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CRUSHCrushbyhammertime©Carol watched from the side as her husband Gene, and his eighteen year old brother, Ray, horsed around in the pool. She was glad to see that Ray seemed to be enjoying himself. It was the first time she had really seen him laugh since he had moved in with them back in the spring. His and Gene’s parents were killed in and automobile accident and he had come to live with them as Gene was his only living relative. Back in his old school he was an outstanding athletic with a college football scholarship waiting for him. Here in his new school he hardly knew anyone and was just going through the motions as he waited to graduate in a couple of weeks. He didn’t seem to have many friends and he never dated. Carol knew he was shy around girls and she couldn’t understand why. He was a handsome young man that could turn any girl’s eye and even some older women, including her.Ray had only been f******n years old when she and Gene married. Even back then he had been shy but around her he seemed to open up. She found that he was following her just about every where she went. She decided he had a crush on her and she did her best not to embarrass him. Since she and Gene were both twenty two at the time she didn’t pay much attention to him. Since they lived across the state they didn’t see that much of him and even then he would follow her around. Now that he was living with them, until he left for college, he wasn’t quite so easy to ignore. Not that she wanted too as he had developed into a very nice young man with muscles in all the right places. As she watched she thought that if she were single she would be knocking at his door every night. She watched him doing crazy things off the diving board and recognized that he was showing off for her. She had to stifle a grin as she watched him.Ray was over six feet and 190 pounds and the weight room had really worked for him. He had blond hair and the brightest blue eyes that she could get loss in. Gene was now twenty seven and wasn’t as firm as he once was. He was still a good looking man that could turn a woman’s head. They had sex before they married and lots of it since. Only now it was beginning to taper off to a couple times a week. Some of it might have been Ray moving in with them but that hadn’t dampened her desire any so she couldn’t help but wonder if Gene might be getting some on the side. She wasn’t the jealous type but she didn’t expect her husband to be fucking around on her.Carol was tall at nearly five ten and her 120 pounds were place on her tall body in just the right places. The bikini she wore around the pool wasn’t meant to stop men from looking, and she knew that Ray was doing his share. Her breasts were on display as much as she dared. So far Gene had not mentioned that Ray was getting more than just an eye full of her. Knowing her young brother-in-law had a crush on her boosted her self-esteem. He had plenty to keep him entertained during the early summer afternoons around the pool.Gene often had to travel overnight and be gone a couple of days at a time. It was during this time that she and Ray talked. He would talk to her when he wouldn’t talk to anyone else. Since it had warmed up a lot of time was spent at the pool; her in her bikini and him with a hard cock. She knew she was being cruel flashing her C cup breasts in front of him every day, but it made her feel good to know the young man was turned on by her. He must not have been suffering much since he was around her every opportunity he had.”Ray, Isn’t your prom coming up this week end?””Yea.” He didn’t sound very enthusiastic about it.”Who are you taking?””I’m not going.””Why? It is your senior year. I know you are still new here but I am sure you know some girl that would like to go with you.””I don’t know any that aren’t already going with their boyfriends.””You should really get yourself a date. I remember my senior prom; it was sure a big deal back then.””Who did you go with?””I went with your brother. Man, we danced all night and then we left and went, Ah we left and went home.””I know you are lying now, Gene never carried a girl straight home.””Ok, so we didn’t go straight home.””Where did you go?””You sure are nosey. We went down behind Old Man Hinson’s barn next to the river.””And?”She gave him a wicked smile. “We did a little kissing and making out; you know just like k**s do now.””I have never done that.””See, that is why you need to get you a girl and go to the prom. There is something about the prom night that makes good girls loosen up.””How loose did you get?””Ray! You don’t need to know everything.””Did you do it?””No! Not all the way; he did get his hand on my breasts and my legs a few times. He would have gone a lot farther if another car hadn’t picked the same spot to come too.””When did you and Gene do it the first time?””You don’t need to know that.””Oh come on and tell me, it’s not like I am going out and post it on the telephone poles.”She was blushing a little at his questions. “At that same place a month later.””Was it good?””Ray! You ask too many questions.””I have never even kissed a girl; I wouldn’t even have any idea how to go about having sex with one.””Believe me honey, when the right girl comes along you want have any trouble knowing what to do.””I just get all nervous when I try talking to a girl.””You don’t get nervous when you are talking to me, don’t I qualify for a girl? Maybe I’m not pretty enough for you.” She knew she was baiting him and couldn’t keep the grin from her face.”NO! You are beautiful, the most beautiful girl I have ever known! You never embarrass me like the other girls do.””How do they embarrass you?””You know, if they catch me looking at them they always make some commit to the other girls.””What