Confident, Older , Powerful Men Ch. 08

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Big Tits

In this section the hot 19 year old Asian model shows her naughty side.

(Husbands Powerful Boss-The seduction begins)

When we came back from our honeymoon Jason told me that he received a call for a new position with an even higher-profile Hedge Fund Company that would make him ten times the salary he was being paid. He told me about the company’s owner and described him as being the most ruthless person in the finance business. When I learned his name was Robert Sterling I immediately got hot, and felt my pussy soak right through my thong.

I knew from modeling that Mr. Sterling dated a lot, and especially liked girls that were 18 or 19. I knew that he was one of the wealthiest men in the world, and also knew that he was 84 years old but looked more like a 30 year old guy in the prime of his life.

The other thing I knew about Mr. Sterling, beside the fact that he was a bachelor and was always in the company of youngest, and sexiest teenage females, was that I had heard from 10 girls that he had an enormous cock that measured 14 inches and that he was wild in and out of bed and could fuck for days.

Every one of the models I knew said that Mr. Sterling made them cum harder than any guy and that he fucked real hard. They all said that although painful at times, to the point of seeing stars or nearly passing out, it was the best sex they ever had. The other part of his reputation was that he rarely dated the same girl twice.

When my husband told me that Mr. Sterling wanted to have a business dinner and that he requested I be there I was thrilled and actually felt my body get excited and could feel my dark, inch-long nipples push through the white, lace bra I was wearing. It was the thrill of knowing I was going to meet a man that had a ruthless business reputation that always got what he wanted and a reputation for being in the company of so many sexy teenage girls.

For the meeting I dressed to purposely catch Mr. Sterling’s eye. When I finished dressing my husband was filling me with compliments. He naïvely thought I wanted to look nice and make a good impression for him, and had no idea that I was really dressing to turn on his perspective new boss.

Unknown to me at the time was that Mr. Sterling had done a thorough background check on my husband and in the process learned everything about me. His deep investigation of me included all the modeling assignments I did. I learned later that the meeting was really designed to meet me and see how well I would fit into his plans. Of course his only plan was to fuck me.

I dressed for the dinner wearing a tight, pencil skirt that hugged my slender hips and narrow waistline that went just below my billowing 34D tits. I knew the skirt was on the short side of the ‘appropriate, PC’ corporate-world, with the hemline going 10 inches above my knee, bordering more like a night club mini-skirt, designed to reveal my long, sexy, tapered legs.

To further draw attention to my long, tapered legs, I wore a pair of classic, black high heel pumps, which are a size 10, which showed the high arches in my feet. I wore a blouse that was so sinfully sheer you could read a newspaper through it from across a room. It was almost transparent and clung to my skin tightly, with the button across my bra pulling apart, almost to the breaking-point, which I knew would drew his attention to my round 36D breasts.

The material of the white blouse was transparent, allowing the darkness of my Asian skin to show right through. The transparency of my blouse clearly reveled the tops of my nice, round breasts over the lace- trim material of the black-lace bra. The bra I chose was designed specifically to entice, outlining my big, dark, nipples, which poked through the sheer material, without any resistance. My extended nipples also gave away the fact that I was very excited to meet my husband’s 80 year old, wealthy boss.

That day my husband came home with a shocked look on his face. He told me that he had just gone to a meeting where Mr. Sterling took over a company and while in the board room fired everyone and sold it in front of their eyes for 15 billion dollars. He told me that he was in shock as were the board members because he as well as they all believed that he was going to save their jobs.

My husband told me that couldn’t believe that Mr. Sterling was actually reveling in what took place in the board room, and that all of these lives would be totally divested in so many ways, and that it was of no interest to him, turned me on like never before. I knew at that very second that men of power and wealth and were ruthless in business, like Bob Sterling, turned me on like crazy. Although I was only 19, I knew that this was the type of man that I hungered for, this was the type of man that turned me on, and more importantly knew I wanted to fuck.

