Dickinson’s World Pt. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Dickinson was a very affectionate father — he liked to hold his kid on his knee. But Johnny was 19 — he claimed he was too old to sit on his dad’s lap. Nonsense! He’d taught the boy a lesson — a few times draped over his father’s lap, getting a bare-ass spanking, and he was only too happy to sit on his old man’s lap when he was told to.

Of course, Johnny wasn’t really Dickinson’s son — he was actually the offspring of Mrs. Dickinson’s previous marriage to a film star (which was where he got his drop-dead gorgeous looks). Dickinson had had a hard time breaking him in, but the kid finally learned that things weren’t going to be the way they had been in the past, when he could twist his doting mother around his little finger. Once he learned that his new father was a firm believer in using good, hard spankings to keep bad boys in line, he started trying a little harder to follow the rules.

That process had taken nearly a year (a very delightful year, from Dickinson’s point of view) — from the time Johnny was just 181/2 to the present. From the beginning, Dickinson had established an end of day ritual around the kid. Every night when Johnny went to bed, Dickinson followed him up to his room to read him a bedtime story.

The first night he did this, though, the kid was outraged — he tried to kick the older man out of his bedroom — even got a little rough in his language.

Seconds later, young Johnny found himself pinned to his bed, being rapidly and systematically stripped naked by his surprisingly strong stepfather. Johnny did his best to get away, but no matter how hard he fought, the old man didn’t even seem to notice — he just kept ripping the kid’s clothes off — shirt, pants, shoes, socks. In moments the kid was lying there in nothing but a pair of sexy little cotton briefs he had bought for himself the last time his mother let him go clothes shopping alone.

He thrashed around, still trying to get himself out of this embarrassing position. After a few minutes, however, it finally dawned on him that while he wasn’t making any progress at all toward getting off the bed, he was putting on an excellent show for his stepfather, who was obviously enjoying all the smooth young flesh Johnny was showing off. The briefs were pretty thin and did nothing to hide the way his cock and balls were bouncing around. He couldn’t even cover himself up — his stepfather had his hands pinned to the bed.

Just then the older man let go of him, but only so he could grab the briefs and jerk them down and off. Embarrassed by the baring of his cock and balls, the kid quickly flipped over onto his belly.

Dickinson immediately sat on the bed and dragged the kid over his lap, positioning Johnny’s gorgeous young ass for punishment.

Now the boy found himself draped naked across his stepfather’s knee. He started by cursing and struggling, but soon learned that there was nothing he could do about it — whether he liked it or not, this man was going to do whatever he wanted with his ass.

And that first spanking was a serious one. By the time it was over, the kid was crying and begging, promising to be good. And for the next hour, he was. He did everything he was told — he sat on his stepfather’s lap, stark naked, sniffling and squirming on his sore buttocks, while his bedtime story was read.

From that time on, Johnny found himself being pulled onto his stepfather’s lap quite often — anywhere and anytime the old man felt like it, in fact — sometimes in front of guests. Dickinson always positioned the kid so his well-rounded bottom straddled his stepdaddy’s big cock. Even when it wasn’t hard, Johnny could feel it clearly, rubbing against his asscrack, pressing deeply through whatever clothing they were wearing.

Nobody ever seemed to find it peculiar — in fact, people often commented on what an kilis escort affectionate relationship they had. And once the kid began to notice that after a session on his stepfather’s lap, he very seldom got a spanking (even when he had one coming), he realized that there were worse things in life than being dry-humped by your stepfather. In fact, every once in a while he would initiate a lap-sitting session. This was always a sure sign that he had done something wrong that Dickinson hadn’t learned about yet. Still, it always worked. One spanking deferred.

Johnny had a friend Tony Erikson who was, if anything, even more of a brat than Johnny. Several months after Dickinson’s training process began, Pete Erikson (Tony’s father) stopped by one day to ask Dickinson how he did it. Everybody had noticed how Johnny had gone from a selfish spoiled brat to a well-behaved 19-year-old.

Dickinson was happy to oblige. He described his first night with his stepson and how he’d first shown him that he was in control (by stripping him naked). Pete’s eyes got wider and wider as he realized what Dickinson was saying. He kept having flashes of his own son Tony spread naked on his bed — of watching the kid’s arrogance drain away once he realized he was completely in his father’s power.

