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Adrianna Chechik

CONFESSIONS 4Confessions 4The Great Mother Daughter SwapMy Aunt Dana and my mother have always been very close. My mother’s younger sister has always been a free spirit. My mom and her sister shared a sexual energy that was established at an early age. Growing up my mother and my aunt Dana were my grandfather’s special girls.Grandpa had started with his girls when they were young. At first it was more or less innocent fun. A touch would soon turn into a cuddle; a cuddle would soon turn into a kiss on the cheek. A kiss on the cheek would lead to an open mouth kiss, or a squeeze of the ass. It never took grandpa very long get what he wanted from his girls, he was a pro at seduction. My mother was just s*******n the first time she laid with grandpa. Mom’s younger sister Dana would be next in line for grandpa’s bed. She was just fifteen when grandpa fingered her for the first time. Mom said that it didn’t take long for grandpa to have his way with his youngest daughter. On her sixteenth birthday, and with the help of my mother, my grandfather took his youngest daughter’s innocence.From that night on mom said that my Aunt Dana became the family whore. Before she hit eighteen my dear sweet aunt had fucked her way through half the family, which included her brother, four uncles on her dad’s side, three of her uncles on her mom’s side, one step grandfather and two of his sons. And two or three of her aunt’s husbands, Mom would tease Aunt Dana, telling her that her legs were open for business twenty-four hours a day. Aunt Dana would just wink and smile, and say, “But I get paid oh so well.”Aunt Dana got pregnant at nineteen, to this day we are not really sure who the father is. It could be her father’s baby or her brother Steve’s. But who ever did the deed, they made a beautiful little girl, Tory.Tory and I are the same age, I am seven months older then Tory. Growing up Tory and I were very close, we were more like sisters, then cousins. Like most of my family, Tory and I seemed to have been blessed with the same sexual appetite that had made our family the tight knit brew that we are. Tory and I spent most of our summers together, and as young girls the very thought of wearing cloths in the hot summer months was out of the questions. Tory and I had the wonderful chance to watch each other change and grow into young women. Our mothers always encouraged us to play and explore our sexually. By the time we were in our early teens we had started to take full advantage of our mothers teaching. We were around s*******n the first time Tory and I discovered one another. We were at our Grandfather’s house, as always we were wearing next to nothing, and that was just fine with grandpa. Grandpa was his usually old horny self, he spent half the day trying to feel our pussies, and the other half was spend on top of his oldest granddaughter, Leann.At some point while grandpa was fucking Leann, Tory and I found some alone time in our moms old bedroom. Looking back I think if was the ideal place for Tory and I to have our first girl girl encounter. We had always heard stories from our moms about their discovery of one another in this very same room. As we looked at one another in all our naked glory the thought of our mothers fucking each other was both beautiful and erotica.Touching her beautiful face was just the beginning. My cousin was beautiful in every way. Tory had a beautiful face and body that was nearly perfect in every way. I knew that once we started playing and exploring there would be no turning back. For some reason I took the lead. Her smooth tan skin felt like silk to my finger tips as I lightly slid them down her tight trim body. I could tell by the look in her big brown eyes that I was turning her on. She brushed my hair from my eye as her long fingers moved down my face. I capture her finger with my mouth and slowly sucked on it. Licking her fingers I could still taste sweet Leann on them, for it was no more then a few hours that Tory had fingered our older cousin.Our lips met in our first kiss as our bodies melted into each other. We found our way onto the double bed that once was shared by our mothers. Tory and I laid in each others arms, sharing light touches and kisses. My hand found Tory’s pussy while she sucked one of my hard nipples. Her smooth hairless pussy was so tight, as if she had never had a dick inside her, oh hell I knew that could never be, not with the men in our family. “God dam Tory are you still a virgin?” I asked“Oh no cuss, you know Granddad and Uncle Steve hit that a long time ago.” she said with a smile.I don’t know who got there first but who ever it was he fucked the tightest pussy the good lord ever made. After a little hard work Tory’s pussy unfolded for me. I could tell Tory was like a little fire cracker in bed, the way she rode my fingers, I could only dream about what she could do with a dick.I had her at the point of no return, I pulled my fingers out, smelling and tasting what she had to offer. I pulled her legs open, and kissed her tender lips, her pussy had a rare taste to it, sweet and juicy. My