Don’t Sweat It

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Hello and welcome to my readers. Thanks for the votes, PC’s and e-mail comments on my previous stories. In this tale, a chance meeting blossoms into a passionate encounter and two women reveal what really fuels their arousal for one another.


Carole looked up from untangling the lace on her hiking boot. That woman was staring at her again. She had been watching her since the two hiking clubs decided to traverse a section of the Appalachian Trail together. Each time Carole returned the gaze, the woman would grin at her with an occasional wink.

She’s pretty. All the men pay attention to her. I wish I looked like that…

Carole shook her head, driving the negative thought away. She had joined the Red Top Hiking Club because she loved the outdoors and to build her self-confidence. Her fiancée had left her for a sexy little brunette and although a year had passed, Carole had not recovered from being abandoned. Friends told her she needed to become involved in something that would occupy her mind…

Why does she keep staring at me?

She smiled back at the woman who winked and licked her lips. A sudden wave of heat suffused through Carole at the sight, and she smiled again. The woman arose from her crouch before the smoldering campfire and walked toward her. She was taller than Carole, her long muscular legs carrying her with effortless grace. Her trim waist and firm breasts combined with a mane of copper colored hair, gave her a sensual appearance that made Carole shiver in the warm evening.

Carole stood up as the woman offered her hand and said in a warm contralto, “Hi, I’m Maddie.”

They clasped hands and felt a pleasant tingle.

“Carole, pleased to meet you.”

Maddie’s eyes widened at Carole’s touch. The woman had intrigued her from the time the two clubs met at a trail entry point. Something about Carole’s stylishly cut blonde hair, shapely legs and curvaceous body made Maddie’s heart beat faster. Try as she might, she could not stop looking at Carole’s gorgeous ass as she hiked ahead of her on the trail.

“May I join you?”

“Yes, of course.”

They sat cross legged on Carole’s sleeping bag, facing each other.

“I love the outdoors. I especially enjoy hiking. How long have you been with the Red Top’s?”

“I joined just a year ago. How long have you been with the Trail Striders?”

“Three years now. We’ve been all over the country. Even went up Mt. McKinley. Now that was tough. I ached for a week afterwards, but I made it.”

“I could never do that. I would have been worn out halfway up the trail.”

“If you were with me, I would have helped you. We’d have made it.”

Carole felt the heat rising from deep inside and she knew she was blushing. The sudden thought of Maddie’s hands touching her made her shiver again.

“That’s sweet of you Maddie. Would you like to be my hiking partner tomorrow?” Omigod. I can’t believe I said that. I barely know her. She’s going to think I’m needy…I’m so embarrassed.

“I would like that very much Carole. Thank you for asking me.” As if anything could keep me away. She’s beautiful. She’s getting me hot just looking at her. I better go before I do something foolish. There’ll be time later when we camp again. “I better let you get some sleep. I think we’re tackling steep parts of the trail tomorrow. Goodnight Carole.”

“Goodnight Maddie. See you in the morning.”

Carole watched Maddie stroll to her tent, firm buttocks swaying in her tight shorts, long legs flashing in the firelight. Carole slid into her sleeping bag and removed her shorts and panties; the crotches soaked from her arousal. Her last thought before going to sleep was how nice it would be if Maddie was with her.

Maddie was having the same thoughts about Carole as she masturbated discreetly inside her sleeping bag. She brought herself off with a low moan as her body jerked in release. Soon she was asleep as well.


Carole and Maddie ate breakfast together and chatted about their lives. Carole told of her husband leaving for another woman, Maddie explaining her decision to leave an increasingly dominating husband and how she was enjoying her freedom. Both were in their mid-thirties, college graduates, mid-level managers in finance and advertising; enjoyed live theater, Mexican and Thai food, decorating erzurum escort their apartments…

Their conversation was interrupted by the two hiking club presidents announcing details of the continuing hike. They walked over as one was saying “…and finally we have a surprise for you. You will have a choice of two hiking groups, one clothed and one nude. Many of you have suggested this, but it is your option. We’ll maintain a quarter-mile interval between the groups and reconvene at the Rocky Falls campground this afternoon. So choose your group and let’s get moving.”