Dickinson then told him about the punishment he applied — that night and ever since — for disobedience. A bare-ass, over-the-knee spanking. And it had to be a spanking or nothing — no threatening to spank. Anytime the kid did the least thing wrong — spank him. No threat, no appeal, no mercy. Let him know that, no matter what, the spanking will come if he disobeys — he can’t get out of it.

And make it hurt. Don’t stop til he cries, and then don’t stop til you’re ready. Begging and pleading should be completely disregarded during a spanking.

Then when it’s over, show affection. Let him know you still love him. Either stand him up or take him in your lap and hug him — hold him for a good long while, so he gets the message. A naked kid with a sore ass needs to be pumped full of reassurance that he’s still his Daddy’s boy.

At the end of the lecture, Pete made some lame excuse and went rushing out of the house. Dickinson chuckled. He’d never seen the usually phlegmatic Pete so excited. There’d be one sore ass in the Erikson household that night.

When Pete came charging into his own yard, he could hear the sounds of a bunch of boys having a good time in the pool at the rear of the property. He marched through the house and out the back door onto the pool deck. Tony and a few of his friends, including Johnny, were splashing around in the oversized jams that passed for bathing suits among the teenage boys this year. There were several bottles of beer, both empty and full, lying around.

“Tony, get over here. Now!” He yelled at his son.

The kid pretended not to hear him, even though he was only a few yards away.

“OK, then, we’ll take care of this right here in front of your friends, if that’s what you want.”

Tony’s radar was not operating — he had no clue that anything special was going on. A couple of the other boys had taken in the look on Pete’s face and the tone in his voice and were looking distinctly nervous.

By the time Tony noticed that the party was getting quiet, Pete was on top of him.

The older man grabbed his son, swung him around and jerked his jams down to his ankles, leaving him bare ass in front of his friends. It was obvious that the kid didn’t wear his jams for laying out — his body was uniformly tanned except for a Speedo-sized white area that included his crotch and about half his ass.

Pete caught his breath at the sight — his son’s ass was as gorgeous as he’d thought. Full and round, generous but firm, Tony’s ass was smooth and white as a baby’s bottom. The natural arch of his back made his cheeks jut way out from his slim kilis escort bayan waist — for a moment Pete thought the kid was doing it on purpose.

But Pete was not about to be sidetracked — within moments, he was seated on a straight-backed chair, with Tony draped helplessly over his knee. After a brief lecture announcing that there would be no more beer-drinking until he was 21, Pete began spanking his son. The other boys watched nervously as their ring-leader’s ass slowly turned pink at the hands of his father.

After a few minutes of defiance, Tony began yelling and begging for mercy. In less than 5 minutes, he was crying serious tears and swearing to be good. The other kids couldn’t believe it. Tony had always been the toughest one of the lot, lording it over the rest of them since they were little. Now, after just a little spanking, he looked like a little kid himself, crying and bouncing that pretty ass of his around, trying to avoid his Daddy’s hand.

It was a little scary. Most of them knew that their own fathers would never do such a thing, but still… They wondered what it felt like. Judging by Tony’s performance, it must hurt a lot. They were just praying that Tony’s Dad wasn’t planning to spank the rest of them, too.

After a while, though, a second reaction set in. The sight of Pete’s hand making contact with Tony’s big ass cheeks over and over and of Tony bouncing that ass of his around got more and more of them thinking about sex (a topic that’s never far from the mind of a 19-year-old, in any case). The rhythm of the swats, combined with the yelping even made it sound like sex — or at least, the way sex sounded in the cheap porno movies they’d seen.

By the time the spanking was over, more than one of them was beginning to wonder what Tony’s ass would feel like — especially as pink as it was after all those swats. He looked really hot, all naked and helpless, crying like a baby, with that round ass of his still spread over his Daddy’s knee.

Then his dad stood him up, and everybody could see that Tony’s cock had gotten more than a little hard. The other boys were shocked — his cock was arching out right in front of all of them, as well as his father — he must really be embarrassed. But it also made sense. It made the rest of them wonder what it felt like to have a man’s hand on your bare ass.

Then Pete stood up and took Tony in his arms, hugging him tight against his body and telling him that the only reason he was punishing him was because he loved him and wanted him to be good.

