Cuckolded from the day we met

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Cuckolded from the day we metI met my wife Kelsey, in college, she was a freshman (18) and I was I senior(21). We meet on campus at the recreation center ,where we would make small talk, and sometimes flirt while we worked out. She was a hot number at 5’7″, 110lbs, brunette, with hazel eyes. After a couple of weeks I finally worked up the courage to ask her to a party at my fraternity. Kelsey happily accepted. I picked her up at her dorm and drove to the house where and introduced her to a couple of brothers. I was the house DJ so I spent most of the night in our make shift booth, but I made sure to check up on her quite often to make sure she was having fun, and getting drunk for later. As the party started to finally die down, and I finished my set I went out to find her and hopefully get lucky, but she was nowhere to be found. It wasn’t until I was ready to leave when I saw her in the meeting room, sitting on one of my brothers laps, making out with him. She was being felt up and she was grinding on his lap. I left alone that night but strangely turned on by the scene I had witnessed. A couple of days went by and I saw her at the rec center, we causally talked about the party and how much fun she had. I had mentioned how disappointed I was not seeing after the party, she said she was too and that she had gotten tired and left early. She had lied to me and I didn’t know why. So I played along and asked her if she was going to come to the next party which she excitedly said yes. She also said she was looking forward to spending more time with me at the next party. The next party came and just like the last one I was stuck in the booth talking to her every now and then, each time she was more drunk. This time at the end of the party a different brother was hooking up with her, and this time it was on the dance floor against the back wall. I stood there for a while in disbeilf that she was hooking up with someone else again. As I stood there finishing my beer staring at them she opened her eyes and stared right at me as she pulled him in closer grinding his crotch against hers. After a couple of minutes he took her by the hand upstairs to his room, as they were walking away she looked at me again and gave me wink as she followed him. Oddly I was again turned on and left to go back to my place where I spent the night jerking off thinking of what they were doing. The next day I saw her again and she told me she got really drunk and didn’t remember the end of the night, but that she had a really great time, and couldn’t wait till the next party. This went on the entire year, after every party she’d hook up with another brother or random guest and the next day tell how much fun she had, but that she wished she spent more time with me. That summer I graduated and we went our different ways. I had gotten a job as a teacher in my hometown middle school, and hadn’t heard from her in 3 years. That is until we ran into each at one of the bars by the beach. We gave each other a big hug, caught up on the pass few years, drank , and danced the entire night. Finally that night I had gotten what I had longed for that year in college. We kissed and fooled around in the club. We didn’t have sex but I knew it was going to happen soon. We exchanged numbers and stayed in touch. We went on a couple of dates, where would end up kissing, feeling each other up, Me giving her oral, but never having sex. This eased my mind to what happened back at the parties in college, if she wasn’t having sex with me now she surely didn’t have sex with any of my brothers at the parties. Foolish I know!We started to get pretty serious and, I asked her to my work’s holiday party, which she said she’d love to. I suggested she come over my townhouse that day and get ready as it would be closer to the reception hall. She came over and we talk and had a few “pre-drinks” to loosen up a little bit. She said she was excited about being my date for this event. It was getting close to leaving time and she went off to the bathroom to take a shower and get dressed. She came down in this stunning black dress that went down to her knees, it had a small slit that went up the side of her dress, and had a nice V-neck which accented her 32C cup chest perfectly. I also noticed she didn’t wear a bra which got hard the moment I realized it. As I stared at her, she asked”How do I look?” I replied with one word”Stunning!!!” I took her hand and motioned to the door. ‘If we don’t leave now we might not make the party cause I would take her upstairs and spend the night ravaging her” She giggled “Don’t be silly, let’s go, we don’t want to be late. You’ll have plenty of time to “ravage me” later”. She grabbed my hand and out the door we went. We arrived at the reception hall and from the moment she walked in everyone had eyes on her. I was proud to have her by my side. During