Discovering My Nasty Wife

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Discovering My Nasty WifeThe TurnaroundChapter 1I am successful in businessman, and married to a wonderful wife. We are both very much in love, and always been very close, but somehow there was always something missing.Like many men, I had always had a fantasy of watching my wife making love with another man. I know most people think of that type guy as a weak, but I would be considered anything but a whimp. I’d be thought of as masculine and I am a strong contender in the business arena. I’ve just always been extremely turned on by that thought of my wife being a bad girl.Karin has always enjoyed being a sexy woman, but like most cases, she would never consent to it, leaving me with my fantasies and ever-growing imagination of what it would be like.Penthouse Magazine says, the number one fantasy of men today, above all others, is that of watching another man make love to his wife. It was nice to find out I wasn’t alone, but I really did want it to become a reality.My wife’s reasons were the classic. She felt that in reality I would never be able to handle it, especially if she enjoyed it, and that our marriage and lives would be ruined if she did.This only made me expound more to her on how much it would turn me on, and how ‘the more she enjoyed it’, ‘the more that I would love it’.I knew that large cocks turned her on, so I shared in detail fantasies about them and how I’d like to watch her loving on them. I was hoping that it would stir something in her and make her want to play my erotic game.I told her how I would love to watch a big cock sliding in and out of her pussy and how I would love to look into her eyes as she licked and sucked it.When I talked to her like that, she would always get extremely wet, sucking and fucking me wildly. She admitted that the idea turned her on, but she would never consider it.If she did, she said it would have to be with someone she picked and was turned on to, but that it was a mute point anyway. It would never happen.My wife is a nice looking and even though she has always kept her pussy neatly trimmed back, she would never shave it for me, not even around the lips. “Too much trouble.” She would say, knowing how much shaved pussies turned me on.Over the last few years’ sex had become rare and boring. I was the type that desperately needed an exciting, creative sex life. I longed for it, but eventually I began to loose interest in her sexually because of what I call our, ‘mutual missionary style masturbation’ and all went stale.We both used to like to experiment in the bedroom.Being submissive sexually is what turned her on the most, but on occasion, because we loved to be creative, teasing me and taking control would turn her on. What was about to happen in our lives was going to rekindle the flame and give her the best of both worlds.She would become the submissive pet of another man, while teasing me, and making me love it.The first change I noticed in her was soon after she and her new found friend from work, Tonya, went to a bachelorett party. I had seen her and her husband working out recently at the same gym where Karin and I go. They were a nice looking couple.She and Tonya went to a bachelorete party with a group of girlfriends. She had told me that one of the girls was going to hire a couple of male strippers to come by the party.I felt that she had let that slip-out, just to stimulate my imagination, which of course it did. All night I imagined the most decadent scenarios, (which were sure not to actually happen, but if was fun letting my fantasies play).When she came in late that night she immediately climbed into bed, pulling back the sheet and wrapped one hand around my cock and with the other softly cupped my balls. She began licking up and down my shaft and nibbling on the underside of the head causing it to immediately get nice and puffy for her.She licked up and down teasing it then enveloped the head into her warm mouth. My hips began to come up to meet her as she let it fuck her mouth.She slapped her cheeks with it a few times and rubbed it all over her lips and cheeks and back into her mouth again.”Sorry to wake you dear…but I need some cock.” She whispered.Then climbing on top of me, she took my cock and rubbed the head against her slippery clit, masturbating herself with it and working it inside her extremely ready and slick pussy. Her warmth wrapped around me as I strained to hold back from filling her with cum on the spot.She put her hands on my chest and raising her hips up and down as she fucked and kissed me like she hadn’t done in years. It was wonderful! Where had this woman been?”You need to start giving your wife more cock.” She said, as she seduced me. In no time she came, bucking on top of me and digging her nails into my shoulders. Then I followed quickly filling her with my warm cum. It was quick for both of us, but then we both needed it so badly.The next morning I told her that I wanted her to start going to more parties like that. She told me a little about the night, but was hesitant to tell me too much about it. They had all met for drinks around 4PM, then the party moved to the house of one of the girls.She said they were all sworn to secrecy about the strippers, but she admitted that it was very sexy having two nude men standing there, with their cocks swaying in front of her.I asked how they looked.”The men or their cocks?” She said with a giggle. “They looked great, the men looked like you would expect, gorgeous, and their cocks looked…better than I’d expected.”I asked her if it turned her on having them right there, nude in front of her and if any of the girls touched them.She took a sip of her coffee and thought. “I couldn’t help but get excited. I’d never seen two men naked at the same time before, especially ones that looked like that and with their cocks just inches of my face.””You aren’t upset are you? It was just an innocent girls night.” She looked at me smiling.I assured her that I wasn’t and asked. “Did anything happen?””Wellllll… Well, I will tell you this.” She said. “I was going to the bathroom, after they had been there sometime and heard something from a bedroom that I passed. I noticed the door cracked so I peaked in.””What did you see?” I asked.She hesitated again, choosing whether or not she should tell me. “I saw one of the girls straddle one of the guys as he lay there. She was fucking him right there on the floor. As her ass would rise up and down I could see his shinny cock sliding in and out of her.””I couldn’t help but look. I had never in my life seen two people having sex right there in front of me, but then I panicked and raced on to the bath. I was afraid I’d get caught. When I came back by the door was closed.”Did anything else happen?” I pressed.”Well, later after he had long returned to the main room I noticed that the other guy was missing from the crowd, so I went searching through the house, to see if I could find what he was doing. I finally came upon a door where I heard giggles. I slowly cracked it open and through the mirror inside, I could see two of the girls sharing the guys’ cock, feeding it to each other. They were licking and sucking on it like a dessert. I stayed glued. They continued licking him as he came, kissing each other and licking his cock as he did. I’ve never seen anything that lusty in my life.” She said.”I thought I knew these girls!” She said. “I would have never suspected that they would do something like that behind closed doors.””Who was it?” I asked.”I can’t tell you that! It’s private and privileged information. I will say, that I was not one of the lucky ones. Though it was very ah…very stimulating to watch”. She said with a smile. “I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I felt so naive.”Karin began being a little friskier in bed, wearing sexier cloths etc. I felt it had to do with her friend Tonya’s liberal take on things and that night at the party.The AgreementChapter 2She was never the same after that night. Things were different with me too. My fantasies had been given a new energy. I loved that she had been there and seen all that, and most of all that it had turned her on. We began talking nastier to each other during sex and enjoying it more.One night she had me dance for her in the bedroom, and while I did, she crawled up to me on all fours and began licking and sucking on my cock. She tugged on it like a puppy nursing a tit. I couldn’t help but think, that she was doing to me, what she had wanted to do to the dancers that night of the party.She and Tonya became very good friends. She and Tonya began going out for ‘girls night out’ every other Wed. night.Then a few weeks later, one morning after she’d been out with Tonya the night before, she asked me if I would meet her after work. “Let’s meet for a few drinks at the Martini Club.” She said.We’d not been out for drinks in ages.I had been there once, with an out-of-town client. It is a classy, moody, downtown martini bar, mahogany walls and such. Bar on one side, restaurant on the other.I was there ahead of her, waiting in an out-of-the-way booth, private and secluded. She walked in looking great, dressed uncharacteristically in a black sexy dress and sunglasses. I stood up. We hugged. I complemented her on looking extraordinary and she complemented me on my new