Educating my innocent cousin

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Educating my innocent cousinThis is a true story that happened when I was in high school.My cousin Sylvia and I were exactly the same age. Our families were close, but we lived in different cities, so we only saw each other for holidays or for a week on a summer vacation every once in a while. When we were younger, she was just like any one of my many cousins, someone to run around and play with. As we became teenagers, like any teenage boy, I couldn’t help but notice that Sylvia was becoming a woman, getting tall, with long, dark hair and breasts that had started to grow. Still, she was my cousin who I had known and played with since we were little k**s, so I never thought of her in a sexual way.However, a couple of little things happened that caught my attention. Once, when we were visiting her family, Sylvia and I were told to set the dining room dinner table. At one point, when she was directly across the table from me, she leaned over to put down a plate. The collar of her blouse was loose, and I got a direct look at her breasts, which were not yet fully grown (she was a young teenager). She had no idea that I had seen her breasts. Despite myself, I was sort of turned on.The next summer, Sylvia took me to a friend’s party one night when we were visiting again. At some point in the evening, it got a little chilly, so she and I decided to change into warmer clothes we had brought with us. We weren’t getting naked or anything, just changing from shorts into long pants, so we just went into the guest room to change. I was sort of surprised that Sylvia came into the guest room with me and figured she’d go into the guest bathroom and close the door to change. But we sort of just stood there in the guest room for a minute. Since I was wearing boxers under my shorts, I acted all cool and said, “Well, we’re cousins, so we can change in front of each other and it doesn’t matter if you see my underwear,” and then pulled my shorts down. As far as I was concerned, boxers were just like shorts. To my surprise, Sylvia didn’t say anything and just pulled her shorts down too! I guess she agreed with me! She was pretty innocent and conservative, so I was not expecting her to do that. I couldn’t help but look at her. She was wearing very plain, light blue panties. I could not see anything other than that. She quickly pulled on her jeans. I quickly pulled on mine too and turned away so that could not see my growing erection. I would never forget Sylvia pulling off her pants and being in her panties in front of me. It was nothing, really, but it was strangely arousing.Time passed and I did not see my cousin for a while. Then, the following summer, my family went to visit her family and our other relatives that lived in the same area for a couple of weeks. I stayed with Sylvia’s family, while my parents and siblings stayed at other relatives’ homes nearby. During the first week I was there I hung out with Sylvia and her three best friends, and went to a few parties. It was a good deal. Her three friends were cute and cool. As Sylvia’s cousin, I got to spend time with four cute teenage girls, and hear their conversations. The only bummer was that they all had boyfriends, so I had no chance of hooking up with them. The way they talked and the fact that they had boyfriends made me think they were all sexually active and experienced.One night, after a party, Sylvia and I came home pretty late. Everybody was asleep. Being teenagers, we decided we were not tired and would stay up and hang out. I sat on the living room couch, and she sat on a chair, and we started to talk and laugh. I don’t remember how we got to the topic, but we’d had a few drinks at the party, and suddenly we were talking about sex. Sylvia said something about she and her friends being prudes, and I said something like, “Well, you all have boyfriends and you all talk a good game, so I can’t imagine that you’re not getting some.” Sylvia laughed and explained that what she’d meant is that she and her friends were all still virgins.I was surprised to hear that, and said, “C’mon, no way.”She replied, “Actually, not only are we virgins, but none of us has ever even given a blowjob.”Again, I didn’t believe this. I laughed and said, “Well, that means your boyfriends probably won’t be your boyfriends for much longer!”Sylvia did not laugh. She said, “No, I’m serious. Can you believe that we’re juniors in high school and all we’ve ever done is give our boyfriends hand jobs?” I could tell she was telling the truth. What surprised me the most was that Sylvia was talking openly about sex with me, and giving details. She was pretty conservative and we had never talked about sex before. I decided to push the envelope. “That’s surprising,” I said. “Have you ever had anyone go down on you?”Sylvia’s face turned red. “You mean, like down…THERE?!” she asked.”Yes, has a guy ever eaten you out?” I replied, taking advantage of the situation to make her even more uncomfortable. She was embarrassed, but she and I were both a little drunk, so she was still staying there and talking.”Umm, no,” Sylvia said, “That’s kind of embarrassing and gross.””Gross?” I said with a puzzled look. “That’s not what most girls think.””Oh, so I suppose YOU have actually done that to a girl,” Sylvia shot back with a sarcastic tone.”Actually, yes, I have. And I’m told that I’m VERY good at it,” I said proudly.”Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww!” she almost screamed. “You are so disgusting!” But then she paused, looked thoughtful and asked. “What is it like?””What do you mean?” I asked. I knew what she meant, but I wanted to make her ask more detailed, intimate questions.”I mean, what is it like…down there…” Sylvia said, her voice trailing off. “Isn’t it sort of, like smelly and disgusting? Why would you want to put your face…down there?” Her questions were turning me on. “Oh no. It’s actually awesome,” I said. “It’s soft and wet, and kinda tasty. Plus, if you do it right, it’s the easiest way to make a girl cum. I just love eating pussy!””OH MY GOD!” she screamed. “You are so gross! I can’t believe you said that!” But she was smiling and laughing as she said this. Then she stopped smiling and said, “So…when you do THAT…have you made girls…um…you know…have an orgasm…??””Yes ma’am!!!” I said proudly. “Every time. And word gets around, so I have QUITE the reputation among the ladies.” I was neither that experienced nor that good in bed, so I was exaggerating a bit, but I was pretty good at going down on girls and making them cum.Our sex talk continued, and was very detailed and graphic. She started asking about what guys liked, and I explained the different parts of the penis, and what felt best, etc. She listened very closely and took in every word. It was becoming more and more clear that Sylvia was not experienced at all, and that she had never had a conversation like this, especially not with a guy. I had to admit to myself that I had never had a sex talk like this with anyone either, and it was very arousing.Finally, after more than an hour of talking, Sylvia said, “Do you think anyone would believe that me and my girlfriends are going to go through high school just giving hand jobs and letting guys touch our boobs? I feel like I don’t know anything.””Well,” I replied, “I wish I could show you, but it’s too bad we’re cousins.” And I meant it. I was very turned on by the whole conversation, but she was my cousin, and that was off limits.”Yeah,” she laughed. “Too bad. Well, it’s real late, so goodnight.”I let her leave the room first and go upstairs to her room, so she would not see my massive erection when I stood up. I went to the guest room and took off my pants to get ready to go to bed. The front of my boxers had a wet spot where my hard cock had been depositing pre-cum for the last hour as we spoke. I grabbed a couple of tissues, sat on the bed and wrapped my right hand around my shaft and started to pump slowly. This wasn’t going to take long. I started to think…of seeing Sylvia’s breasts and nipples when we set the table a couple of years ago…of her in her blue panties last summer…and now of our conversation about sex and how she had hardly done anything and was so prudish and inexperienced, but was also so curious…. I felt my cock tighten and I shot a huge load into the tissue and all over my hand.For the next few days, Sylvia and I did not mention anything about our sex talk to each other, but my mind was racing. I could not stop thinking sexy thoughts about Sylvia. “What do her breasts look like now?” I wondered. “How big are her nipples and what do they look like when they are hard?” “Does she have a big bush?” I tried not to think about these things, but I couldn’t help it after our talk and what I now knew about Sylvia. I felt like I was walking around with a hard-on all the time. Then, suddenly, it dawned on me. Maybe I could both legitimately help educate Sylvia and also learn the answers to my questions, not by having sex with her, but by doing sort of a “show and tell” with her. Heck, after that sex talk, no question seemed inappropriate between us. What was the worst thing that could happen if I asked/suggested?I knew that my opportunity would come tonight. Sylvia’s parents were leaving to go to their beach house, and her siblings were away. We would be home alone.When everyone was out of the house that evening, Sylvia and I sat down on the couch in the family room to watch a movie on the VCR. I opened up a couple of beers. “Let’s get a little loaded,” I said, chugging my beer. “It’ll make this movie a lot more interesting and funny!” Sylvia laughed and tried to chug her beer. She couldn’t drink more than half of it in one try, but we were on our way…. Halfway through the movie, we had each had five beers. I was feeling a little tipsy, and Sylvia was even more so, giggling and laughing at just about everything that happened in the movie. Then I told a dirty joke.Sylvia smacked me hard on the arm. “Eeeeewwww! You are so disgusting!” she yelled, but she was doubled over, laughing. I made another dirty comment. “You are so gross!” she laughed. She was holding her sixth beer.”Well, you didn’t think that sort of stuff was so gross when we were discussing it the other night and I was answering all of your awkward, weird sex questions,” I said to her, laughing.”You’re mean,” she said, still smiling. “They were not weird questions. I was just asking…. Sorry I’m not as experienced as you, Mr. Stud, but I think I learned some stuff from what you told me. I guess we’ll see with my next boyfriend. I just hope I don’t mess it up….””You know how I said, ‘too bad we’re cousins and I can’t just show you?'” I said to Sylvia, as I got up to go get two more beers.”Yes, I remember, too bad,” she replied.”Well, I thought about it, and I think that maybe I CAN show you and help you out,” I said.Sylvia smacked me on the shoulder as I came back into the room. “I knew it!” she screamed. “You are such a perv!” You want me to fool around with my own COUSIN?!” Thankfully, she was still smiling and laughing.”No, I’m not asking you to fool around.” I replied. “I’m saying that you seemed to have a lot of questions about guys bodies, and their dicks, and that maybe I could actually SHOW you answers to your questions, instead of just trying to explain the answers.””Oh, so what are you saying, that you’re just going to show me your penis?” Sylvia said sarcastically.”I could, but I think it should be a little more balanced and fair than just that,” I replied.”What does THAT mean?” she asked, with a laugh.”Well, if I am going to show you my stuff, then it would only be fair for you to show me your stuff too, don’t ya think?” I said.By now I should have expected the smack Sylvia gave me on my shoulder. “Oh my God! You really are a perv!” she said. “You want to see your own cousin naked?” I