Dirty Little Secret Ch. 01

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He knocked and opened the door. I knew he would be shocked and aroused. I knew he couldn’t resist me. He closed the door and slowly walked to me. I continued to look away, smiling on the inside, waiting for his touch. When his fingers traced my arms, from my shoulders to my wrists, my body melted. My pussy trembled, dampness ensued. He slid his hands around my waist and pulled me close against his crotch. He was stiff and ready for my sweet young secret place. He grinded his groin into my back and I laughed, reminding him he was a one hundred miles away from the right spot.

He told me to have patience and I broke away from him, turning and facing him. He was so handsome, so distinguished and had tender, experienced eyes. I looked over his strong muscular chest, ran my hands along his brawny arms, and lifted up on my toes to embrace him with a kiss. The bulge in his pants was apparent and he smiled at me with a pleading grin. I unfastened his belt, unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper, making sure to press my palm into him as much as possible. I was driving him mad.

Sitting down on the edge of my bed, with my long smooth legs spread wide open, he stood before me. His magnificent cock sprang forth from his boxers and I grinned. I had done this many times before. He loved stuffing his manly meat into my little wet mouth almost as much as I loved the feeling of it sliding over my tongue and hitting the back of my throat. I liked to tease his balls with my left hand, jerk him with my right and suck him deep down to his base. He liked to push my head down, probably thinking that I wouldn’t deep throat him if he didn’t. I don’t mind, I like it rough. I like to be made to suck big, fat cocks like all good girls should.

His cock grew harder and harder, his pre-cum danced about in the back of my throat, but he wasn’t ready just yet. He pulled out of my wet mouth with an audible ‘plop’. I looked up at him with a pout and he demanded me to scoot back and lay in the center of my bed. I loved laying there like that for him, completely exposed and sexy. I felt so grown up and desired. His eyes traveled the entire length of my body, blushing a little, but more so, I was soaking my thong.

Without saying a word to me, he removed his pants and boxers completely and stripped out of his shirt. Standing naked and covered in manly hair, in the middle of my pink frilly room. I felt my cunny contract as his massive erection pointed in my direction. I knew what he wanted. He knew I wanted it too. Climbing on the bed he surprised me by not going directly for my little hungry snatch. He flung his leg over my chest and began to 69 me. Shoving his big, long cock down my throat, covering my nose with his balls he almost choked me! He sucked on my clit and lapped up my sweet nectar. He was getting my pussy ready for bigger, better things. We had done a lot of things but we had never done this before. Perhaps he just wanted to taste my sweet, tender vagina as he shoved his cock down my hot, wet throat. Whatever the case, it was oh so hot. Next he inserted a few fingers into my slippery cunt, and forced his cock deeper into my mouth. I could hardly breathe. I pushed his balls up away from my nose and tickled him there. His cock hardening at the touch of my small, soft finger tips, I could feel the drops of pre-cum dripping out. He was really turning me on; tasting his sperm always got me off very quickly.

After he was satisfied with my moaning and squirming around underneath him, he lifted himself off of me and told me to get ready to be fucked. I continued to lie on my back, but placed my heel clad feet upon his broad shoulders. My pussy glistened with my juice and his saliva. I smiled up at him as he kneeled on the bed, wasting very little time stuffing me with his rock-hard dick. He felt so good sliding deep into my bare pussy. He liked it that way, and I did whatever he wanted because I wanted to satisfy his every need. As he pumped me slowly, I licked his tangy pre-cum from my lips. I loved tasting him while he fucked me. He watched himself pump in and out of me, each time sliding out with just a bit more cum coating it.

I bit my lip so I wouldn’t scream too loudly but that didn’t help because I was born to fuck loud. I screamed his name out and his eyes got wide. He tried to hush me up, like he always did, but I knew no one would hear us. Even if my parents heard us they would just think I was masturbating or something and would leave me alone. At least I hoped they would. He continued to pump me with a vengeance. I knew he wouldn’t last too much longer under these conditions, so I demanded that when he started to cum, to only shoot about half of it deep inside my pussy and then to pull out. I wanted him to shoot the remaining sperm anywhere he wanted, ending with me sucking and licking his cock clean. I loved to taste our combined juices straight from his elazığ escort large cock. I felt his dick get rock solid and his pumping slowed to his special speed, I knew he was about to unload deep inside so I squeezed my pussy tight, milking his cock. He started to shoot and I felt two spurts of hot, creamy cum hit me deep and then he pulled out.