tongue darted in and out of canlı bahis her little tight love hole. She was bucking and screaming for mercy, but mercy was the last thing I wanted to give her. There was fucking going on all over that house. We could hear grandpa banging the hell out of Leann, there was no question he was trying to get the bitch knocked up. With the headboard beating against the wall and Leann’s primal screams we knew that grandpa was hitting that pussy real good.I lay on top of my sexy sweet cousin as she wrapped her open legs around my wrist. Our bodies felt so good as we came together for the first time. Breast touching breast, and pussy touching pussy, Tory and I explored the deep intimacy of female love. There was something special about that day, I discovered a part of me, the part that loves women. I not only loved women, but I love being a woman a well. I never felt more alive then when I was on top of Tory. My heart never felt more at home, and my body seemed to match what my heart was feeling. When I fucked Tory or any other woman for that matter it’s like no other feeling in the world. No man that I have ever been with, including my father has ever touch my body, my heart, my mind and my soul the way a woman dose. Mom had called while I was on top of my sweet Tory. She left a message that we should meet her and Aunt Dana at the River Side Inn around four o’clock. The River Side Inn has been a favorite meeting place for secret get away. I guess you could call it mom and Aunt Dana secret love nest. I know mom and I would come here when we just wanted to spend some time alone together, I knew it had been the same for Aunt Dana and Tory.The men in our family would often bring their daughter to the River Side Inn for their first time, or for long romantic weekendIt was a little after four o’clock when Tory and I arrived at the River Side inn. Mom’s message was for Tory and me to come to room 235, that there would be a surprise for us. We walked in the door and saw our mothers standing there waiting to greet us. They both looked so hot and sexy, no one would believe that these were mothers who k**s where in their late teens and early twenties.“Please come on in girls and make yourselves at home.” Aunt Dana said as she gives my mother an all knowing wink and a smile.To say that our mothers were acting odd would be an understatement. They were giggling and whispering, carrying on like two school girls with a big secret that they were just dieing to tell. Tory and I had never seen then like this.“Mom, Aunt Dana what’s going on, are you alright?” I could tell mom could hear the concern in my voice.“Oh yes baby, we’re fine, your Aunt Dana and I are just so happy to see our beautiful girls. Please come sit with us, we want to talk with you girls.”Mom and Aunt Dana took Tory and I by the hand and led us to the two king sizes beds that was in the room. I noticed that there were food and drinks on a table watch told me that we were going to be there for awhile.The smile on their faces told Tory and I that something was up. With Tory and Aunt Dana on one bed, and mom and I on the other, our mothers revealed their plans for some much needed mother daughter time.“Sweetheart Aunt Dana and I were talking this morning after you girls had left for grandpa’s house, and we thought that it might be nice to have some very special mother daughter time.” mother said as she looked for any kind of reaction.There was something in mom’s voice, the way she and Aunt Dana were looking at each other, I knew something was up. “Special mother daughter time, what dose that mean?” Tory asked“Well Tory dear Aunt Sadie and I want to do a mother daughter swop.” Tory and I just looked at each other, without one word being said Tory and I knew what the other one was thinking, our moms wanted to have sex with the other ones daughter. The thought of having sex with Aunt Dana was something I never really thought about, but now that the subject had come up, I was not apposed. However, from the look on Tory’s face I think the thought of being with my mom really scared her, if it did not put her off of the idea all together. I think mom and Aunt Dana knew that I would be on board right away, but for Tory we were going to have to do some convincing.At the request of our mothers Tory and I switched places; I was now sitting on the bed next to Aunt Dana, while Tory was now sitting nervously next to mom. Aunt Dana made no secret that she was horny, and that she wanted some. From the moment I sat down beside her, Aunt Dana could not keep her hands off me. That afternoon I began to realize why everyone in our family loved my Aunt Dana. It was not just that she was physically beautiful, but there was energy about her that went way beyond sex, and what ever this force that drew you into her orbit, and once you were in it was nearly imposable to resist what she had to offer.I knew Aunt Dana and I would have to take the lead, I also knew mom would never force Tory to do something that she did not want to do. I could tell that mom was somewhat disappointed, but after the wonderful afternoon bahis siteleri Tory and I spent together, I could not imagine her turning