shirt.We had a few drinks and were having a nice, relaxed, romantic time. She was nervously going through her drinks like a weed eater, especially since neither of us really drank that much these days.Then after she found her courage she ‘out of the blue’, looked me in the eye and said. “Tom, I have a proposal for you.”I sat my drink down. She slid her hands over mine. I had no idea what was on her mind. I quickly found out, as she mustered her courage and fumbled right to the point.”I want to give you something!” She said.I looked at her sexy eyes as she spoke, trying to see what was going on.”What?” I asked.”What is your favorite fantasy?” She asked. “You know! The one that you have tried to get me to do for years?”I knew, but for some reason didn’t want to say. I’d been let down too many times.”Now come on!” She said, lifting one eyebrow. “We know what you have always wanted me to do. Now tell me what your biggest fantasy is.”Slowly it came out. “For you to have sex with another man?” I dug it from the deepest part of my throat.She leaned forward, smiling. The drinks had given her a nice buzz. “Do you still want me to suck on another cock for you, and maybe let you watch?In one giant beat, my heart felt it had leapt out of my chest. It was beating so hard; I felt she could hear it. Her words caught me completely off guard!She never talked like this, never teased me like this and especially about this subject. And she sounded serious. I was so excited and turned on to hear it that I couldn’t quite speak. At the same, completely terrified instant, I was in total fear from this drastic change in my wife. Had she found a lover? Was I about to loose her?I went from a light happy husband having fun with my wife, instantly to a turned on, complete, bundle of nerves.”Just tell me, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Do you still want it?” She asked.What was going on here? I didn’t know how to answer. My heart was still pounding as her ‘out of nowhere’ question waited for the answer. She looked into my eyes for my reply.”Yes.” I said from the reflex of wanting it for so long.”Would you be jealous if I enjoyed it?” She asked.”Yes. Probably.” I said.”If it makes you jealous would you want me to stop?” She asked.”No.” I said. “I would want you to enjoy yourself.” I heard myself say.”You would want me to enjoy myself and make you jealous then, no matter what?” Is that what you’re saying?” She asked.I looked at her, feeling a little embarrassed to answer. I held my drink in both hands. “Yea, that is what would excite me most, you enjoying it, no matter what.””And you think you could handle it?” She asked.”Oh yea, I think I could.””Goooood! But you’d better know you could.” She said lifting my hand to her lips and kissing it lovingly. “That would make it easier for me to give you what you want. And I do want to give you your fantasy!” I knew she could see the flushness in my face as she said it.”You do?” I asked sheepishly in shock. “But…””But nothing!” She said. “There is one thing though. We have to go by the rules.””Rules?” I asked.She turned and opened her purse, fumbling as she pulled out some paper.”The only way this can work,” She said. “is if you agree to the rules”. She said with a taunting smile.She already had this planned out. She pushed the page to my side of the table. I finished my drink with a strong sip and held up two fingers to our waiter. I needed a refill and quickly.”Read them over and tell me your decision.” She said.”Once you make your choice, there is no reversing it. If you decide that you don’t want me to do this, then you will have to promise me, you will never, ever ask me to fulfill this fantasy of yours again.””If you do want me to, you will have to sign the agreement and understand that the rules are solid. If you ever break one or complain, or make me think that in any way what-so-ever, that you can not handle me enjoying myself, it will be very simple; we will stop and go back to our less adventurous life, never to return, not even once.All or nothing, is the only way I can do this. Do you understand?” She asked nervously smiling, but looking me straight in the eyes. “The last thing I would want, would be for this to harm our relationship. I only want it to make it better for both of us.” She said.”I understand!” I said feeling myself shaking with anticipation and in fear of what my long desired fantasy was now reaping me.The waiter returned with our drinks and left. I took the papers and tried to not let Karin see it shake in my hand as I began to read her rules.The agreement below is absolute and unwavering.To my husband:You know that I had too few years as a single girl and that I have always been a good girl, while my bad girlfriends seemed to have all the fun. I now want to experience the freedom they have. I’ve always wanted to express my wild side but was afraid of what you and other people would think.For the next three months I want to enjoy the freedom of being the sexy woman I’ve wanted to be, and fulfill your fantasy as I do, but if I do you must agree to the following:You must understand that I will test you and make you prove that you can handle your ‘fantasies come true’.You must understand that you must pass each test or your fantasy will end abruptly.You must give me permission to have sex with whomever I want and in front of you, without limitation.If I make love in front of you, you will say nothing about it and will be a prefect host to my friends.I will never hold back, even if I think it is making you jealous.I can stay out whenever I want to.I’ll reassure you often by telling you about my adventures, and you must listen eagerly.You can date no one and will stay home when I’m out.You will do anything that my lovers ask, or tell you to doYou must understand that if for any reason what-so-ever I feel you can not handle this, I will void this agreement, and you must promise to never ask me to do anything like this again.I agree to all of the above and anything that you may want to add later to the list. Your loving husband.__________________________________* * * * *”I know this seems much more extreme than you would have expected,” She said. “But for this to work in reality, I have to know up front what I can and can’t do. It would be devastating if you suddenly stopped me while making love to someone.It’ll take a lot of discipline on your part.” She said. “I want to be sure you can handle it, so you’ll have to prove yourself to me.””If you pass my tests then we will continue. If you don’t pass any of my tests…well, you probably wouldn’t have been able to handle what came next anyway.I had not counted on this cuckold attitude from her. This was such a definite attitude from her, though her talking to me like this, her being in control her sex like this, was turning me on.”Are we in agreement?” She asked. “Or do you want to just keep it all a fantasy?””May I think about it overnight?” I asked.”No! I need to know right now! By tomorrow I may change my mind.” She said.The room seemed to be in a whirl. I looked at her. “It is now or never!” She said. I looked at the list, my cock was hard in my pants.I took the pen, looked up at her and signed it, sliding it back across the table to her.”Is this turning you on as much as me?” I asked.Looking at me, she lowered one hand below the table and very sensuously slipped it between her legs. When it returned, her index finger was glazed with her sexy juices.”I almost feel like it’s my idea. I guess I should sign our agreement too, shouldn’t I?” She said, pressing her finger to the contract, leaving a damp imprint of her finger next to my signature”Does that answer your question?” She asked.Then she raised her finger to my lips for me to lick clean.As she pulled it out across my lips I said. “I think I need a shot! Want to do a shot with me?” I asked.”Sort of a shot to toast our agreement?” She asked.She smiled. “I think I’d like ‘Sex on the Beach’!” She said with a giggle. “Tonya told me that I was going to love this.”Dinner and a DanceChapter 3We stayed and had a nice romantic dinner. I asked her what had brought on this change of mind.I found out later that she and Tonya had become very close, sharing very private matters. Tonya’s husband was much like me, and while living in Colorado he had wanted her to make love to his best friend. She was like Karin and was not for it, at all.Then, one unplanned night, she ended up in bed, between her husband and his friend, and she found out that she loved it.Karin said. “Tonya said she loved having two cocks competing for her attention and trying to out please the other.”Tonya thinks most of us wives have had it all wrong.” Karin said. “Our husbands want us to be sexy. Our husbands want us to be kinky. You want us to enjoy sex, sometimes with another man or maybe another woman.””She said the nastier she gets in front of her husband, the more he likes it and the sweeter he treats her. She thinks he is like a lot of men, that he is a latent cuckold. So now she plays with his mind a lot, teasing him about other cocks she wants. She thinks you may be the same way and that I should play with you a little.” She said.”Like Tonya says; ‘we women love sex too. A lot of us just don’t admit it. So, why not, especially if we can do in right in front of our husbands an don’t have to cheat’.”Tonya didn’t seem anything like that at all. She was cute, and seemed conservative on the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri outside. You would never guess that was going on in her mind. ‘Lucky husband’, I thought.After dinner I suggested that we do something to seal the night.She loved to dance more than anything and there was a trendy new dance club a few doors down the street and so I challenged her to show me she was serious: a first act of her new womanhood.I had always wanted to go to a club, then have her come in after me and join me at the bar as though we were not together. Then I wanted to watch the other men try to pick her up. Of course, she would never do that in the past. So, I challenged her to it now.She smiled. “You don’t think I’m up for the challenge?”I shook my head. ‘No!’ “I want you to be a good submissive wife tonight and show me that you are serious.” I said.She looked at me for a few moments. “Why don’t you pay the bill while I go freshen up”. She said.I did and when she returned, she had a sensuality in her walk and I could see her breast swaying under the sheer black top. She discreetly handed me her black panties and bra. “Would you be a doll and drop these off in the car on your way. I don’t think I’ll need them tonight.”How was I going to walk out of the restaurant with this hard on standing out in front of me? I thought.”I’ll stay her and finish my drink until you have time to get in and find a place at the bar.” She said. “I’ll be right there.”She joined me shortly after I ordered my first drink. She ignored me at first, as though she didn’t know me. I offered to buy her a drink and she played her part well, with only a casual thank you.It took no time until guys were hitting on her. She brushed them off one at a time. I leaned over and asked if she wanted to go home, thinking she wasn’t into it.”Oh no!” She said looking across the room. “I’m just waiting for the Latin guy across the floor. He keeps making eyes at me, but hasn’t come over.”She turned back around to face the bar. “If I’m going to play, I’m waiting for what I want.” She said and took a sip of her drink.In no time he made his way across to her. She was coy with him at first, then flirted, flipping her hair and giving all the female signs.She loves to dance and soon they were on the dance floor. Before long, they were one of the couples dirty dancing, him wrapping his arms around her from behind and swaying their hips together to the sounds of Latin music. It took them no time to dissolve into the crowd, but she kept within site of me at the bar. I could see them holding each other, her spreading her legs around one of his as she rotated her hips on it.They seemed to never leave the floor, accept to occasionally come back for drinks and a breath, then they were back out dancing. She would always come back next to my stool and rub my leg or cock as he tried to kiss her neck or run his hands over her body.Once I saw her feeling his ass as they stood there, then she ran her hand around to the front of his crotch letting her hand brush his cock as she felt mine with the other hand.When she did, I ran my hand under her skirt from the rear, gliding it up behind her thighs and between her legs. I felt her wet pussy as she wiggled it to me. My fingers easily slid between the slick folds of flesh. There I was, in public where no one could see, feeling her pussy as she felt my cock in one hand and the cock of the stranger next to her in the other. He looked like he was going nuts.When his attempts to get her outside failed, he pulled her off to dance again. She turned and winked at me.Soon a friend of his joined them on the dance floor, another Latin fellow. The three of them began dancing, sandwiching her in between them. She was loving it, her arms raised high as they pressed against her, then she would wrap her arms around the guy in front of her, holding his ass while the other rubbed up against her from behind.When she pealed herself away from them and we went home that night, I devoured her, all but ripping her clothes of her. While we made love she told me how much it had turned her on having him rub against her and practically fuck her there on the floor in front of everyone and me.I asked her if she enjoyed feeling his cock.”Oh yea, I felt both their cocks when they were dancing with me. It was so exciting feeling two cocks at once rubbing up against me and their hands feeling all over me. My pussy got so wet.”Needless to say, we made love more than our usual ‘once’ and I must have filled her to overflowing until we collapsed into each other’s arms.”Can we do it again next week?” She whispered quietly before I dozed off.What I didn’t know was that day by day she began loving it more, and soon our sex life was about to change for ever!First Nights OutChapter 4The first week was much the same, accept for our sex life, which was instantly better. She would talk trash to me in bed, telling me how she had always thought it would be sexy to have two cocks at once, how she thought it would be fun torturing me by licking another cock in front of me. And she constantly made me tell her how I wanted her to do it.She was warm and upbeat with me, flirting with me much more. She kept herself looking beautiful, almost flaunting it in front of me, she would tease me by walking around half nude and changing in front of me.The owner of our gym, Phil, an ex attorney, had always tried to strike up conversations with Karin while we were working out, even when I was right there. Though she had continually ignored him in the past and politely brushed him off, I was stimulated by his approaches and a bit jealous of him. Things were now different.Now she was not brushing him off. And now he was always over at her machine talking and laughing with her, both of them flirting like two high school k**s, as though I wasn’t there, accept for her occasional glance over at me with her sweet smile.He was my first real twinge. I couldn’t help myself. Of all people, this would be the guy.Phil was a good-looking guy, a real fitness nut and has a great body. Not bulked up or over build, just nicely chiseled. He is more outward personality than me, more of the charmer type and can be a bit cocky at times, but the kind of guy that everyone likes and wants to know. Now, he seemed to have become her personal trainer, with hands on attention. This all made me feel insecure, but it did turn me on at the same time.After her workout one night, she got dressed, came over to me as I still worked out and told me that Phil had invited her out for drinks with some friends from another gym. “You don’t mind do you Sweetheart?” She added for a special touch.I looked over her shoulder and Phil was there in the doorway, watching us and waiting. I could feel myself going flush, from that invading turned-on-feeling, knowing she was going out with another man.I heard myself say. “Sure Hon, have a good time.” My stomach was full of butterflies.Catching my voice when it cracked, she winked at me, puckered me a light ‘air kiss’ and turned back to Phil smiling, and with a light-footed scamper, totted off to the door. I finished my workout thinking of nothing but them being out together.I looked over and saw Tonya, her new girl friend, on the cycle across the room. When she saw me watching the two of them leave the gym she looked at me and smiled. It looked like ‘a happy smile for Karin’, as though she was proud of her.All night long, it was all I could think about. I was tortured. I couldn’t help wondering and fantasizing about what they might be doing. I wanted her home, but at the same time loved the excitement of it. It’s crazy, I know. I don’t know what it is about some of us guys that this turns us on. I don’t understand it myself. I fantasized all night about her kissing him, and her legs opening to his exploring hands.She came home in a couple of hours and said little about it other than they talked a lot.She didn’t get home until about 11PM. She was obviously tipsy from the alcohol and her hair was just slightly rumpled.She winked at me seductively and kissed me on the lips. Her full soft kisses always made me shutter.But this kiss put me in shock!Not because I needed it so badly, but because I thought that I caught a whiff of cock on her breath. I knew that sexy smell and taste. I knew it from when we would kiss, after she had gone down on me.It was cock on her breath! I was sure! I didn’t know what to do, how to respond. So I acted as though I didn’t notice.She smiled and kissed me again but deeper and sexier. “You like?” She asked and then licked around my mouth kissing me a third time and giggling.I love to kiss and I needed it so badly, and god she was a good kisser.In the past, when I would taste myself on her lips, after she had gone down on me, I would often fantasize that the taste and smell of cock on her kisses was from her going down on another cock instead of mine. It always drove me crazy to imagine that.But this was real, absolutely real. I was sure that she had sucked his cock that night. I was inflamed by my fantasy and at the same time, I was torn with intense fear and jealousy. Had my wife had been out drinking with another man and sucked his cock, but I was so turned on about it that that overruled anything else. The image raced through my mind of her kissing down his flat stomach and then licking his cock, and taking it in her mouth. It was terrible, but what a wonderful torment this was.I could smell his cologne on her neck. She was buzzed. Then she gave me another one of her deep wet French kisses. The smell of sex seemed even more evident. There was no doubt. His cock had been in her mouth.My reflex quickly drew back. She closed her eyes and giggled, slightly swaying from the drinks. An electric current went through my body, but I tried to contain myself and act as though I had not noticed the sex on her breath.’She had sucked Phil’s cock.’ ‘She had really sucked Phil’s cock.’ The thought kept hammering itself into my brain, as though trying to make me realize the gravity of her act. My sweet conservative wife had actually sucked arrogant Phil’s cock, not in some fantasy of mine, but humiliating reality.She slipped her arms around me. My legs went weak. My mind was confused. I felt trapped by the insult. I didn’t know what to say or how to react, because, deep down it was what I wanted, what I’d always wanted. I wanted to run and at the same insane time I wanted her to tell me what she had done.”Do I taste good Sweetheart?” She teased. She wanted me to know without saying it. She wanted me to know that if she wanted to, she not only could, she was going to suck other cocks.I played dumb. “You taste wonderful Honey! Very sexy.” My heart went through the floor as I tried to contain my emotions and not wanting her to know what I was going through. I loved it that she had cock on her breath. I couldn’t believe that I was thinking this to myself, but I was. I wanted her to kiss me again, I wanted her to make me taste it again. But she didn’t.”You like my kisses don’t you Tom boy?” She taunted again, enjoying the fact that I knew and couldn’t say a word. “I told her that I thought she was the sexiest tonight that I had ever seen her.” The thing is, she was. She was radiant and her messed up hair just added to her sensuality.”Yes!” I said. “I love them.She kissed me on the forehead and said. “Now go get me a drink like a good boy.”I did and took it to her. She was enjoying this game.She kissed me deeply again and led me by the hand into the bedroom where we made love like never before. She pussy was so turned on that I couldn’t believe it.As I began to approach my orgasm she told me how she couldn’t wait until to let another cock fuck her. She told me how much she wanted me to slide my cock into her after another man had fucked her.She was changing, making me tell her again how much I wanted her to be a bad girl and I did, uncontrollably exploding my load into her waiting pussy.ConfessionsChapter 5The next few days my thoughts of them possessed my mind at work. I could think of little else.A couple of nights later we were at the gym and it started out much the same. We worked out and then she simply waved with a smile and left with Phil again.Thoughts of them flooded my mind until she got home.When she got home again late, I was on the sofa thumbing through a magazine and listing to Enigma on the sound system. She came in, and quickly sat straddling me, lightly pinning my arms beside my thighs with her legs, and then laid a big wet kiss on me. She had had more than ‘one too many’, and again she tasted like sex.She slowly ground her pussy against my groin. “You didn’t get bored tonight did you? Did you have plenty to think about?” She asked. Pecking kisses on my forehead and smiling. She closed her eyes and licked my lips coating them with his musty smell, and then kissed me passionately wrapping her arms around my neck.She pulled back keeping her smile and looked me dead in the eye. “Did you miss me?” She said, as though we were the closest of lovers and she had been out shopping.She wrapped her fingers into the hair on the back of my head, and pulled it back, exposing my neck as she began to nibble and lick all over it. Then she gave me another moist deep kiss. His sex was again all over my lips, neck and cheeks and I could feel myself trying to get my breath.She nibbled on my earlobe and whispered into my ear. “My kisses turn you on, don’t they Tom?” Her warm breath and words rushed through me. I felt deliciously ensnared, pinned under her body, her words, and this blatant awakening.Her kisses did turn me on, beyond what she could have been imagining. I sat there looking up at her, wanting her to kiss me again. “Tell me you like my kisses.” She prodded.”I do! I love your kisses.” I admitted, and when I did, she laid a deep French kiss on me again licking all into my mouth and all over my lips. The taste and smell was strong male. I had to catch my breath I was so turned on.What was she doing to me?She kissed me deeply again. Her words had pushed me over the edge and I began falling deeply, head over heels into it, savoring what taste I could find and thinking that my wife had been out sucking another cock that night. I realized that I was hungrily kissing her deeper and licking her lips trying to taste more.”Tell me you can taste it,” she said, “and tell me to kiss you again.”My cock was aching for release under her and my head was spinning as she toyed with me. I licked her all over like an insane man, not wanting to stop to answer, not wanting to give these erotic kisses up. Tonight she was blatantly bringing me face to face with her indiscretion. I was no longer trying to get her to play my game. She had forced me to play hers, and she was playing me like a violin.”Ohhhh yea you like it alright. You can taste it and you like it.” She leaned back, her eyes looking at my lips. “Yesssssss! You taste him. Don’t you?” She purred at me. “We both love it, don’t we?”She slowly rolled off of me lying back on the arm of the sofa. Sensuously lifting her skirt and sliding her hand up between her legs, she began to toy with her pussy. She slowly spread her legs for me, revealing her soaked panties.She pulled her panties to the side so I could see her lips, tugging on them.”I am soooooo horny! She said. “Phil is such a sexy man. Look how wet he made my pussy tonight!” My heart was pounding out of my chest, trying to grasp her words. She pulled her damp panties down her legs, over her ankles and tossed them lovingly into my face. Spreading her legs more and revealing her trim pussy completely, her lips separating for attention. “See?”I nodded my head, more in disbelief at her words than anything. The alcohol was helping her hit me point blank with the facts that she had been playing with Phil and how wet he had made her pussy.Her pussy was dripping wet. “Would you like to taste it?” She slid one finger inside. “She needs so much attention and she’s not been getting enough. I haven’t let him fuck her yet you know.”It was like a knife.She had not ever been this self-assured before, never been this nasty, but I loved it.”He is dying to fuck me, but I’ve just enjoyed teasing him, so far. I love getting him so turned on. I think one night he may just take me and **** me or make me fuck him.” She smiled devilishly trying to push me to the edge.”He just doesn’t know how ripe I am for fucking! Does he”? She said.I was paralyzed! I couldn’t say a word. I just listened as I looked down at her laying back against the sofa arm, her legs spread and teasing me to taste her pussy that someone else had made dripping wet. A rush flashed through me. I was so turned on I could hardly contain myself.”Now get down here on the floor on your knees and lick her like a good husband.”I obeyed her and got down on my hands and knees on the floor between her legs and looked into her eyes.”Now be a good boy and lick my pussy.” I looked down her fingers holding the lips apart for me.”We have a new rule.” She said.A chill went through me. I loved the way she said that. I looked up at her excited to hear what it might be.”From now on whatever my pussy wants, I let her do. Do you like that attitude?” She asked. “And whatever my pussy wants you to do, you do!””OK!” I agreed. “That sounds very sexy.” I looked at her large sexy pussy and wanted to please it, whatever it wanted. I wanted to her to please it. “I’ll do what ever turns your pussy on!” I said.I was a man in trouble. I wanted to show her how much I loved her like this. I wanted to please her and to reinforce her being in control like this.I loved that another man and his cock had turned her on and gotten her so slick and that she had brought her juices home for me to lick up.I lowered my head and touched my lips to her abdomen and kissed my way down and found the top of her lips under her light bush. She scooted forward so that her pussy was right to the edge of the sofa, then she settled back into the pillows as I inhaled the wonderful smell of womanhood. I touched my lips to her folds and felt that wonderful ‘first slickness’ on the tip of my tongue. Then my tongue reached out and lightly flicked her lips apart, separating them, feeling the additional inter slickness inside.I went in deeper and felt a flood of her cream that he had stimulated. She was soaking. I licked her pussy, as I never have. I buried my face in it, trying to lick as deeply as I could, wanting to taste all of her. Lust was overtaking me and I could feel my ears going flush then my entire head and body. I had always been a man that loved licking pussy, but her new mind-set was lifting the experience güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to some altered state.Karin had begun this for