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CaughtOne evening, I was home alone. My wife had gone out with her friends and I did not want to go with her. So I stayed home and watched some TV. After a couple of hours, I started up my laptop to check my email. Nothing in my inbox, so I decided to check out some porn site. I had seen this site a couple of times when I had browsed the web. It was a site where white women fucked big black cocks. I had often thought about how it would be to see my beautiful wife stuffed with a huge black cock. My wife, Linda liked to play with her sex toys. We had stopped at a adult toy store one night when we were driving home from a party. My wife gets pretty horny when she drinks so she was the one who suggested it when we drove by the store. Inside the store, we went over to the dildo section. They had a peeproom, but we were not interested in that. Next to dildo section was some movies on display. One of them had a blond woman getting stuffed by a huge black cock. Linda picked up the movie and asked if I thought it was true that black guys had huge cocks like that? I told her I had no idea and that I had never seen a black man naked. She kept looking at the video and I asked if she wanted to get it. She said no, but she looked like she wanted to. When we started to look at the dildos, they had one that was black and bigger than the rest. I showed it to her and asked if she wanted it. She laughed and said sure. I asked if she would fuck this dildo when we got home? She smiled and said she would try to fuck it but did not know if it would fit inside of her.I went up to the counter and pay for it. The girl behind the counter looked at my wife and told her that this was an awesome dildo. She also asked if Linda had ever fucked a real big black cock and said it was even better than this dildo, and then she appoligized to me with a smile.During the drive home which only took about five minutes, Linda unpacked the dildo and had a hard time getting her fingers to reach around the shaft. She was giggling like a little girl and voiced a concern about using this on her pussy. She said that this thing was so fucking huge that it would stretch her to her max. As soon as we got out of the car and in the house, Linda went straight into our bedroom. I had a tough time keeping up with her. She took the dildo into the bathroom and washed it off good. Then she went to our bed and laid back on her back. She lifted her ass and pulled of her panties, she still had her dress on and looked very sexy with her legs up and pussy exposed. She took the dildo and rubbed it up and down her pussy. Then she started to try to push it in. I asked if I could help her and she shouted, yes fuck me with it. I reached over and took it from her hand. I put a finger in her hole and got juices from her wetness. Then I rubbed it on the top of the rubber cock. I put the cock on her pussy and started to push it in. Linda moaned and thrusted her hips towards me. Soon I was fucking her hard with the dildo and watched Linda reach one of may orgasms that night.So here I was alone at home and looking for the web site with white women and big black cocks fucking the tight little white pussies. I took out my cock and started to stroke it while watching a video of this good looking white woman who was sucking an amazingly huge cock. She could not fit his head in her mouth, so she licked the rim and the shaft while stroking him at the same time. I could see how he hardened when she worked on him. I believe these actors were actually enjoying their performance. Soon the guy had to move her away with force so he would not cum. It was clearly that he was excited, there was a big drop of pre-cum on the top of his head that the blond quickly licked up.The blond got force onto her back and the black guy started to lick her. She looked very wet and ready. I don’t know if she was faking it, but it looked like she reached orgasm while he licked and finger fucked her. She begged him to fuck her with the huge cock and he was ready.I was wondering how it would look to have my Linda getting stuffed by a cock that big. It made me getting closer and I rewind the video to the part where the black cock was slowly pentrating the pussy. I moaned and was very close to cumming. Suddenly I heard something behind me and turned around. Linda was standing behind me and watching me stroking my cock while watching the video. She smiled and said that it did not look like I missed her tonight. She asked where I had found that video and asked me to play the penetrating part again. She moved up next to me and I ran my hand under her skirt and up her leg. I could smell alcohol on her breath. She was watching the video intently as I found her panties and moved my fingers underneath. She was soaking wet. I asked how long she had been watching me and she said only a minute.I asked if she liked the video or if it was my masturbation that got her wet? She said both, but that big cock looked real good!I pulled down her panties and pulled her into my lap. She found my cock and started to ride me as we were watching the video. It got too much for me güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri very quickly. Feeling her soaked wet pussy on my cock was more than I could take. I warned her that I was cuming but she did not care, she kept riding me. My beautiful wife was extremely turned on. She grunted with pleasure as I thrusted hard into her and started to deposite my load in her womb. I felt her hand on her clit and she started to cum with me. I peaked around her body and I could see how the huge cock was pulsating as he pumped his cum into the white pussy. My wife franticly rubbed her pussy and moaned as she came.Linda fell back onto me and was breathing very hard. I felt her pussy holding a firm grip on my cock and soon her pussy was to tight to keep my softening cock inside of her. She pushed out my cock and a warm stream of cum quickly followed. I reached down and played with her soaked pussy. Linda moaned and said that it looked so fucking good with that big black cock thrusting into that pussy and then filling it with his cum. I asked if she wanted to feel that in her pussy. I felt her body tense as I rubbed her clit and she shuddered in another orgasm and whimpered that she would love to feel that stretched by a big black cock. It was clear that the video I had watched gave us both great pleasure. The next few times we made love, Linda wanted me to fuck her with the big black dildo. She had lost interest in it shortly after we got it, but now she had a renewed lust to fuck it. She admitted that before the video she thought it was unrealistic and too big, then she saw the video and realized that those huge black cocks were out there for real!It really got our love life hotter then before. She often asked me to tell me about how I would react if she fucked a cock that big. I told her I would love to be with her when a huge black cock stretched her pussy and worked her over. She said she would never allow a big black cock empty his sperm in her. She said she would be too scared to get knocked up and then have a black baby! We had never managed to get pregnant, so we simply assumed that we could not have c***dren and never botherered with protection.A couple of months later, one of our neighbors had a holiday party that we attended. It was always a real nice evening with lots of good food and plenty of alcohol. We mingled together for the first hour, then the host wanted to show me some new electronics he had purchased and Linda went over to some of the ladies.Linda was the sexiest woman at the party with a red dress that had a big open slit along her left leg. Much of her leg was exposed and she looked stunning. I loved looking at her from across the room. The host showed off his stuff and all the guys gathered around. After about 30 minutes I looked over at Linda and saw her talking to a tall black bald man. He was a very good looking and he was very intensly looking at my wife as they spoke. His eyes were glued to her big clevage and he had a good view from being so tall. Linda was all smiles and looked very happy talking with him. I could see that she had yet another drink in her hand and I knew that she was going to get very horny shortly. I was wondering what was going through her mind while I was watching her talking with this black guy.When the guys I had been talking with started to disperse, I walked over to Linda. She introduced me to Leon and told me that he had recently moved into the neighborhood and lived only a few houses down from us, but around the corner. I introduced myself and found Leon very friendly and nice. He had moved in from out of state and did not know many people yet. He ran his own company and said that he worked a lot from home. His job was very flexible so he hoped to have time to meet new people.We talked for hours and kept drinking. When it was time to leave, Leon walked out with us and said he was heading home too. He said he had enjoyed the party, but there were very few single women there and the few that had been there had already left. He winkled at my wife and said he had to go home and entertain himself now.We walked up to our house and stood outside and talked for a bit. Linda was tipsy and after a couple of minutes told us she needed to use the bathroom. She told Leon to come in for one last drink before he went home to play with himself….Leon laughed and said he could go for one more drink. Linda went to the bathroom in the master suite, Leon went to our guest bathroom, and I went into livingroom to mix some more drinks. Leon came back first and said he would take a whiskey. Linda came into the livingroom looking stunning in her red dress and her hair put up. It showed off her shoulders and somehow made her clevage look bigger. Leon made a comment about her breasts and asked if she had gone to the bathroom to pump them up bigger? Linda laughed and said they were always this big, except her nipples got bigger when sucked on. She was definiately drunk and horny. She said that a big black guy must know about big things and winked at him. Leon said that they were right about black perabet guys. Linda said that he was full of shit and that all guys talk about having a big dick. Leon said that most women