do you mean looking at them? All boys look at girls.””I know but you catch me looking but you never say anything about it.””You know Ray; it might help if you looked them in the eyes instead of their breasts. Yea, I see you looking at me all the time. I like to be looked at or I wouldn’t wear a bathing suit like this. I’m older and understand how young boys are. Still I would like to carry on a conversation with you and be able to see your eyes on my face.””I’m sorry; I will try to keep my eyes up.” She almost laughed out loud when she sat up and his eyes dropped to her cleavage. “You don’t have to try so hard with me; I like looking at you as well.””Do girls look at boys like that?””Sure, I watch you all the time around the pool. You are young and strong, and very handsome. “”What do you think about when you look at me?'”I think that if I wasn’t married and eight years younger I would be after you.””If you were with me at the prom would you go parking after it?””If I were your prom date I couldn’t wait to find a nice quite place to spend some time with you.””Good, go to the prom with me.””What? Oh no, I said if I wasn’t married and eight years younger I would be glad to go with you. Besides, why would you want to go to the prom with an old married woman when you could go with one of the pretty young girls in your school?””I’m not going if you don’t go with me.””Come on Ray, I’m much too old for you; your friends would laugh if they knew your date was actually your sister-in-law.””They would be too jealous to laugh. You would be the prettiest girl at the prom.” Carol thought the idea was completely rediculas, but at the same time found it exciting. “Ray would never let me do it.””I’ll ask him.””Ray, find yourself a young girl to go with you.””It’s to late now, it is this weekend; I’ll ask Gene.””Don’t do it.” She may as well have been talking to a tree as he had the idea that she would be going to the prom with him. She could see the excitement in his eyes. To bad that Gene was going to put a stop to it. She hoped he didn’t hurt Ray’s feelings. In bed that night, she and Gene had just finished having sex. Both had reached fulfillment even if it wasn’t the mind blowing sex they had when they first married. They loved each other and it was good comfortable sex. As he rolled from her she realized that was just what it was, comfortable. She wondered just when it became that way?Ray leaned over and kissed her good night. “I love you.””I love you too.””I think you should go.””Go where?””The prom, Ray asked me if he could take you.””Surely you told him no!””No, I think it would be good for him.””I’m eight years older than him; the k**s would laugh him out of school.””No the boys would be jealous of him and the girls would be jealous of you. You remember at our prom when Robert came with the college girl? Every body was jealous of him and after then he had a date every weekend. I think it would be good for him and you. I know you like to dance.” She made every excuse she could think of but he insisted that she go.”I never thought you would let me go with another man.””He’s my little brother.””Are you blind are just don’t care? He has had a crush on me since he was f******n. He hasn’t taken his eyes off my ass or breasts since he moved in. He isn’t little any more. He is a full grown man, and a handsome one at that.””I have seen the way he looks at you, the same way every man that has ever seen you in your bikini looks at you. Hell, if I was him I would be trying to get in your panties. Go with him, have a good time, it might help him get other dates later.” Then he rolled over and went to sleep. She was awake thinking about what she could wear. Something sexy but not enough to get them kicked out. She wondered if Ray could dance, if she was going she was dam well going to enjoy it!Monday afternoon when Ray got home from school she set him down at the table and talked to him. “I don’t know what you said to your brother but he insists that I go with you to the prom.” She saw the smile on his face. “I hope you are still smiling like that after you get laughed out of school for bringing your sister-in-law to the prom.””They are going to be so jealous.””If I go with you it is going to be a real date. I’m going to dress up and I expect a flower for my dress. I’m not going to ride in your old truck, you will just have to ask Gene if he will loan you his Lexus. You will take me out to dinner before the prom and for breakfast afterwards. I expect you to wear a tux and open doors for me, and I like to dance. I don’t go to a dance to set on the side and watch others dancing.” She saw the smile go from his face. “What, don’t you dance?””Not much, hardly at all.””Man, you are going to make me work for this aren’t you? Ok, the first thing we do is teach you to dance. Since the prom is this Saturday we have five days to teach you how to dance. Your brother wasn’t that good either back then. He is better now but he still doesn’t care for it like I do. It’s a good thing I keep up with the latest dances. Most all of them are fast dances, the slow ones never change. Go put up your books and change shoes. You can’t dance in tennis shoes; wear your dress shoes, they will help you get use to dancing in them.”He was back in just a minute with his dress shoes in his hands. “Put on your shoes and then help me move the table. It is easier to dance on this hard tile than on the carpet. They soon had the table and chairs pushed to the side and she put in a cd in the portable player. She had not wasted her time during the day. She checked with friends that had k**s about what songs were hot today and went out and purchased a few. After all, the dance steps were pretty much the same to each song, only the beat changed.She moved to the beat and showed him the steps and how