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EmmaA few years ago I was living in a small Spanish village where the expats were a bit thin on the ground and all the non Spanish knew each other quite closely, mainly to help each other out with language problems or dealing with the usual beaurocracy. One particular family consisting of the mother who was around thirtyeight years old and step father who was about forty had 2 daughters of sixt**n and one 3 years younger who were well known for visiting other expats houses to lend money or last minute requests to look after the k**s as the wife worked when she could get it whilst the husband got mainly drunk each and every day.This particular day I was busy painting the apartment walls whilst my wife was out working for a local Realtor. Around 11am there was a knock on the door, on answering, the younger of the two daughters was stood there requesting if I could be the sitter whilst her mother and sister were going to be away for a few hours working. Of course the step father was already at the local bar. Here I was head to toe in paint and really no time on my hands to look after anyone. I reluctantly agreed to take her in, asking her not to touch anything due to the wet paint and piled up furniture, she could spend her time on my computer or watching tv! The girl was called Emma, a bit of a runt, small for her age about 4ft 3in, actually having a very skinny look about her with no breasts to speak of but made up for it with her ´not shy at all´ attitude. I set her away on my computer, she wanted to use it to call her English friends on a chat room. She seamed to know what she was doing so I got back to my painting. After about an hour I had completed the main bedroom walls and needed to wait for it to dry to get another coat on top. A good excuse to check on Emma and get a wash off, Spanish paint is like water and gets all over! Unannounced I trundled in on Emma, she was transfixed on the computer with the usual teen music blaring away and didn’t even know I had come into the room. Boom, there she was watching some guy with a huge cock wanking away on the screen, quite happily typing messages to him. I stood there quite taken back but I have to admit it, I got extremely aroused very quickly. I stepped back out of the room with a big lump in my shorts before she saw me, not wanting to embarrass either of us. What canlı bahis do I do?I pushed open the door so I could see her from outside the room. She was sat with her back to me. I watched as she rapidly typed away while this guy was whacking away at his member. I then noticed the tell tale little square on the bottom of the picture on the computer screen, she was on the PC Cam back at him. She looked fully clothed from what I could see but as the chair was a high back office type and she was so small I couldn’t be sure what her state of undress was. I stood watching for about 5 minutes, she eventually stood up but was still quite obscured by the chair, she leaned forward pulled the cam from the top of the screen and placed it on the edge of the desk right in front of herself. Next thing I noticed her panties were around her knees. She was obviously showing him her pussy in return. Fuck I thought I was going to cum in my shorts.Again I continued to watch, she opened her legs as far as the panties around her knees allowed, she took the cam off the desk and it looked like she was giving him a close up. After a few seconds, the guy on cam was shooting his load. A second later the screen went blank. He obviously got what he came on to see.I moved back to the freshly painted room with a raging hard on, heart pounding in my ears. I wanted to grab my cock there and then and release the huge cum load I was welling up inside. I also was having guilt trips about who this was, the problems this could cause! To defuse things, I decided to shout her in to come look to see if the paint job was looking ok to her. In she came, took a look around and told me how I had more paint on me than the walls. I asked what she was up to in the hour I was sweating away. She told me she usually went on these chat rooms and spoke to her friends but none were about as sch**l holidays were different in Spain to other places. I pushed her further, “so you just sat waiting for someone to come on you knew then” “no” she replied, “there is always some guy pretending to be my age wanting to talk” I asked if she spoke to them, “yeah when I am bored I do, it’s a laugh, they always get their penises out as soon as they see I am a girl”Shit I nearly unloaded on the spot!I looked at her in a shocked way well as best as I could, “does that not upset you?” bahis siteleri “no it´s just funny, they rub their penises and within seconds they are finished and gone” she saidI told her she was far too young to be looking at that on a computer and warned her never to meet up with these men. What a fucking hypocrite! Here I was with a raging hardon after watching a teen show some guy her pussy so he could shoot his load.I asked her to go make some coffee for us whilst I quickly showered off, then she could stay out of trouble and take the dog for a walk whilst I got ready for round 2 with the paint brushes.Now all you followers out there know I am an exhibitionist and love to flash my cock given half a chance, and that half a chance was here making coffee! And I was bursting at the seams to unload my balls!Emma made the coffee and off she went with the dog, I came out of the shower in just a towel and went to the kitchen for the coffee. She would be back in a minute and I wanted to show her my hard on, in fact I wanted to see what the guy saw on the cam! Sure enough, she returned, I was sat in the chair positioned just slightly behind and to the left of the computer chair. I asked her to come show me what went on in the chat rooms. Sure enough within seconds she had people messaging her asking if she would go on cam. “I think it´s my profile” she said “I should say I am a man so they don´t bother me but my friends wont know when its me” she laughed.“Go on then, show me what they do” I asked. Immediately she had a guy on chat, I told her not to say I was there, I was out of the cams vision, just act like I am not here I said. “Ok” but I can assure you some naked man will be there soon she said very notch lent. Sure enough, a teen was on the cam, little dick in hand asking her to turn on her cam to prove she was a girl. I told her to go ahead, she did. Immediately the teen guy straightened up and started pulling his 5 incher fast as a train. Emma typed in asking why he had to do that knowing how old she was as it says it in her profile. He just continued to jerk off without reply until he had shot all over his keyboard, hands, screen mouse the lot. Emma turned to me, that’s what happens you see, I have seen loads so I am not bothered by them anymore. I see my step dads all the time, he leaves the bathroom open for güvenilir bahis me and my sister to see him naked. Been doing that for years she said. Mum just laughs it off saying we will see worse in our lives.I stood up, knowing my hard on would be visible as I was only in the towel. Oh dear she said, you look like you have the same problem they do. She always had a smart mouth.“Maybe I should go on the laptop and give you a call” I said laughing. Maybe you should just do it here she said. I won´t be bothered.I opened the towel, my cock was so hard it was pointing to the ceiling. “Go on then, see how long you last” she laughed. I grabbed my cock, in seconds I has squirted my load all over her skirt and top. Oh shit I am sorry I blurted out. “Never happens on the chat rooms, I always stay dry” she giggled. I quickly picked up the towel and started rubbing away at the cum that was dripping from het skirt. As I did this she pulled my hand into her pussy area. “Touch it if you want” she said to me, a second later I had my hand on the softest whisps of dark blonde pubic hair I had touched in years. I slowly rubbed the slit of her pussy under her panties. I did not want to penetrate her. My cock was hard again, it had not gone down from the huge cum load I had squirted on Emma. I asked if she wanted to feel a cock, she did, she took it in her small hand and started to stroke it very gently. I cupped her hand in mine and got her to grip a bit tighter, pulling back and forward my foreskin. I continued to stroke the slit of her pussy being very gentle, opening it slightly to find her clit area. She stood with her eyes closed. After a few minutes I again shot my cum all over her legs and hands. I pushed her into the computer chair, I pulled her panties off from around her ankles and opened her legs wide. I stuck my tongue right into that damp slit and stayed on it for about 5 minutes. I moved away from her pussy and licked my cum from her legs. My feeling was that I was going to fuck Emma but I had to resist. That was going to be a young guys job. I did not want to spoil her, neither did I want to impregnate her as we had no condoms in the houseI could see she was enjoying the attention but in a sudden panic about the reality of what was going on I asked her to get dressed. We washed off the cum from her top and skirt, I got back into my painting gear after cleaning my still hard cock. Boy the wife got fucked that night!!We agreed this was a secret never to be spoken which to this day she and I have kept. We remain friends and speak often.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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