Once we got into the limo my body was set on fire as I took in the sight of the wealthy, distinguished businessman. As my husband went to the other door, I slid into beşiktaş escort the seat and crossed my long legs. I was happy to see Mr. Sterling glare at me openly with a sly grin on his face that let me know he liked what he saw. Taking my hand he kissed it and without any regard for my husband he looked right in my eyes and said,

“Very sexy Mrs. West.”

I nearly melted when he said I looked sexy. With his eyes riveted to my long legs then to my blouse I thanked him and said,

“Very handsome yourself Mr. Sterling, and please call me Doreen.”

When my husband got into the limo Mr. Sterling pooped open a bottle of very expensive champagne and suggested that we toast to the fact that my husband would be joining his company.

He began talking to my husband about the corporate takeover and then toasted to the fact that he just made over 15 billion dollars on the sale of a company that didn’t cost him a dime. As we were all toasting his success I couldn’t help but imagine being alone with him in the limo stripped to my stockings and high heels, sipping champagne and kissing him, then being in his bed, fucking and playing with each other, all day and night, celebrating his success.

As the wealthy businessman talked to my husband I saw his eyes drift over my body as if he wasn’t even there. The fact that he would look at me hungrily without any concern for my husband being right next to me really excited me.

As he scanned her body he thought about the takeover and how he imagined her nude body in her high heels and stockings every few seconds, and even as she sat beside her husband he took his time deliberately scanning every inch of her flawless frame, from her long crossed, stocking cover legs in her high heel pumps that showed her high arches in the middle of her feet, to her thin waist and incredible tits.

As he looked over her flawless body with his deep, penetrating eyes, he imagined his massive 14 inch cock thrusting deep inside her tight, young Asian pussy as he kissed her full red lips and sucked on her big nipples that were almost popping through her sheer bra and blouse.

He knew it was just a matter of time before he would be fucking the beautiful Asian teen bride, but more importantly, he knew by the way she was smiling slyly as she looked at him that she was imagining the same thing herself.

As we hungrily took in the sight of each other, I kept thinking to myself how I wished it was just the two of us in the limo without my husband, and I could just tell by the way his eyes were all over me and the sly grin on his face that he wanted the same exact thing.

As our eyes locked onto each other’s I imagined him slowly stripping me to my thigh high stockings and high heels, and fucking me on the posh leather seat: Fucking me with that monster cock I heard so much about. As he talked to my husband I couldn’t stop thinking about the stories I heard about him being huge and each time I glanced at his crotch and saw the huge imprint along his leg right to his knee he looked into my eyes and shot mea knowing grin.

As he caught the young, sexy Asian steering at huge cock, he thought to himself confidently, “This sexy bride knows- which is going to very easy.”

As he kept running his eyes across her incredible body he couldn’t stop thinking about how sexy she was and that she was ‘pure-sex.’ He fucked hundreds of sexy teens, but none stood out quite like this Asian stunner. As he scanned her magnificent body he couldn’t help but to think how perfect it was.

“Huge tits. The biggest pair of nipples I’ve ever seen, and the sexiest pair of legs,” he thought to himself as his giant cock shifted and twitched right in front of her eyes, which caused her to bite her lower lip.

“God, I wish we were alone. I’d fuck him right here,” I thought to myself as I took in the sight of the incredibly distinguished man sitting across from me.

As her husband talked about the takeover, his sexy wife and the ruthless businessman’s eyes were locked onto each other, hungrily, as if communicating in some type of silent code, letting each other know that they wanted to fuck. The idea that this man was so ruthless and cold-blooded, with no regard for the fate of so many innocent people who worked their entire lives to build homes and families and that gave their all to a company that was just swept out from under them, and that their entire lives were instantly shattered as he just reveled in his success caused her big nipples to ache, and sent shock waves way up into the depths of her young, tight 19 year old pussy.

As our eyes were locked onto each other’s, my husband babbled on, clueless that his perspective new boss and I were imagining fucking each other. I was going crazy as my body ached for him, and I could feel him reading my thoughts of wanting to fuck him bad. He grinned at me knowingly as I licked her upper lip in the sexiest way, and returned a sly grin at him for a few devilish beşiktaş escort bayan seconds, letting him know that I wanted to fuck him real bad. As my husband went on and on about the takeover I re- crossed my legs, and happily watched him gaze up the sides of my slender, stocking covered legs.