to keep time. bursa escort She soon realized that she had made one tactical mistake; She almost never wore a bra around home and the movements had her breasts swaying under her shirt; a fact not loss on Ray. “Ray, quit looking at my tits! How do you think you will ever learn to dance if you don’t pay attention! Look at my face and concentrate on the steps and movement.”Sorry. ” He did try but it was almost impossible not to notice them moving under her shirt.”That’s some better but you need to try harder.” They danced for thirty minutes before she called for a break. “I think you will have it by Saturday. We’ll do this every day when you get home from school.”She poured them a coke and pulled out a chair. When you get rested we’ll work on the slow dances. She figured he might do better with them since he couldn’t see her breasts jiggling with every move.She changed the cd to slow dancing song. Turning around she held out her hand towards him. Reluctantly he let her lead him to the center of the room. “Have you ever slow danced before?” All she got was a negative shake of his head. “Ok, we will start with a simple step.” She took his hand and put it on her waist the other she held in her own with on hand resting on his shoulder. “Now this is the basic position to hold your partner. Now watch this.” She moved into a basic box step, until he was moving with her. All this time they had been barely touching. She moved a little closer until she could feel his body touching hers.”Now on each corner turn me. You are the man so you need to lead, I will follow you.” The song played over several times while she tried to teach him how to turn her and get away from the basic steps. He was getting better but her toes were taking a beating. He stepped on her once and she let out a moan. “I’m sorry. I have two left feet.””Gene was the same way once but he finally got the hang of it. Here move closer to me, you want be dancing that far away anyway at the prom.” She took his hand that was resting on her waist and moved it farther around her body. Her hand on his shoulder moved to his neck as she pulled him closer. Her hand holding his hand pulled them in until he was almost touching her breast. “Don’t pick up you feet; let them slide on the floor. Move slow and let the music tell you what to do.”From the moment she pulled him closer his cock grew hard and he couldn’t do anything to stop it. He could fell his face getting redder and redder by the moment. He knew she was going to feel him and get mad at him. Carol knew that she had messed up at once. He was getting hard and she could feel him touching her body. She wanted to put him at ease but didn’t know how. His wasn’t the first hard cock she had felt while dancing and all of them had not been Gene’s. “Do you need to rest a minute and calm down?” When she pulled back she saw his red face and how embarrassed he was. He pushed her back and headed towards the door. “NO! Ray don’t go! Come back, I’m sorry.”He was almost at the door when she called him he stopped and turned but did not look at her. “I’m sorry Carol. I couldn’t help it; just forget about the prom.””Not on your life! You got me all built up for it and now you want to back out because you happened to get a hard on while dancing with me. Ray it doesn’t bother me that you did that. If you hadn’t it would have been a first. Gene still can’t dance with me are any other woman and not get hard. I can guarantee you that you want be the only boy at the dance with a hard cock. Why do you think the girls wear the low cut tops and short skirts? They may act like they don’t like it but I can assure you that they get just as big a charge out of it as you do. I felt you but you didn’t see me pushing you away.””Come on back and let’s try again. If you get hard don’t worry about it.” She held out her arms and he came back to her. “Now put your hand on my back and hold me close.” She moved her hand to the back of his neck and played with his hair while she pulled their other hands in closer until the back of his hand was rest against her breast. “You like this?”He could barely speak, “Yes.””So do I. I can feel you getting hard again.” He moved to pull back. “No, it is alright. Just try to dance and forget about what your body is doing. Dancing is sort of like making love. A man holds a woman in his arms and she knows he wants her. She may play hard to get but if she doesn’t pull back that is a sign that it is what she wants from him.” She was talking to help him relax but she was having a hard time herself. Like she had said to Gene before; Ray was a man in every way but experience. His cock touching her had her nipples hard; any experienced man would have known she was turned on. He was big down there and she wasn’t at all ready for him to break contact with her. His hard never went down but he did get to where he didn’t think about it as much. He had much better time thinking about his hand touching her breast and her breasts pressing against his chest. The last thirty minutes went by in a hurry. Carol finally pulled back. “You did really well for your first lesson. We’ll do it again tomorrow after school. Right now I have to get dinner on for you and Gene. You can go change.””Ok,” He headed for the door before he stopped and turned. “Carol.” She looked up at him. “You are so beautiful! I love you!” He almost ran from the kitchen. She almost laughed, what else is new? He had a crush on her since he was f******n.Carol almost fucked Gene to death that night. She was still turned on from the dancing lessons with Ray. When she finally collapsed under him he rolled away and caught his breath. “Dam Carol, what got you so fire up tonight?””Don’t ask questions unless you want the answers. I told you this going to the prom with Ray was a bad idea.””If going to the