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F amily matters 1We were always a normal family. Normal! I don’t even know what that means any more. My parents are young. Daddy got Mom knocked up on prom night, so the story goes. They are both 39. Lisa, my twin sister and I are 21. Our younger brother, Robert is 19. Lisa and I are identical twins who look exactly alike except for a birthmark that I have on my hip. Daddy has the same mark on his hip it looks like the map of Africa.When I said that we were normal, what I meant was boring. Mom is a housewife and Daddy is a night auditor at a bank. He goes to work in the evenings around 6:00 and is gone all night on most nights. We take family vacations twice a year once in the summer and once around Christmas. While it was always nice to get away with family it was also predictable and, well, boring.You know how twins are just alike, always finishing each others sentences and stuff like that. Well it was never like that with Lisa and me. We could not have been more different. Mom called us her opposite twins. We never dressed alike because our tastes in clothes were so different. Lisa was a bit of a tomboy while I… well let’s just say I liked to celebrate my curves. I loved to drive the boys wild and in high school I had a bit of a reputation for being a tease. I was 20 when I lost my virginity but that’s not what this story is about.This story is about the day my family was turned upside down. It was around a month before our 21st birthday when I noticed that Mom had been acting strange. Nothing overt but she just seem to be anxious. She kept looking at me smiling and she seemed to making a really big deal about our birthday.One Saturday she came in my room, “Leslie, your father and I really want your 21st birthday to be special. We want to give you and Lisa a day you will never forget.””Thanks Mom, but really its no big deal, just another birthday.””It’s not just another day, it the day you become a woman””Uh, Mom… I’m already a woman.””I know, but next month you will be legal. I know I am just making a big deal of nothing but there a so few milestones left for you and Lisa and I just want you guys to have special memories.”Mom sat on the bed next to me as she said this. I noticed her melodrama swelling up in her and I did not want her to be disappointed so I put my ipod down and slid next to her on the bed.Giving her a big hug I said, “Mom, every day with you and Daddy is special. We are the luckiest k**s in the world.” I kissed her cheek as I asked, “So what have you with planned for me and Lisa on the big day?””Oh, no. I am not telling, just know that It will be a day like non other that you have ever had. Call a couple of your girl friends and tell them that they should save the date for that evening. That’s all I’m saying”With that she bounced out of the room swaying her hips and feeling good again. I liked seeing her happy. She stopped at the door and gave me a big smile and blew me a kiss as she disappeared down the hall. It took forever for our birthday to come. Mom kept bringing up the day and asking which of our friends were coming. Lisa and I could not figure out what had gotten into her. Lisa invited her friend Paula and I had invited Jessie and Tanya. Tomorrow was our birthday and tonight I could not fall asleep for anything. I guess Mom was getting me more excited then I thought._________________________I couldn’t believe that my babies were growing up so fast. It seems like just yesterday when Dave and I were getting married. I walked down the isle with my belly swollen from being 7 months pregnant with twins no less. It was quite an adjustment for us. We had to grow up so quickly. But Dave never missed a beat. He went right out, got a job and started to take care of his responsibilities. He was my hero. Insisting that I would not have to work unless I wanted to. Sure there were times when we struggled but Dave always found a way to pull it together. And by the time Robert was born we were doing pretty well if I do say so myself.And now Lisa and Leslie were going to be 21 and I have no idea where all the time went. Their birthday was still a couple of months away and I knew I wanted it to be special but what should we do?”Dave, have you given any thought to the girls birthday?”” Not really, its still a ways off yet.””Maybe, but September will be here before you know it and we should at least have a plan. I want it to be special for the girls.”” Well, do you have any ideas?””I was thinking that we throw them a big surprise party with all of their friends.””Surprise party? That may not be such a good idea. It was different when they were in high school and we knew all of their friends. But things are more complicated then that now.””I know!” the idea hit me straight out of the blue. I am not sure why, but it immediately felt like the perfect plan. “We can put together a girls night out. They can get a couple of their friends together for a night on the town that ends at club Drama.””Drama!, You want to send our girls to Drama!””They are grown now, they can handle it.””Oh yeah I’m sure they can. I am not so sure if I can.””AAWW, is Big Daddy afraid of letting his little girls grow up?” I teased.”Jackie, you need to think about