had to be careful to bite my tongue and güvenilir bahis şirketleri answer thoughtfully and in a serious tone.”Look, it was just a suggestion,” I said matter-of-factly. “We had a very graphic sex talk a few days ago, and you made it clear that you were inexperienced and had a lot of questions. I am not trying to hit on you. You’re my cousin. But by the same token, as your cousin, I figured I could help you because I’m “safe.” We’ve even changed in front of each other, because we’re cousins. That’s why we were able to have that incredibly detailed sex talk a few days ago, because we’re cousins. What other guy could you talk to like that? No one. So, what other guy could possibly show you the answers to your questions and still be a “safe” environment? If you don’t want to do it, then obviously we won’t do it. You can just figure it out on your own.” The fun mood of the evening had disappeared.I could see Sylvia was biting her lip and thinking. Her next answer would determine where this was headed. “Well soooooooooryyyyyy!” she said with a big grin. “You don’t have to get all mad. I just thought it was sort of weird, but now that you mention the whole cousin and safe thing…well…maybe I’m interested in learning more….” She blushed as she finished another beer. “So how would this work, exactly? Are you just gonna strip down nekk** for me?!” she laughed. She was clearly drunk.”Um, I don’t exactly have a plan for how this works,” I said, “but like I told you, this is going to be a two-way street. You know, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. That way it will be equally weird for both of us and not unfair to either one of us.” I held my breath to see what she would say. To my relief, I did not get another smack.”C’mon, I’m not just going to get undressed in front of you right here in the family room!” Sylvia said.”Me either,” I agreed. “So why don’t we do this so it’s less shocking and weird. Why don’t we each go take off our clothes in our room, but leave our underwear on, and cover up with a towel when we come back to the family room. That way we can do this in baby steps and stop if it gets too weird or uncomfortable.”To my surprise, Sylvia hopped right up and said, “OK!” and took off for her room. I think that was the beer talking.I went to guest room and took off my clothes, leaving on only my boxers. I wrapped a bath towel around my waist and made my way back to the family room. Sylvia was not there. I sat on the couch and waited for a few minutes. She still did not come back. Maybe she had gotten to her room and thought better of it and decided to call it a night. It was sort of a freaky proposition, to be honest.Then, all of a sudden, I heard footsteps, and there was Sylvia, with bare shoulders and bare feet, with a large bath towel wrapped around her from her armpits to her knees. “Sorry I took so long,” she said. “I really had to pee.”I saw that was hesitating, so I patted the couch for her to come and join me. We sat on opposite ends of the couch, facing each other.”OK…so…now what?” Sylvia said with a nervous giggle.”Since we both have on underwear, why don’t we both take off our towels now?” I suggested.”Uh, I don’t know, this is sort of weird,” she said.”Oh, give me a break, Sylvia,” I said. “It’s nothing. We’ve seen each other in our underwear before, remember when we changed at your friend’s party last summer?” I figured she wouldn’t remember that, but what the heck.Sylvia looked me right in the eye and grinned. “Oh, I remember that…” she said.”OK, on three,” I said. “One, two, three…”I unwrapped my towel and put it on the floor, as Sylvia did the same. Sylvia blushed and looked away from me. I stared straight at her body. It became immediately clear to me that this game was not as “balanced and fair” as I had thought. I was wearing solid colored boxers. Sylvia was in a white bra and panties. It was apparent that, probably due in part to the alcohol, she had not thought through the “we’ll have our underwear on and no one can see anything” concept, meaning she had not changed into less revealing underwear when she went back to her room. I say this because I could clearly see parts of her nipples through the lace on her bra, and I could see what appeared to be a large, dark patch of pubic hair beneath her white panties, and even a little pubic hair peeking out from either side of her underwear.But now I had my own problems too. Seeing Sylvia in her bra and panties, and glimpsing her nipples and hints of her bush was an incredible turn-on. My cock instantly sprang to attention. It was impossible to hide, facing her from only four feet away and wearing only boxers. Sylvia turned her head and looked at my face. Slowly her gaze drifted down to the cock straining toward her beneath my boxers.”Oh my God! Oh my God!” she shrieked, grabbing her towel and covering her body. “You have a hard-on! You are such a pervert!””Calm down,” I said gently. “Look, I’m sorry. What can I say? You may be my cousin, but you’re a very attractive young woman, and I can’t control…that. What did you think would happen? THAT’S what happens when a guy gets turned on. I guess this was a bad idea. Sorry.” I reached for my towel.”Wait,” Sylvia blurted out. “I’m sorry I freaked out. This whole thing is just so weird. I just wasn’t expecting to see that. Plus, it was…I never thought a hard-on would be that obvious. But I know what you’re trying to do to help me, and I do want to learn a little bit. Let’s try and keep going. I’ll try not to freak out again. “”I apologize that you gave me such a big hard-on,” I teased.. “But seriously, this is just our underwear. Remember that as we keep going, this is going to get more and more weird. Just try and relax and remember that we are safe with each other, that we can always stop whenever we want to, and that no one ever needs to know about this, OK? Just chill and try to have some fun.””Alright,” Sylvia said with a mischievous grin, as the alcohol started