prom with Ray turned you on like this you should go more often. What did he do to cause all this?””I agreed to go and then found out he can’t dance so I am going to teach him. You try dancing for an hour with a hard dick poking you!””I think I see your point but a hard dick doesn’t interest me.” He was laughing at her.”You know what I mean. You couldn’t dance with your mother and not get a hard on.””Hey my mother was pretty hot.””Men, every time they get close to a woman their dick gets hard. What’s worse is I had to tell him that it was alright and that it didn’t bother me to have him poking me at ever step. Your brother is just like you; your cock stayed hard every time we danced.”His hand was stroking across her naked breasts, it wasn’t going to take much more of this action before she wanted to be fucked again. “I do appreciate you doing this for him and I am sure he does also.””Oh he loved the hell out of it once he figured out I wasn’t going to cut it off. Shit! I did too; why else do you think you just got the fucking of your life and are about to get another one right now!” He rolled back over her as her legs parted. The conversation had his cock hard again and he entered her hot wet pussy. Her legs wrapped around his waist as she worked her cunt up on his hard cock. “I am so glad you aren’t jealous because we have a practice each day this week.”He was riding her full speed ahead; plunging his cock in her hard and fast. She was giving back to him stroke for stroke until they climaxed together. “I don’t know if I can handle this much sex every night this week.”She was headed to the bathroom to clean up when she answered; “you may not have too.” He wondered just how she meant that. His well used cock still jumped at what it might mean.Each afternoon it was the same thing over and over. She would teach him new steps to fast songs and then the slow dancing. His cock was instantly hard which she found didn’t bother her at all. Well that wasn’t completely true, It bothered her to the point that her pussy stayed just as wet as his cock stayed hard. Her nipples were contently hard and she didn’t make any effort to move back from him when she felt him like this. Gene was getting the benefit of all this touching as soon as she could get him in bed each night. She always had to explain just what went on that afternoon and his cock seemed to get harder. “I think you like this way too much,” she said.It was Friday afternoon and the last day of the lessons. He had learned a lot during the week and they spent the afternoon just dancing together. When they stopped to rest she said, “You are a really good dance partner. The girls at the prom are going to be jealous that they didn’t go with you.””I owe it all to you.””You might want to give Gene some of the credit. If he hadn’t agreed we wouldn’t be going to the prom or you having dance lessons.””I know, but it is you that let me relax enough to even try. I know how I get every time we dance and you didn’t get pissed off or push me away.””I don’t know if relaxed is the right word, that thing has been hard all week.” She smiled at him to show she wasn’t mad. “I told you girls liked to feel like that too.””I’m glad.” He held out his hand to her as a slow song started on the cd. Could I have this dance?””Why certainly.” She moved into his arms as if she had been there forever. She tucked her head on his chest under his chin and let his hand pulled her tighter to him. They slowly moved together to the slow music. She could feel his cock getting hard once again and this time she didn’t just let it rest against her body, she moved her hips against it; even going so far as to stretch on her toes to let it touch her between the legs. She didn’t pull back when his hand dropped to her hips and pulled her tighter to his hard cock. She tilted her head back and looked up at him. He was watching her with eyes wide open. She pulled his head down and kissed him. It wasn’t a deep tongue in his mouth type kiss, but it sure wasn’t a brother-in-law type kiss either.The music stopped but he didn’t want to release her. She pushed back out of his arms. “Don’t take that for more than it was. You deserve a reward for all the hard work you put in this week. Consider that kiss as a graduation from Carol’s dancing school. “I’m going to be proud to go to the prom with you.” She pushed him from the room. “I need to get dinner ready.”He left her and went to his room. She could say the kiss wasn’t anything extra but his stomach was still turn somersaults. Tomorrow night couldn’t get here any too soon for him.The prom started at 7:00 and at 4:00 she was ready. She wondered if he was going to remember the dinner before the dance or anything else she had made a stipulation of. He had told her to be ready at four and she was on time. Another look in the mirror and she knew she looked good. She had made a trip to the hairdresser, and had her nail and toes polished. She had even purchased a new dress for the night. It was a cream color that matched her black hair. She had talked to the sales person first to see what the style was for this year, she didn’t want to embarrass Ray by being out of date with the others. This one she knew looked great on her. Low cut, showing a lot of cleavage, and stopping just above her knees, showing her long slim legs off to perfection. It was tight across her hips and made the thong she brought for it not only sexy but necessary. Her legs were encased in long silk stocking that were barely there. A pair of three inch high slippers completed her outfit. The sales people had said she would be the belle of the ball, she was inclined to agree. She wanted Ray to be glad that he was taking her to the Prom.At four sharp bursa escort bayan she left her room and moved down the stairs. Gene and Ray were standing