my mother down.As we sat and talked Aunt Dana had managed to get my top off and she was playing with my tits. At some point I forgot what we were talking about when Aunt Dana took one of my nipples in her mouth and begin to suck while she found her way inside the tight pair of blue jeans I was wearing.I looked over at mom and Tory as Aunt Dana kissed her way down my body. I could tell that mom was really getting off watching her baby sister seduce her baby girl. Once Aunt Dana and I were completely naked it freed us up to really explore and play. Aunt Dana’s soft body lay on top of me; her big beautiful brown eyes sparkled as I played with her hard erect nipples. They were sweet and as hard as a rock, they made me think of when I was little and would get hard candy as a rewarded for doing all my chores.We started making love, our passionate lust burned like a hot out of control fire. Pinning my hands down on the bed, Aunt Dana took what she wanted. Kissing way down my long lean body until she came to my hot box, it was wet and ready for some action.I gladly opened my legs for my dear sweet aunt as she rubbed and fondled my pussy. The fact that I was blessed with a fairly nice size clit seems to catch Aunt Dana by surprise, but I could tell that it was a very pleasant surprise. With my pussy dripping wet, my Aunt Dana fingered; played and sucked my pussy like there was no tomorrow. At Some point I glanced over to the where mom and Tory had been sitting and watching. From the looks of thing I could tell that Tory had loosen up a bit. It seemed like mom had convinced her to remove her top. Mom seems to be enjoying her small but firm tits. One of mom’s hands was between her legs and half way up the black mini skirt Tory was wearing.It was no surprise that mom and Aunt Dana brought toys to the party. Aunt Dana had retrieved her favorite strap-on and had crawled back between my legs. Her dick poised and ready she lightly plays with my clit, my body couldn’t help but to react. I could not wait to feel her fake cock inside me.I braced myself for the on slough of Aunt Dana’s toy cock. We shared another long slow kiss, our tongues invading one another mouths. I felt Aunt Dana’s hand as it slipped between our lustful bodies, guiding her toy towards my little love hole, I suddenly felt her push inside me.“Oh my god.” I screamed as Aunt Dana pushed further and further inside me. I felt her dick hit the back of my pussy as she began to grind and push up inside me. I had never been fucked like that before. Her short strokes along with the grinding motion made for a very edgy fuck.It seems that Aunt Dana and I were perfectly matched when it came to fucking. It would soon be my turn to pleasure Aunt Dana. She had giving me more then one very good organism. The last one nearly drove me insane, as drove her fake cock deep inside my pussy.“Oh my fucking god Aunt Dana, that feels so fucking awesome, oh what are you doing to me.” I screamed as she hit the back wall of my pussy again, but this time she just held there for a few seconds. She never said a word, she just give me that wicked smile and pushed in deeper.She held me in place as my hips began to buck under her. I knew I wanted to cum, but I also wanted to prolong the fanatic feeling of having her cock in my pussy. My release came as tears of joy escaped my eyes, as my body found the love it was seeking.After a few minutes of rest and coming down from the most blissful high that I had ever known, it was my turn to pleasure my Sweet aunt.Aunt Dana was headed to the bathroom for a much needed shower. As I set up in bed I watched mom as she started to play with Tory’s pussy. I don’t know how mom managed to get Tory out of the rest of her cloths, but there was my sexy sweet cousin laying there naked with her long beautiful legs spread for my mom. I watched my mom go down on Tory’s tight pussy, if she were as tight as she had been when I had gone down on her earlier that day, then mom was in for some hard work. But knowing my mom she really didn’t mind a little hard work, especially if the goal was getting her and her nieces off.It took a minute or so but Tory’s pussy unfolded for mom, just as it had for me. I saw the delight on my mom’s face as she fingered her pussy and then licked Tory’s sweetness from her fingers.I heard the shower come on; watch turned my attention back to Aunt Dana. I so wanted to do something special for my dear sweet aunt, after all she had made this mother daughter swoop such a great experience for me. I looked over the selection of toys that was on a table. There were assortments of dildos, I choose the one called the Natural, a 12 inch cock with balls, it was perfect, I also had mom’s little pink finger vibrator that would do very nicely as well.I throw on a bath robe and shoved my new friend in my pocket. When I entire the bathroom Aunt Dana had her back to the door and did not see me come into the bathroom. She was enjoying a very hot steamy shower. I must have güvenilir bahis made a noise, because I saw Aunt Dana suddenly jump and turn towards me.I was in aw the first time I truly saw her naked. Breath taking are the only words to