got scared when they saw what he had and told Linda it was too bad she was married since she could have tried it otherwise. Linda did not answer him and changed subject.She asked about where he had come from and where he had lived in the past. They got in to a conversation about some middle of nowhere town that he had lived in.I needed to use the bathroom and went back to our Master bathroom. When I had finished and was washing my hands, I saw Linda’s panties on the floor next to the laundry basket. I picked them up to put them away and felt how wet they were as I touched them. I lifted them to my nose and could smell her wet horny juices on them. They were soaked. She must be very horny out in the livingroom and I had left her alone with a big black man. I was wondering if she would try to get in his pants.when I walked in to the livingroom I got my answer. Linda was sitting next to Leon who had his pants around his ankles and my wife’s hand wrapped around his hard shaft. I had not been gone more than five minutes and in that time they had managed to get his cock out and in her hand. She smiled at me and told me what she had found… She leaned over and started to kiss his cock. It was huge! Her little hand could not reach around his shaft and she had trouble putting his cock head into her mouth. She worked both hands up and down his shaft with strong powerful strokes. I was in kind of a shock, never had I thought that this was going on in the few minutes I had been gone.What my wife told me later was that as soon as I left the room, Leon unzipped his pants and started to open them and told my wife that he was going to show her how big he really was. As soon as he pulled out his monster cock, my wife said that her sense went out the window. She moved over and started to touch his cock. Leon asked if she believed him now and asked how it felt in her hand. Her answer had been to lean in a kiss it.Soon she was masturbating him to see if she could get to see him spurt his cum out of his monster cock, then I walked in.Leon looked at me and asked if it was OK that Linda played with his huge cock? I said it was fine if she was happy with it, then I was happy. Linda sat up without looking at me and raised her dress, then she straddled Leon and grabbed his cock. She slowly lowered herself onto his huge cock and I could see how much this monster was stretching out my wife’s tight little pussy. She grunted as she worked her way down the shaft. Leon told her that her pussy was so fucking good. He said he could fuck like this for ever. Linda got most of his cock inside of her body and then started to ride him. My wife’s ass is big and it looked so sexy to see her wide ass with this huge black pole going into her tight hole. Leon started to moan and told her that he might not be able to fuck her for ever, he warned her that she was making him too excited and that he might not last much longer. I could hear my wife whimper and it looked like she was cuming. I asked Linda if it felt good and she answered that she had never cum so much as so strong. It was almost hard to hear her talking since her breathing was so hard. I could see her toes curled up and her little anus kept flexing, those are signs that she is in climax and it kept going. She was like in a constant orgasm.Leon called out and told her to get off his cock because he was going to cum. Linda sat down harder and did not make any attempt to get off his cock. Leon pleaded with her, but she told him to fill her pussy with his black man’s cum. I could see how his shaft expanded and how his spermed rushed up his shaft and into her womb. Linda screamed out and almost cried from excitement.She sat down and his cock was buried all the way. Linda said she could feel his hot sperm hitting her cervix. She looked him in his eyes and told him that she was ovulating right now!!!He looked at her and told her that his sperm was extremely fertil and he always had to be careful where he let it loose. Linda started to ride him again and with each motion I could see how his sperm came out of her.Leon said that he thought that he was not even going to get soft, but he wanted to fuck her from behind. Linda got off his cock and with a big rush a huge load of cum started to leak out of her. She got on her knees on the couch next to him and told him to fuck her again.They fuck while I sat in my chair stroking my cock. My wife told me to come over so she could suck me at the same time. It felt so good to feel her mouth on my cock and I could feel Leon’s thrusts through her body. I called out and started to cum in my wife’s mouth, she was so excited that she kept sucking my cock as I spurted into her mouth. She swallowed every little drop and did not let go until I started to get soft.Leon was still fucking away and my wife started to show signs of another orgasm. She looked at me and said it was so sexy to have a huge cock in perabet giriş her pussy while having me cuming in her mouth, then she started to cum.Leon called out and said he was going to cum too and asked if he should pull out. I nodded yes, but Linda told him to give her more cum in her pussy. With that Leon grunted and