Breaking contact from his haunting gaze I deliberately looked at his crotch again, to really let him know I wanted to fuck him. At that second a startled, almost shocked look overcame me as I saw his massive imprint run down the side of his inseam almost to his knee, twitch and cause a giant wave-like ripple in his pants. For a second I couldn’t breathe as I tried to imagine something that enormous.

Even though I had heard numerous stories about his huge cock, seeing the long, protruding imprint along his leg for myself was entirely different and had a lasting effect on me; one that I would never forget. I had heard so many stories about him having an enormous cock, but seeing it bulge against his straining pants made me realize they weren’t exaggerating one bit.

I thought to myself that if he had a cock that huge, it would only add to me wanting and craving to fuck him even more. I knew that this was the same for every young teen, because they all had told so. I knew that he fucked constantly, and knew that I wanted to his newest fuck. I loved his power and wanted to feel that power come right through his powerful cock!

Suddenly the limo came to a stop at the restaurant. Even though we had come to a stop I couldn’t stop staring at his enormous bulge.

“Mrs. West,” he said breaking my trance, as the door was being held open by the driver.

As I walked out of the limo, my body was on fire, as I kept thinking that I just saw the wealthy businessman’s cock actually reach his knee.

“Very sexy Mrs. West. Such a beautiful body,” he whispered in my ear as my husband was getting out of the other door.

“Thank you Mr. Sterling,” I answered in a soft moan.

“Garter belt and stockings. Lovely Mrs. West,” he boldly said.

“Oh god, you know I wore them for you,” I said hotly, surprised that I would answer him knowing my husband walking up behind me.

“I absolutely do know Mrs. West,” he said in such a confident voice that made me so wet.

During the ride to the restaurant and during dinner the business magnet noticed that the sexy young Asian wife was wearing a garter belt and stockings. With a cunning eye in business he was a man who didn’t miss a thing, especially when a young, sexy teen wanted to impress him. Every time the stunning Asian bride crossed her incredible legs, her short pencil skirt would raise high on her slender thighs, revealing the thin garter strap and the clasp, attached to the tops of the sheer, lace stockings.

The fact that she wore stockings and a garter belt told him a lot about her. He knew that she came dressed this way because of him, she herself had said so. She purposely wanted to turn him on, which was exactly what she had accomplished.

He was sure she knew many details about him from being a bikini model and hearing about his sexual prowess from many of the girls he dated, and fucked. He instantly knew that she wanted to sample what all her teenage friends had, which was getting fucked by a huge cock. The thought of her being in his bed was absolutely thrilling to him. “This sexy teen really stands out,” he thought to himself.

This was something that was common place for him, especially with young, ambitious teens who craved men of power and wealth. He saw the tight sheer blouse, transparent, lace bra, short, pencil skirt, and especially the stockings, garter belt, and high heels, as something very calculated on her part. He knew it was her way of advertising to him how sexy she knew she was, but more importantly, ‘how sexy she could be for him.’

This was something he enjoyed immensely, when a young teen knew her sexuality, and knew how sexy she was. He applauded this type of confidence in a young teenager. He was accustomed to this type of young, sexy teen. Eager young teens, anxious to please him, and show their maturity over all the shy or nerdy girls their age.

Incredibly sexy,18, 19 year old teens, mature beyond their years, eager to fuck him, because of his power and wealth, but more because of his massive, 14 inch cock. These were the teens who knew his reputation as a wealthy and powerful businessman, who got everything he wanted in life and in business, even at the expense of others. This is what turned a young teen on, and made them crave to be with him, all because of that ruthless power.

These were special 18 and 19 year old teens that he knew that did their research on the wealthy business mogul. These were also the teens that wanted to experience his huge, tireless 14 inch cock, once they learned about its massive size and the reputation he had for fucking only the most confident teens. These were also the teens escort beşiktaş that wanted to experience his huge, tireless 14 inch cock, and the world-wide reputation he had for fucking.

