Denny Has to Pay The Price

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“You little shit!”

Denny froze with his shorts around his ankles, his dick in hand. He’d been enjoying peeping in on his 20-year-old sister Cora, as she rode her boyfriend Mike’s dick. Her body was fucking amazing, an angelic face on a body built for sin. Those tits were at least a 36D, those hips made his dick twitch, and the way she fucked like a rabbit in spring, made his 18-year-old prick steel hard, and he’d been peeping for the last few months.

He had just watched her riding Mike’s cock, shaking and shuddering, the sounds of orgasmic pleasure joining in. She’d been in a reverse cowgirl, his dick had been rock hard as he watched his sister’s big milk jugs jouncing around, her hips, nice and wide, spread apart over his hips, the neat little landing strip of red pubic curls going up and down, and when she opened her eyes, she had looked right at the small space where her door was ajar.

”You pervert, get your ass in here, NOW!”

Denny meekly did so, his eyes wide as he stared at his sister, still naked and perched on Kevin’s cock.

“Look down at the floor you little shit! You’ve already seen too much of me, creepy little perv! I thought you’d been spying, you know what Mom would say and do when she gets home and I tell her what a little snooper you are!”

Denny did indeed, their mother was a firm believer in ‘spare the rod, spoil the child,’ and she was not at all slow in enforcing that.

“Now, what shall we do with you?”

He could see the hint of a smile start playing around her lips, and in spite of the situation, his 7 inches stayed rock hard, refusing to deflate. She was looking right at his dick, and her smile got wider.

“Okay, Denny, time for you to pay the price!”

She got up, and the sight of her nude body coming closer made him tremble. She gripped his hand, and pulled him to the bedside, Denny meekly trailing in her wake.

“On the bed!”

He did so, wondering what was going to happen, he was not expecting any of this. Cora’s next order made him tremble.

“You are going to fluff up Mike’s cock, I want to see you suck his cock!”

At his wide-eyed stare, she said, “Do you prefer the alternative?”

The alternative was telling Mom what a spying pervert he was. Once she got home and heard from Cora, he’d be hauled off to the basement. He’d be stripped, his wrists cuffed to a post above his head, and Mom would take her riding crop, and really whack his bare ass, WHACK…WHACK…WHACK…WHACK… She would blister his ass with 10 very hard strokes, and his ass would be a stinging, throbbing nest of red stripes, testament to her style of discipline. He’d had that once, for mouthing off, and Mom had heard it, and he’d gotten it. Once was more than enough.

He saw Mike’s cock, it was half-hard, and he steeled himself for the task at hand. He crouched over Mike, lowering his mouth until his lips touched his cock, he felt it jerk like it was beckoning tunceli escort him on. He closed his eyes, and pushed his mouth down, letting his mouth slide around his dick, feeling every ridge and vein of the cock in his mouth, Mike grunted as he did his best to take in as much as possible.

Knowing what to do from the blowjobs his girlfriend had given him, he made his lips a little tighter and started to slowly ride his cock. He could taste Cora’s juices smeared all up and down the shaft. The knowledge that he was tasting the essence of her pussy started a dark bolt of forbidden lust ride up.

Mike felt him get better, oh yeah, his lips tightened around his shaft, the sizzling pleasure as those tight lips slid down his shaft, his cock in a hot, wet vortex of sucking as he swallowed 6 of his 8 inches. Denny got into a rhythm, riding his pole with lust-driven heat.

Cora was getting very hot, watching little brother suck Mike’s cock was damn exciting, she cooed, “How is my little bro at sucking cock?”

Mike grunted, “He’s damn good, got me hard as a rock!”

“Ok little bro, stop, and roll on your side, facing away from us, and no peeking, or I’ll take my belt and whip your ass myself. I got more for you, but for now, my cunt is hungry for another orgasmic explosion.”

Denny quickly did so, moving to the other side of the queen-sized bed, and kept his eyes firmly facing forward. He felt the bed move, then Cora purred, “Mmmm, oh yeah, sucked up so hard, fuck,” then a louder moan as his sister humped her hips down, Mike’s grunt joined in as she sheathed his cock right to the balls.

“Yeah, oh fuck, tight hot cunt, gonna milk my dick, ride my cock baby!”

Cora obviously did so, and Denny’s boner returned with a vengeance. Cora was putting on a show, his mind visualized her body riding Mike’s dick. Cora let out a low moan, a gasp of pleasure, a louder cry of pleasure as she impaled herself, pumping her hips up and down hard, burying Mike’s cock right to the balls.

“Mmmmm, oh yes, so deep, let my tight little pussy milk you for every drop.”

Oh Man, hearing his sister’s throaty voice, really had him with a raging hard-on, her moans and cries of pleasure became non-stop. Mike’s growls joined in as Cora’s squeals, cries, and groans of pleasure filled the bedroom, and she was just a mass of writhing lust.

Mike growled, “Keep fucking me baby, gonna cum!”

Cora gasped, “Yes, let me have it cream MEEEEE!”

Cora’s orgasm slammed into her, her voice rose to a shriek, Mike followed a second later, as he growled, “Oh fuck I’m cumming FUCK YEAH!” as his hard cock slammed her pink hole, then blasting his hot, creamy payload, inundating her cervix with a thick, juicy load, his cock bucked and pulsed 8 times, really flooding her.

Cora grinned, just what she wanted, another full juicy load, now, the next part of the payback.