His cum had begun shooting out all over my pussy, my belly, and my small breasts. I sat up and allowed his last few strings of pearly cum to hit my face and my lips. Then I grabbed his long shaft and milked the rest of it out onto my tongue. He watched me closely as I sucked and licked our love off of his cock head. He didn’t allow me to do that very long since he was very sensitive. He also wanted to limit his time in my bedroom, so not to get caught. He dressed and left me lying on my soft, frilly bed covered in his cum.

Perhaps, by now, you’re wondering who this mystery man was. It had all started the summer I turned 18, before my senior year of high school. My parents built the house we live in about seventeen years ago and have become very close friends with the neighbors on our street. Our neighbors to the left, Mike and Nancy, are about ten years older than my parents and never had any children of their own. They watched me and my little brother often, acting more as second parents than every day neighbors. Our neighbors to the right, Rob and Karen, are about the same age as my parents and have three girls. The oldest, Tiffany, is my age and also my best friend. She has two younger sisters about three years apart. Tiffany and I have been inseparable since we were toddlers. We do everything together, from shopping to sharing secrets. We spend a lot of time at each other’s houses. We spend our days trying on clothes, swimming in her pool, or studying. Her parents are pretty wealthy, about the same as my own except both my father and mother are lawyers and her parents own some sort of pool business. Rob and Karen are way more laid back than my parents. They have their hopes set on me attending Harvard and her parents just want her to be happy. Tiffany is very pretty and gets good grades but sometimes her attitude gets her into trouble. She is totally opposite from me. I like to be quiet and keep to myself. I have dirty little secrets too, but I don’t flaunt them around like she does. Guess it’s just how I was raised.

Despite our parent’s differences, they had become very close. Barbeques never happened without each other, Christenings, basketball games etc. We were one big happy family. Rob was a volunteer basketball coach at our school, and since I played, I saw him more often than I saw my own dad. Tiffany wasn’t into extracurricular activities, unless they involved making out with boys, so often her dad would give me rides home after practice. Tiffany would be giving her own rides, if you know what I mean. She started exploring with sex at a very young age and was very sexually active by this point. I was shy; still a virgin even though I had had opportunities, the boys just seemed too immature for me. They would grope me in the movies, in the locker room or in the janitor’s closet but I never stayed interested in them long enough to go all the way. One sunny afternoon, after stepping right out of the girls showers, Rob was there in the locker room waiting for me. His back towards me so I could have privacy, but I thought it was sort of weird. I grabbed the towel and wrapped it around me.

“Mr. Burke,” I stammered.

“Jennifer, are you dressed?” he asked.

“Yeah, I put a towel on. What are you doing in here?”

“I was wondering if you had made a choice on which position you wanted to take on next year so I thought I’d just wait here for you so I wouldn’t forget to ask.”

I knew he needed to, but this was still weird. Why didn’t he just wait to ask me while we were in his SUV?

“Oh, I think I would like to play a forward or wing position.”

“Good choice Jennifer.”

This is where he was supposed to leave but he just sat there on the bench staring at me. I felt uncomfortable but he was “family” right? I starred back at him, wanting to ask him to leave but couldn’t find the words. I sat down on the bench across from him, making sure to cross my legs, as I was still naked underneath that tiny white towel. The towel fell open a little, exposing my knee but I wasn’t bothered, I wore skirts and shorts all the time so what was the harm?

“Jenny, do you have a boyfriend these days?” he calmly asked. I was puzzled. “I know that’s an odd question to ask you, but I feel like we’re close and I worry about you.”

What he should have been worried about was the fact that his very own daughter had been fucking the entire football team earlier that week.

“Um, not right now Mr. Burke. They’re all so….well, they’re all little boys!” I laughed.