talking again, “then whip it out! Let’s see what it looks like without the boxers.””WHAT?!” I stammered. I had not expected that comment from her. “No way, we do it at the same time.””No,” she said, enjoying calling the shots all of a sudden. “This was your idea and you’re the one telling me to relax and not worry, so this time, you go first. Or are you too chicken, Mr. Experienced?”I guess I hadn’t really though this whole thing through either. I had never gotten naked in front of a girl with the lights on, let alone my own cousin! The good news was that I had a really big cock, and it was rock hard, so she was going to see me at my best.”Welllllllll…?” she teased, pointing toward my boxers.”Alright, alright,” I sighed, “but no screaming or hitting after I do it, and after I take it off, then you better take it off, deal?””Deal!” she replied, without hesitation.I hitched my thumbs into the waistband of my boxers and started to slide them down. They caught momentarily on my rigid cock and pulled it downward toward my feet. I kept pulling my boxers down, revealing my pubic hair. As soon as the boxers cleared my penis, my cock snapped upward and slapped against my belly. I continued to slide my boxers down my legs and removed them, one leg at a time, thereby briefly exposing my balls and my anus to Sylvia’s view from across the couch. I sat back and did not look at Sylvia. I was actually very embarrassed. I was naked and she was clothed. My cock was rock hard, and was actually throbbing and bobbing a bit. I realized I was turned on, as well as embarrassed. It was pretty arousing to be naked in front of my cousin. She had not said a word since I started taking off my boxers. Maybe she was embarrassed and looking away too. I finally turned my eyes to look at her face. Her mouth was open and she was staring at my cock, speechless.Finally, she said quietly, “Wow. It’s so big. It’s like a…like a salami or something. Are they all that big?”I realized that she had probably never seen a cock. She had only touched and fooled around with them in the dark.”No,” I said matter-of-factly. “Mine is actually pretty big.””Oh, OK,” she said, leaning forward a bit to get a better look. “And is it normal that its all pink and red and then the tip is kind of darker, like almost purple?””Yeah, when it gets hard, it looks like that,” I replied calmly. “Now while I’m happy to keep answering your penis questions, I think that it’s your turn to do something to make this fair again, remember?””What? Oh…yeah,” her voice trailed off. I was worried she was going to quit and leave.”C’mon Sylvia,” I said, pointing my index fingers at my swollen cock, which angled up toward my face. “Fair is fair.””OK,” she nodded, “you’re right. Fair is fair.”She let her towel slip back to the floor, and reached behind her to unclasp her bra. When she did so, it pulled slightly forward. “Oh my God,” I thought to myself, “I’ve been waiting to see this for years.”She pulled the straps off her shoulders but kept her hands cupped over the bra cups covering her titties.”Well…?” I asked.She sighed, turned her head away from me, and removed her hands and the bra. Her breasts were beautiful, and larger than I had thought they would be. She was a conservative dresser and apparently hid them well. They looked like 36Ds, and she had large, pink nipples. I was interested to note that her nipples were hard, like two pencil erasers. She was obviously turned on. My cock swelled further and strained even farther toward my belly. This was incredibly hot.”There, are you happy now?” she said, still looking away. “You saw my boobs. Can I put my bra back on?””What, no!” I exclaimed. “We’re just getting started here. Plus, I’m buck naked over here and I think you still have some clothes to take off.”She did not respond.”Syyyllllllllvia…?” I said in a joking voice. “Fair is fair. If got naked, then you have to get naked. You know that.” I thought for sure this was over, and that she was just going to cover up with towel and leave.To my surprise and delight, she turned to me and said, “OK, but look away when I do it.”I nodded OK, but there was no way I wasn’t watching my cousin pull off her panties. I turned away for an instant. Once Sylvia saw that, she put her fingers to her hips and started pulling her panties down. She was looking down, watching what she was doing, so she did not see that I was staring at her crotch. As soon as the panties came down, they revealed an amazingly thick, dark, hairy bush, which must have been two inches high — and had obviously not been trimmed or shaved. I had always wondered if Sylvia had a bush or shaved. Because she was conservative, I had guessed she probably had a bush, but my God, this was one of the, thickest, darkest bushes I had ever seen, and I LOVED it! So sexy! As she slid her panties down, she tried her best to keep her thighs together. I had seen enough porn videos to know that to remove her panties, she would eventually have to bring he knees apart, which would probably give me a quick, but good, view of her pussy. Sure enough, as her panties got to her knees, she pulled her knees up and apart to slide her panties down over her calves and feet, unknowingly spreading her pussy lips and fully exposing both vulva and asshole to my view. Her vagina was pink, and her bush was wide and thick down both sides of her pussy, and her asshole was quite hairy as well. It was a dream to see all of that, and it was all I could do to not blow my load all over myself.Sylvia quickly snapped her thighs back together and covered her bush with both hands. “Don’t look!” she commanded. Little did she know that I had already seen her entire pussy and asshole. I looked at her and caught her staring again at my big cock. Caught in the act, she was flustered, and blurted out, “OK, now we’re even, so now what?””Well, I don’t know that we’re tipobet güvenilir mi exactly even,” I said, gesturing to my fully exposed, rigid cock, and her hands hiding