whatever reason, but now she was enjoying it. She was stretching back on the sofa grabbing the back and armrest as her pussy wiped itself all over my face. The chants and dream music of Enigma was flowing in the background. That type of erotic music can almost put you in another mental world by itself, but especially during the depths of good sex”Ohhhhhh, I think you like this.” She said in heat. “You like tasting his cock on my kisses.” My eyes never opened I just kept tasting and lightly licking her clit, making love to her with my mouth, and showing her my appreciation for her being so erotic with me.”Do you like my pussy being turned on by another man?” She asked between breaths. I looked up and our eyes met again.”He does turn my pussy on you know.” She said reading my mind. “He hasn’t fucked her yet, but I have been sucking his cock for her!” She said, talking as though her pussy were telling her what to do. She looked at me waiting for a responds. “She likes it when I suck his cock, can’t you tell? That’s why you’ve been enjoying my kisses so much lately. Isn’t it?”I nodded, lightly pecking kisses over her bush.”Good boy, you did always say you wanted another man to make love to me. Didn’t you?”I’m sure my blank gaze told her my state of mind. I loved her talking to me like this, making me face the fact that I loved her being turned on by another man. And making me admit to her that I loved the taste of his cock on her lips.”I love this!” She said. “I can’t believe I never took you up on it years ago. I get to let a sexy guy take me out and try to win my affection. I get to tease him all night then suck his cock. After he has gotten my pussy nice and turned on and all slick, I bring it home to you, lay back and then tease you while you lick it and show me how grateful you are. And there you are, down there licking her like a hungry puppy until she cums all over your face”. I licked her, tugging at the pedals of her pussy and licking her clit as though her pussy was a queen.”You like licking my pussy after he has turned it on and gotten it wet, don’t you.”I licked her deeply. “I do. I love it!” I said.” My face was slick and wet now too. I loved the wet fleshy feel of her pussy against my mouth and cheeks.”I know you do, and I’m going to make you love it more.” She said. “Before I’m through you are going to be addicted to it.” I like thinking of you at home watching TV while I’m out sucking a nice big cock.She lay back silent as I continued licking and enjoying her. Then she slowly began gyrating against me again. “I love it tooooooo. Ohhhh I do love this tooooooo!” She said, her eyes still closed and me licking away at her pussy.Then came the familiar feel of her pussy as it became more engorged. I knew it was telling me that she was getting closer. I began to concentrate on licking her clit in rhythmic strokes like a pet licking honey out of your palm. I felt it move, beginning to slowly pulse under my tongue and I met each one with a comforting lick, helping them build. Soon her pussy and I were slow dancing with each other, building and reaching for each other until her love canal began to contracting against my lips and chin. I licked and teased slowly bringing her to that point of no return. Her climax swelled as her pussy made love to my face, and then exploded as her rotating hips spread her juices over my lips and chin.It was wonderful and seemed to last forever.Then as she slowly subsided, she relaxed as I continued licking her new juices. Then she looked down at me and put her hands behind my neck and pulled me to her, licking her own juices off my lips.After a while, she asked if I’d like to undress her and give her a quick bath.”I’d love to.” I said.I went to get her a drink while she prepared the bath.She looked beautiful in the candle light of the bath, as she slipped down into the tub. Her breast glistened as the water wrapped up around them. She lay back relaxing and looking up at me.”Doesn’t it turn you on that I told you about sucking his cock?” She asked.I waited. “Yea…it was very nice, very sexy.””Nice, or did you love it?”I hesitated. “I loved it.” I admitted.”He’s got a nice cock.” She leaned up, opening her eyes with a twinkle, and smiling at me. . “He really does. You would like Phil. He’s a lot like you, very kinky, but much more dominant. And you know how I like to be dominated. He is one of those ‘likes to be in control’ guys. So if he ever comes over I want you to be extra nice to him.””He said that he thought I had a lot of potential to become a very nasty submissive wife for you, and that he was just the guy to give me the special training I needed. Would you like that? Would you like him to train me to be a ‘hot submissive wife’ for you?” She askedI looked at her. “Yes!” I said.”Gooooood!” She said. “I have to admit, that really turns me on when he talks to me like that. He said that if I was going to be a good student that I would have to be a very bad girl for him. You do want me to be a good student for him, don’t you Honey? I want him to make me be a good student.”Contrary to what I would have believed, I loved where she had me. I had always wanted to see her make love to another man, but I had never thought of, or bargained for this sort of mental teasing or how much she was getting into it.”He said he could train me to love cock? Would you like that?” She didn’t wait for my answer. “But he said that if he did that you would have to agree to be a good cuckold husband, at least for a while. You don’t mind us making you into a cuckold husband and teasing you a little do you Sweetheart; especially if it will make Phil happy? That’s what he really wants to do.” She said.”He had a bad experience with a jealous husband years ago and said this time you would have to prove to him you weren’t jealous. You can do that, can’t you Honey?” She asked.My cock was raging and my heart was pounding again. I thought, without saying anything but realized that there was only one answer she wanted to hear and I couldn’t answer.”Good, that’s what I wanted to hear you say. I’ll see what I can do for you. I think Phil is going to enjoy this.” She said. “I bet if we make you jealous that that cock of yours will stay nice and puffy like it is right now.””Whatever you want to do is fine with me Sweetheart.” I said, in total fear and total excitement of what she was leading me into.”Good! This is really getting to be a lot more creative and fun than I ever thought it would be.” She said.She looked at my cock. It was dripping so much pre-cum that I couldn’t believe it.Would you like me to start giving you details?”I didn’t want to feel humiliated and have to admit it, but I did want her to tell me all the details and I did like her making me admit it to her.”Yes, I want you to start telling me all the details.” I admittedShe leaned toward my ear. “Alllllllll the details?” She tantalized. “Tell me what you want to hear! Do you want me to tell you how much Phil and other men turn me on? Do you want to hear all about what we do together, about their cocks, and what Phil will make me do?””Yes. I want you to tell me.” I was out of control now and my dripping cock seemed to be answering all the questions for me.”Good boy! OK, I’ll start by telling you what a beautiful cock Phil has. Tom, you have a very nice cock, but his is even larger and has a nice full head with a puffy distinct ridge around it. He shaves his big balls and all around his cock accept for a very small patch of hair above the top of its base.””He loves the way I lick it and tease it till he can’t hold his cum back any longer. I love squeezing it and watching the head of it swell up and get real purple, and especially when it gets really turned on and starts oozing those clear droplets of pre-cum. I just love that part.” She looked down at my cock.”Sort of like you’re dripping cock is now.” She smiled. “After I’ve tease it until he can’t take any more, it’s like heaven opens up. I have never seen a cock produce that much cum. I think I really turn him on.””You know how I’ve never been a woman that thought much about cum. I used to think I didn’t even like it, all creamy and messy, but he’s teaching me how sexy and erotic it is. It’s the core of a man’s sexuality. Tonya says that ‘it is the treasure a woman gets when she has done a good job of exciting her man, and the more she excites him the more she gets’.I don’t know what has come over me in the last few weeks. I think I’m just now realizing just how much I love cock.” She said with a giggle sliding down into the water and looking back up at me with that innocent girl look.”It’s like my pussy has woken up and come to life and I can think of nothing but sex. I can feel her wanting it all the time.”She looked up at me, her chin just above the suds. “I don’t know what it is, but I do love the feeling. Should I stop?” She asked teasing me.”No.” I assured her.”Good,’ she said toying with her nipple. “I like being able to share all this with you. It would be terrible to be this excited about something and not be able to tell anyone. Ohhh, come to think of it I can’t wait to tell Tonya. She’ll love what I’m doing.””I did tell Phil how much you seemed to like my kisses after I’d been licking and sucking on his cock.” She continued.”What?” I looked at her in disbelief. “I can’t believe you told him that!” I exhorted.”Oh it’s ok. He thought