He smiled at me just then, actually I should say he smiled at my knee. As if he was waiting escort elazığ for my towel to pop open and reveal everything to him. Little did I know that that’s precisely what he had been thinking. He squirmed a little on the bench and I noticed a lump in his pants. Oh. My God! I was turning him on. A grown man was getting hot just by looking at me! My face flushed a bit, I was after all innocent, well practically.

“Um, Mr. Burke, shouldn’t we be getting home? I need to get changed…” I said with a shy smile.

“Oh, of course, what was I thinking? I’ll just be in my office gathering my things. Meet me there and I’ll give you a ride home,” he stammered. I felt a familiar tingle between my legs and thought that I shouldn’t be feeling turned on by a man that was twenty-five years older than me! He was hot though, so how could I resist? I dropped the towel and glanced down at my closely trimmed cunny. It was glistening and my clit protruded out a bit. My nipples were also hard and I caressed them some before getting dressed. I changed into my tight, cotton, black mini-skirt and an equally tight, white midriff blouse. As a rule, I never wore a bra. My breasts were small anyhow so what difference would it make? I knew my nipples would show but I acted like I didn’t notice. This is just one of my dirty, little secrets.

Rob was sitting behind his desk finishing up some of his paperwork. I skipped in and told him I was ready to go. He dropped his jaw when he looked up at me. I smiled at him and urged him to come on.

“Little girl, are you aware that you are violating several of this schools dress codes?” He spoke with an authoritative voice but I could tell he was holding a grin back.

“Oh Mr. Burke, it’s after school hours. Besides, it’s still technically summer and I don’t recall there being any dress codes for summer.

“Well Jenny, you’ve got me there. You know, you’re getting too old to call me Mr. Burke. You should call me Rob.”

“Even here at school”?

“It’s ok as long as there isn’t anyone else around. I wouldn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea.” He spoke very clearly but never let his eyes wander away from my body. I leaned against the door frame and stretched my arms up high.

“I’m so sore. You made us practice too hard.” I pouted. I was beginning to like this new-found power over this man. I was starting to find him very sexy. It was like some primal force was taking over my logical frame of mind.

Then he stood up with a very noticeable hard on and started to walk towards me. I stared straight at it in awe. I giggled when he noticed me looking.

“Uh, sorry, I’m so embarrassed. He has a mind of his own you know.” He stood directly in front of me, eyeing my hard nipples through my thin shirt.

“It’s ok, I’m not offended. In fact, I’m flattered! Such a handsome guy like yourself getting a hard on by some gangly girl like me is very exciting.”

“You’re very pretty Jenny. Don’t put yourself down like that. Tiff is so confident of herself, I’m not used to hearing a cute girl put herself down.” He paused in the silence. The air was filled with pheromones and the slight aroma of pussy. If I could smell it, I knew he could too. “Come here, let me massage your shoulders and back. You don’t deserve to be so tense because of me.”

Rob took his big, strong hands and rubbed my neck and shoulders. I must have had pussy juice dripping down my legs by this point. I was beginning to relax but could only think of Tiffany. Here I was having impure thoughts of her father. The man that takes really good care of her, a married man for that matter, one who is dedicated to his wife and family. I was starting to let logic take over my yearning, when his hands traveled down to my ass. I jumped! I was startled and I stepped across the office, starring at the floor. I felt so embarrassed and a little frightened.

“Jennifer, I’m so sorry. I’m so very sorry. I’ll never let that happen again sweetheart. You’ve blossomed into such a sexy, young lady and I just, well there isn’t any excuse for my behavior. Can you please forgive me darling?” He pleaded. All I could muster up was a simple, small nod of agreement. I was really feeling ashamed about all of this and didn’t know how I could be around Tiffany and her family anymore. I didn’t speak a word for the entire drive home. He kept both hands on the wheel and I starred out the passenger window. What had I been thinking, turning on a married man who was so much older than me? It was as if I had an out-of-body experience! The drive home was so awkward and felt so much longer than usual. What if he told my parents that I acted like a little slut towards him? What would they think of me, their innocent little high school daughter? I was beginning to panic and sweat.

Rob looked over at me and sensed that I was freaking out.

“I don’t know what came over me back there honey. Sometimes little Rob takes over big Rob’s mind if you know what I elazığ escort bayan mean. Did you think I was going to hurt you or something? You look so freaked out.”