“Nude hiking, what fun, I’m with that group,” Maddie said excitedly. “You coming with, Carole?”

Carole’s mind was racing. She wanted to stay with Maddie, but the thought of exposing herself to strangers, much less people in her own club, filled her with apprehension.

“I don’t know Maddie, I’m a little shy…”

Maddie laughed, stripping off her t-shirt and shorts. “Come on fraidy cat. Let your skin breathe. This will be fun. Hike with me, please?”

Her sports bra and cotton panties followed her clothing into her back pack and she stood before Carole gloriously naked. She tossed her copper mane and stretched luxuriantly, clasping her hands above her head.

Carole’s mouth was dry and her breath caught in her throat as she gazed at the beauty unveiled before her. Maddie’s rosy nipples and aureoles, flat stomach and pinkish skin were alluring enough, but it was the profuse growth of hair on her pussy and underarms that sent Carole’s senses reeling. Since she was a child, her parents were indifferent to meticulous grooming, so Carole knew no different. Being mocked in gym class for her excess of body hair made her conform to shaving herself, but once she was on her own it was no longer necessary.

Maddie was so desirable; Carole’s sudden lust overcame her shyness. She began removing her clothes, placing them in her back pack as Maddie watched with mounting excitement. Carole was gorgeous. Her blonde hair, light brown puffy nipples, curvaceous body and golden underarm and pussy hair was making Maddie tremble with desire. She wanted to fall to her knees and worship Carole’s thick bush with her tongue. Blue eyes locked with green as they stared at one another. The moment ended when the call went up to join your group, please.

The women retied their boots, shouldered their back packs and formed up with the other nude hikers. They were first on the trail, moving with easy strides, glancing at each others bobbing breasts and exchanging smiles. Slick trails of juices from their pussies blended with the rivulets of sweat on their inner thighs, and the faint scent of arousal followed them down the trail.


The warm sun hung low in the sky, it’s rays bathing the women and their fellow hikers in golden light. With grateful sighs they saw the entrance to the campground strode to one of several small clearings and dropped their backpacks and bedrolls. Some set about gathering firewood and placing rocks in a circle for the evening’s campfire, others sat down to rest.

Sweat glistening on their bodies, Carole and Maddie sat on their backpacks in the shade of a massive oak tree. They had been watching each other all day and were fully aroused. At first, Carole discreetly shot quick glances at Maddie, but soon was returning her companions frank and appraising stares. More than once each of them had stumbled over obstructions in the trail so intent were they in gazing at one another.

Carole’s desire for Maddie boiled through her; however she still questioned her feelings for another woman. She had always sought men as lovers, yet somehow even the most tender and loving of them still left her with a sense of longing for she knew not what. Now, in Maddie’s sultry presence, she felt the throb of overwhelming need. She wanted Maddie and knew she felt the same.

“…only a half mile to Rocky Falls,” Maddie was saying reading a sign nearby, interrupting Carole’s reverie. “I want to see that. Let’s go!”

Carole nodded and smiled. She knew what Maddie was up to. They could be alone to do whatever they wanted. She took Maddie’s offered hand to help her up and the tingle was intense as an electric shock when their palms touched.

Laughing and talking to dispel the tension, they heard the roar of the cascading water before they escort erzurum saw the falls. Rounding a bend in the trail they came upon a breathtaking sight; cataracts of water falling in torrents from high on a bluff, thundering into a turbulent pool. Mist and spray hung in the air, lending an ethereal quality to the scene.