that was great! I think it turned him on knowing you had tasted his cock on your wife’s lips. Oh! Believe me, he’s kinky. He wants you to know. He thought it would be fun to leave some of his cum on my lips tonight for you to lick off, but I told him that I didn’t think you were quiet ready for that, yet anyway.”I didn’t know what to say or how to react. I felt like I was their plaything.”Would you like that honey? Want me to be a good wife and leave some cum on my lips for you when I come home next time? You know I did swallow it tonight for him. I guess that was another ‘first’ for me.”I couldn’t answer.”I thought so.” She said to my non-responds again. “I can’t wait to tell him. Ya know! I think we’re getting to an entirely new level here.” She smiled at me confidently. “He is going to love the fact that actually I told you what we have been doing.”She reached over the tub, wrapped her warm wet fingers around my swollen cock and squeezed. “Tell me. Pleeeease tell me that I can fuck him if I want to.” She demanded, in a little girlie voice, and stroking me a few times to be sure she got the responds she wanted.”Yes Honey. You can fuck him, if you want to.” I agreed. I could not believe the state I was in. Then she stroked me a few more times for good measure milking more pre-cum from my uncontrollable cock.”Tell me you want me to fuck Phil for you. Now tell me. I want to hear you say it.”I needed to make love so badly. I needed to fuck so badly. I needed anything! I was so damned turned on.”I want you to fuck Phil for me, I want you to!” I said.She smiled. “I think I’m loving our new arrangement! And I think you’re loving our new arrangement too aren’t you Honey?” She said looking me in the eye, teasingly challenging me to contradict her, as she continued, now lightly and more slowly, fondling my warm meat.The pre-cum seeping out of it was running down the underside of the head and over her fingers. She brought her hand up to her mouth and licked it off.I knew that I was in over my head. “I do like it. It excites me that you want Phil to fuck you.” I confessed. What was I saying?”Did it turn you on tonight as much as you thought; you know, me actually telling you about it?” She asked.”More!” I admitted. “Much, much more!”I leaned down and licked her nipples taking one into my mouth.What had I created?’ She was now much beyond calling my bluff. She was leading, and she was bringing me along for the ride.She got out of the tub and slipped her shinny body into her terrycloth robe, dabbing and using it as a towel. Then she let it fall to her elbows exposing her breast. She reached down and squeezed one making her nipple puff out.”Do you like my nipples!” she said excitedly and looked at me.I couldn’t take my eyes off them.She said. “Isn’t that erotic””Come over here and lick it for me.” She squeezed her breast again and then put her hands under each one, squeezing them again. She stood there shiny from the bath and oil. The light from the candles laid along the edge of her body and backlit her hair, giving her a centerfold look.Without saying a word I walked over and licked under the bottom side of her breast. Then one at once, I took them in my hands, licking and sucking like I wanted to milk her. Wishing they had milk in them, but then that is another fantasy. Then she kissed me deeply again.Thank God! I needed to touch her so bad.”I wish I could give you some more fresh cock kisses tonight. Wouldn’t that be fun?””I’d love that!” I said with out a hint of hesitation.”Gooooood!” She said with a coo. “Maybe soon I can give you some very fresh cock kisses.”Then she took my hand, guiding me to our four-poster bed and pulled the mosquito net back that enclosed the bedchamber. She climbed in lying back and letting the robe fall open as she lay against the large pile of pillows.I got between her legs and she slipped me into her waiting pussy. We made love most of the night. She kept me on fire, teasing me, telling me how much she enjoyed talking to me like this, and how she couldn’t wait until I watched her tease Phil’s cock until he exploded all over her.Each time she teased me the levels and stakes got higher.The BirthdayChapter 6The next week Phil had to go out of town on business.”Talk about me being ripe to fuck. I am ripe! And by now, I’ve got him ripe to explode too!” She said excitedly. “When I finally do wrap my warm pussy around Phil, I think he is going to cum buckets.”I was excited that she wanted to fuck Phil. I wanted her to tell me about it all, in wet detail. I wanted to watch it and more than anything, I wanted her to love it. I wanted her to be addicted to his cock like I was getting addicted to her.I was like an alcoholic, only I was becoming addicted to my lusty wifeFriday morning, while we were cleaning up after breakfast, Karin said, “Tonight Phil is coming back into town, and wants me to celebrate his birthday with him. I’m taking the afternoon off to buy some new clothes and get my nails done. Would you be a doll and be here? You are a sexy man, I want your input to help me seduce him?” She asked.”You don’t mind do you Sweetie?” She teased. “I want to make the night special for him.” I looked at her in an early morning surprise. “I want to be so erotic that he can’t resist me.” She said.”I promise I’ll give you all the details.” She pledged, flipping me a token dog/sex bone to tease me.She had her nails done in a French Manicure, which of course Phil had said he liked. She went shopping, came back laying her plunder on her bed.She had me pour her a drink and run her bath. I lit the candles in the bath and put on some sexy soft music. I wanted her to already be in a hot mood when she saw him, so I wanted to make the preparation as sexy for her as I could.”This is so damned sexy”. She said, tossing her hair back and sipping her wine, as she lay in the tub with me cleaning her. “Don’t you think this is sexy? You cleaning me and preparing me to go out with another guy? You do think he is sexy, don’t you?”I sponged her legs covering them with the thick foamy soap. Then my hand slipped down under the water inside her thighs. Her legs parted automatically giving me access. I washed around and under, turning loose of the sponge and letting my soapy hand rub her legs and down across her pussy lips, hesitating there and lightly separating her lips to see what I would find inside. As I expected, her pussy was already thinking of him. She looked up at me as her smile turned up. She innocently bit the end of her tongue.”My pussy is so ready to suck on a nice big cock Tom! She said.”Now don’t you play with yourself tonight. While I’m out, I want you to think about me playing with his big cock. I want you to think about how he is enjoying your wife.””I’ll tell you what! While I am licking him, I’ll be thinking of you and what a good husband you are becoming, and how good you are to stay home while you let me go out and have fun.Her voice sounded like it was in a tunnel, in a dream. Here I was, preparing her to tease and probably seduce another cock.Later, she was standing there in only her black thigh highs, black garter belt, and new black stilettos that gave her another 4 inches. . Of course, her two-karat rock, and wedding band were still proud on her finger. The clean aroma of her hair and skin smelled wonderful.What was I doing letting this woman out of the house? What was I doing letting her out of my sight?She looked down at the bed. “Panties or no panties?” She questioned, as though continuing to ask seductive advice from a gay friend, as though I had no feelings at all about the matter.She raised her glass to her lips, surveying the clothes lying on the bed. I liked the black, very sheer pair of thong panties, a sheer black bra, and a black mini that would end up just covering the top of her thigh highs when she stood.For the top she would end up wearing a black turtleneck, shinny silver bracelets with matching earrings”No panties for sure!” I said, thinking of what would turn me on the most if I were he.She thought a second. “I think I’ll wear them!” She said. “It’ll give him another package to open. Don’t cha think”? She said winking warmly.I agreed. “Yea, men do like surprises and we do like packages to open.She reached for the panties and held them up, looking at them.”But there is something missing!” She said. A sinister smile crept across her face as an idea crossed her mind.”You go mix yourself a drink.” She told me. “I thought of something I need to do and I need to run soon. He’ll be waiting for me.” With that she turned and walked into the bathroom pulling the door to behind her.I welcomed her suggestion. I had to get out of the room and gather myself. I went into the bar to pour myself a drink to get composed and understand exactly the magnitude of what I was doing.Soon she immerged out of the bedroom dressed and looking classy and very sexy. She walked over to me, picked my drink out of my hand and took a sip. After she gave it back to me she reached down lightly grabbing a handful of cock and balls, and kissed me deep and sensuous.”Gotta run Hun!” She said and headed out the güvenilir bahis şirketleri door. “Remember! You can think about what I’m doing, but don’t play with that sweet thing while I’m gone. I want it fresh when I get in.”With that she disappeared out the door.Now what do I do? I knew the rest of the night would be full of