This shocked them almost more than the spanking. It was embarrassing, but at the same time most of them would have given anything to be in Tony’s shoes at that moment. Their minds were blown as they watched the naked Tony cling, sobbing, to his father, as his father ran his hands up and down the kid’s naked back and ass, patting him and comforting him after his ordeal. At the same time, they were acutely aware of the fact that Tony’s hard cock was now pressed tight against his father’s body.

Finally, as Tony’s sobs began to die down, Pete pulled back from the embrace. He laughed and told Tony to go jump in the pool — it’d feel good to cool off his hot butt a little. As Tony ran over to the pool and jumped in, he tried, unsuccessfully, to conceal the bouncing of his now-rigid cock from all the interested parties.

Pete, especially, enjoyed it — as he had enjoyed the feel of his son’s hot young flesh pressing into his own after the spanking. Tony’s cock had been pressed against his upper thigh, and he could feel every inch of it as it gradually hardened during the hug. Toward the end, Tony was (probably unconsciously) actually grinding it against him as he pressed closer.

Curious to see what the boys would get up to now, Pete went into the house, leaving them alone. He quickly made his way to his den on the second floor, from which he had escort kilis a clear view of the pool area. (He also kept a pair of binoculars there.)

Once they were alone, the other boys immediately jumped into the pool and started horsing around with the still-naked Tony. Mostly, they just kept diving to get a good look at his hard cock and his red cheeks. But then the bolder ones started feeling his ass up, commenting on how hot it was, and did it hurt a lot?

Tony didn’t really mind too much. He wasn’t particularly shy about his body, and in his present confused state, he welcomed the attention and the sympathy. His ass was definitely too sore to try putting his suit back on. The coolness of the water and the comfort of the strokes on his ass slowly soothed him. Gradually the tears dried up and he started joking around with them as he had always done.

Well, not quite as always. Without anyone really saying anything about it, he was no longer the boss. In fact, he was (for the moment at least) the bottom man in the pecking order. Even though he was no longer crying, he was still the “baby brother” that they were all falling all over themselves to take care of.

A few minutes later, Pete was amused to see they had Tony draped over an inflatable rubber raft, while they splashed water on his ass to cool it.

While the others were splashing, Johnny ducked under, got a mouthful of water and surfaced just behind Tony, squirting the water directly onto his ass. This idea went over big and soon they were all taking turns diving and squirting mouthfuls of water over Tony’s ass. It felt so good that before long, Tony had his legs hanging down over the sides of the raft, the better to open up his ass to the cool water. The tight little dot of his asshole was now fully exposed. The other boys were not slow to pick up on this new target of opportunity, and from that point on, the object of the game was to try to hit Tony’s asshole.

This new sensation was obviously a pleasant one — Tony not only didn’t object, he arched his back, lifting his ass even higher in the air and opening up his asshole as fully as possible to their efforts. Every direct hit elicited a moan from the overheated kid. From above, Pete could see his son’s hips starting to pump steadily, rubbing his hard cock against the rubber raft.

The other boys noticed it, too, and they competed with one another to be the one to bring him over the top. They got closer and closer to his asshole before spitting out the water, trying to bring more force into the stream. They pulled him down to the very end of the raft so they could get even closer to his asshole.

Johnny was the first to take it further, squirting the water directly against Tony’s asshole, closer and closer until his lips were actually touching it. He slowly ran his tongue over it, again and again, until one of the other boys pushed him away and started doing the same thing.

After a few minutes of this it was obvious to Pete that Tony was going over the top. He started pounding his ass up and down against the raft, moaning continuously. The other boys watched closely, their hands busy with their own cocks and assholes underwater (all of which was perfectly visible to Pete, as he looked down from above). Finally the out-of-control Tony started cumming against the raft, his bouncing ass flashing glimpses of his tight little hole to an appreciative audience.

When Tony finally collapsed against the raft, his ass sticking up in the air, his asshole kept making little O’s at the other boys as it slowly wound down from the excitement.

As Pete watched, the other boys slowly moved in toward the raft, stroking several very hard teenage cocks. Pete managed to head them off at the pass, after a quick dash downstairs and out onto the patio, calling Tony in to dinner. The other boys quickly regained their sanity and left without carrying Tony’s education any further.

However, that night Pete started Tony on a course of obedience training — to teach him to be a dutiful son. He found him reluctant but teachable. After a couple of weeks of strict enforcement of the rules, accompanied by frequent spankings, Tony began to obey his father without delay or question.

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