slicejimmy groans grabs adams head and thrusts his cock deep into adams mouth spurting his thick hot cum into adams throat’oh that was good can i have some pizza sis”there are 2 pieces left i think you should both stand next to each other and wank off onto the 2 slices then you can have 1 slice each”but sis i just came ‘ jimmy says’thats a shame but do as i say anyway remember you are still being punished as well for being a perv over your sister”make sure when you cum you get some of your cum on both slices both of you ok’jane watches as they both wank off adam cums fast and reaches for his slice of pizza’not yet ‘ i want you to have some of jimmys cum on there as well jane smilesjimmy groans and cums over both slices of pizza’good boys now eat up and enjoy’jimmy and adam take a cum covered slice of pizza each and eat them’good now we can all sit down and watch some gay porn together if either of you gets hard from watching then you can act out whatever scene makes you hard ok”come on please enough’ adam says ‘please”enough ümraniye escort when i say its enough ‘ jane laughs they sit an watch gay porn with big black cock in it’after seeing your cock jimmy i don’t think these socalled big black cocks are that big anymore ‘ jane saysadam tries to not watch the tv looking anywhere in the room except at the tvjimmys cock gets hard when a black cock is pushed up a skinny white guys tight assjane pauses the screen ‘this is the sceen so who wants to take a cock up their ass ?’ jane asks’no way’ adam says ‘i’m not doing that”really?’ jane says ‘so you will suck him off but won’t have him up your ass ?”uh i don’t know ‘ adam says’anyway as his cock is hard and yours isn’t you better bend over and spread your cheeks you are about to try anal ‘ jane saysadam turns round and bends over jimmy gets behind him and lines up his hard cock with adams assjane spits on adams ass and then on jimmys cock ‘little bit of lube for you gays sorry i mean guys’ jane grinsjimmy puts the head of his cock against adams asshole and starts pushingpush back as well adam help him i want to see if he can get his whole cock inside youadam pushes back on jimmys cock as jimmy pushes forwardthe head of jimmys cock plops into adams ass’please take it out it hurts its too big ‘ adam groans’no not yet i want to see him fuck your ass’ jane saysjimmy pushes a bit harder a little more of his cock slides into adams ass’start fucking him now jimmy’ jane says ‘slowly push more and more of your cock up his ass’jimmy starts sliding his cock in and out of adams ass pushing in deeper and deeper on each forward thrust’i think he likes it jimmy his cock is hard’ jane laughs ‘adam wank yourself off while jimmy fucks your ass’adam starts wanking his cock as jimmy fucks his tight ass’if you cum cum in your hand adam’ jane says’ jimmy if you cum spurt your load deep in adams ass’jimmy groans and thrustst hard foward all his cock disapearing inside adams ass spurting all his cum deep inside adamadam groans and cums into his palm as he feels jimmys cum sputing inside him’take that cum covered hand and wipe all the cum over your cock adam , jimmy get down here and lick all the cum off adams cock’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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