at the foot of the stairs and from their wide eyes she knew she was looking good. Gene spoke up first, Ray was speechless. “Would you go back upstairs and tell Carol her date is here?” He laughed. ” Baby, I have never seen you looking better!”She looked at Ray and did a slow turn for him to see all of her, “well?””God, you are beautiful!””Why thank you kind sir, so you aren’t going to back out? You look really sharp in your tux.””Not a chance!” He reached to hand her the flowers.”Oh no, you have to pin them on me.” She turned towards him and let him pin the corsage on her dress. His fingers were shaking. “Don’t stick me with the pin.” He lined up the corsage on her dress just to the left of her breast. “Here?””Just a little higher. There, pin it right there.” He had to slide his fingers under the edge of her dress and touch her breast with his knuckles to get the pin in place, he was shaking so bad that she wondered if he was going to make it. Finally he stepped back. “Just right, are you ready to go?”He took her arm and guided her to the door. Gene followed them, “Hey don’t I get a good nigh kiss?”Her face lit up in a smile, “no, I have a date tonight. I wouldn’t wait up for us either; we may make a full night of it.””The prom is over at mid-night.””Why Gene, you know that is just when the night gets started!” She winked at him as Ray ushered her out the door into Gene’s Lexus. She stopped and came back to him. Pulling off her rings she handed them to him. “Wouldn’t look to good for Ray to show up with a married woman.” He didn’t know whether to feel jealous are turned on that his beautiful wife was going to a high school prom with his brother.Ray held the door as she slid across the seat. Her long legs flashed as she swung her legs into the car. She didn’t miss the attention he paid her legs as she had made the move on purpose. She was going to make sure he enjoyed the dance tonight.He had reservation at the niceness restaurant in town. He opened the car door for her and took her arm. In every way he was well mannered as he ushered her into the restaurant, even to pulling out her chair for her. “Thank you Ray, this is very nice.” They made small talk as the waiter took their order and then left them alone.”I can’t get over how beautiful you are tonight.””You are looking quite handsome yourself. Any girl in school would be pleased to be with you tonight. Tonight is special; you should be with a girl of your own.””I am with the only girl I wanted to be with. You are a dream come true.” Carol knew that he was telling the truth. His eyes were glowing and she could tell that he was the happiest she had ever seen him.””I’m glad to be with you tonight. I hope this dress isn’t too much, I wouldn’t want to get you kicked out of school.”His eyes dropped to her breasts, “It is perfect, along with the rest of you.””I want to be perfect for you tonight. It is your prom and I want you to enjoy every bit of it. Tonight I am you date; not your brother’s wife, so that is the last time Gene will be mentioned tonight.””I love you!””I know, and I love you. Tonight it will just be the two of us unless you find another girl you would like to dance with.””Every dance will be with you!” She wondered if she had let things get to far along already.The prom was perfect. They attracted a lot of attention from both boys and girls when they arrived. It didn’t take long to see that there were a lot of young breasts on display that night and just as many hard cocks that couldn’t be hidden. She thought to herself that time hadn’t changed much since her prom.During the early part of the night it was mostly faster songs but as the night on the songs slowed down as the couples were more inclined to spend more time in their dates arms. Carol was pleased that Ray had behaved to the point that he at least embarrassed by a hard cock. She had turned down several invitations to dance from other young boys. She saw that Ray was pleased that she only danced with him. The lessons paid off as he was now a very good dancer.It was nearing midnight and the music was all slow love songs. A lot of k**s had already gone but the ones still there were deeply enamored by their date and the closeness as they danced. Carol and Ray were no different. Dance after dance they never left the floor. His hands had her tightly against him and she could feel him now getting harder than he had all night. The fact that his hand was touching her tit didn’t do anything to make her back off. She had started the night to make this the best night of his life; it was turning into more than that.The last song was played and they were leaving the dance floor. “Carol, wait a minute.” She stopped and saw him blushing; glancing down she knew his problem. The lights had come up and he was fully exposed.”Just put your arm around me and stay close, maybe that will help.” He did as she said and was at least partly covered as they made their way to the car.”Thank you for being so helpful all week and just now.” “Get in the car before someone else comes alone.” He quickly slid in the car and started the engine. He pulled out of the parking lot and turned away from home. “Are we going for breakfast before we head for home?””Yes but you said you wanted this to be like a real prom date. I know a place we can go.”She then realized that he was talking about parking and making out. For a moment she was about to remind him of Gene but she had said she wasn’t going to mention Gene that night. Silently she sat back and watched his face as he made the necessary turns towards the river. He made another turn on a dirt road that she had never been on and then through a narrow farm gate. It was nothing but a trail that he followed until he came to a stop on a bluff over looking the river. For the first time she spoke. “How did you