“Denny, keep those tunceli escort bayan eyes closed, and roll onto your back.”

He did so, and Cora lifted off, and straddled his face, purring “Open your eyes!”

He did so, and his eyes were wide, he was staring up at his sister’s pussy, and he could see the line of cum against her labial lips, a creampie was forming, and she ordered him, “Eat my box and suck out all the cum!” To make the point, she grabbed his balls and growled, “Do as I order you, or I’ll twist your balls off then hand you over to Mom for an ass whipping!”

Eager to protect his nuts and his ass, he opened wide as Cora lowered her pussy.

“Now, let your tongue open me up, and suck out the load. It’s all hot and juicy, just for you!”

She felt his tongue at her entrance, and she settled down, letting his mouth encircle her opening, and with a smile, she flexed her muscles. The tight elasticity of her 20-year-old pussy did as was expected, and she felt Mike’s creamy load flow out of her.

Denny opened up the tight pink seam, and just as he felt his sister’s cunt around his mouth, a rush of cum poured into his mouth. It was huge, and all he could do was swallow it as his mouth was presented with more. This time, his mouth filled slower, and he got to taste it. Not bad, a bit salty, and a hell of a lot better than getting his nuts twisted and ass whipped.

Cora released his balls, thank god, and purred, “Get your tongue right up there, lick all over my tight cunt, get every drop.”

Eager to follow her orders to the letter Denny swallowed her second load and drove his tongue up, parting her as deep as he could go, and another juicy glob flowed down his tongue, and into his mouth. This time, his mouth was half-filled, he swallowed that and let his tongue corkscrew away inside her seething heat, sucking, wanting to get every drop that Mike had unloaded in her.

She looked at Mike with a grin, Mike smiled back, now he could get his fantasy fulfilled.

She pulled back, and cooed, “Never let it be said that I’d leave my brother’s cock high and dry.”

She pulled herself off and positioned herself against the headboard.

“Okay little bro, kneel at the end of the bed.”

As he did so, Cora cooed, “Now, I’m going to play with my tight little pussy, you get to watch me, while Mike sucks your dick!”

Mike had told Cora his fantasy of sucking a dick and being the obliging girlfriend, this was the perfect time to live out that fantasy.

Denny wasn’t exactly wild about having a guy suck him off, but he decided to concentrate on his sister’s sexy cunt. She parted her lips, sliding a finger along her pink trail, and cooed, “Mmmm, so wet, so juicy.”

Denny felt a hand circle his dick, and a hot, wet mouth took him in, sucking and licking, then he let out a gasp as his 7 inches was swallowed right to the balls. He felt Mike’s mouth escort tunceli pull back, then another deep throat swallow. Denny’s cock was becoming stiff and eager, god, Mike was sucking him better than his girlfriend Valerie. Her blowjobs were always so timid, and she’d never deep throat him. He started to make little growls of pleasure.

His sister grinned back at him, as she was starting to get into the rhythm of her finger banging. Her legs were spread wide, running her fingers all over her glistening wet opening, letting out a low moan of pleasure, her eyes fixed on the sight of her little bro getting a suck job from her boyfriend. Her fingers found her excited clitoris, and she began a gentle rubbing motion.

Denny could feel his need building, and Cora gave a wicked grin, and said, “Get a good load out baby, I’m ready to blow!” She drove two fingers up her pussy, and her movements picked up speed, as she fingered her clit wildly. She could feel her clit swelling up, ready to trigger her explosion.

Denny felt Mike’s hands grab his ass, and almost before he knew it, a finger was poised against his asshole and drove in. He grunted, holy fuck, his virgin back door was being finger-buggered!

Cora gasped, “Find the spot, make him explode!”

He found it, and his prostate was getting polished for the first time in his life. His cock jerked and swelled up tight, he was ready to explode.

Cora’s legs started to spasm, raggedly, she cried out, “I’m cumming, oh my god, yes, YES!”

She arched her back, putting her bald pussy on full display, and Denny could see her pussy contracting wildly on the two fingers she had pushed up her tight tunnel, her other finger polishing her clit wildly to a roaring climax.

That did it, and Denny grunted, “Fuck, gonna explode, fuck FUCK!”

His cock went off like a cannon, shit, it was like a supernova, his cock jerked and pulsed wildly, right into Mike’s accommodating mouth. His mouth stayed around Denny’s cock, nursing at it to get every drop.

Once they disentangled, Cora growled, “Now get your ass back to bed, and don’t come peeking again, or you will be handed over to Mom!”

Back in his room, she heard the rising sounds of passion, her boyfriend must be a real stud. The sounds of his sister’s rising tide of pleasure drove his cock back up, he grabbed a T-shirt and he stroked his meat, timing it perfectly.

Cora was not shy about her passion, she cried out, “Gonna cum, cum for me, cum all over my cunt, cream MEEEEE!”

Denny heard it, and her loud shriek of orgasm made his nuts explode, and he watched as his cock spurted, a thick ribbon arcing up, followed by another, and another, 6 juicy ribbons were pumped out, squirts and dribbles followed, running over his stroking hand and spilling down the length of his shaft. His ears were ringing as he stroked out the last of his load.

Laying back, pleasantly exhausted, he balled up the T-shirt and tossed it into his laundry basket. The way Mike had sucked his dick had given him a new look at things, and the next time Valerie sucked his dick, he was going to teach her how to suck his cock the right way. No more timid blowjobs, and the prostate polish, oh fuck, that was a definite keeper.

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