this, Drama is a big step. I mean what kind of parents send their k**s to a strip club?” I could hear that he was very nervous about this and it would take some convincing.I, walked over to where he was sitting, in my most sexy stride. I sat in his lap and whispered in his ear for dramatic effect. “Parents that love their c***dren and trust and support them. It will be perfect, I will rent the champagne room so that they will have privacy. They can invite some of their girl friends to come with them and it will be a party.” By this time I had turned in his lap facing him, straddling his legs while giving him my best lap dance impression.It’s nice to know that after all I these years I could still drive him wild. I felt him stiffening beneath me. With much less resolve he responded, “But Jackie, you have been in the champagne room, you know what goes on in there.””Yeah, I do. I had a ball. Why would I not want the same for the girls? I was about their age the first time I went. They will love it””But what about me? How am I supposed to deal with this?””Just be yourself, be supportive, be a loving, caring father. Treat it like any other day. No different.”” I don’t know Jackie, I will have to think about this.” That’s when I started to nibble on his ear. It is his spot and he is helpless when I do that. He immediately rose to full hardness under me and I reached into his pajama bottoms and fished him out. Pulling my thong to the side he slid easily into me as I gave him the ride of his life.I knew that Dave was not completely onboard with the plan but I was moving forward anyway. I figured over the next couple of months I would be able to change his mind. I started making arrangements, booking a party bus to drive them around town was an important part of the plan. I wanted them to be free to drink and have fun without worrying about driving or needing to drag along a designated driver who would be a killjoy while the others were letting their hair down, so to speak. I made reservations at a fancy restaurant, and of course, I booked the champagne room at club Drama.The more I thought about it the more the idea was driving me crazy. Each day that month Dave and I had hot, wild sex. It was like we were teenagers all over again. I kept talking to him about the plan and as each day went by I could feel his resistance grow weaker.With a month to go Dave had agreed and it was time to tell the girls about their surprise birthday. My twins are an interesting pair. Lisa and I are very close, while Leslie is definitely a daddy’s girl. That is probably because Leslie and I are just alike. Dave had said on several occasions that she reminds him of me when I was younger. Not so much by looks, although we have the same body type but mostly in the way she acts. Like me Leslie dresses in very sexy outfits. Low cut blouses with high cut skirts, and everything nice and tight. Dave loves the attention that I get when we go out at night. I scale it back in the daytime or when I am with the k**s, but they know how I dress when I go out with their father.Lisa and I talk a lot. She is a very shy girl and a tomboy at heart. She wears baggy clothes that hides her figure and loves to play basketball with the boys. Her younger brother used to get teased a lot because Lisa was a better player than he. I have often spoken to Lisa about “looking more like a lady” and she said she was not opposed to it she just didn’t understand why all the fuss.Around 17 Lisa started to take an interest in boys and after that it seemed as though most of our conversation were about boys and sex. Lisa was very curious and she knew that she could trust me to be honest with her. We talked about birth control and STD’s and the responsibility of sex. Lisa dated but never had a steady boyfriend and was still a virgin at 20. I told her that she would know when the time was right.Leslie came to me when she was about 18 and asked me if I would go with her to get a prescription for birth control pills. We talked about her plans and she said that while she wasn’t planning on doing anything just yet, she was thinking about it more and wanted to be ready. I made sure that she understood that she would still need to protect herself from disease and she promised to be responsible. It was more than a year later when Leslie told me that she had taken that step. It was a great night for her and she shared it with me.All said, I think Dave and I have done a great job at preparing all of our k**s for life.So now that Dave was on with the plan I had to make sure that Lisa would be ok with it. Since we talked a lot I had a sense that it would take just a little poke to make sure that she was on board. I decided that I would take her shopping with me to test the waters.”Lisa, do you have plans today?” I asked.”Not really I was just going to start this new Twilight book.””Well, before you start that why don’t you come shopping with me? I need to pick up a few things and I’ll get something for you if you come with me.””Ok but you know you don’t have to bribe me Mom.””Yeah but it so much fun. You know how I like to spoil my girls.”When we arrived at the mall my first stop was Victoria’s Secret. We inside and I picked out a few nightgowns, baby dolls and teddies. Lisa