Carole stood in awe of the natural wonder. “It’s so beautiful,” she exclaimed, then stiffened as Maddie molded herself to Carole’s back, stiff nipples poking her shoulder blades. She sighed as Maddie’s hands roamed over her body, cupping her breasts, stroking her belly and thighs, ruffling her pubic hair then skimming her labial lips.

“Oh God! Maddie! I’ve never…”

“Shhhh…let me make love to you…”

“Yes! I want it. Yes!”

Carole leaned forward, palms flat against a mossy outcrop, opening herself to Maddie’s busy hands. She moaned as Maddie’s fingers entered her soaking pussy, moving in and out, thumb massaging her sensitive clit. The warmth of Maddie’s body against hers was in contrast to the cool spray that enveloped them. Maddie began to caress her breasts, rolling the aching nipples between thumb and forefinger. Carole pushed back against her new lover, her little cries of pleasure urging her on.

Maddie nuzzled Carole’s neck through her sweat dampened hair, tongue darting in her ear, then along her throat, tracing her jaw line, all the while pulling gently on her nipples and finger fucking her. Carole’s body was suffused with heat as she felt an incredible orgasm building. Maddie seemed to sense she was close and rubbed her clit harder, squeezing her breasts.

Carole’s scream of release echoed among the rocks as she drenched Maddie’s hand in salty fluid, bucking against her lover as her body shook with the intensity of her orgasm. Maddie continued to finger her until she had a second orgasm, murmuring words of love in her ear.

Maddie’s arms encircled Carole’s waist as she sank to the ground, gasping from the intensity of her climaxes. She sat her on a flat rock and knelt before her as they embraced and exchanged soft kisses.

“Ohhhh, Maddie, it was wonderful. You’re wonderful.”

“My sweet baby, I’m so happy you enjoyed it.”

“Enjoyed it? I’ve never cum like that before.”

Blue eyes met green. “I want to make you cum.”

“You don’t have to baby, I…”

“No, I want to. Please.”

Maddie knelt on the rock straddling Carole, her hairy pussy in the blondes face.

“Here I am lover. Take me.”

Carole’s mouth watered at the heady scent of Maddie’s juicy pussy. She licked tentatively at the droplets of sweat on the coppery curls, and then flicked her tongue along the labial lips. Encouraged by Maddie’s moan of delight she explored further, tasting another woman for the first time. The embers of lust that had smoldered within her since they met burst into searing flame. She gripped Maddie’s ass cheeks and lapped frantically into the velvety folds.

Maddie’s scream of joy reverberated in the glade as Carole’s tongue wiggled in her aching pussy. When her eager mouth found her lover’s engorged clit and began licking and sucking it, Maddie thought she would faint. She ground her creamy slit against Carole’s face, wanting that marvelous tongue deeper inside. She jerked and shuddered as one, then two fingers twisted inside her and her clit was sucked between Carole’s teeth.

“Ohhhh, eat me, eat me, you eat so good…Omigod I’m gonna…Ahhhhhh!”

Carole’s mouth was filled with warm juices as Maddie climaxed explosively, almost smothering her lover as she grabbed her head and held it to her gushing pussy. Carole gulped and swallowed repeatedly as she continued licking Maddie’s pussy and clit until she had a second orgasm and slumped against her moaning happily.

Carole lay back on the rock, Maddie lying on top of her. She caressed her lover until her breathing slowed and her eyes opened.

“Damn! Are you sure this is your first time with a woman? I thought I’d never stop cumming.”

“I just did what I’d thought you’d like.”

“Oh I liked it all right. You’re a natural born pussy eater Ms. Carole.”

“Why thank you Ms. Maddie.”

Laughing, they hugged and kissed, then returned to the camp ground and unpacked.

They unzipped their sleeping bags and lay them side by side. Carole slid into hers and crooked erzurum escort bayan her finger at Maddie ‘come here’. Maddie wiggled in beside her and they fell asleep in each others arms.


“Carole, can I tell you something? Please don’t think I’m weird.”