find this spot?””A friend told me about it and I came out here earlier to make sure I could find my way.” She knew she had to get out of the car before he started something she would have to stop. She opened the door and moved around to the front of the car. He joined her and wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her to his side. “You did a good job; the view is excellent with the moon shinning on the water.””Not nearly as beautiful as you in the moon light.” He turned her to face him. “Carol, I want to kiss you.”She had known this was coming as soon as he hadn’t turned for home. She took his face between her hands. “Ray, I don’t know if that is such a good idea.” She could see the disappointment in his eyes. “Oh hell!” She pulled his face down and kissed him full on his surprised lips. “It’s your prom and you need a kiss!” He roughly grabbed her and kissed her mouth. She pulled back; “Ray, it’s like slow dancing, slow down and enjoy it.”This time when she pulled his face to hers he kissed her softly until her tongue pushed against his mouth. His lips spread and her tongue moved into his mouth for his first real kiss. He may not have had much experience but he sure leaned fast as his tongue was soon invading her mouth and doing battle with hers. She wasn’t even surprised that he was turning her on as much as she was him. That hard cock she had felt so much during the week was back at full mast. With her backed up against the hood of the car he was touching her with its full length. She could feel her pussy beginning to moisten and wondered what had come over her; she wanted to fuck her husband’s brother!His hands were all over her body as he kissed her and she wasn’t doing one thing to discourage him! Knowing she was letting him do pretty much what he wanted was turning him on that much more. He was finally touching her as he had dreamed of for many years and she was letting him!It wasn’t like this was a total surprise for her to feel his hands on her back and stroking her body. She had known he had a crush on her for years and it had now come to this. She knew she could stop him but wasn’t sure she wanted too. His kisses and the touch of his hands on her were feeling much too good to stop now. Was she going to stop him at all? The deeper the kisses the least likely she was even going to try. It was only when she felt the zipper on the back of her dress move down that she broke the kiss. “Ray.” She whispered in a soft voice, “Do you know what you are about to do?” She had his head between her hands and forced him to look her in the eye.”I have wanted you for years and this last week has been the best week of my life. Tonight has been perfect. You told me that when I was with the right one I would know what to do. You are the right one; you have always been the right one for me.”She knew then, if she had not already known, that he was really in love with her, and that it wasn’t completely one sided. The knot in her stomach wasn’t there just because she wanted to help him get over his shyness; she wanted to be his first. She had taught him to dance and kiss. Now she wanted to show him what it was like to be with a woman. She felt a tingle of guilt for Gene as she pulled his face back to hers and kissed him gently before breaking the kiss and looking at him. “OK.” His mouth burned her lips with another kiss as her zipper slid down her back.He backed away from her as he pulled the dress forward and slowly uncovered her breasts. She watched his eyes as they came into view and knew it was the right thing to do right then. Her breasts weren’t all that big but they were high and firm with large areolas and nipples to match. Her breasts were very sensitive and when his lips kissed first one and then the other she held his head to them. “I like that, kissed them some more.” He was only too happy to oblige.As he kissed her nipples and ran his tongue across them his hands were once again busy as he pushed her dress on down pass her hips to the ground where she stepped out of it. The warm night air felt good to her naked body and she didn’t object when her panties soon joined her dress. She was now naked before him except for her stocking and her high heel shoes. His hands were between her legs, stroking across her clit. Once he felt her reaction from his touch he knew he had hit the right spot. He could feel the wet heat coming from between her legs which got even better when she let her legs separate giving his hands more room to meruver. He picked her up and set her on the car and moved between her legs. Then it became a four handed game to see if they could get him out of his pants. She opened the belt while he unzipped his pants. Both together pushed them and his shorts down his legs. He was busy try to kick off his shoes and pants while Carol was reaching for his hard cock. He was huge! Maybe it was just the excitement that had him this way but her hands stroking him kept him like that.His hands on her hips slid her closer to the edge of the car and to his hard cock. Carol lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. With her heels she pulled him forward and he pulled her closer. She guided the head of his cock to her pussy lips. Then he was in her! She was wet and ready and even with his size it was smooth and hot as his cock slid deeper and deeper into her. She loved the feel of him in her and squeezed her cunt even tighter around him. “Don’t Move, stay right there a minute so I can feel all of you in me.”He wasn’t about to move. Any move on his part and he knew he would cum. He had never in his dreams imagined how good it would feel escort bursa to be in her like this. “I can’t last long!” He cried out.”Don’t worry about it; I’m not going to last long either.” She didn’t know how right she was. A second later he