went into the dressing room with me. This was normal for us as we often had our girl talks while I was trying on clothes or getting dressed to go out.”Do you think your father would like this one on me?””Really Mom? You know Dad would like any of these on you. Its not like he would leave it on you very long anyway.” She said as we both laughed.”Yes, you’re right but I still have to make sure that I have plenty of outfits and new looks so that I can keep him interested. A woman has to make an effort to keep her man’s eye or someone else will. You see how much your father works out and how he keeps his body in such great shape. Well other women notice that as well and if I want to keep your father wanting to come home to me I have to keep my body in shape and try to look my best so that your father keeps his eye on me.””Daddy and all the men in town keep their eyes on you Mom, you’re like the hottest Mom in town.” As Lisa said this I saw her eyes drop down over my nude body. She looked at me as though she were doing so for the first time. As her eyes moved down past my waist I saw her moisten her lips and her gaze continued down to my four-inch saddle back sandals. This was the first time I felt naked in front of my daughter and the nervousness excited me.After a somewhat awkward moment of silence I said, “Really, you think the old MOM is hot? Why thank you. I never knew that.””C’mon Mom, You know that everyone in town thinks you’re hot.””Maybe, but it means so much more when it comes from your daughter. It feels more honest, and real. Other people, when they say it, it’s because they want something from you. Whether they think they can get it or not they want it. So they say things like that trying to create an opening. When you say it, it feels different. It makes me feel special.” As I said this, a tear was forming I my eye. I am not sure why but I just felt so emotional. Seeing this Lisa Got up and gave me a great big hug. Neither of us paid any attention to my nakedness as we embraced each other for what seemed like minutes. When we finally broke away Lisa wiped my tears with her thumbs with a delicate touch that sent shivers through my spine.”Ok MOM, If you don’t get back to trying on these things we will never get out of here.”I tried on the other outfits as we continued to talk and laugh. When we got to the final one I held it up to Lisa and said, “I picked this one for you.”Lisa looked down at the shear nightgown with matching thong and asked, “Just what would I do with that, Mom?””You wear it and look stunning in it.””Wear it for who?””For who? You wear it for you?””Mom, I think you have me confused with the sexy twin. I’m the dumpy one. Remember?””Being sexy starts with how you feel about yourself. You and your sister are identical body types, with identical faces. How could one be sexy while the other is dumpy. These baggy clothes, that’s how.” I said as I tugged on her pants.”You just said that I was hot. Well you and I wear the same size clothes. Same dress size same bra size everything. Even down to shoe size. Stand up and look in the mirror.”Timidly, Lisa stood up and faced the mirror beside me. “You are a beautiful, sexy woman. Do you have any idea how many women envy you? Here try this on.”She hesitated for a moment. Then Lisa took the gown from me and laid it on the bench. She started to remove her blouse, then her pants. When she did I had to hold in a snicker as she revealed her full cut granny panties that cover her ample rear. She finally removed all of her clothes and was about to put on the gown when I said, “Hold on a minute sweetheart, let me show you something.”Again we faced the mirror and this time I put my arm around her waist and held her firmly to my side.”you have got to know how incredible you look. You call me hot but look at you, the only difference in us is that your boobs don’t sag like mind do and your ass is higher as well. I would kill to have your body but you call yourself dumpy.” I spoke to her in soft nurturing tones aware that this would be difficult for her. It is hard for a young lady to look herself in the mirror and challenge her self-image. And sure enough Lisa began to cry.I embraced her as we hugged for a second time. This time it was mother, consoling daughter, and we were both nude. “Its OK baby, let it out. This is good. You have to take it slow. Start by seeing yourself as sexy. Doing things that make you feel sexy. Enjoy and celebrate your femininity. It is part of you.” I continued to hold my daughter against me as I spoke softly into her ear. I could feel the warmth of her body against mine. I could feel her nipple pressing into mine. And I could feel the tufts of her pubic hair rubbing against my perfectly shaved mound. I had never felt so close to a woman before. It was not sexual. It was so much more than that. We were making an emotional connection it felt spiritual. And I knew instantly that I had planted bursa escort a seed._______________________________________________I thought it was strange when Mom asked me to go shopping with her. We were very close but she knew that I was not much of a shopper. I would rather hang out with Daddy and help him work on his car than go shopping. Leslie was Mom’s shopping partner. They had the