the party we talked with some of my coworkers, canlı bahis şirketleri drank some more and danced. She danced with a couple of the guys other than me. As the party was wrapping up a bunch of people (guys and women) had decided to head to one of the couples houses to continue the party and since I only lived a block away for them, we decided it would be fun to hangout a little while longer. We got back to their house and everyone started mingling. Our hosts broke out some weed, which she to a few hits of. And people started dancing and some just hang out outside on their patio. We got separated for a little bit and word had gotten around that Kelsey and I just started dating. I noticed at this point that some of the single guys were flirting with her more. Eventually Kelsey and I got to be alone in the kitchen, and I could tell she was getting very drunk, and started to rub my chest to my crotch, which lead to us kissing for a couple of seconds. She broke the kiss and asked if I could get her another drink. I nodded my head and said “Sure but I think we should go after this last drink”she purred “Sure sexy!”I went to get her a drink…when I came back I noticed she was sitting on a couch with someone who came to the party but didn’t work with me. I later found out it his name was Tom and was best friends with the couple who owned the house. Tom was a big muscular guy 6’6” 210lbs, who was on vacation leave from the Army, was staying with them for the week. I made eye contact with her she smiled at me as I started to walk toward her, but she turned her back to me, leaned in and started passionatly making out with Tom. I froze and all the feeling I got back in my college days flooded me again. Not to looked to foolish I turned around and walked into the other room to mingle but I managed to keep them in my line of sight. After 10 minutes or so he got up and lead her down a dark hallway to what I assumed was the room he was staying in. Trying to act calm, I nonshlantly followed them and watched which room they went into. The room was right next to a spare bathroom. My head was spinning partically from being drunk partically from being horny and wanting to fuck Kelsey. So I settled myself and went into the bathroom ,and locked the door. The bathroom had a door to his room…I turned the knob slowly, and to my luck it was unlocked. I tuned the lights off and gently cracked the door open enough so I could see them on the bed. They were making out and grouping each other all over. He worked his hands up her shoulders and slowly pulled the sleeves of her dress down her arms, exposing her amazing boobs, He looked at her in the eyes and told her “You are one of the hottest women he had ever seen, I had to rescue you for that dorky guy you came with.” She had a total look of lust in her eyes, as she unbuttoned his shirt and slide it off him, running her hand up and down his very defined chest “You are the sexiest men I have EVER seen, mmmmm, Oh and Jay…he’s a nice guy, but let’s not talk about him, The only thing on my mind is you!.” He didn’t need any other coaxing and leaned down and started kissing and sucking on her breasts. This cause her head to lean back in pleasure. Her hands were exploring his very defined chest, moving down his body to his pant waist line. The same way she had done to me earlier. His hands also had moved down her as well, and he had managed to work his one hand up her dress and was for what I could gather had a finger rubbing her clit, causing her to moan. After a few minutes she let out a gasp. Her hand were now unzipping his shorts. “You feel HUGE under all this clothing” He looked at her with a cocky smirk “Why don’t if out what huge thing I have waiting for you underneath these clothes.”She intently went to work on unbuckling his belt, followed quickly by unbuttoned the button , and slowly gave it a tug down. He lifted he ass up and she tugged his pants, down to his ankles. she exclaimed”WOW!, you are gigantic! And you’re commando” She purred “I have never seen a cock as big as yours….how big is it?” “Almost 11’1/2″She slide off the bed and kneeled in between his legs. He started to moan as she wrapped her lips around the head of his monster. Something I had not yet experienced. She worked his cock up and down, licking the sides down to the base of his balls and back up again to his swollen head. She tried desperately to swallow his whole cock, but would gag 3/4 of the way down. She looked like a pro and enjoying every minute of it. In a arrogant voice Tom asked”I take it dorky boy’s cock is not as big as mine…not many men do”She looked up at him and took her lips of his head”I have never seen his cock, but from what I have felt, he’s no where close to you baby”She was right, I ham almost 6”. After another few minutes of her lips working his cock, he pulled her off him “You better stop canlı kaçak iddaa or i’ll cum in her mouth, and that’s not where I want to make my