“No, uh, I don’t know, maybe.” I stuttered.

“Sweetheart no, I would never hurt you. You mean too much to me. You are such a good influence for Tiff and such an important asset to the team. Please, can I do anything to ease your mind?”

“I’m not sure. I mean, I was just as bad. It wasn’t entirely your fault. Something took over me as well. Are you going to tell my parents?”

The look he gave me just then was a look of surprise. I guess he thought he was only to blame and was thinking that I was going to out him to his wife and family. He probably thought that my dad was going to kill him! Then he looked relieved.

“Jenny, I think we can still be close friends after all this don’t you? You can still hang out with Tiff at our house and not give this little secret away, right? If you keep this secret from everyone, especially Tiffany, I will keep this secret from your parents and everyone else in kind. I can’t help but find you attractive, I mean look at you. I can, and will however, control myself. This is my vow to you sweetheart.” I felt a lot better just knowing that he wasn’t going to tell anyone about my naughty behavior. What surprised me though is that I was feeling that tingle between my legs again.

Over the next few weeks I avoided going over to Tiffany’s house by doing lots of me time and chores around my house. I thought of him every minute of every day. I thought of him as I lied in bed gently caressing my pussy. I cried some because of the ache that was deep inside of me, hurting me. I needed his cock and I felt so guilty about thinking of him in this way. I only saw him during basketball practice, which was pretty weird, and I avoided taking rides home with him. I had some of the other girls on the team drop me off each time. In addition, my parents were very pleased with my new-found love of the vacuum and how mature I had seemed by staying inside instead of “causing trouble”, as they always said, around town. Unfortunately, Tiffany was getting pissed. She thought I didn’t want to be around her anymore and when I lied to her by telling her I just wanted to spend more time with my family, she sighed and demanded that I come over and spend the weekend with her. My parents were elated because they had wanted to get away for a weekend, one last hoorah before I started back to school again.

When I arrived, everything looked the same as it always had. Seventeen years and you’d think they’d buy a new couch or something, geesh! She squealed with delight as she welcomed me in, like she hadn’t seen me in a long time. We rushed upstairs to put my things away, it didn’t seem like Rob was home and I relaxed a little.

“Jen, let’s go get some sun. We don’t have long before school starts and I want to look sizzling hot!”

“You already look hot Tiffany” I said with a laugh. We changed into our suits, together in the room. I was used to being naked around other girls because of the showers in the gym at school so it didn’t really faze me much. We had been naked together countless times before, we had even tasted each other, just to compare. That was a hot day but only happened the one time about two years prior. This time however, she starred at my body a little too long.

“What’s up? You a lezzy now?” I joked.

“Girl, shut up! I was just thinking that you would be way hotter without any tan lines at all. You notice that I don’t have any right? I go out to the pool and listen to my iPod every morning. Did you know that about me?”

“No, I didn’t know that. What if someone saw you girl? Wouldn’t you be embarrassed?”

“Nope, your dad has seen me before.”

“What?” I was in dismay. My father had seen her naked?

“Oh yeah, he’s seen me a bunch of times. I guess we just keep running into each other. Only thing is, I go out and do it at the same time every single day. I guess he likes running into me”. She laughed and grabbed my arm.

“Come on; let’s get out there before the sun goes down!”

We ran down her stairs, totally naked, her breasts were a little bigger than mine and they bounced all the way down. I never felt so cold and nervous in my life. This girl was crazy but she was my best friend and what could I do? When we got out to the pool, we pulled two of the lounge chairs together and laid on our backs first. She handed me one ear bud from her iPod and we listened to some music. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the hot, relaxing sun beating down on my naked body. She was right, tan lines were ugly. I felt comfortable in the fact that her parents were both at work and wouldn’t be home for hours. Or so I thought.

“Young lady, would you kindly put some clothes on please?”

“But daddy, we don’t want any icky tan lines!” she pouted. I just sat there with my small towel barely covering myself. I was so embarrassed but a little turned on.

“Jennifer, it’s lovely to see you around here again. I hear you’ll be spending the weekend with us.” I couldn’t speak. I smiled up at him then looked away. He had just seen me completely naked. I wondered frantically how long he had been standing there.

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