same taste in clothes. Mom and Leslie had the ability to make men stop in their tracks. Guys never looked at me like that. I was always just one of the guys. More times then I could count my friends would ask me to hook them up with my sister.I was really looking forward to reading my book that day. I love romantic stories and the forbidden love of the Vampire world held a special attraction to me. But the book would still be there when I returned so I agreed to go with Mom. I liked talking to Mom. She never made me feel strange for the thoughts that I had and she answered any question that was on my mind no matter how personal or embarrassing.When we stepped into Victoria’s Secret I smiled because my Mother is so predictable. I knew that she would be buying items to wear for my father. I had no idea why she went through so much fuss as all he would do is rip it off of her. My parents had an active sex life and were never shy about letting us know how they loved each other. They never did anything in front of us but there were lots touching and kissing, ass grabbing and stuff like that. Sometimes they would kiss in front of our friends and we would have to send them to their room.My friends of loved to see stuff like that because my parents were so hot. Daddy put a gym in the basement and he and Mom worked out a lot. In the last month I had noticed that they were disappearing to their bedroom more than usual. I also could not help but notice that they were louder than usual. They were acting like sex-starved teens that could not keep their hands off each other.While Mom was trying on her outfits we were talking as we usually do and I don’t remember what was said but suddenly I was looking at my mother as though I had never seen her before. Now I had seen my mother nude many times but I had never noticed her like this. She had sexy beautiful tits that were full and swayed slightly as she stood there. Her arms were strong and toned from working pout. The stomach was tight with just the hint of a six pack. Her hip flared slightly and her pussy was clean shaved. It looked so pretty, smooth and delicate. I wondered what mine would look like if I shaved it. I wondered if it would feel better that way. I wondered if it would taste better that way. It had been months since I had my pussy licked. My gaze continued down my mothers curvy legs to her sexy “fuck me” pumps. As always her pedicure was fresh her toes looked so sexy in her shoes. My feet were not so pretty. I don’t remember why but Mom started to get really emotional. Not in a bad way. She is just really emotional, especially when it comes to us k**s. I noticed that she was going there and I stood to give her a hug. It wasn’t until my hands wrapped around the smooth skin of her back that I remembered that she was naked. It was strange at first. I had never hugged a naked woman before. Her skin was so soft. As I hugged her I let my hands roam over her back from her shoulders to just above the crack of her ass. The energy of her was electric. I wanted her to know that I was there for her. That I loved her. I wanted her to feel loved and supported. She had always made us feel that way and I wanted to return the favor.I never wanted to let go of her but at some point we started to part. After that we went back to talking and trying on the outfits that she had picked out for herself. When she got to the last one she said it was for me. She held it up to my body and I looked down to see the sheer garment with matching thong and thinking that it would look ridiculous on me. I was never sure why anyone would wear stuff like this. Did guys really care what a woman had on or did they just want to take it off.I felt like I would look silly in that outfit. It was for sexy people. It was the kind of thing that Leslie would wear. Mom had me to look in the mirror. It was awful to stand next to her like that. I looked dumpy. And she, she was nude perfection in every way. Mom talked me into trying on the nightgown so I got undressed and started to put on the gown when Mom stopped me. We looked at ourselves in the mirror again and Mom put her arm around my waist. I remember feeling the warmth of her hand as it stroked my hips. Mom was giving me one of her your so beautiful pep talks but all I could think about was the hand on my hip. My skin tingled beneath its touch.Mom mentioned my breast as she cupped it with her free hand. As she spoke about my ass she lowered her hands from my hip to the curve of my butt. Her hand rubbed the flesh of my ass then slid under to cup the curve of it. Her touch was electric and was more sensual then any of the guys I had been with. I was still a virgin but I had made out with guys several times. But nothing ever felt like this. I don’t know what came over me (I must be my mother’s c***d) but tears came rushing down my face. I remember wishing that I was as sexy as my Mom was saying that I was. In that moment I wanted to be sexy for her.Mom pulled me close to her and I felt her hands come around behind me. One of her hands went to my back while the other rested firmly against my ass pressing my pussy into hers. My nipples instantly hardened as I felt the heat of her bald pussy. The scent of us filled my nostrils as I felt my