Davie Ch. 08

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As Debbi was steering her car down the street past the firehouse, she saw her friends Davie and Tom standing on the apron of the station talking to another guy. When Dave recognized the vehicle and waved to her, Debbi pulled over to the curb. He left the other two men, and when he reached the car he leaned down to say hello and was greeted by a female passenger.

“Well, hello handsome,” cooed the well tanned young woman. Gina was more than tanned. She was chocolate. Gina was addicted to tanning beds. She had a membership in three salons and could reach any one in twenty minutes from any part of the city. She claimed it calmed her. The funny thing was, she always seemed so wired that people wondered when the calm would kick in. In the winter, she stuck out like a sore thumb among all the pink skinned people and looked almost comical.

“Hello,” said Davie to Gina, politely. Then to Debbi he gave a big smile and a hug.

“What are you doin’ in the neighborhood,” he asked her. The firehouse was in one of the poorer areas of the city and saw plenty of fires. That’s why Davie and Tom asked for this assignment. They liked the action.

“We were just heading home from a shopping spree and I suggested we swing by. Gina wanted to meet some real men.” Debbi was looking for any excuse to see the boys again.

“Hee-hee,” Gina giggled, “yea, you a real hero, Honey?”

“Oh, I don’t know about that, Gina. We just do our job.”

“Come on over and I’ll introduce you to a hero, girls.” Davie opened Gina’s door and Debbi let herself out and joined the two as they walked to the station entrance.

When Tom saw who was walking over he let out a soft moan.

“Here’s trouble. This little bitch is a pain in the ass,” he whispered to his companion. Unknown to Davie, Tom had met Gina in a club one night and did not enjoy the experience. She came on to a friend of his but when she found out he worked for the city’s sanitation department she began putting him down with insulting remarks.

As Davie escorted the two young women up to meet his friend, the oldest of the group had a bottle of water up to his mouth, and suddenly water shot out his nose and mouth when Gina walked up to them and he saw her t-shirt. It was yellow and tight and barely covered her very large breasts. Imprinted across the front in black letters were the words, “You Want To – Don’t You?.” She was about five foot four, rust red dyed hair and a killer body packed in that small frame. Gina was dressed excessively provocative in skin tight jeans, high heels and that t-shirt. Debbi, he noted, looked classy, wearing jeans, a pair of flats and a short sleeved, white shirt with the tails out.

Gina stepped up to him and snickered. “What’s up Gramps? Your Geritol go down the wrong pipe?”

The three onlookers stared at the scene for a minute until Davie broke the silence.

“Ladies, I’d like you to meet my former Captain. Bill, this is my friend Debbi and her friend Gina.”

Putting away his handkerchief, having wiped the water from his face, Bill extended his hand to the girls. Debbi took it and felt a powerful strong but gentile grip. Gina tried to direct a high-five to Bill but it went misguided and their hands clumsily struck one another.

“So Davie tells me you’re a real hero, Bill, or is it Old Bill,” laughed Gina. What’ca do, save a cat from falling out of a tree?” As she spoke she made it a point to thrust her breasts forward.

Davie and Tom were embarrassed by the remark and Debbi nudged her friend on the arm, but Bill just laughed.

“Well, I’ll tell you Gina, that was one scared pussycat and we made one little old lady happy.” Bill turned to his former coworkers and winked to signal them to take the girl’s comment lightly.

“Well boys, I’m going to head home. I’ll see you later. Ladies it was a pleasure and Gina, don’t play with fire. You may get burnt.”

Bill began to walk up the street and Debbi turned on Gina.

“Why’d you have to be so rough on the guy, Gina?”

“Oh lighten up, Debs. He’s an old geezer and he’ll probably go home and yank it thinking about us!”

“Debbi, we have work to do, I’ll call you.” Davie was angry and had to get out of site of this fresh girl. Tom was happy to follow him.

“Okay. I’ll see you both another time.” Debbi felt sick about the encounter and was furious with Gina. “Boy you really fucked up that little meeting, Gina!”

The girls were quiet all the way to Gina’s house where Debbi dropped her off. After they parted Debbi drove home feeling badly for Bill and the way he was treated by her friend. She laughed to herself thinking she really didn’t enjoy Gina’s company. She was always coming on to guys, getting them all excited with her sexy talk and body language and then put them down if they made a pass on her. She continually dated losers and guys who were mean to her. The girl had serious issues.

The next day, a sunny afternoon, Debbi was walking out of a pharmacy when she spotted Bill coming her way carrying a paper bag. He saw her, and recognizing burdur escort Debbi, smiled.