her pubic hair. “You keep staring at my hard-on, and I can’t see anything because you’re all covered up.” This wasn’t exactly true, because her huge, natural tits were laying toward her armpits, her long nipples still fully erect. Now all those beers were really taking effect on both of us, and we were becoming less and less inhibited.”You said you were going to teach me about dicks, so teach me,” she said boldly, not hiding the fact that she was checking out my penis. I was almost afraid to touch it, but I had calmed down a little over the last minute after her pussy had disappeared from view, so I gently grasped my cock with my right hand.”This is the shaft,” I said, sliding my hand up and down my throbbing, veiny, red member. “And this is the head,” I said as I touched the bulbous, purple top of my cock. “This bottom edge of the head is the crown. It is very sensitive. When you give a guy a hand job, you are probably holding his shaft and jerking it up and down, right?”Sylvia just nodded. She seemed mesmerized by my cock, and her hands forgot what they were covering and moved to her stomach, revealing her big, glorious bush again.”When you give a guy a blowjob, you need to concentrate on the head and the crown,” I explained as I continued to stroke my cock. “I mean, you can still go up and down on the shaft, but the head and crown and the most sensitive parts and are obviously the first parts that go into your mouth. But you need to be careful with your teeth!”She smiled. “What about your balls?” she asked.”What about them?” I replied.”They are SO big,” she said. “What does a girl do with those?””Hey, big dick, big balls!” I laughed. “You can gently caress and even suck on a guys balls, but they are SUPER sensitive, so you have to be very careful.””Do you ever jerk off?” Sylvia suddenly asked me. I wasn’t prepared for that question. Every guy jerks off, but it’s not something most guys talk about. But I was drunk and naked, talking to my naked cousin, so what the heck.”Yup,” I said. “Whenever I feel like it. Actually, you know how I’ve rubbing my cock for the last few minutes, as we’ve been speaking? Well, that’s jerking off.”Her face turned red as she realized I was right. She paused. “Does it feel good?” she asked.“Hell yes!” I laughed. “That’s why I do it!””How often do you do it?” she asked. “Like, when was the last time you did it?”I could have bullshitted her and said a couple of weeks ago, but the beer was acting like a truth serum. “I jerked off a few nights ago, right after our sex talk,” I told her.Sylvia’s eyes widened. “Really?! You masturbated right here in my house? Why?” she asked, clearly intrigued.”I was really horny from our sex talk. I had a big hard-on, so I had to cum to get to sleep,” I admitted.”Wow, I thought I saw that you had a hard-on when I was leaving the room, but I couldn’t tell,” she laughed. “I was kind of horny after that talk too,” she surprisingly admitted.”So did you masturbate that night also?” I asked. “Did you have an orgasm upstairs while I was having one downstairs?”Sylvia looked down, and realizing her hairy bush was exposed, covered it again with her hands. “I’ve never touched myself like that,” she admitted, obviously embarrassed. “I don’t even know how to do it and I don’t think I’ve ever had an orgasm.”I was shocked. “You mean you never had an orgasm from masturbating, or you’ve never had an orgasm, ever?!” I asked.She looked away. “Ever,” she said quietly.”It’s OK, it’s OK,” I said, trying awkwardly to comfort her.Suddenly, Sylvia laughed out loud and said, “Well, since you’re supposed to be teaching me, maybe you can teach me how to have an orgasm.”I looked at her quizzically. What was she suggesting?She caught my drift and clarified, “Show me how I can make myself cum.””OK, but this is going to be a LOT more than we’ve done so far. If you want to do this, you are going to need to spread your legs and let me see everything, so I can show you the different parts of your pussy and how to make yourself cum. That means no more hiding the coochie!” I joked, gesturing toward her hands, which covered her bush. “Plus, you will need a hand mirror, so you can see yourself. Are you OK with all of that?”Sylvia was excited and the alcohol had fully eliminated her inhibitions. I think she also didn’t understand fully how intimate this was going to be. She would find out soon enough. “I’ll go get a mirror!” she said, jumping up and exposing her firm tits, giant bush, and hard ass to me as she turned and jogged out of the room. She was back in a minute with the mirror.I told her to sit on the couch and put her feet up on the coffee table. She started to realize this was going to be very different than sitting on the couch with her hands covering her crotch. It became obvious that she felt very exposed in this position. She kept trying to put her hand between her legs to cover her pussy. I told her that this wasn’t going to work if she kept doing that, and that I needed to see her pussy, so I could show her pussy to her. Sylvia finally pulled her hand away. Next, being the good girl that she was, her natural reaction was to keep pulling her thighs together to hide her vagina. I told her she couldn’t do that either. Finally, I had her schooch her butt all the way up the front edge of the couch, and put her feet on the coffee table. Still, she kept her feet too close together in a final attempt at modesty. I gently took each foot and moved it two feet to the side, pushed knees apart and said, “Don’t move!” As I stood in front of her now, my rigid cock at her eye level, her legs were finally spread properly, and I could see her pink pussy and asshole through the dense jungle of bush that covered the entire area. I had dreamed of seeing this view for years, but never thought it would actually happen. I loved her bush and her pussy. They were perfect.“Stop staring!” she warned me, as she saw me staring intently at her vagina.