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Cum for my mommyWe remembered when we were little, my brother and I. Our mom liked to rub us a lot. She put lotion on us and felt our little bodies over and over. Then she would go in her bedroom, lock the door for a while and come out all out of breath with a big smile on her face. I’m Lynn and my brother is Ken, we’re a year apart, he is oldest. Were now 25 and 26 and this is how we grew up with our hot and sexy mom.Mom is beautiful, and a very sexy woman. She’s 5’ 2”, raven black hair with very white skin. She has big tits, nice ass and hot legs. Our dad died when we were just 1 and 2 years old. As we grew up, mom would give us showers all of us together. Even in our early teens we thought nothing of Ken and I showering with mom. We never told our friends, boyfriends or girlfriends the way we showered at home. She always did the washing of us. We liked it and she really did too. She always got excited at shower time. She love to wash my tits and pussy best, and we would watch her close her eyes and enjoy it. She would wash Ken’s dick and stroke it a little, her eyes closed and breathing hard. We were used to it and got turned on by it too. Mom didn’t know that Ken and I had been fucking. It was our top secret.We were 11 and 12, and like mom, it started as we liked to feel each other up like she did. We would sneak feels in the kitchen, play feel up under the table and kiss when it was clear. Mom never caught us, or if she knew, she never said a word about it. Our passion for each other grew. We put on little undressing shows for each other. I would stand in my bedroom with the door open and let him watch me take off my clothes real slow. Then I would feel my tits and rub my little pussy. He would strip for me and then jack his dick and pretend he was fucking. It built up and we both wanted to have sex with each other, bad, even at 11 and 12 yrs old. One evening he let me watch him jack off. I stood in his doorway as he laid on the edge of his bed and started jacking his dick. I couldn’t take it, and just as he was about to cum, I ran over and put my mouth over his dick as he jacked it. His face got red and he strained and shot his cum out and filled my mouth. I ran back and savored his cum as I felt a wonderful orgasm jolt in my pussy, over and over. He whispered to me later in the kitchen and told me that was so risky and to watch out doing that, then he kissed me and felt my little pussy right behind mom’s back! One afternoon when mom was gone for a long while, we took a shower, just the two of us. We started out washing each other this time, instead of mom doing it. We got so hot, feeling each other up. Our warm soapy body’s got us hot. Ken felt my tits so nice and then his fingers slipped in my pussy. I jolted as he found my clit and massaged it. I reached out and held his slick boner and the waves of wanting to have sex with him flowed thru me. Yes, I wanted to have sex with my own brother. I just started kissing him like a boyfriend, sarıyer escort only he was much hotter a kisser than any of them. He seemed to know just what I liked. I felt wonderful feelings in my little pussy, and his fingers were exciting me like no other. I had to drop to my knees and kiss his boner all over. This was all new to us and we were starting to feel panic to have the forbidden things we had been told we could never have. Sex with your brother.Ken held me close and said:“I’ve never felt this way before Lynn, I can’t get enough of touching you, I know we aren’t suppose to want this, or do this, but I want you so bad. I thought about it lot’s of times, but pushed back the thoughts, but they just kept coming back. Feeling your body, and kissing you is what I want so bad, I don’t care about anything else.”When he said that, he said just what I felt, and I told him so. We were so out of breath by now, we both sat on the shower floor and I pulled him on top of me. It was heaven feeling his body all warm from the warm water flowing over us. I told him I wanted him now, I couldn’t take it any more.I opened my legs wide and just reached down and put his boner in me. It was like a electric shock as our body’s became one. I put my legs around him as he fingered my clit and our body’s started to move together. I can still hear the slapping noise that our body’s made as we started fucking in a fury. I wanted to pull him inside me, he felt so good. Our warm wet kisses just added fuel to our cuming climaxes. We could hold the pleasure no more as he yelled and I yelled loud as our two peaks blended together and we came together. We thrashed on the wet floor. We squirmed as he thrusted a huge load of cum in me as I yelled out in ecstatic pleasure. Our slick arms held us tight and we moaned for long time together. That led to us sneaking and having hot sex whenever we could.I was now 13 and he was 14. One night we were all in the shower together. Brother and I decided we should wash mom for a change. She started breathing hard and said that would be so wonderful. We started in soaping her up real good. I saw my brothers dick starting to get hard and I knew he was getting turned on. In fact, I was too. Watching his hard on and feeling my moms hot body, we both got very turned on.He whispered to me: (…”let’s get mom all excited.”