Daddy’s Little Cow Ch. 01

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The front door closed and he braced himself just in time to avoid being knocked over as his excited pet threw herself into his arms.

“Daddy!” She squealed, hanging on his neck and trying to kiss every inch of his face.

She never failed to thrill him, the petite, utterly feminine softness of her. Everything about her was round and yielding, the smooth flushed cheeks, the kissable little shoulders, the generous pink tipped breasts, the gently rounded belly, the spankable ass, the quivering thighs always wet with her juices all the way down to her sweet little chubby toes. An adorable little package he silently thanked the universe for bringing into his life.

“Hey sweet girl.” He said gently, attempting to hold on to her as she bounced and wiggled against him.

“Welcome home Daddy.” She said between peppering him with kisses, “I missed you all day.”

“Uh huh, I can tell, pretty much like every day isn’t it?” He accepted her greeting indulgently, she was a needy little thing and 8 hours was a long time to be without her Daddy. He took her by the shoulders and held her away from him as he felt wetness soaking into the front of his shirt. “Little cow you are getting me all wet, your shirt is already soaked! Let’s get your evening milking done so we can have dinner.”

She pouted up at him, “Can I have one more kiss first Daddy?”

He chuckled and shook his head but swept her body tight against his and kissed her until she was trembling. “How’s that little girl?”

She grinned, looking dazed “Your kisses are the best!”

“Come on then silly girl.” He led her out the back door, toward a tidy little red barn.

As soon as they stepped inside she stripped off her clothes, tossing them into a hamper by the door. He was waiting for her in a brightly lit stall, fiddling with a milking machine.

“Ready little cow?” He asked as she knelt and crawled into position. She mooed softly, talking wasn’t allowed in the milking stall.

He latched a teat cup to each breast, making sure everything was positioned correctly to empty her swollen breasts as comfortably as possible. He switched on the machine and watched as milk began flowing through the clear hoses toward the stainless steel holding tank.

“Good girl.” He patted her head and went to get a drink out of the small fridge he kept stocked with water and soda. He came back with a bottle of water, placing a straw in it before crouching down to offer her a drink. She sipped gratefully, making milk was thirsty work.

“I’ve been doing some reading about çorum escort how to maximize production, I think I’ll start implementing some of the techniques I’m seeing suggested. I’d love to see just how much milk we can get out of those juicy tits of yours.”

She mooed at him, grinning, always willing to go along with his ideas.

He wandered off again, puttering around the barn while the milking machine did it’s work. He came back to check on her, stopping to admire the sight of his voluptuous little cow, naked and hooked to a milking machine. His cock twitched, swelling, watching her ass gently sway as she rocked to the rhythm of the suction on her nipples. Her pussy lips were flushed and damp, just the way he liked them.

He crouched behind her and ran his hands over her ass, sending a shiver up her spine. “Spread your legs for me sweetness.” She moved her knees apart and he cupped her slippery cunt in his hand, letting two fingers slip between her lips. He fingered her slowly, just enjoying the feel of her as he watched the flow of milk slow.

By the time the flow had stopped she was quivering and dripping around his fingers. He removed his fingers carefully and walked around to unhook her, pausing to let her lick his fingers clean.

She crawled out of the stall once she was unhooked and sat sipping her water while he cleaned the equipment and stored the milk they’d gathered.

“15 ounces! Nicely done!” He praised as he capped a bottle of creamy, white milk, “Let’s go have dinner little cow.”


She sat on the side of the tub admiring him as he drew them a bath. He was tall and lean, with broad shoulders and strong arms. His hair was dark and close cropped, a few grey hairs here and there. He turned towards her, catching her adoring gaze.

“See something you like?”

“Just the handsomest Daddy in the whole world that I love the very best.”

He chuckled and scooped her up, “I love you too sweet girl.”

He stepped into the tub and lowered them into the warm,bubbly water. They spent a few minutes snuggling and enjoying being close.

“Sit here, let me wash your hair.”

“Mmmnn” she closed her eyes and reveled in his fingers massaging her scalp.

Pulling the spray nozzle out he rinsed the shampoo. He smoothed a conditioner into her long brown hair before turning her and pulling her to straddle his lap.

He pulled her in for a long slow kiss, his hands stroking her wet skin. As the kiss lingered her hips çorum escort bayan started rocking against him, sliding her body against his.

“Always so hungry.” He mused, watching her as she squirmed in his lap.

