Chastity blog days 6 to 9 (the one with the butt p

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Chastity blog days 6 to 9 (the one with the butt pDay 6:After a long week at work, it was a pleasure to spend the weekend at home doing as little as possible and watching loads of porn!I had spent a few hours on Friday night looking on xhamster for the girl from lunchtime, but hadn’t seen any pictures or profiles that looked or sounded anything like her. I’m really intrigued as I just can’t work out if she knows what’s happening or not. Oh well, I’ll either find out in the long run or I won’t. As much as I’d like to see her naked and sat on my wife’s face while I lick her ass, I won’t lose and sleep over it.Obviously (!), my wife had left a list of chores that needed doing around the house. But, there wasn’t much more than a few hours worth so I decided to leave them till later and settled in for a marathon porn watching session. It’s really strange, but now I’m used to not getting a full erection or being able to wank, watching porn is even more of a turn on.Most of Saturday was spent in front of the computer catching up on newly posted vids from the week that I’d either not had time to watch, or had missed. By the time I’d had enough, there was a really wet and sticky patch on the leather of my office chair that I’ll have to make sure is fully cleaned before my wife gets back.Saturday night was spent watching TV and going back to the computer from time to time, but didn’t really involve very much of anything at all.Day 7:Sunday morning I woke up to find that there was such a sticky mess on the bed that I think I’d cum in my sleep again. It’s strange, but the first time I remember lots of weird dreams, with quite a few of them being about sex, but this time I didn’t remember dreaming at all.One of the chores I’ve got to do is to change the bed and wash the linen, but while I was planning on doing this at the weekend, I decided to leave that till later in the week just in case I need to do the sheets twice!I’ve found that I really like getting myself as turned on as possible with sarıyer escort the cage on, which is why I’m watching as much, if not more, porn than normal. On that basis, I decided to have some fun while I cleaned the house and tidied the garden.Firstly, I went into the bathroom and had a crap. But then I took the enema kit my wife uses on me (a large rubber ball with a tapered end to stick up my ass) and gave myself some warm water enemas. Normally, this would have me wanking like mad, but now I just got a very restricted hard on. I guess my diet hasn’t been to good over the last week ‘cos it took about 10 goes to make sure my ass was thoroughly clean! I made double sure by giving the enema tube a quick suck at the end and all tasted clean!!!After that, a quick trip to the toy box (!) and I fished out a nice medium sized butt plug and one of my wife’s strapon harnesses. I eased the plug up my ass, which didn’t need any lube after the exercise it had received with the enema and sat down to watch a little porn, making sure the plug was being pushed hard in. Once I was totally turned on, I took the harness and fed the cock part of my cage through the dildo hole and tightened the straps so the butt plug was jammed firmly up my ass and wouldn’t come out. The dildo hole was making my caged cock stick out in an almost horizontal line in front of me.On with a pair of loose jeans (as well as the rest of the clothes needed at this time of year in Wales) and out into the garden I went to have a clean round. We hadn’t (and for we, read I) got rid of the various bits of crap the accumulate outside over Christmas, so there was a lot of old cardboard boxes and other rubbish to bin. Plus, fallen leaves and other mess that needed to be swept up. This took about an hour and the feeling of the plug working it’s way around inside my ass was fantastic. Even better was the knowledge that I was out in full sight of any neighbour who might esenyurt escort look over, with a plug up my ass and a caged cock straining at the front of my jeans. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to pressure wash the drive and patio while I was there.Pressure washing generally ends up with you getting a little bit wet, but as it was quite a windy day I was getting soaked. I was also in need of a piss with the sound of running water constantly in my ears. Being in a perverted mood already, I relaxed and just let myself piss into my jeans. The warm feeling was great (as it usually is) and I was really enjoying myself until I remembered that I was wearing her harness!Quickly putting the pressure washer back in the garage, I went inside and stripped off in the bath. The leather of the harness was soaked and I knew I was going to be in the shit if I couldn’t get it clean. Over an hour later, I’d managed to get it smelling clean again and it was drying ready for me to polish the leather.Sunday night was spent looking at xhamster again, with the butt plug still there, but now held in place by a thick rubber harness instead. By this point, I’d had the plug in place for nearly 10 hours and the feeling was like nothing I’d ever felt before. The slightest movement sent a combination of pleasure and pain through my ass that not even having a much longer strapon (or cock) in my ass had ever produced.By bed time, I was both glad and sorry to remove the plug. I guess my ass had clamped closed round it ‘cos it took quite a while to ease it out and this caused a considerable amount of pain. Looking at my asshole in a mirror, I realised that I had the gaped ass from hell. It took about 15 minutes for my ass to finally close, but even then when I had a shower I was able to slip 3 fingers into my ass with virtually no resistance at all. I went to bed worrying that maybe I’d gone too far and had wrecked my ring in the same way I’ve seen a few guys do in the past.Day avrupa yakası escort 8:Monday morning and I didn’t have to be in the office till lunchtime, so I decided to treat the contents of the toy box to a good cleaning. I’m pretty sure that my wife is reading this blog [hi darling!], after all the problem started when she read the contents of my messages, and I could have decided not to mention the harness/piss episode, but I’ve decided to discuss everything here and that way there are no secrets. On that basis, I’m hoping that the 2 hours I spent thoroughly cleaning each of the toys and polishing the latex, PVC and leather of all her clothes and things will make her happy.A quick shower before work and I was glad to find that while my ass felt a little loose, it was nowhere near as dilated as the night before.At the office, I tried to drop into conversation the girl from the other office, but that just led to some comments about me fancying her and my wife being away so I dropped the subject quickly.I had an unplanned trip to see a customer late in the afternoon, which meant a long drive in the opposite direction from home. 3 hours in the car and my ass felt really sore. Luckily, it took my mind from the dull ache in my balls from sitting awkwardly with the cage! The customer looked a little strangely at me as I struggled to get up the stairs to his office and I told him that I’d pulled a muscle gardening over the weekend!4 hours in the car to get home and I really didn’t feel like doing anything, so I grabbed a takeaway near to home and settled down for some porn watching then bed.Day 9:Perhaps a vindaloo wasn’t the best idea only a day after gaping my ass so wide I could have stared in gay porn! I had to call in sick to work as most of the morning was spent in the toilet and the pain in my ass was unbelievable. I don’t think I’d cut the skin inside my ass (at least I couldn’t feel anything like that) but shitloads of chilli and a stretched ass obviously don’t mix!In the end, I went back to bed feeling very sorry for myself and spent the rest of the day feeling very unaroused and just lay there watching TV and reading a book.By the end of the day, I’d not eaten anything and my ass was starting to feel a little better and I’d got so sleepy laying in bed doing nothing that I was asleep at about 9pm.

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