…) I giggle and nodded my head yes. We started in washing her all over. She closed her eyes as our hands got closer to her tits and pussy. We leaned her on the shower wall and she let us keep going further and further, never stopping us. Soon we were sucking on her nipples and Ken and I rubbed her wet soapy bush. She never opened her eyes but just moaned and breathed harder an harder. She parted her legs for us, so we both could have room to get our hands in to feel her warm wet pussy. Ken and I got really turn on by this and it turned into a sex fest with mom as our sex toy.I got on my knees and esenyurt escort started to lick mom’s pussy. She moaned and spread her legs wider apart for me. I put three fingers in her warm pussy and started masturbating her. I licked around her clit and teased it. Ken was sucking her nipples and kissing her all over. He teased her mouth with his tongue and then just kissed her and slipped his tongue in her mouth.She moaned and wrapped her wet soapy arms around him and returned her tongue to his. We’d never seen mom so hot and it was turning us on big time. I fingered my pussy while I licked hers. Ken put mom’s hand on his big boner and she started feeling it and his balls and all around. She was now moaning and out of breath more and then she began to hump my face and gave out a loud long moan and started to tremble. I licked her clit as fast as my tongue would go, while fingering both my pussy and her pussy too.Ken moaned and as she stroked him, then he shot big shots of cum all over her tummy and moaned loud. She started shaking and had a big climax while I was licking her clit. Her knees began to weaken as she moaned “Oh My God YESSS!!!”, and started to sink to the shower floor. I kept licking her pussy and she grabbed Ken’s boner and started sucking it fast. She licked him over and over and smeared his cum on her tits. I yelled “OH…oh oh oh Oh!, YES!!!”, And I climaxed hard while still licking her pussy. Ken sat down on the shower floor, exhausted like mom and I were. We let the warm water flow on us and just felt the bliss.Mom hadn’t had any sex in a long time, and it just took her by surprise.That day was the day everything changed for her. After a few days, she sat us down in her bedroom and told us that that was the best sex she had ever had in her whole life. She told us she knew we were having sex…….. and “if “…. she was now included at times, we could all have beautiful sex now and nothing would be said, to anyone.Ken and I looked at each other and grinned. With out saying a word, we started undressing mom. She looked at us and began to smile. Ken unbuttoned her blouse, as I undid her shorts and pulled them and her panties down and off. I unhooked her bra as Ken started kissing her with his tongue darting in her mouth. Mom…gasped…. and started trembling. We placed her in her bed naked. Ken and I started undressing each other slowly and kissed with passion and felt us up as mom started to squirm and just watched. We were giving her a show of a lifetime. Photos. She began to moan a little and rub her pussy, this was really turning her on. Watching her son and daughter making out right in front of her. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would ever see this. Two young teenagers feeling each other up and panting as they both got hot and out of breath. Mom squirmed more and starting rubbing her pussy faster as she watched. Ken and I lay down still kissing hotly and then avrupa yakası escort turned to a 69 position.Mom watched as I sucked Ken’s dick excitedly and he lifted my leg and put his face in my pussy. We moaned and started really getting into it. Mom got up on her knees to watch us better and fingered her pussy firmer. Soon Ken and I reached out for mom and pulled her to us. I pulled her head over to me and we both sucked and licked on Ken’s dick.We put mom between us. Ken started kissing her pussy now in front of my pussy. He fingered my pussy as he licked mom’s wet pussy. We all moaned now, and mom was gasping for air. This was the last thing she expected to ever happen, and we were exciting her like never before. I reached and felt her body. She was trembling as she took Ken’s dick in her mouth, taking turns with me. Ken licked her clit, and each lick made her jump a little. Ken knew she wanted his dick in her bad but let us make the move.I rolled and placed mom on top of me. I was on my back and her back on me. I reached around her and felt her big tits and rubbed her pussy now. She moaned so beautiful as she reached down and felt my pussy between her legs. Ken came around and put his knees between our legs. He teased both our pussy’s with his dick, rubbing it on mom’s and my pussy also. Mom’s fingers trembled as she fingered me. Ken and I knew she wanted to feel Ken’s dick in her and squirmed and lifted her pussy to meet Ken’s dick. He slowly advanced and let his dick go up my pussy lips and then on up to moms. Then back down again, teasing our now both wet waiting pussy’s. He put the head of his dick in mom, then in me. Back and forth, teasing us. Mom and I both squirmed for him to put his dick in us. We were both on the verge of begging him for it. He finally pushed his dick all the way in my wet pussy, then out and all the way in mom’s. He was slowly fucking us both as we moaned in delight. I held mom’s tits tight as he toyed with us. Mom’s pussy juices were dripping on my pussy, it was making me so hot, I could hardly stand it. Mom reached out to Ken for him to put his dick in her and fuck her. I started fingering mom wet clit, and reached out and pulled Ken’s dick into mom’s pussy. He could play no more and started fucking our mom. Mom’s arms locked around him as he reached down and fingered me. He started fucking our mom faster and moaning to us. “Oh god….Oh God…OH…JEZZZZZZ!”She yelled out now, and fucked him as fast as she could as Ken shot loads of cum in her pussy. Now she felt his cum in her for the first time. She made this screeching sound and her pussy kept jumping and the pulses took over her pussy. Ken tried to pull out to fuck me but her pussy locked him in until she went weak. Ken finally pulled out and I felt his huge dick slide in me and started fucking me fast. I moaned out and climaxed gloriously and held mom tight as my pussy jolted over and over. Ken shot another huge load in me as I felt it go in all hot. Our moaning continued as we all squirmed and gasp for air. Cum was running out of mom and onto Kens dick and my pussy.Wow!…what a cum fest that was! We all just laid there and enjoyed the blissful feeling from each other. My pussy just kept squeezing my brothers dick over and over. ———————-

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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