deposit””We wouldn’t want that…I have a better place for you Make that deposit”She stood up lowering the rest of her dress to the floor, followed by her tiny g-sting panties. Kelsey grabbed his cock by the base and slowed lowered herself on to it. The head of his cock push apart her pussy lips and slowly started to disappear inside her. When she got the whole head in and stopped for a second to adjust to his size. Tom with a arrogant tone said”Take your time I can feel you have never had anything close to this size in you before, It’ll take some time for you to get use to it in that tight pussy of yours” “No I haven’t but I am going to enjoy every minute of getting every inch of you inside me” She bite her lip and started pushing down on the rest of his cock. It took her about 2 minutes to full work the entire shaft of his into her, at which she shuttered and let out a very loud moan. She had her first orgasm and they barely did anything. When she recovered, she began to slide herself up and down building up to a very fast pace. By this time I had my cock out, and was jerking myself off at this site. She was riding him for all he was worth, I could see the beads of sweat on her back, when she had her second orgasm, and collapsed on top of him. She slowly kissed his chest, when Tom grabbed her ass stood up and started fucking her standing up. That was all I could take, and I came all off the floor. I grabbed what I hoped was his towel and cleaned up the mess very quietly. By the time I looked up she had laid her on the bed and was pounding away at her. Still semi hard I decided to close the door and rejoin the party. Once I was back in the party, I noticed there were only a few people left. most of whom thought we left. made up some lie about going for a walk to get some fresh air and use the bathroom, A couple of us started playing beer pong and it wasn’t until the middle of second game that Kelsey reappeared. She immediately stumbled over to me and wrapped her arms around me seductively, whispering in my ear “We should leave after this game, I something special planned for you! Something we both wanted to do after all these years.”I was now drunk, horny and confuse”Sure thing Kelsey I can’t wait!!” She went to the kitchen and grabbed another drink, and the guys gave me a hard time about getting luck when I got home. The game lasted another 5 minutes and I looked at her and said ready, she nodded and gulped the rest of her drink down. We said our goodbyes and head to the front door, Tom was standing at the gate now wearing nothing but shorts and sleeveless shirt. Kelsey gave him a big hug, which he took the opportunity to grab her ass and whisper something in her ear, which made her giggle. “If you’re right you’ll see me tomorrow before you leave” she whispered back. He reach out and shook my hand and gave me that same cocky smile “Nice to meet you hope you enjoy the rest of your night.” It was a short walk, or should I say stumble, back to my place, the whole time Kelsey held on to my arm in a very loving manor. She was telling me what a nice time she had and was very happy I asked her to be my date. When I we got home, I asked her where she disappeared to during the party, She replied by throwing her arms around my neck and started to kiss me. At first I resisted, but between the alcohol and my horny state I gave in and started kissing her back. It wasn’t until our tongues entwined did I realize that I could taste something different…I could taste his cock. I pulled back, but she pulled me close again, kissing me wildly, this time play with my cock though me pants. All these sensations made me relax again and I responded to her kisses acceptingly. She broke the kiss this time a quickly brought me to my bedroom, where she ripped off my shirt, wild looking at me eye to eye with pure lust.” I’ve been wanting you to fuck me all night, and couldn’t wait to get you home we have wait too long to do this.”Her hands made their way down and started to unbuckle pants, and an instant had them down around my ankles. She quickly knelt down and with her finger nails in my boxer briefs waist band started to slowly pull them down. She looked up at me biting her lip in anticipation, of sucking me off. When she finally got my briefs down she looked at my cock, and gave out a sigh, the biting of her lip was now a look of disappoint as she looked at my cock standing at full attention. I guess feeling like she had to gave my cock something she let her tongue trace up and down my shaft, causing it to strain with anticipation of getting a the treatment I had seen earlier. But she stopped and gave the head of my cock a small kiss, stood up and looked me in the eye again. and pushed me back onto the bed, which canlı kaçak bahis was easy for her cause my pants and underwear tripped me up. She then very seductively removed her dress, one strap at a time, till it fell to the floor exposing her redden bite marked