my imagination playing scenes of her kissing him and feeling him. I knew I would try to watch TV but I would end up wishing I were watching a video of her licking his shaft and him rubbing his cock on her face. I knew if I thought about those images I would be so turned on by the end of the night, that the white shirts would probably have to take me away. And most of all, I knew there was no way I would be able to sleep until I heard the door open and knew she had returned home.Phil’s SurpriseMy SurpriseChapter 7I could think of nothing else all night long. I tried watching TV. I tried reading. I went out to eat and even tried going to a movie but walked out halfway through. Visions of them out having a good time, her making all over him and making love to him haunted me all night long.I wondered what kinky things she might be doing for his birthday.About 1AM I awoke on the sofa. The tube was full of snow and I heard Karin talking and giggling at the front steps just before I heard the key in the door.”I will. I will.” I could barely make out her saying as she giggled in through the door.I closed my eyes pretending to still be asleep as she tip toed over to me and knelt beside me.First she pecked light kisses then she began kissing my lips and lightly licking them. The sensation sent a wave of through my stomach to my groin instantly arousing me.Rolling over onto my back as she continued licking and kissing my lips, my eyes slowly opened.She smiled.She kissed me on the cheek again. “Wakie, wakie!”She kissed me again, deeper, licking and nibbling on my lips and running her tongue deep into my mouth. I couldn’t resist. I kissed her deeply back.”HMMmmmmmm!!!” She said. “Taste anything familiar?”It was obvious that she had been sucking cock again and that the taste coated her mouth and cheeks.She smiled. “Time for your midnight snack.” She giggled her alcohol giggle. “Don’t you want wake up and taste his cock on my lips again?”I said nothing as she again licked all over my lips letting her tongue venture deep into my mouth. “You liked it last time.” She said not stopping her kisses.I licked at her lips and kissed her back.”I thought about you while I was licking it tonight.” She said between licks and pecks.”Tell me you like tasting Phil’s cock on my lips!””I like tasting Phil’s cock on you lips.” I confessed.”Yesssss, Hmmmmmmmm. I know. I licked long and hard for you so you could get a good taste of what I was tasting.”After kissing and petting a few minutes she asked me. “Do you want to see one of the surprises I gave Phil for his birthday?””Yes!” I said.She stood up. “Well you have to come into the bedroom to see it.” She said leading me again to the bed.She took me by the hand and led me to her room where she told me to undress as she tossed her multiple pillows against the headboard. Then she lit the candles.She pulled her top and bra off revealing her breast. Her nipples had always been puffy large and beautiful but tonight they seemed much more erotic and lusty looking under the candlelight.She unsnapped the mini skirt, but leaving the black sheer panties, thigh highs and garters on.As she tossed her skirt to the side she told me to stand there and play with my cock for her while she watched.I did. I stood at the end of the bed and stroked my cock.She laid back against the pillows and spread her legs letting her fingers slide under her panties and I watched as she played under the fabric pulling a finger out every so often licking and lightly sucking on it never taking her eyes off my meat.She just gazed at it telling me how much she loved looking at cocks and how she liked watching me play with mine. She talked trash like never before, admitting to me how much she was enjoying having a lover and my knowing it.”It’s much better than having another cock in secret you know!” She said. “I like that you know what I’m doing. Especially since you won’t or can’t do a thing about it. That is exciting me to no end.””Of course you can stop this anytime you want to, you know. All you have to do is say the word.” She smiled silent, then she looked up at me. “But you won’t! Will you?”No I won’t.” I said.”You love me this way.” She said. Her eyes never left my bulging cock. “Tell me I can have all the cock I want!””You can have all the cock you want Honey!””I love it when they give me their nice hot cum after I’ve been teasing them all night.””Don’t you dare cum!” She commanded refusing to give me any much-needed relief.She motioned me to bring it up to her lips and took it deep into her warm mouth, almost causing me to instantly cum. It was all I could possibly do not to explode.She took it out and licked all over it, then pulled my face to her lips and kissed me deeply.”Now you can taste two cocks on my lips. Do you like tasting two cocks on my lips?” She asked. “I love it!” she said with excitement. “I love the idea of it.”I was immersed. She had had two cocks in her mouth that night and loved it. I looked down at her full pouty lips and thought of them wrapped around two cocks that night.”I love having more than one cock in a night. It makes me feel more like a woman.” She said with a smile. “A hot, trashy woman. Getting satisfied and loving it.” She said still playing with herself.She talked to me ’til she could hold back no longer. Her eyes closed and she arched her back stretching into a wonderful, straining orgasm as I watched.She lay there for a few seconds and after she regained herself, she looked up at me still standing there with my cock in my hand.She pulled my face down to her breast, holding it in one hand and fed my lips to her nipple. I licked it then took the big nipple completely into my mouth and sucked as she lay back letting out a sigh.I was like a starving c***d.With a big smile she gently pushed my face to her panties. I could make out her pussy lips through the sheer nylon panties.Her knees came up and her legs spread giving me full access.”Kiss my panties!” she beaconed. I kissed lightly all over the mound. I could smell the sex all around and the failure smell of cologne that I had smelled when I had been around Phil.”Want to see my surprise to Phil?” She asked.I nodded.”Are you ready to unwrap the package?” She asked teasingly.She looked marvelous, more radiant than I had ever seen her. Her hair fell back and curled against the pillows. She looked long and sleek, her thigh high black hose and garters shaped her waist and flat stomach perfectly.She giggled pulling her knees together and pulling her panties off then lowered and spread her legs for me again.Then I was taken back! I could in no way control my actions. Below her flat stomach was a smooth white mound, bald and smooth as a baby’s rear. I was ensnared. I had never lusted after her this way.”I shaved my pussy for him.” She said. “He said he loved shaved pussy lips, so I just went ahead and shaved it all for him.”That above all things turned me on too, a slick shaved pussy, and she would never do that for me ‘Too much effort’. And now I was looking at her pussy, bald and smooth, up close for the first time.”He said it was, ‘Much slicker to make love to and much softer and more erotic to lick’.””You like?” She said lightly rubbing her long fingers over her mound and down between her thighs spreading her pussy lips very slightly.I was mortified. I wanted to hold her, and make love to her, my sexy damn wife.But I was locked there between her legs watching her tease me.”Do you approve?” She asked.”You are the most erotic woman I have ever seen!” I said from the depths of my heart, and her new boldness in bed just inflamed me more.Her pussy seemed almost vulgar it was so sensual. It seemed much larger. Her lips were extremely engorged and full to the point of looking like a juicy over ripe fruit that was bursting open. Her enter lips were slick and seemed to long for a cock.I kissed all over her bald mound, laying my face on her flat stomach as she lay her hands against the back of my head. Then I put my face to her, smelling and taking in her sexuality. The smell of his cologne hit me again. I was sure he had finally been there that night.I was overcome and felt that I had given in to my desire for her to fuck other cocks. I pulled back slightly to look again. I was captured.She giggled. “Phil loved it!” She said, slipping one hand down to the top of her pussy. “And he got it especially nice and wet for you tonight.””I’m sure he did.” I smiled, my blood running hot through my veins, and my face flush.I was longing to taste her, to put my face in it.She ran one hand down letting her long slender fingers cover her pussy. Then she let one finger easily slip inside and stir smearing her lips with the juices as she pulled it out and offered her glazed finger to me.I reached out and took it into my mouth closing my eyes. “HMMMMMmmmm””You like?” She asked with a coy smile.”I love!” I said.”Good boy, then you can have the present that Phil sent you.”I wasn’t hearing or even concerned with what she was saying now. All I could think of was licking that beautiful pussy as I leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on her fingers, and then on the top of her mound. Laying her knees ever further apart, she gave me full access to her pussy as she reached down with her fingers, putting her long red nails on either side of her lips, coating them and pulling the lips apart for me.Then I saw