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DADDY AND CHRISTYChristy came home one afternoon after little cheerleader and her daddy was all dressed up.Where you going daddy” Christy asked“Out with a friend”, her dad replied.“Is it anyone I know”“Just a friend from work”“Well then is it ok if I spend the night with Staci? We are going to go over some cheerleading routines”.“Sure” said daddy. With that, Christy ran across the room and jumped in daddy’s arms, wrapped her legs tightly around him and gave him a big hug. God his little girl felt good he thought. So grown up and well developed She had just turned 18 and she was a hot little number. She lessened her grip, looked in his eyes and gave him a great big wet kiss on the lips.“CHRISTY, what are you doing”, daddy asked“Just kissing my daddy” she said. She noticed something hard in his slacks. Poking through the thin material. “Don’t you like it daddy?“Wwwwell yeah”, daddy studdered.“Then what’s the problem” she grinned. She then grabed his face and gave him a kiss and her tongue darted into his mouth. “All my boyfriends like it when I do this”. She noticed that the bulge in his pants was really big now and a little wet spot had formed that she could feel on her bare legs. It was warm and slimy and she liked the effect she was having on her dad.“Well” you are my little girl and I am your daddy and it is just not a good thing young lady” he said. With that he told her to get down and she slid down his body making sure his hard on slid between her legs. It caught on the panties of her uniform and she hung there for a second. She knew now what she had to do. She grabbed her daddy’s dick and gave it a big squeeze.Daddy slapped her on the ass and told her to quit. She ran off crying. Daddy ran off after her and gave her a hug and told her how much she was becoming a young woman and she should be really careful with that special thing that she should be saving for her husband. Christy hugged her daddy and asked if he could still spend the night with Staci?“Sure you can”!“Thanks daddy” she gave him another hug and started tickling daddy. He tickled her back and soon they were sweaty and daddy noticed that his dick was getting really hard. He got up and he told here that now he had to go and change clothes.He went into the bathroom and she opened the door just a little to watch her dad change clothes. She was shocked when she saw the underwear come down and she saw how his cock stood out. Man she was horny now!!! She started to rub her pussy and stick a finger in her pussy. She rubbed until she came. She almost screamed but knew daddy wouldn’t like what she did so she was very quiet. She ran down the stairs, grabbed her bag and ran out the door to go to Staci’s house.After dinner Christy and Staci went upstairs and showed Staci’s dad their new cheers. Christy canlı bahis made sure that the panties were riding up into the crack of her pussy and her smooth pussy was showing. She noticed that Staci’s dad was getting hard. She knew she had the power over men.They watched a movie and dozed off to sleep. About 2 am, she woke Staci up and told her that she wasn’t feeling well and was going home.She left the house and started walking toward home. My she thought, it sure is dark out here. She thought she heard some noises in the bushes. She started to walk a little faster, looking behind her. Here she was a young girl and all alone at 2 am . She started to walk a little faster. The thought of there being someone out there scared her and turned her on a little too. She could feel her pussy lips rubbing together and rubbing her clit. She was scared and excited and finally she saw the house and she ran as fast as she could and opened the door.She went inside as quietly as she could. She reached under her skirt and felt her pussy. Man it was wet. She walked as quietly as she could up the stairs and went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. She took her clothes off and started rubbing her pussy. “This is not going to be good enough tonight” she said to herself. Still naked, she quietly walked down the hall and opened daddy’s door. There he was. She could see his outline under the covers. She quietly opened the door and went over to the bed quietly. She pulled the covers up and slid her naked body in. She reached over and started rubbing her daddy’s ass. Mmmmm. That feels good. She had never touched her daddy’s ass before and was surprised how soft and smooth it was. She had imagined it harrier than that. She could feel him move and a soft moan came from him. She traced her fingers up the back. She planted a kiss on the shoulder and started kissing and working her way down. Such smooth skin my daddy has, she thought to herself. Another moan came from the other side of the bed. She was really horny now. She worked her tongue down to the asshole, spread the cheeks and gently licked. Daddy started to wiggle around. My his ass tasted good. Suddenly daddy rolled over. Daddy was on his back now and Christy was between the legs and her prize was only a touch away. Christy started working her way up and her lips were only within inches of kissing her daddy’s dick and then suddenly……. ON CAME THE LIGHTs!!!“CHRISTY, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING”. She screamed, suddenly realizing that the sound did not come from the bed!!! She looked up at the legs she was between and there was a shaved pussy!!!!“Oh my God” Christy shouted!!! “Daddy, I am sorry, I thought that was you.”