“Look who’s talking!” I said. “You’ve been staring so hard at my dick that I’m worried it’s going to fall off!” She blushed. “It’s OK,” I said with a grin. “I know it’s a nice, big cock. Look all you want.” She blushed again, but eyeballed my penis again.”OK, now relax and hold the mirror down here so you can see,” I told her. She lowered the mirror between her legs, and I reached down to spread her pussy lips, so she could see herself. She slapped my hand away.”What do you think you’re doing?!” Sylvia said sharply. “Don’t touch me, especially not there!”I threw my hands up and turned away. “What the hell, Sylvia?! I exclaimed. I am buck naked, standing here with a hard-on, trying to help you with this because YOU asked me to help you, and now you’re acting like I’m m*****ing you or something.””Sorry, sorry,” she said. “I just wasn’t expecting it, and it surprised me. This is incredibly embarrassing. I’ve never been naked in front of a boy, and you have me sitting here like I am at the gynecologist.””Yeah, well, when you go to the gynecologist, does he take off his clothes, show you his big cock, and then stroke it for you and explain how to give a blowjob?” I asked sarcastically. “Sorry,” she said sheepishly.“OK, well maybe it’s good for you to start out by thinking like you are at the doctor, so you can relax,” I said. “I am not going to touch you sexually. I’m just going to make it so you can see yourself and know where to touch yourself. Do you want to try again? If you don’t like anything or it feels too weird, just tell me to stop.” She nodded OK.I kneeled down between the couch and the coffee table and slowly reached between Sylvia’s legs. I could feel her tense up as she saw my hands headed for her privates. I touched her dark bush gently. It was even fuller and thicker than I had thought. I could not believe that I was actually touching my sexy cousin’s hairy bush. It was mind blowing! I heard her suck in her breath as I used my hands to slowly part her dense pubic hair. Her pussy was fully exposed to me now, and it was gorgeous. Surrounded by that thick, black bush, it was a glistening island of pink. Her inner pussy lips were somewhat large and thick. I reached for her outer lips and parted her inner lips further, revealing her vagina. Where her lips met at the top of her vulva, I could barely see her clit, which was hidden under a small fold of skin. As I parted her pussy lips, I instantly saw that she was very wet. This whole thing was turning her on too. This was better than I had ever dreamed. I did not think that she had the angle to see me down there, so I moved one of my hands to my swollen cock, and started to stroke it slowly. I couldn’t help myself.“Ahem!” she said, snapping me out of my trance. “Take a picture, why don’t you? It’ll last longer. And I can see what you’re doing down there with your thing. Stop that!”I took my hand off my erect penis. “Sorry. You have a beautiful…um…you are very pretty down there, and I’m turned on.” I said. “OK, lower that mirror down here,” I told her, and she did so. “Now angle it so you can see your vagina.”She moved the mirror around a bit and said, “OK.””Alright, this is your pussy, and as an expert, I can confirm that it is indeed a very pretty one.” Sylvia laughed and I felt her relax slightly. “I am holding your pussy lips apart so you can see what’s inside,” I explained. She did not respond, but I could hear her breathing heavily. I repositioned my hands, so that I had one hand above her pussy and my index and middle fingers on that hand could holding her pussy lips open, so I could use the other hand to point. “This hole down here is your anus,” I said. She had trouble seeing and moved the mirror around.“Wait, where?” Sylvia asked, adjusting the angle of her butt on the edge of the couch, as well as the position of the mirror.“This one, right here,” I said, as I gently ran the tip of my index finger around the edge of her puckered rosebud. I thought that would earn me a slap, but instead she shuddered, as her anus reacted to my light touch, opening and then clenching tight. I noticed that her asshole was noticeably wet, the result of her juices starting to travel downward from her sopping pussy.“Oh, I see,” she said, her voice quavering a little.“This next hole is your vagina,” I explained. As I had with her anus a few seconds earlier, I gently positioned the tip of my middle finger against the opening of her vagina to show her the spot, and could not help inserting the tip of my finger ever so slightly into her. I felt her shudder again, and the top half of my finger was wet immediately. She took quick, short breaths, but did not say anything.“And this little hole up top is where you pee from.”Sylvia was looking intently into the mirror and moving it around between her legs. “I can’t see it,” she said. “And speaking of pee, I need to pee again.” She started to get up. I knew if she left, I might never get her back into the room, let alone into this exposed position. “Wait, I have an idea!” I said. “Why don’t you watch yourself pee, so you can see the spot you’re saying you can’t see?”“That’s the most disgusting thing you’ve said so far,” Sylvia said, looking repulsed.“What?! Why?” I asked. “It’s a perfectly natural bodily function that we all do several times a day. Plus, you said you don’t know what’s down there and how it looks and works. That’s what I am trying to show you now.”“Yeah, but it’s peeing, not sex stuff. It’s gross,” she said.“Not really,” I replied. “I hold my penis and watch myself pee every time I go to the bathroom. It’s no big deal. You just have different parts that are more hidden, so you can’t see yourself pee without some help. It’s actually sort of cool to see yourself pee. Very liberating. Trust me.”She tipobet giriş thought about it for a second. “OK, smart guy. How do I watch myself pee?” she asked.