“Hi, Bill. How are you doing?”

“It’s Debbi, right?” When she nodded, he continued. “I’m fine. It’s nice to see you again.”

“Are you shopping? Heading home, Bill?”

“Yea, I just took a walk and figured I’d pick up a six pack of beer. What about you?”

“Oh just picked up a few things. Girlie stuff, you know. Want a lift?”

“I don’t want to take you out of your way, Debbi.”

“Ah, that’s okay. I’m off today and I’ve lot of free time. Come on, my cars over there.”

They both got in the car and Bill gave her directions as they drove to his house. When they pulled up to the sidewalk ten minutes later Debbi shut the engine off and turned to her passenger.

“I’m really sorry about my friend’s remarks yesterday, Bill. There was no excuse for her behavior. Of course, that’s how she behaves all the time.”

“Don’t give it a second thought, Debbi. I’ve dealt with fresh young girls in my day. You two are like water and oil. How do you mix?”

Oh, I just get together with her for necessity. I really feel sorry for her but she pisses me off whenever I’m in her company.”

“I know what you mean. I had a friend like that but he’s dead now. Died on a job. You couldn’t tell him anything. Knew it all. Got him killed.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Bill.”

“Seems like a long time ago. Listen, you hungry? I could put a couple burgers on the grill. Have a beer?” As soon as he said it, he felt foolish. He knew he had to be about forty or maybe even fifty years older than her. There was a moment of silence between them. He read her hesitation to answer him as a negative.

“Well, yea sure. I just had to think for a minute if I had my shopping done.”

“You don’t have to. Maybe you have a date or other plans.”

“No, Bill. Honestly. I’d love to sit and relax with you. Come on,” Debbi laughed, ” let’s get your beer on ice before it heats up in this car.”

Bill led the way thru the side of is small bungalow to the rear yard. When they stood on the flagstone covered patio, Debbi surveyed the yard and was impressed. The grass was lush green and all along the redwood fence, encircling his property, was an explosion of color. Wildflower’s and roses and bushes with beautiful small buds on them, ready to open. Next to the patio was a large grill and on the opposite corner, shielded from the neighbor’s eyes by an arbor, sat a Jacuzzi.

Bill was pleased with his guests’ interest in his place. He took a great deal of pride in it and worked very hard at putting it all together.

“So, how’s about that beer?” Bill didn’t get a response right away because the young woman was responding to the serenity of her surroundings.

“What? Oh sure. That would be great, Bill.”

When her host returned with two bottles, one for each of them, Debbi was sitting in a patio chair and looked Bill over as he opened the beers. He had on tan khakis, a yellow golf shirt and brown loafers. She wondered what his reputation was with woman because his outward appearance spelled “older gentleman and hunk”. She loved his salt and pepper crew hair cut and his features were very rugged and chiseled. His manners were old school, hold the door for a lady, hat off when indoors, ask a girl out. Not like the twits she meets where a guy wants to meet you somewhere, wears jeans all the time and always has his hat on backwards.

While Bill cooked up a couple burgers and the two of them ate and had another beer, Bill told his story and Debbi, her short one. Bill had been married, but his wife of forty years passed away five years earlier. He retired from the fire department as a Captain at the mandatory sixty-five, three years ago.

“You’re telling me your sixty-eight?”

“Yea, why you ready to say goodnight,” Bill asked, laughing.

“No. I just took you for about sixty. That’s not why I’m here anyway.”

“Why are you here, young lady?” Bill had a disarming way about him and although it made her squirm, she found it attractive. She was very attracted to him but she wasn’t going to tell him that, yet.

“Well, your beer is cold and you’re a good cook and,” she looked over at the Jacuzzi, “and it sure is a nice night to sit in that,” she said pointing to the hot tub.

“Yea, your right, it is. In fact, I probably would be sitting in it now if I didn’t have company. I’m sorry I don’t have a suit to offer you.”

Bill took a sip of his beer and Debbi took a big gulp of hers to build up the courage to make her next remark.

“Well, if it’s a matter of the lack of a suit, I’m sure you would be a perfect gentleman and respect me even though I went in naked.” Debbi held the bottle to her mouth so as not to seem too anxious.

“Whew. That would be a first!”

“Really? Didn’t your wife and you enjoy the thing naked?”

“I didn’t live here. I bought this place after she died.”

There was silence again because he felt awkward and she was embarrassed. Then burdur escort bayan Debbi took another gulp of beer, stood up and opened her arms wide.