The two were resting with the rest of the hikers in a shady clearing off the trail after hiking for four hours.

“Sure. You can tell me. I won’t think you’re weird…maybe.”

Carole laughed and Maddie continued.

“One of the things that I find attractive about you is that you don’t shave your pits or your pussy. A hairy, sweaty woman is a real turn on for me. I love eating a sweaty pussy and licking sweat from a woman’s body, especially her pits.” Maddie paused, trying to gauge Carole’s reaction. “I suppose you want me to get away from you now.”

Carole giggled. “We could take turns and lick each other. The first time I saw you naked and you were hairy. I was so turned on. I’d suck the sweat from you right now but I don’t think the others would approve.”

Maddie pulled Carole to her and they exchanged a passionate kiss.

“I can hardly wait to get you alone, so I can lick you dry.”

“I bet you say that to all the sweaty women you meet Ms. Maddie.”

Rest period over, they joined the group and strode down the trail.


“Ohhh…that feels so good,” Carole moaned as she and Maddie pressed their sweat soaked bodies against each other. She held her arms above her head giving Maddie access to her hairy armpits. Maddie was nuzzling and licking one pit then the other, gently tugging on the matted tangle with her teeth. Legs entwined, they were rubbing their pussies together as they lay on Maddie’s sleeping bag. Carole could still taste Maddie’s sweat having done the same thing to her moments before.

Maddie stopped licking and they shared an open mouthed kiss, tongues swirling.

“Suck my hot wet pussy baby,” Carole moaned. “Eat me ’till I scream.”

“Let’s 69 lover,” Maddie replied, turning around and straddling Carole’s shoulders.

Carole spread her legs and moaned as Maddie licked and sucked on her hairy mons. She pulled Maddie’s pussy to her mouth, nuzzling and licking at the sweat soaked crimson bush. Carole squealed as Maddie inserted a slender finger into her lover’s puckered asshole, moving it slowly in and out as she licked her pussy. Maddie shuddered as Carole wriggled a finger in her asshole and nibbled her stiff clit. The women slowly pleasured each other, wanting to prolong the enjoyment as long as possible before they climaxed. Maddie inserted another finger in Carole’s wrinkled hole while finger fucking her pussy and sucking on her clit. Carole’s back arched at the dual stimulations as she did the same to Maddie, hearing a long moan from her lover.

Maddie never wanted to leave these woods, this place, this wonderful woman beneath her, this golden fringed pussy filling her mouth with warm juices and both of her holes filled with her lover’s fingers. Then she felt her orgasm burning through her body, stopping her very breath with it’s intensity. Her shriek muffled by Carole’s pussy, she exploded again and again as she scrubbed her gushing slit on her lover’s face. A second later, Carole thrust her pussy into Maddie’s face, wailing in sweet agony as she filled her lover’s mouth repeatedly with warm cum.

Quivering with the power of their climaxes, they remained between each others thighs, Maddie finally turning around into Carole’s embrace. Walking back into camp, they snuggled together in Maddie’s sleeping bag and were instantly asleep.


“It feels odd to be wearing clothes,” Carole remarked as she and Maddie boarded the bus that would take them back to the entry point where their cars were parked.

“But we know what’s under them don’t we?” Maddie replied, giving Carole a peck on the cheek.

“Mmhmm. Let’s take seats in the back so we can fool around.”

“I like the way you think,” Maddie laughed.

They had made love at every opportunity on the five day hike, reveling in their sweaty nudity as they made each other cum and cum. By the end of their journey they were firmly committed lovers, deciding to move in together and be companions for the rest of their lives.

They snuggled together in the rearmost seats, laughing and talking until the bus was filled and lurched into motion. When the interior lights dimmed, shorts were unzipped, fingers slid into wet pussies and tongues danced in warm mouths.

As they pleasured each other, the bus roared through the night carrying two formerly lonely women to a life of happiness and contentment.


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