cried out and shot a full load of juice in her pussy. His hot juice was all it too to take her right along with her. “OH God, I’m cuming too!” Never in her life had she climaxed this fast!They just held each other as close as they could get while they both caught their breath. He was still deep in her and after moment she realized that he wasn’t getting soft. There wasn’t any doubt in her mind that he was already ready to go again, and she knew she was. “Oh that was fast but good!””I’m sorry I went so fast.”She realized that he might not have known she climaxed with him. “I went right along with you. It was good, really good and I know the next time is going to be even better.” His smile let her know that he thought the next time was going to be better and soon. “Why don’t we see if the back seat of the car might not make a better place to do it than this?” He started to pull back. “NO! Don’t you dare pull out of me! Just pick me up. I don’t want this out of me for a long time yet!”She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and her arms around his shoulders. His hands went under her ass and lifted her. With each step he made towards the back of the car his cock was working in her; bring her extra sensations with each movement. He opened the door and lay her back on the seat; still holding him with her arms and legs she let him position against the far door. It was then time for him to move in her and he didn’t waste any time as he fucked her with all the power he had.Carol only released him as he began to fuck. This time he was harder and faster than the first time. It was just what she wanted as she pushed her pussy up on his cock each time he drove deep in her. It wasn’t as fast as the first time but still quick as she started to climax he shot another load in her. Both cried out as they climaxed together.It took a little longer to regain their strength after this one but neither one didn’t care. He was still hard and deep in her and she wanted him to stay that way. She pulled him down on her and kissed him. “Stay right here for a while.””Want I be to heavy on you?””No, I like to feel your naked body on me and you still deep in me. I could stay like this for a long time.” She had almost said forever but even in the sated state she was in she realized that it was never going to be forever. She dozed off a second and woke when she felt him slowly fucking her again. “You sure know how to wake a girl up.”The third time was a charm. He fucked her slow and made it last for a long time. She had a couple of mind blowing climaxes but he waited until he couldn’t hold back any more. Then as she was reaching her climax he went with her. They both climaxed together for the third time that night. That hadn’t happened to her in years and never for him. It was only then he finally pulled his now soft cock from her soaking pussy. The three loads of cum rolled from her as she tried to set up. “You are going to have to get this seat cleaned before Gene sees it.” Mentioning Gene put a damper on what they had enjoyed together. “I’m sorry but Gene is my husband no matter how much fun we had tonight.” She tried to make light of it. “I told you that going to the prom would loosen up your date.” She didn’t know what else she could have done to make his date any better. It was almost four by the time they got home. Gone were her panties which she never found in the dark. Gene was asleep when she entered the room. Silently she went and showered before putting on her gown and sliding in bed with him. She snuggled up against his back side and was soon asleep. He rolled over and held her in his arms, wondering just how far she went with Ray tonight?When Carol woke Gene wasn’t in bed. She slipped on shorts and halter, brushed her teeth, combed her hair and went to the kitchen. Coffee was made and she poured a cup and sit down at the table. Her mind was on the night before and what she and Ray did together. In the light of day it didn’t look nearly as good as it had the last night. Where was Gene? Most Sunday morning he slept late but today he wasn’t around. She was sure it had something to do about last night. How was she going to tell him without hurting his feeling? She knew he must suspect something with them being so late getting home and from all the sex between them brought on by Ray’s hard cock during the dancing lessons. What ever the out come she wasn’t going to start lying to him. He wasn’t the jealous sort so she had hopes that he could get over it. She was washing her cup when she saw Gene putting up the mower. He almost never cut grass on Sunday. When he broke out the pool cleaning equipment she knew he was disturbed about something and she was pretty sure she knew what. She jumped as hands came around her from behind. They closed over her breasts and squeezed them in each hand. “Ray, you scared me coming up behind me like that.” She pulled his hands from her breasts and turned towards him. “Don’t do that, what if Gene should see you?”m sorry, but after last night I thought.” She stopped him. “That was last night. I agreed to go to the prom with you. I did every thing I promised I would and a lot more, but it’s over. Gene is my husband and you are his brother, last night was fun. I loved the hell out of it; all of it. Now I have to make thing right with Gene. Don’t expect a repeat of last night; I don’t think Gene will be that generous again. I need for you to get out of the house today. I need time alone with Gene; I have to know where we stand.””Are you going to tell him?””Yes, I can’t be married to him and tell lies.””Ok, I understand, I’ll be gone for the rest of the day. I hope I have a place to stay when I get back.” He leaned into her. “Give me a bye kiss.” Without thinking she rose up and kissed him on the lips. She quickly looked