“Well it’s not”, yelled her Daddy. “Now get out of here”!!!!A soft voice came from the woman who had been the bahis siteleri center of Christy’s attention. “Please, let her finish what she started”. With that the woman grabbed Christy by the hair and violently shoved the little girl’s head into her pussy. Christy couldn’t breathe and she didn’t have any choice but to start licking to get the woman to ease up on her pressure. Christy stopped for a minute and looked up, wanting dad to help her and when she saw him she saw he was rubbing his cock!!!“Daddy, help me please”!!!!! was her cry.“Just shut up bitch, just shut up and eat her pussy”. Christy couldn’t believe this was happening. She was eating another woman’s pussy and it was starting to taste good to her. The older woman told Christy to turn around and Christy did, sticking her pussy in the other woman’s face. Suddenly, there was a good feeling. The feeling of a wet warm tongue licking on her pussy.“Here, let me show you how it’s done baby” the woman said. “Take your tongue and do this. Mmmmmmm that’ it baby, now do it like this”. Christy couldn’t believe it, here was an experienced woman showing her how to eat pussy. And she was liking it. Oh fuck that felt good. Oh yeah. Mmmmmm. Oh fuck she loved it and she loved the taste of pussy.All of a sudden, daddy grabbed her by the long blonde hair and pulled her face out of the pussy. He took his cock and shoved it in the woman’s cunt. He grabbed Christy and gave her a hard kiss on the lips. He stuck his tongue in the pussy juice covered face. He was licking her face while he was pounding this strange woman.The woman was eating her pussy while daddy was fucking the older woman’s pussy. Daddy pulled his cock out and pulled Christy’s head down and said, “Suck my cock you little slut”. With that, he pushed her head down and made her lick the head. “oh yeah, baby, suck daddy’s dick, Oh yeah, suck on that cock. Now, move up and down on the shaft, lick underneath it. Oh yeah, that’s right.”Daddy pulled her up again and once again entered the woman’s pussy. He pushed it in hard, and then pulled it out slowly. Every time he slammed it home, he jarred the bed and she could feel her pussy bounce on the woman’s face. Daddy once again stopped and pulled her face down. This time he pushed her face hard into the woman’s shaved pussy. “Oh yeah, baby, eat her pussy. Eat her pussy. Spread those lips with your hands and lick her cunt. Suck on that clit, that’s daddy’s girl”.Once again she was pulled away and her daddy once again stuck his cock in her mouth. Oh fuck, she was going crazy, between the cock sucking, the pussy she was tasting and giving her daddy head, she was more turned on now than she had ever been in her life.Daddy stopped once again and grabbed Christy and told the woman and her to turn around.“What are güvenilir bahis you gonna do daddy”, his little girl asked?“Just shut up whore” her daddy said, “Just turn around like I told you. She did as her daddy told her and here she was on top of a woman with her head buried in her pussy and her ass in the air.All of a sudden she felt it. She felt the head of her daddy’s cock in the opening of her virgin pussy. “Oh NO DADDY” Christy shouted. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING”????“ I am going to fuck you”. Daddy slapped her on the ass and put his cock in her pussy a little.“OH MY GOD DADDY, PLEASE, PLEASE NO”!!!! And with that, daddy shoved his cock in, breaking her cherry and ramming it all the way in in one stroke. “SHIT DADDY, it hurts SO BAD”!!!! With that, daddy stopped for a minute, letting her get used to the size. While he stopped, the woman started licking her pussy. “Oh shit” she thought, “getting my pussy licked while daddy’s cock in inside me”. Suddenly, she started to feel good instead of hurting. “Oh yes, oh yes, suck my pussy. Fuck me daddy, FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME!!! She screamed. Daddy started moving in and out and in and out, slowly at first and then faster. He was really fucking her now and this woman was licking the inside of her legs while he was fucking her. Oh shit, she was loving it. “Fuck me, fuck me daddy”, she kept saying.“Oh fuck baby, fuck daddy’s cock. Fuck me like the slut you are!!! Yes, daddy likes your tight cunt!!! Oh yes, daddy loves his little girl”. All of a sudden, daddy pulled out and grabbed her by the hair and there she was face to face with the woman who had been eating her pussy. Daddy put his cock in their faces and the older woman started sucking on it. She pulled her mouth off of it and put it in Christy’s face. Christy sucked on the head. While she sucked underneath, taking her tongue and licking. The he older woman licked up and down on the shaft and sucked on the balls while Christy was sucking on daddy’s cock!!!!!!“Shit, suck it girls, Suck my dick!!! Oh yeah, my two bitches sucking my cock!!! Oh yeah, daddy loves it”!!!!All of a sudden, daddy stiffened and Christy could feel his balls tighten and he started cumming in her mouth. The older woman could tell too, so she pulled it out and she pulled it toward her mouth. It squirted cum on her and Chrity’s face. She put it in her mouth so she could taste some too. Suddenly they were fighting over daddy’s cum. She pulled it out of the older woman’s mouth and it squirted cum all over their faces, tits and hair. It was every where.They continued to suck on daddy’s cock until it went limp. Then they looked at each other and started licking the cum off of each other’s faces. They kissed and swapped tongues and licked cum . Life was good for Christy. She had 2 fantasies fulfilled at once. “Christy” daddy said, “I would like you to meet your future mom,” and then he laughed out loud.“The pleasure’s all mine” the older woman said and turned Christy around and dove into her freshly fucked pussy again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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