thrusted hard into Linda who started to cum yet again. When everyone had come down and sat on the couch relaxing, Leon thanked me for letting him have sex with my wife. He said it was the best fuck he ever had experienced. He had always wondered how it would be to have sex with a white woman while her husband watched him fuck her and then deposit his load in her pussy. It was something he always had wanted to do and was really happy that it was with Linda he got to experience this. Linda was sitting on the couch very relaxed and told Leon that she had never been fucked like that before. She told him that she loved my cock and how it felt inside of her, but Leon’s cock was something completely different. She looked at me and said that she might need some huge cock once in awhile now when she knew the feeling.Leon’s cock started to get hard again and soon stood proud next to Linda’s big thigh. She could not see his cock from her position, but I had a clear view of his monster. Linda said that she often had thought about it since we watched a video with a big black cock fucking and cuming in a little white pussy, but she had never in her wildest dreams thought she would actually get stuffed by one.Leon pulled down Linda’s leg and climb in between her legs and put his cock on her pussy again. She smiled and said that she was surprised how quickly he recovered. Leon did not say anything, instead he started to push his big cock back into her pussy. Soon they were fucking in missionary position and I could see Leon’s cock hit bottom and Linda whimper a bit when he did.Leon lasted a long time this time and when he finally let another load go inside of Linda, they both were totally spent.Leon rolled off Linda and looked wasted. His big cock was laying on his tummy and still leaking out some sperm. Linda said she needed use the bathroom and get some of all this cum out of her ovulating pussy. So she went back to our bedroom.Leon fell asleep on our couch as I was cleaning up, I put a blanket over him and went back to our bedroom. Linda came out of the shower and looked very sexy. She had a glow of satisfaction around her. She laid down on the bed next to me and asked if I had enjoyed her fucking Leon. I told her it was a cool experience and I had cum strong the only orgasm I had.Linda said she was sorry and climbed on top of me. I started to get hard when she rubbed her wet pussy over my cock. Soon I was hard enough to slide in her and she rode me to orgasm. I emptied my balls deep in her pussy.We fell asleep very happy. I woke up and felt Linda’s ass up against my body. I reached out and started to gently caress her back and ass. Her skin felt so soft, warm, and nice. I ran my hand over her ass and let my finger slide in between her ass cheeks. I found her slit and it was soaking wet. My cock was rock hard, so I sat up behind her ass and lifted her cheek so I could move closer and push my in Linda’s wet pussy. She moaned and stired when I started to fuck her. I gently let my cock slide in and out of her as she was waking up. She turned and told me, not only had she been totally satisfied last night, she woke up in the best way too. I fucked her hard and could not hold back for long. I still had images of Linda getting fucked by the big hard black cock in my mind and it drove me crazy. I fell on top of Linda and thanked her for being such a good wife to me.She got up and went to the bathroom. When she came out, she said she was going to kitchen to make me coffee. I told her I would take a shower before I joined her.I got in the shower and took a hot relaxing shower. I dressed and went out to the kitchen. When I got close I hear voices and remembered that Leon had fallen asleep on the couch. As I turned the corner I heard Linda tell Leon to be careful, she said she was still tender. I saw Leon behind Linda and he was just starting to enter Linda’s body with his huge cock again. He had his hands on both hips and pulled her closer to him as his big cock started to press her pussy apart and swallow his huge cock. Linda was grunting and tell Leon it felt so fucking good and she felt so stuffed. Soon Leon was fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Linda told Leon to take his time, she said that her hubby would not mind if he gave her a good morning fuck! Leon answered that he did not care, but he felt so horny and needed to cum NOW. With that he told Linda that he was cuming and thrusted hard into her. He held still as I could see how he attempted to get deeper as he grunted with pleasure. Linda called out and said she was cuming too. I stayed in the doorway until Leon started to pull out of Linda. She stayed in her position and I could see a huge stream of cum coming out of her soaked pussy. Linda’s legs were shaking and she put a hand down on her pussy and started to rub her around her pussy and spread the sperm all over. It looked very sexy so see her pussy leaking out cum while Leon stood next to her with his huge cock dripping with cum.I really like my new neighbor and I think Linda felt the same way!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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