it. There it was, there was no question. Her pussy was full of cum. Her panties had been holding it inside for me.My body was electrified. I looked up at her and she smiled back at me. “Happy birthday from Phil. He said, if you liked kissing me, after I had sucked on his cock, then you might like licking my new shaved pussy after he had filled it. Phil’s gift to you for being so understanding.”She slid two fingers inside coating them with the thick cum and smeared it all over the outside of her pussy lips, then wiped the last of it on my lips, as I blankly looked back at her. Then she went inside, coating her fingers again, and this time bringing them to her mouth and licking her fingers clean.I looked back down. She was full of cum! It was oozing out of the bottom of her slit.She looked at me waiting. Her lips were now glazed with his cum.”My fantasy,” She said. “has always been, for you to lick my pussy after another man had filled it. I just never thought you could handle it.””And you know, now, I think this has actually what you’ve always wanted too.” She said.I couldn’t take my eyes off her glistening lips as she talked. I felt like a man d**gged.I kissed her outer lips and then with my thumbs spread her lips and my tongue scooped up the juices flowing out of her pussy. God it was better, more erotic than I had always imagined.Her head fell back against the pillows. “Yessssss! Oh god yesssssss!”She raised her hips to me. “Lick his cum out of me. I want you to taste his cum!”All my inhibitions left me and I devoured her slick pussy. I licked and lapped trying to get every morsel. At that point, I didn’t care what she thought of me for doing it.”Ohhhh god I can’t believe this. I can’t believe it.” She moaned. “Lick that pussy baby, lick all the cum out of it. I saved it for you.I licked her deep like I had never done before.”I’m soooooo glad you like it. Is it nice and warm for you baby?”She was so decadent. I had never seen or even imagined this side of her.”I love it?” I replied. “Ohhhhhh I do love it.”It was still warm and thick.”Ohhhhhh, I love that you love it.” She said. “God I can’t believe that you are actually doing It. God you are a sexy man. You like licking another mans cum out of my pussy?””Do you love my pussy?” She asked? “Do you love me?” She went on.”I do!!!” I exclaimed “Ohhhhhh god I love you so much. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll do anything your pussy wants me to.””Does his cum taste good Baby?””Ohhhh this is so erotic. Yes, it does taste good.”She stretched arching her back and her legs spreading wide for me. “I have never felt like this. I feel so damned decadent. I feel like a slut, a wonderful and free sexy slut wife.”Her lips were so puffy and turned on. They were so slick and rolled and slid underneath his cum and my lips. Her juices were flowing and mixing with his. It was such an erotic feeling. I could not believe how much cum he had filled her with.”Do you like your baby like this?” She asked. “You like me being your slut wife and enjoying another cock?””Yes I love you like this!””Meee toooo! I love me like this.”I licked it deep and all over all the way up there her navel and down to her ass. I was engulfed by it. Her pussy and I seemed to be the only things on earth.The more decadent she was now, the more I loved it. My body was tingling at what I was doing, as she rotated her pussy into my face. I felt like a man possessed by lust and I wanted more.As she came, her pussy convulsed, and contracted as though it were alive, delivering more cum to me from deep within. It felt as though it had a mind of its’ on. It was like it wanted a cock to milk. Like her pussy was my master and now I wanted to please it. It was amazing. It was not my pet but I was its’ pet.”You like my pussy feeding you other men’s cum? Don’t you?” She persisted, grinding it into my lips and making me to admit that I loved her like this, lusting and in control.”Tell me!” She said. “I want to hear you say it. You like me sucking other cocks. Don’t you? You like me telling you about it.””I do!” I said looking up at her lying there back against her pillows. “I love you sucking other cocks.”I lapped again until I thought I had it all and moved up to her. She put my face in her hands and pulled me to her. She began kissing me, licking his cum off my lips and cheeks and out of my mouth.Then she looked at me straight in the eye and asked. “Do you want more?”I looked at her and said. “Ohhhh yessss. I want more!””You want me to enjoy more cock and bring you more cum?””Yessssss!” I confessedShe smiled and said “Gooooooood!With that she rolled me over on my back and straddled me in a 69 position with her pussy over my face. Lowering it to me she let her lips just touch mine and I began to lick the new escaping juices from her pussy.She pressed it lightly to my face so I could lick deeper and savor all the juices from her.”That’s it baby take his cum out of there. Make my pussy happy. Phil is going to love it when I tell him this!”My heart stopped as I lay there under her. I thought of her telling Phil? I’d thought this was a private moment for us.We finished and rolled back over. She positioned me on top, with my cock in her face.”Poor baby! All turned on and no attention.” She looked up at me. “I bet he has a lot of cum stored up for momma too.”Your not going to tell Phil about this are you?” I said voicing my concern.”Ohhh don’t mind Phil, he will love it. He thinks you’re a latent Cuckold husband anyway.”With that she tugged down on my balls with one hand and pulled back tight on my shaft with the other almost making me cum on the spot.”If you’re good, I’ll invite him over and let you watch him fuck me. Would you like to see me licking on his big cock?””Yes, I would like to see that.” I admitted.”You’ve imagined it for years, haven’t you? For years, when we’ve been making love, or when you were lying there in the bed, playing with you cock; in your mind, you’ve watched me licking on another cock and it fucking me.”She looked up at me devilishly and down at my oozing cock. It was so turned on.She played with herself, not taking her eyes off my cock.Pre-cum began oozing out of the head again and down the underside as I slowly stroked my cock, just inches from her face. With her finger she reached over and scooped the drops, then put her fingers back between her legs and rubbed it between her lips, using my precum as a lubricant on her clit.”So do you think he deserves to cum now?””Ohhhhh yea!” I said with out hesitation. “He needs to cum so bad.”Mmmmmm, I think he does tooo. Besides, I want him to cum!” she teased looking at it like an old friend.She took it in her mouth and the warmth and wetness shook though me. It was all I could do to not shoot off immediately. I strained as she toyed with my swollen cock, licking it and teasing it, slapping it against her face, then sucking it again.She pulled back and looked at me and smiled like some a vamp that had just done something naughty and said. “I think I like our new arrangement.””Now slide that big cock inside me and make love to your wife.” She said then kissed me, the way only love can kiss.At last, I could make love to my wife. I moved down between her legs and my cock easily entered the warm slippery envelope of her shaved pussy. She squeezed the muscles of her pussy causing me to feel it deep inside, especially around the head.But before I could begin driving my cock inside her, she stopped me’.”You know what?” She smiled. “I’m going to make you prove it to me. If you want me to enjoy myself, and you think you can handle this, then I’m going to make you really prove it to me!””I’ll do what ever I have to, to prove it.” I said. “I like you like this.””Don’t be so sure. I may make you watch Phil fuck me and then make you lick me clean, while he watches you. Ohhhh, I can come up with all sorts of test to make you prove it. I may even make you lick his cock clean after he’s cum in me.””If you want to keep me this excited and turned on, then believe me, my sexy husband! You’ll be proving it to me, over and over!””Oh!” She stopped me for a second. “Did I tell you that Phil wants us to all have dinner together?”How did I get in this position? All of this, I had not bargained for!I had a simple fantasy of watching my wife having sex with another man. I didn’t know she was going to be so taken with him and dominated by him, and especially that I was going to be a pawn in the game, but it was turning me on in a way I’d never felt before. I was in a contestant state of arousal.It was like Tonya and Phil were giving her some new mind set. Now they both had her believing that she should allow Phil to be dominating her and setting all the rules.She wasn’t about to give him up and still give me my fantasy, so I was going to have to play their game, the way they controlled it, or just forget it all.”Now slide that big cock into your little wife, and give her what she wants. Let’s get this fantasy headed where it should be.” She said slipping me into her.My cock glided in and out of her slick pussy and almost immediately filled her with a huge new deposit of warm cum.We made love most of the night talking trash to each other, teasing and loving.Little did I know where her self-revelation and freedom was going to lead? Her adventures were just beginning.

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