describe her beauty. Her hour glass figure was more then enough to hold your attention. Her 34 double d tits were natural and round, and made my mouth water with just the thought of have them in my mouth. Her long lean body was carve and as my eyes cascade down her lovely caramel frame, the sight of her nearly hairless pussy nearly took my breath away.Her beautiful whiskey brown eyes sparkled when she saw me, as a smile appeared on her sweet lips as she held out her hand, inviting me into the shower. I dropped my robe and took Aunt Dana’s hand as she helped me into the shower. As we continued to play under the warm light mist, it became very clear that Aunt Dana and I had something special. I had had good sex before with other members of my family, but with Aunt Dana there was something so much more then good sex. Looking back on that wonderful time in my life I could say without a doubt that I had falling in love with my aunt. The warm water nurtured our bodies as we played together. It was now my turn to give Aunt Dana pleasure. The thought of fucking her completely over took my mind, as I pushed her against the wall. We started kissing as my hands started to play and explore.My hands, my mouth knew no boundary, there was not a spot on her lovely honey brown body that I did not kiss, lick, poke, or suck. Once we had finished soaping and washing each other I lead Aunt Dana from the shower. The one nice thing about the River Side Inn it’s the big bathrooms, with its perfect lighting and its wall to wall plush carpet. Her body glistened from the shower; she laid down on the thick brown carpet. She knew I wanted her and that was all that mattered. Spreading her long lovely legs for me, I joint my aunt on the floor of a hotel bathroom. Her body was soft and fresh from our shower. Once again kissing her sweet lips, my tongue found pleasure inside her mouth. My hands found delight in every inch and carve as I worked my way down to where her treasure lies. I placed my naked body between her legs. I began to lightly with my fingers tips play with Aunt Dana’s pussy; I started by folding back her pussy lips. Her pussy smelled so good, and I could no longer wait to get my first taste. I slowly took my first lick; she was a bit tight, but not as tight as Tory when we were at grandpa’s house earlier that day. Aunt Dana bucked and moaned as I tried to insert a finger, she was wet and sweet, and something told me that Aunt Dana hadn’t been fucked in awhile.I tried two fingers as I took a gentle bite of her clit. This seemed to turn Aunt Dana on that much more. With just two fingers I managed to give my sweet little aunt a nice fuck, it was a good start, but we had a long ways to go.While we were in the shower Aunt Dana assured me that I would haveno limits as to what I could do to her. By now she was more relaxed, and more open. After I withdrew my fingers, I knew her pussy was ready for more. I reached in my discarded robe pocket to get my two friends.I asked Aunt Dana to close her eyes; I could tell by the hesitant smile that she was not sure if she should grant my request. I asked her to trust me. With her body relaxed and her eyes closed, I prepared to get to work.With the small finger vibrator on my index finger, and the 12 inch dick in my other hand, I was now ready to give my darling aunt all the pleasure that she desired.The moment I placed my index finger on her clit, her body quivered with excitement as her eyes flew open. I could tell that my little friend was giving her clit a nice work out. I decided to up the annuity by shoving my 12 inch friend up her tight wet pussy.Plunging my 12 inch friend into Aunt Dana’s tight hole was something to see. She bucked and screamed, and carried on like it was her first time, or maybe it was just that she hadn’t been fucked like that in a very long time.Between the vibrator on her clit, and me shoving that 12 inch bad boy in and out her hot cunt, Aunt Dana was on the edge of something wild and crazy.“Oh my god, what are you doing to me? She screamed, as I worked her clit, and shoved that bad boy deeper and deeper inside her.Her body bucked and shivered as the first in a series of organisms hit, one after another, after another. I quickly withdrew and climbed between her legs, I wanted to feel our bodies coming together while Aunt Dana was still in the throws of erotica bliss. Out side of an act of god, there was no stopping me. I wanted to fuck Aunt Dana so bad. The feeling of our pussies connecting was magic. We started to grind on each other. Somehow I managed to get my little pink friend back on her clit while we were grinding. That was all it took for my sweet aunt to go over the edge.After we had fucked we laid on the bathroom floor, in each others arms. What a lovely time we had both, for me there is no greater feeling then the high I get after a good fuck. Aunt Dana and I gathered ourselves together and walked back into the bedroom where we found mom and Tory asleep in each other arms, and from the looks of thing it looked like they had a lovely time as well, but that’s another story for another time.

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