breast, and NO underwear. I looked her over”I didn’t realize you went commando tonight, I would have giving you cheap feels all night” I used the work commando on purpose know that’s what she said to Tom. She got a devilish look in her eyes “Oh I had them on earlier but got really horny dancing during the party and took them off and put them in my pocketbook!” I knew that Tom had kept them as a souvenir. I could she her shave pussy glistening as she crawled on top of me. She slide on top my cock and rubbed the head with her very wet slit, a few times. Then she slide her soaking wet cunt up my stomach toward my chest. It was then I noticed she was climbing to my face, and knowing that she just had sex with someone else I tried to turn my head, but by the time I reacted she had pin my arms down with her knees and started lowering herself on to me.”My pussy needs your tongue inside me, I’m burning up thinking about fucking you”I tried resisted as long as I could, but my tongue came out and I started to lick her swollen lips, As my tongue reached her slit she looked down at me”I want you taste me, taste how horny I’ve been for you all night, I want you to taste the pussy you’ve been wanting all these years but never had” And taste it I did. But as my tongue went further into her I got another taste the taste of Tom’s cum. She knew exactly what she was doing, and so did I. And this made me even harder. After what felt like and eternity and at least 3 orgasms, she moved off of me and back down to my now aching cock. Kelsey took the head of my head and spit down on it, before slipping it inside of her. I was in her with no resistance at all. She closed her eyes leaned back and started to riding me slowly, my hips were matching her rhythm. My hands gripped her waist and her hands moved to my chest, then she opened he eyes, and looked down at me. We started at each other for a couple of seconds”Is fucking me everything you expected?”I nooded and moaned “Yesss!!!”Which she gave an grin I was close to coming and had no control of my feelings, and blurted out”I saw what you did at the party”The grin she had turn to a smirk and she started to grind on me faster.”Whatever do you mean?” said in a teasing manor” I saw you with that guy” She pulled almost completely off me gave a look of concern, but the closed her eyes and suddenly slammed down on me causing me to wince. “You mean Tom. mmmm. I thought I felt someone watching us, You were in the bathroom weren’t you, you naughty lil voyeur…I knew heard noises coming from in there!! Tom kept saying that it was my imagination.” “How Much did you see?” Her pace started to pick up again “I saw everything upto where he started fucking you standing up””You saw all that…and you’re still willing to fuck me?”her hips started rotating causing me cock it pulse”Yes…I’ve waited so long for you””mmmmm I like that!! Did you see how BIG he was?””yea””You know you can’t blame me, after all Tom is at least twice as big as you are.” “Only one other man has filled me up before”Closing my eyes I mumble quietly. “oh yea?””Yes…it was some guy in college that I met at a party””At one of my parties wasn’t it, one of my brothers…””Yes but he was a jerk so it was only that one time and he was a little smaller than Tom””I see” I knew exactly which brother it was Noticing my insecurity she said “Don’t get my wrong, surprisingly you feel pretty amazing right now too”I opened my eyes, and looked right in to hers”Part of the reason must be because oral you gave me, no one has ever made my cum like that during oral”my hips reacting to what she was saying and moving quicker”Jay can I ask you a question?””Sure”closing her eyes and arching back again”You knew I had Tom’s massive load cum in me didn’t you, I mean you had to taste it?”I shook my head yes “Ohhh myyy Godddd and you didn’t stoppppp” She leaned further back and started panting :”That’s SOOOOO HOTTT”She stared to cum. which in turn caused me to shoot deep inside her. She came collapsing down on my chest, and I immediately wrapped my arms around her. Pulling her hot sweaty body closer to mine. “Tom told me before we left that he knew you would continue to eat me out after you tasted his cum in you. I told him he was wrong, but he said he knew it, and that if you did, I would have to fuck him again before he left.”Catching my breath I just let out an “OH…I guess this mean you are?””Well I Did tell him if he was right I would meet him before he left…mmmmmm…maybe I can invite him here.” She looked me right into the eyes “you can hide and watch, and after he leaves we can do this again” “If that’s really what you want ” I closed me eyes” You can invite him over.”She nuzzled into my neck and whispered lovingly.”I think we are going to be great couple, somehow I always knew we were meant to be””I think we were too” I kissed her passionately on the lips. and we both drifted to sleep.

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