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Chauffeur for the nightHey guys it’s been a long time since I have posted anything, and I want to tell you a story about what happened to me a little over a year ago.I was on vacation; I had taken a week off to get something done around the house. I was in the garage when my phone rang. I picked it up and answered it. I noticed from the tone of the voice on the other end that she was upset. It was a business acquaintance of mine. Her name was Patricia and her and her husband owned a business that I had done some security and network work for. Patricia is mid 30’s beautiful black haired Italian firecracker. Great tits, nice ass and her southern draw in her voice is an instant turn on for me. Patricia is the CFO of the company her and her husband owns. She starts the conversation by asking me if I had time to talk and I said sure, what’s up. She starts unloading on me about her husband. It seems that her husband had just got back from a business trip to Vegas, he had taken their software programmer and one of his friends. Patricia is extremely upset and starts telling me that she thinks her husband had cheated on her. I asked her what happened and why she thinks that. She said she was running credit card reports this morning and found that he had spent over $7000.00 in Vegas and three of the charges were to strip clubs. When she confronted him about it, he just blew her off. Patricia said they got in a huge fight and that he never takes her anywhere and its always him being the one to go party and she was the responsible one. He told her she needed to go and blow off some steam and she wanted to take a few girlfriends to Vegas and have a good time to do it. I was a little taken back by the fact that she was sharing all this with me, I guess she just needed someone to talk to and I was a good choice. She and I had shared some moments in the past where she was having trouble with her daughter sneaking out and I shared some stories of what I did to catch my k**s doing the same. So, we had a little bit of a connection. I told her that she should sleep on it before she makes any rash decisions. I asked her why she had called me instead of one of her girlfriends? She told me that she was thinking of taking a night out on the town with the new company Van that they had bought. They had bought a luxury BMW 1-ton van that would seat about 10 people. This thing had two flat screen tv’s and customer sound and lighting. They had bought it to take clients out and to travel in for business. It was something they could work in while on the road. She said the TV’s were not working and that the manufacturer was sending parts to fix it and asked if I would be interested in fixing it for them. I said sure and asked when I could come pick it up. She said she was at the office and I could come anytime to get it. She said she wanted to use it Friday night and this was Wednesday. She said the parts came in this morning. I hopped in my truck and drove over to pick it up. I went inside and sat down in Patricia’s office bakırköy escort and asked her if she had calmed down any. She said she had and handed me the keys. As I was getting up to leave, she asked if I knew anyone who would be interested in being their chauffeur for Friday night. I looked into her green eyes and said I would be delighted. She says oh I didn’t even think about that, that would be perfect. On Thursday I was able to get all the TV’s working and was able to test everything out and made sure the tablets and everything had internet. I got a call from Patricia around 1pm and she asked how everything was going. I told her that I had just finished up and everything is working fine. She told me to come by the office and get her credit card and a list so I can stock up the bar inside the van. I did as she asked. I bought everything and I have to tell you it was all hard liquor and they were in for some serious drinking by what was on the list. I returned from the Liquor store and parked the van; I hopped in my truck and drove home. I received a call from Patricia around noon of Friday and she asked if I was still driving them tonight. I told her I was looking forward to it and she said the plan was to pick them all up at work at 6pm. She went on to tell me I would be dropping them all off at their houses later that evening. I arrived around 5:30 pm and got the Van ready and cooled down since it had been in the 80’s all day. At 6 pm the three of them loaded into the van and let me tell you they were all dressed to kill. Dawn was the first to approach the van. She is about 5’ 2” blonde big boob and a little on the heavy side. Kathy was next 5’8” brunette nice figure and dressed like a librarian. The comes Patricia, OMG she has a red dress on that is thy high and a pair of white high heels. She introduces me as their driver for the evening and climbs in the van. She tells me that they want to go to dinner at the Casino and that one of the clubs there had a good band playing. I was to drop them off and then wait for a text to pick them up. We started out and as we rolled out of the parking lot, I put the partition up between up as to give them privacy. I flipped on the camera screen of them just to keep an eye that they were safe. I dropped them off around 6:30 and found the chauffeur parking lot. At 8:30 I got a text to pick them up and that they would be heading to one of the main dance clubs in the city. The girls were well on their way to a good drunk and as they entered the van, they all kissed me on the cheek and said thank you for driving them around. We go to the second club and I let them out Patricia said that they had spilled a drink in back and asked if I wouldn’t mind taking care of it once I got parked. I told her I would and off she went into the club. Once parked I climbed into the back and cleaned up the mess that they had left and as I was leaving, I noticed a pair of panties on the floor under one of the seats. beşiktaş escort I picked them up and they were wet. I couldn’t resist holding them to my nose and taking a good smell. I was instantly hard. It was the sweetest