“Easy,” I said. “Just don’t move and I’ll be right back.” I ran to the kitchen, my hard cock bobbing left and right, and found a large, empty flower vase and some paper towel. I carried them back to the family room. “Here, just squat over this vase, hold the mirror a little to the side, and watch as nature takes its course.”“Are you serious?!” Sylvia asked me with a shake of her head. “I’m not peeing in front of you.”“Oh, so you’ll get naked, spread your legs, let me spread your pussy lips and give you a guided tour, but you are embarrassed to pee in front of me?!” I laughed. Actually, I loved seeing and hearing women pee, and if I could get Sylvia to do this, it would be my fantasy come true and beyond my wildest dreams. She hesitated. “C’mon, just do it!” I said.She mumbled something under her breath and slumped her shoulders in resignation. “Oh all right,” she said, “but move away a little bit.”I had the perfect excuse. “I can’t ,” I said. “I need to hold the vase for you.”Sylvia didn’t like that wrinkle, but she really had to go now. “Oooh, I really gotta pee,” she said.” She shook her head, held the mirror down and slightly to the side of her pussy, and spread her legs further apart to squat toward the vase that I eagerly held under her, all the better to give me a close-up of her pussy as she peed. At first, her stage fright prevented her from peeing. I could see her pee hole opening and closing and her anus doing the same as she tried to force herself to pee, but nothing came out. Then, after a couple of small spurts and trickles, suddenly, the floodgates opened. A stream of urine came pouring out of her pussy, and I was barely able to move the vase in time to catch the stream. I watched, fascinated, from inches away, as the hot jet of piss keep streaming out of her, sometimes changing angles and striking parts of her bush on its way to the vase. She peed for well over 30 seconds, and filled almost half the vase with pee! When she finished, she wiped her pussy, bush and anus dry with the paper towel. I set the vase down on the coffee table.“Wow, impressive!” I said with a big smile.She gave me a halfhearted slap on my forearm. “Stop teasing me. That was embarrassing,” Sylvia said, then paused. “But it WAS kind of interesting and kind of sexy to watch in the mirror,” she admitted as I helped get her back into position to continue our mirror pussy tour. I did not say a word, though that was perhaps one of the most incredible things I had ever witnessed.She lowered the mirror, and I picked up right where I’d left off, “And up at the very top of your pussy is the magical clitoris, the fastest and surest way to an orgasm.””I know, my friends talk about it, but what do I do to my clitoris, and do I touch the other stuff down there. How do I make it happen?” Sylvia asked timidly.”Here, hold the mirror in your left hands and give me your right hand,” I instructed. She did so. I took her middle finger and started rubbing it up and down her pussy lips, and up to the side of her clit, without touching it. Even though she had just wiped, she was already wet again from her juices, which made it easy to slide her finger up and down her labia. I continued this for a little while, and felt her breathing get more rapid. As I was right down there, with my eyes between her legs, I had a great, close up view yet again. I could see her vagina starting to open slightly, and her anus tighten and release involuntarily. I guided her hand to do this for more than five minutes. During that time, her clitoris, which had been difficult to see when she first spread her legs, became swollen, surprisingly large, and clearly visible. “OK, now that you are wet and ready, we’re going to start touching your clit,” I said. “This is going to feel really good.” I moved her middle finger to touch her engorged clitoris, and I felt her body shudder and her breathing become rapid fire.”Oh! Oh Oh!” Sylvia said, as I continued to rub her middle finger on her wet, swollen clitoris. “Oh my God! That feels so good! That feels sooooooo good!” I had thought this was going to take a while, but she was already turned on when we started, and now I could feel her body tensing and the pressure building. I moved her finger off her clit and started using it to rub her pussy lips and tease the entrance to her vagina. She was moaning in ecstasy. I could tell she was not too far away.”Oh, it feels soooooooo good!” she said.”Sylvia, this is you doing this to yourself, not me doing it,” I said. “I am going to take my hand away, and you should be able to touch whatever feels best and make yourself cum.””No! No!” she cried. “Please don’t stop!” “You know what to do,” I said as I looked her in the face. “Now finish while I watch.”As soon as I let go of her right hand, she instinctively moved it back to her swollen clitoris. My face was just inches away, watching the whole, glorious thing. She was so wet that her juices were streaming down her ass crack and onto the floor. She rubbed her clit furiously, until her body fully tensed, her toes curled, and she exploded in a massive orgasm, fully spreading her legs, her vagina and anus spasming repeatedly as she cried out and kept her fingers to her clit. It must have lasted for a full 45 seconds.I looked up at her and smiled. Sylvia smiled, dazed, almost as if she was in a dream. “That was incredible, amazing, unbelievable, the best feeling I ever had, the best feeling in the world!” she said.”Well, THAT is an orgasm!” I said. “I’m glad I was able to help, and watch,” I laughed. “That was pretty sexy, and now you know how to do it yourself, so you can do it any time.”She looked at me quizzically. “That was my first orgasm! Does it feel different when you make yourself cum or someone else makes you cum?””Ah, it depends, all orgasms are different,” I said.”I wish you hadn’t pulled your hand away at the end,” she told me. “It was sexy knowing your hand was down there. Do you think…””What?” I asked.”This is embarrassing to ask, but how much more embarrassing can it be after you’ve seen what you just saw. Do you think you could make me