“Oh please.” She whimpered, “It’s been so long Daddy, please may I cum?”

He lifted her hips and repositioned her so she was humping his leg. She moaned and ground her pussy against his thigh.

“How long has it been little one?”

She braced her hands on his chest, “Unh, oh, how long?”

“Focus, you naughty little thing. How long since I let you have an orgasm?”

“So long. So, so long. Years!” She whined.

He laughed and kissed her nose, “No greedy girl, it’s only been 2 weeks.” He grinned at the wet, desperate girl humping his leg. “And no, you may not cum. I like you desperate and distracted.”

She let out a wail and collapsed against his chest causing him to laugh as he wrapped his arms around her. “Come on my little cow, it’s time for bed and I need my bedtime snack.”

“Yes Daddy.” She let him rinse her then pull her from the tub and dry her off, wrapping her hair in a towel.

He stood her next to the bed as he put on a pair of pajama pants. She shivered slightly in the cool room.

“Pajama time little one.” He pulled a soft pink cotton nightie out of the dresser and she raised her arms up obediently. “Good girl.”

He took the towel and gently combed through her thick hair, then skillfully made two pigtail braids. “Do you need to pee before we get in bed?”

“No Daddy, I’m good.”

“Ok, then come snuggle me.” He pulled her beneath the covers, arranging her on her back. He gently squeezed her right breast causing a wet spot to bloom in the fabric stretched over her plump nipple, “Mmmmm feels like you need some attention little cow.”

“I didn’t want to complain Daddy but I’m so full I feel like I’m about to burst.”

“You’re making so much milk now, you need more frequent milking. I’ll have to figure out how to make it work.”

He unbuttoned her nightgown and pushed it aside to reveal a pale breast, swollen, blue veined, milk now beading on the nipple as she anticipated relief. She moaned and arched towards him as his mouth closed over her breast, drawing her nipple and areola in to stimulate her let down. He suckled, humming in appreciation as sweet, warm milk filled his mouth. She stroked his hair and sighed happily as he drained her breast.

“You take such good care of your Daddy.” He murmured against her chest as escort çorum he uncovered her left breast “Giving him warm milk to help him sleep.” He squeezed her breast, making them both giggle as milk squirted in to the air. Once again his mouth closed on her breast and she felt the tug of let down followed by the relief of milk emptying.

She relaxed, drifting in the warmth of his arms and mouth. His hand stroked her leg, moving up her thigh. She trembled, suddenly wide awake.

“Yes,” he mumbled around her nipple, “such a good girl. Suffering for me, giving me all the control.” His fingers petted the damp heat between her legs, pushing in to barely caress her clit, already hard and slick. He teased with feather touches as he finished emptying her breast, enjoying everything she was giving him, sustenance and suffering. Reveling in the power she trusted too him, knowing that as much as she squirmed and whimpered she wouldn’t dare cum without his permission.

“Do you want to cum little cow?” He asked, pressing one finger hard against her throbbing clit.

“Yesssssss Daddy.” She hissed.

He held his finger firmly against her for a moment, watching her writhe beneath him, feeling her pulse pounding under his finger.

“Sweet girl look at Daddy.” She met his eyes, hers shiny and pleading. “I love you like this, I love how over the past couple of weeks you are always wet and eager. It makes me feel so special that you gave me control over your orgasms.”

He stroked his fingers through the wetness dripping from her, making her hips jerk.

“I understand if this is too hard, just say the word and I’ll give you an orgasm right now. But if you can be my good girl, my strong girl, for a bit longer it would make me so happy.”

She took a deep breath and forced her body to be still.

“I can wait Daddy.” Her voice trembled more than she would have liked but her words were clear. “I want to cum when you want me to cum. It is difficult,” she released a shaky chuckle, “but if I’m honest I like what this does to me too. I’m so excited for you, so focused on your needs. I think it’s brought us closer, this new level of trust.”

He brought his wet fingers to her lips and she gently licked and sucked them clean.

“I agree.” He said softly, “Your trust in me makes me love you all the more. You are my perfect little princess, my sweet little slut, my well trained little pet, my juicy little cow.” He removed his fingers and kissed her softly. “Thank you Flora.”

He buttoned her nightgown back over her breasts and rolled her to her side, spooning around her. “Goodnight my love.”

“Good night Daddy, I love you too.”

He smiled to himself in the dark, feeling her squirm as she tried to calm the fire he’d lit in her. Such a gorgeous little creature, and she chose to be his.

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