around to see if Gene had come up. He was still at the pool. What worried her most was the feeling she had in her stomach from the kiss. She could tell him all she wanted that last night was over but she knew in her heart that it had just started. She went to her room crying as Ray left the house.Gene saw Ray leave and watched to see if Carol would come out. He hated the feeling he had knowing that the night with his brother had put a distance between them that had never been there before. He should have never agreed to let her go out with him! He tossed the hose to the side and went in the house. Not seeing her in the kitchen he went up stairs to their bedroom. He heard her crying before he got to the room. Oh shit, he hated for women to cry.Setting down on the bed next to her he touched her shoulder. “Are you all right?”She threw her arms around him and squeezed as close to him as possible. He just held her for several minutes until she quit crying. “You want to tell me what this is all about?””Oh Gene, I am so sorry about last night. I never meant for it to go that far.” She felt him tense up. “Just how far did it go? She told him everything, not leaving out anything from the moment they left the house until he bought her home early this morning. When she finished she looked at him.”I know you hate me but it started and I didn’t stop it. I feel so bad that I didn’t because it hurts you.””It is my fault that I let it start from the first, I should have just said no when he asked me if you could go with him.””I wanted to blame you but the truth is I was the one who could have stopped it. I could have refused after the first dance lesson when I saw how he became. I could have stopped it at anytime last week are during the prom and afterwards. I should have just told him to bring me home and he would have. He wanted to kiss me but I was the one that started it. When his hands touched me I didn’t do anything to stop him. I helped him undress. I was his first woman and some how I thought it was the right thing to do. “Don’t hate me, I love you!””Did he hurt you at all?” “No, he was just inexperienced. All he knew was to get in me and fuck. That is what we did; we fucked each other, four times that I remember.””How do you feel about it? “Now? I don’t know. Last night? I loved it! He was so much like you that first time years ago. Last night might have even been better than then; I wasn’t a virgin like before. I knew what I was doing and I wanted to help him as well. Gene we haven’t made love like that in a long time before this last week when I would tell you how hard Ray would get dancing with me. I love the sex with you. I like to feel you filling me up and stroking your big cock in me. Lately we both have got comfortable with it; not the burning need we use to have for each other. That’s what I felt with Ray last night that is why I loved it because it was like we use to be together. We had a little of that during the week and I wanted more, I never want to hurt you.””I knew what was going to happen last night. I could tell from the way he watches you that he wanted you. I could tell that you were turned on during the week and then turned to me in bed. I didn’t know what to feel as you left with him and then you handed me your rings and I knew that you were going to do it. In some ways I was jealous and in another I was turned on that another man was going to have you. I was awake when you came to bed this morning after your shower. I knew then that you had been with Ray. You went right off to sleep and I held you the rest of the night. Wait a minute.” He went to his dresser and opened a drawer. “These belong to you; don’t ever take them off again for any reason.” He slid them back on her finger. “Even?””Even that. You belong to me always and forever. I can take you with Ray but I want him to know that it is only temporary. You are my wife now and forever!”He is going to want to do it again.””I know, if it was me I would want you as well.””And if he does try, tell me what you want me to do. If you say that last night is it then that is what it will be.””You want to do it with him again don’t you?””Yes.””He will be here only a few more months; make his day.””And mine.””All three of us.”That was five years ago. Ray turned down the football scholarship to stay with us and go to the local college. I loved the decision he made. I love both of my men and never leave either one of them feeling left out. I may go to bed with Ray but when the sex is over I will spend the night with Gene. Sometimes he makes love to me again and others he will just hold me. Ray still doesn’t date that much. He doesn’t have to, he has all he can handle right here at home. I know one day he might leave but until he does I will continue to have sex with him as often as he likes, which seems to be every day. He probably fucks me twice as much as Gene but then he is home everyday while Gene has to be away from home with his job.One thing I always wanted but they didn’t seem to like was to have both at the same time. Only last year after Ray graduated from college did it happen for the first time. Nothing can possible feel as good to a woman than two men that love her working together to give her the best sex yet. Four hands and two mouths along with two very near indexical cocks and it couldn’t be any better.Three months ago we decided that we wanted to have a baby. Ray said he would leave me alone until I got pregnant. It didn’t happen that way. Gene and I decided that Ray was as much a part of the family as we were. Now I am two months pregnant with no idea which one is the father that is just fine with all three of us.This story started with a crush. It now ends with one. I have the largest crush on both my men.

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