“Do you have a big towel for me, Bill?”

Bill laughed and led Debbi into the guest room where he gave her the towel and returned to the patio to start the Jacuzzi up. He turned on a radio on a shelf, to a smooth jazz station. Within minutes she was standing next to him, wrapped in the towel, with two more beers.

“I hope you don’t mind, I went in the kitchen and helped myself,” as she handed him one.

“Not at all. I’ll turn my back and you can get in. I think the water temperature is just right for tonight.”

When Bill turn away he found himself facing the glass door of the patio entrance and in them he saw Debbi drop her towel, slowly climb over the tub side and ease into the water. He stood frozen as he looked at her young, round shapes.

A knot formed in his stomach seeing her ass cheeks jiggle as she stepped in and when she leaned forward to hold onto the tub side, her large breasts swung about freely Debbi’s dark hair laid on her shoulders and enhanced her white skin.

“Okay, I’m in. Gosh, this feels great.”

Bill walked over to the tub with their beers and, at arm’s length, handed Debbi hers. The swirling currents covered her well and she kept her body below the water, but as she reached for the bottle, one breast popped up and revealed her large pink nipple.

“Oops,” she giggled, “that was an accident. Hey, why don’t you come in, Bill. It’s heavenly. Come on, we’ll talk some more. I want to get to know you.”

Bill tightened his mouth like he always did when trying to make a tough decision then thought, “Hell, why not.”

“I’ll close my eyes, “she said, but she didn’t. She peeked thru tight slits.

Bill removed his shirt and pants and laid them on a chair. Tugging off his socks and shoes, he bent over, pulling his shorts down and Debbi saw his long, soft cock fall against his legs. She felt her face redden and, out of respect, she tightened her eyes closed as Bill stepped into the tub and sat down on the seat, chest deep facing her. Water splashing against a slight bit of gray hair formed small diamonds of droplets on his chest.

“To answer your question, I moved here for a diversion. The house was a dump and it gave me a lot to do to fix it up and to keep myself busy. As you can see though, I kept at it. The only problem is, I haven’t shared it with many people and you’re the first person, besides myself to be in here.”

“Well, I’m honored.” smiled Debbi. She took a sip of beer and placed the bottle on the ledge and laid her head back. In doing so, her chest became more visible with both breasts rising to the surface, slightly. She new it but didn’t care.

Bill didn’t look away, but drank his beer and admired the young woman. The music hummed softly and he looked at her flesh, streaks of water rivulets sliding off her mounds. The ends of her hair were wet and floated on the water. Debbi’s eye’s opened dreamily and she stared at him, knowing he was looking at her body and enjoying the desire she felt in herself.

“Your really an attractive woman,” Bill said softly to her.

Debbi moved her right leg in the water to touch Bill’s left and he jolted when he felt the contact. It was like a hot poker, but he settled himself. He had been alone for five years, never dating, naver being with the opposite sex. Now he was alone and in a hot tub with a young woman, both naked. Debbi rubbed her calf against his softly as she stared at him. He stretched his legs more to relax and Debbi’s foot was now touching his thigh. Bill smiled at her.

“I hope you don’t think I’m being fresh, Bill. I’m attracted to you and I’m enjoying the moment.”

“It’s not that. It’s been a long time and besides I don’t want you to think I’m taking advantage of you.”

“You’re not, look I’ll show you,” whispered Debbi. She lifted her leg and slid her foot over Bill’s thigh and positioned it on the inside of his leg. Now she searched and found his flaccid cock, floating under the water. She touched it gently, moving her foot back and forth causing the member to swing side to side. Bill’s expression and the feeling of his cock growing against her toes thrilled her. She was doing nothing more than playing with a cock, with her feet, and she felt powerful. She savored his soft protrusion becoming rigid and the sluggish, sideward movement ceased with the blood being pumped into it, making it a rigid pole. Debbi moved her toes like fingers, stroking and caressing the stiff shaft.

Bill was breathing hard but tried to control his emotions. He took hold of her foot and lifted it out of the water, to his mouth. Holding it in both his hands he kissed each toe then stuck her big toe into his mouth, sucking on it. Debbi let out a moan and reaching out with her free hand, pulled his left foot to her crotch. With her toe being sucked on, she touched Bill’s toes to her vagina.

“I’m escort burdur going to make myself cum with your foot, Bill. I’ve never done this before.”