pussy smell, mmmmm. I had not turned the camera on during our trip to the club. A mistake I would not be making again. At around 11:15 pm I got a text from Patricia asking where I was parked. I told her I was across the street in the main parking lot. She said one of the girls was coming out with a friend to have some privacy. In big bold letters it said DON” T ASK DON”T TELL. I opened the side door to the Van and waited for them. Kathy approached with a young black man, I would say late 20’s they climbed into the Van and I closed the door behind them. I climbed back into the driver seat and flipped on the video screen. I watched the camera Kathy already had his Cock out and was sucking on it. He was playing with her tits. They both undressed and went into a 69 on the Back couch in the Van. The camera was not very good because of the position being that it was installed in the front looking Backwards. I could still see and nice black Cock sliding in and out of Kathy’s mouth. They changed positions and he started Fucking her. He was really giving it to her, I could hear her screaming through the partition. All of a sudden he tensed up and came inside her. they dressed and left the Van.It was about 11:45 pm when Kathy and her friend went back inside. At 12am Patricia texted again and said they were coming out to leave. I met them at the side of the van and helped them in. Patricia took my hand as I helped her into the van, she asked me to take them to a co-ed strip club in the area. We arrived around 1 am. They proceeded inside. I needed to relieve myself so I went inside with them for a short bit. as I came out of the restroom I saw the girls at a male stage and they all had dollars in the air. I watched as the male strippers got their money’s worth. I returned to the Van and the girls followed around 2:30 amI again helped them into the Van. Patricia said they had had enough fun and it was time to take everyone home. The girls continued to drink and I heard what sounded like porn playing on the TV behind me. I dropped the partition to let Dawn know we were at her house. The girls said their good by’s and Dawn left. Kathy was next and we arrived at her house and she got out kissed me on the cheek and said DON’T TELL and put her finger to my lips. Patricia asked me to leave the partition down. I did as she asked, and I have to tell you I was getting hard from listening to the porn on the TV behind me.we pulled up to a stop light and I adjusted my mirror to see Patricia. we made eye contact and she asked if I like what I saw tonight. She proceeded to climb up through to partition and nibble my ear. she said drive to the office and park. I told her she was not diving home. she said she didn’t want to go home yet, and she wanted beylikdüzü escort to have a drink with me. She said we could talk a bit and then I could drive her home later. So, I proceeded to the office and parked the Van and climbed in the Back. I sat across from her and we did 3 shots of Vodka. the porn was still playing on the TV behind me and I turned to look and see a girl getting the fuck of her life. I turn back to Patricia and she has her leg propped up and her Pussy is exposed to me. I can see that she is dipping wet. I give her an evil grin and without saying a word I crawl over to her and bury my face in her pussy. I take her clit into my teeth and she grabs my hair with both hands and pulls me into her. She squeezes her thy together and starts to cum. I sit back into my seat across from her and have another shot. she tells me to show her my Cock. I unzip and pull out my 9-inch Cock and she said oh my. she crawls to me and begins to stroke it, she tastes the tip and begins to suck, she picked up the pace and I tell her that I am not going to last long and she looks up at me with those green eyes and she stops long enough to tell me that I better recover fast because she is getting fucked one way or another. I then unload in her mouth.She then takes off her dress and sits back in her seat. pulls her legs up and starts fingering her pussy. I begin to undress, and I am hard as a rock. she climbs over onto me and begin to ride me like a bucking bronco. she came three times in that position. I then lay her down on her back and she is begging me to fuck her. I am pounding away, and she is telling me that she was fingered three time tonight by three different guys. I asked her why she didn’t come out and fuck one of them and she said she wanted me first. at that point I came inside of her. We are laying there in the afterglow and I look at the time and its 3 am. My head is still spinning from the great sex and something dawned on me she said I wanted you first. So, I asked her what she meant by “first” she smiled and asked if I wanted to watch her get fucked? I figured she wanted me to take her home and watch her and her husband. she picked up her phone and started texting someone. she smiled and said he will be hear in ten.She begins to tell me that while they were at the last club. the strip clubs. she had gone over to the girl’s side and was Standing at the bar. Two white guys and a black guy surrounded her and began feeling her up. They each took turns fingering her pussy. She made out with each of them and she said the black guy had the biggest hand. So, she asked him to meet her later and to follow us. she told him that her husband loved to watch and asked if I would act as her husband. She told me to wait outside the van and his name was Ron. I get out of the van and take a piss and I see a car approaching. He parks and gets out, walks up to the van and tells me his name is Ron. we shake hand and I let him inside. I give them about ten minutes before I climb in. Once inside I see Patricia with the biggest blackest cock I have everSeen. It must have been 12 inches. I feel her pussy and she is Dripping wet. She lays her back and begs him to fuck her. and Fuck her he did. he dumped two loads in her pussy and one in her mouth before he left.I fucked her one more time that night before I took her home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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