cum?” she asked.”You did say no one has ever eaten you out, right?” I smiled. She didn’t reply. She didn’t have to. I leaned forward and kissed her pussy deeply. She spread her legs wider. I buried my face into her wet, furry pussy. Her juices were mixed with her bush. My lips and tongue made their way through her hairy bush and found their target. I licked and sucked her pussy lips, darted my tongue in and out of her vagina, and then tickled and finally sucked her swollen clitoris. She placed both of her hands behind my head, pulling my face into her pussy. I heard her repeating, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” I lubed my middle finger with her pussy juices and pressed it against her anus. Her natural reaction was to squeeze it closed and deny me entry. I continued to apply gentle pressure to her anus, while my tongue worked its magic on her clit. When she momentarily relaxed he anus, I quickly and gently inserted the tip of my finger. Once I was past the entry gate, she could not stop me. Her anus clenched, but my finger had already gained entry. Slowly and gently, I inserted my finger deeper and deeper into her ass. Within a matter of seconds, she froze, and then exploded with a very powerful orgasm, her anus clenching and unclenching repeatedly around my finger. I kept licking her clitoris as she writhed around, screaming in ecstasy, until she couldn’t stand the intensity and pushed my face and hand away.After she had recovered, I stood up and told her I was glad that I had been able to teach her a few things, and that I had had fun too. “And to answer your question, it seems like an orgasm from getting eaten out is more powerful than one from masturbating,” I said with a smile. She smiled and nodded.“Whatever you did down there…” she said dreamily, “It was just incredible. You weren’t k**ding when you said you were good at eating pussy.”I slapped her lightly on her arm. “Eeeeewwww! You’re so gross!” I said, mimicking her. “I can’t believe you said that!” She laughed.Then she looked down at my massive, throbbing cock, which had been begging for attention for over an hour, and was now at her eye level, looming large and aching for some action. “I’m no expert, but I think you’re still excited,” she said with a grin. “Can you show me how you jerk off?”I knew I probably wouldn’t last very long, and I would either be jacking off here in front of her, or alone, back in my room in a few minutes. My cock had waited long enough, and having her as an audience was a turn on now. “Sure,” I said.Sylvia and I switched places. I sat on the couch and started stroking my long, thick cock slowly, so it wouldn’t be over too soon. She kneeled down on the floor in front of me and alternated between looking me in the eye, and then looking at my balls and cock intently, watching where and how I touched my penis. It was very sexy, and I was amazed that I was able to hold on for so long. This whole evening had been incredible sexy and now it was amazing to have her watching me jerk off.”Wait,” she said suddenly, as she reached out and grabbed my arm, stopping me from stroking my swollen cock. “Remember how I told you that me and my friends had never given a blowjob?””Yes,” I replied. “Now can I please finish?””Well, that’s one more thing I just decided I’d like to learn tonight,” Sylvia said with a sly grin.I was stunned. I was not expecting that! Who was I to say no?! Secretly, I felt sort of bad for her that she was going to have to learn on my monster cock, but I figured that in the long run, it would be good for her because it would make her future blowjobs seem that much easier.I took my hand off my cock, grabbed Sylvia’s hand and pulled her down to her knees and toward me on the couch. Soon she was on the floor, between my legs. I took her hands and put them both on my shaft, which was long enough that it filled both of her hands, one above the other. I told her to stroke up and down gently, just as I had been doing. Then I told her to kiss the tip of my penis. Sylvia hesitated, but then lowered her face and lips to my the purple head of my giant cock and kissed it timidly. I encouraged her and explained to her how to lick the head of my penis, lick up and down the shaft, suck the head, and then start taking more of my cock into her mouth, bit by bit, as best she could. I feared the worst in terms of teeth and gagging, but she surprised me by learning very quickly and being very enthusiastic and careful. Before long, I was holding her long, brown hair up in a pony tail, so I could look down and watch as her head bobbed up and down in my lap, my huge dick contorting her cheeks and filling her mouth to the back of her throat. This was a lot better than jerking off! Soon, I was ready to erupt. I did not want to ruin her first experience by cumming in her mouth, so I grunted a warning of, “I’m gonna cum.” Being inexperienced, she did not understand that I was trying to tell her to stop sucking my cock so I did blow my load in her mouth. As I reached the point of no return, I was barely able to pull her mouth off my cock at the moment I shot my load. The first stream of semen hit her just above her left eye, spattering on her forehead and into her hair. I grabbed my pulsing cock and started jerking it furiously. I tried to control it, but it was like a wild a****l, and the next stream shot out and hit her just below her left eye, covering her cheek and neck. I aimed downward as I continued to pump my cock, and the next two streams coated her large tits and ran down to her belly.She was a bit shocked and surprised to be covered with cum like that, but was mostly happy that she had turned me on so much, and that she had given a good blowjob and “returned the favor.”All in all, it was a great experience educating my cousin — one that we never forgot, and one that we were not afraid to try again from time to time during future family visits.

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