During dinner, I couldn’t stop thinking to myself about how sexy and distinguished he was, and how youthful he was for a man who was 84 years old. Sitting so close to him, I was even more turned on to him, because of all the stories I had heard from my husband about how ruthless he was in business, and that he was a man of power, who took whatever he wanted, and always got what he wanted.

I was also going crazy thinking about all the models I knew that dated him and what they said about how endowed he was, and that he could fuck for days. As I thought back to what he said as we walked to the restaurant I was so horny for him, and I just knew that he knew it too. “God I wish my husband wasn’t here right now,” I thought to myself as I caught him glaring at my stocking crossed legs then to my half-opened blouse.

I knew before meeting him that he was extremely handsome, very distinguished and very youthful, especially for being 84 years old. After hearing about his unprincipled reputation in business from my husband I Goggled him hundreds of times, to learn everything I could about him. I learned about all the hostel corporate turn-overs that gained him 100 billion dollar empire, and a reputation as a man that took no prisoners when he was after a company.


I read articles and blogs that rumored his aggressive business practices attracted the sexiest young women. One article even showed him smoking a cigar at a Caribbean resort with 14 stunning beauty contest winners, all of which were 18 years old, and from different countries worldwide. They were all clad in the most sinful string bikinis and classic white or black high heel pumps, standing next to him smiling smugly. He was in a pair of colorful bathing trunks without a shirt on, that reviled his perfectly defined body, showing the world that he was in amazing shape. The article read, “Not Your Typical 80 year old Grandfather.”

The article was about him taking-over many syndicated television stations throughout the world and that this bikini competition was going to be one of the new reality shows one of his companies was producing. What the article didn’t reveal was that he had fucked every one of the stunning, young bikini models, sometimes four at a time over the course of the two week shooting.

Each girl was anxious to fuck him, having been turned on to his power and especially after hearing all of the stories of his massive cock. Each of the sexy 18 year old bikini models left the set, knowing that they had fucked the biggest cock that they ever would encounter in their lives.

Four of the girls who he felt were very ‘special’ were given positions in the companies to work as interviewers/journalist. They were given the chance to come to America where he would provide them with a luxury apartment in one of his many luxury buildings throughout Las Angeles, and a BMW and all-expense paid college tuition.

Each of the girls was different in body type, but all excited him when he was fucking them. One of the girls was from Thailand, the other from Vietnam. Both had beautiful, long, black hair, and deep-set eyes. They each stood about 5’4″ tall but were different in their respective weights, and measurements. Although both were considered very petite and thin, the Vietnamese teen only weighed 78 pounds and had boy-like measurements that were 28AA-23-31. She was totally flat, except for her huge, almost black nipples, which stood out over an inch off her ultra-flat chest when aroused, which were almost constantly.

Her body ran so hot, that the slightest breeze could make her huge nipples flare out instantly. Although she was extremely flat chested and very skinny, she had one the most seductive pair of eyes and faces of any young teen he had fucked. As they fucked for hours, he couldn’t get over her incredible pussy and how it could take the constant pounding from the entire length of his massive cock.

The other Thai model had mouthwatering measurements. Even though she was very skinny, weighing only 90 pounds, tits seemed massive. She measured 34D-20-31. Her 34D tits on her tiny, petite frame made her look sinful, and the way she fucked his giant cock was absolutely naughty. What he loved, and the reason he chose all of these four teens was that they could each consume his entire 14 inch cock, and take his ruthless pounding as he fucked them mercilessly.

He was especially impressed when a skinny teen less than 90 pounds could take him whole. This was a rare occurrence for him, which is why these two Asian teens made his fuck list, and got the offer to come to America. The two other teens were from Switzerland and had entirely different bodies than the skinny Thai teens.

Both girls had angelic faces, with a very innocent and wholesome look. Both were blond and weighed about 115 pounds. One girl was 5’6″ tall and measured 34DD-23-35. The other stood 5’5″ tall and measured 32E-21-33. Even though both girls had a very innocent look, their behavior changed the second they saw his massive cock. At the moment they saw his monstrous cock they turned into some of the naughtiest teens he had ever fucked.

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