“Neither have I,” he said hoarsely. Bill felt Debbi touch her slit with his toes and instinctively moved them like fingers to feel her opening. While he continued licking her foot, she slowly drummed his toes across her opening with more fervor and, with her eyes closed, began to moan. His toe touched her hooded button and a shiver coursed thru her. Bill watched her and, letting her foot slide back into the water, he laid it against his now stiff cock.

Feeling this, Debbi forced herself to stop her playful dalliance and, leaning forward on her bench, she slid onto her knees in the tub, forcing herself between Bill’s legs and laid onto his lap. She supported her weight with one arm on his stomach and with her free hand took hold of Bill’s erection and began to pump it as she looked up into his face. Leaning down but keeping her eyes on his, Debbi put her mouth around the swollen head and playfully made hard sucking sounds while dragging her lips across the purple ridge of the corona.

Bill sat looking into Debbi’s beautiful dark eyes, which only seemed to make his shaft harder. He leaned down, pulled her face away from his cock and kissed her, deeply, thrusting his tongue into her open mouth. Her grip on his cock tightened and her tongue lashed about his. Bill’s hands now slid down Debbi’s wet back and sides. He stretched further to caress her ass cheeks and returned to her torso to reach under and take hold of her breasts that were swinging under the water. Holding and squeezing them Debbi emitted favorable whimpers, all the while the water swirled around them both.

Suddenly Bill wanted things he had been deprived of for so long. He wanted to taste a woman, look at a woman, ravage a woman. Bill sat erect and lifted Debbi’s torso in the water, holding on to her ass. She sensed what he was attempting to do and helped him. Placing her arms on the ledge of the tub with her back against the side she allowed her body to become buoyant. He came forward and lifted her crotch out of the water, to his mouth.

Bill saw that Debbi’s mound was shaved with just a small patch of hair above her slit, cut in the shape of a heart. She reached down to touch herself, then with two fingers opened her sex for him. He fell to her hungrily, pressing his mouth to her, lapping her inner walls, spearing her with his tongue. Bill watched her large breasts heave and torrents of water splash against them. She knew she could have a wild orgasm but wanted it with his cock.

“Oh god, Bill, I want to feel you inside me. Please fuck me.”

“I don’t have any protection,” he whispered to her.

“I’m on the pill.” With a sly smile on her face, Debbi climbed up onto Bill’s lap, placing her feet on each side of him, on the bench he was sitting on. Squatting over him, above his upright pole, she felt it enter the folds of her cunt. The ooze of fluid from her, lubricated her hole so that he slid in like an oiled piston. Debbi grunted as she descended on him. He was so stiff she felt as though she was impaled on a hot iron rod. It was a good pain.

“Geez, I never thought I’d feel this again,” Bill said with halting words. Debbi was now pumping on his shaft, her arms wrapped around his neck. Bill took hold of his lovers flailing breasts and massaged them hard as sounds of her ass smacked the water. Even with her tight physique, the flesh on Debbi’s body rippled and shook. She pounded against Bill, wanting to give him a long awaited fuck and a great orgasm for herself. She wasn’t to be disappointed on both counts. With her ass spread, she felt her tiny brown hole relax and water tickling the dark orifice.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry, I’m going to come. I can’t hold off,” cried Bill. He wanted this to go on forever but Debbi was driving him crazy.

“Good! Come on! Shoot your load in me. Come on Bill, Squeeze my tits! Fuck me harder!”

Debbi’s taunts inflamed her partner, she felt his maddening power being forced into her, growing thicker and going deeper. She could feel the shape of his cock, the corona growing fatter, her juices creating the slippery froth in her tunnel.

“Now, girl, now!” Bill growled at her. He grasped the back of her neck hard with one hand and, with the other, took hold of the flesh on her waist and slammed her body onto his. Debbi took hold of his muscular arms, feeling his biceps bulge from his workout with her.

Smack, smack, smack, echoed the sound of her ass against his lap with the water as a cushion between them.

They were silent, but low growls emitted from their throats as they both exploded together. Debbi felt Bill’s hot load erupt into her and he felt her inner walls, swollen and hot, grip him.

He hugged her to his body and she responded in like form as they continued to gyrate together, their wet bodies slipping and sliding, her wet naked flesh against his.

Debbie sat back on Bill’s lap, his cock still hard inside her. She encouraged him to caress and fondle her breasts, wet and slippery, the nipples swollen and pink. He lifted and wiggled them and sucked on them. She love having big tits and equally loved them being played with, so as far as she was concerned, he could do it all night.

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