mother breathing heavily on my neck. Mom rocked her hips back and forth in a fucking motion as her fingers slid down the crack of my ass. I felt my juices running down my thighs as I lost myself in her embrace.I honestly don’t know what happened after that. The next thing I remember I was walking into the house wishing that I could be sexy for my mother. I wanted to live up to her expectations of me. I went into my room and quickly ripped off my clothes putting the night gown and thong on that my mother had bought me. I danced around my room trying to do things that I thought would look sexy. I masturbated three times that evening to the strongest orgasms I had ever had. Each time I closed my eyes thinking of my mother’s embrace in the store. At some point I fell asleep.I awoke later that night to the distant sound of my mother’s voice. Peeking out into the hall I saw Mom coming out of Leslie’s room. She stopped and blew her a kiss. Now on most days I would not have given my mother’s gesture a second thought. But after today’s events I couldn’t help but feel a bit of jealousy. My mind started to wonder about what had taken place in that room. Was Leslie being more sexy with Mom than I had been? Had Mom turned to her thinking I had rejected her? As these thoughts were rushing through my head I saw Mom turn toward my end of the hallway. I closed the door and stepped back on my way to the bed when I heard the door open and my mother’s sweet voice.”Lisa, baby are you…” My mother stopped surprised to find me in the middle of the room wearing my nightie. “My, my aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?” She said in her most flirtatious tone.I did not move I just stood there with my back to her waiting to see what would happen next.I heard my Mom’s slow and deliberate bare feet as she padded across the carpet. I could feel the hairs on my body rise as she came close to me. Taking deep breathes and exhaling on my neck she whispered, “You look even more stunning than you did this afternoon. If I were a man, I would take you right here and make love to you all night long. You are going to drive the guys crazy.”I knew that she was just talking, trying to make me feel good. But it was working oh so well. I felt sexy and alive for the very first time in my life. I never thought this feeling would be possible for me. I was the dumpy one. But here in this moment I felt like a sex goddess. I did not want to move. I did not want to speak. I did not want to do anything that would make this feeling go away.Mom put her hands lightly on my shoulders, I felt the weight of her body gently press against my back. She leaned in so close to me that lips gently stroked my ear as she spoke. “September 14th is just a month away. I want you and your sister to have a birthday you will never forget. You leave the details up to me. You may invite a few of your girlfriends if you like but the night will really be about you and your sister.”My knees grew weaker as my mother’s lips danced seductively over my ears. I don’t think she knew but that is my spot and it was driving me crazy to feel her touch me like this. I could feel the rise and fall of her chest against my back. If it were not for her embrace I would have surely fallen. She sensed this somehow and led me to the bed where she laid me down. She fixed my grown and fanned it out as one would the clothes of a fine China doll. I was her doll and she as posing me and presenting me. When she had placed me just to her liking she stepped back and stared at me. She told me again how beautiful and sexy I was then she backed out of the door. She stopped at my door and blew me a kiss, just as she did Leslie. I laid there unable to move still wondering if Leslie was lying the same way in her room. Then I felt disappointed I felt like a had blown a chance to show my mother just how sexy I could be. I laid in the bed staring up at the ceiling wishing I was bold enough to be as sexy as Mom and Leslie.The next morning when I woke up I called my friend Paula. Now if I am a tomboy Paula is plain butch. She often said that she thinks she is bi-sexual although she doesn’t know because she has never been with either a boy or a girl. But she was my best friend and the one person I told all my secrets, besides Mom, of course. However this was one secret I didn’t think that I could even tell Paula. Instead I asked her if she would go shopping with me.”Shopping? Huh? You hate to shop! Oh wait… I hate to shop too!””Stop it Paula. I know I hate to shop that’s why I want you to come with me so I won’t be so bored. Besides you have to help me because you know I have no idea what to buy. Are you going to come with me or not?”Fine, fine! But you are acting weird. Even for you.”At the department store we went to the young hip section where I looked at some of the trendy things there. I held up one pleated mini dress and asked Paula, “Do you think I would look good in this?””Yeah sure.” She responded only glancing up at the outfit.”But do you think boys would like it””Oh sooo now this is starting to make sense. Who is he?””What?””Don’t what me, we said when we found someone that we would tell each other and now here you are and we are buying dresses for some guy and you won’t tell me shit!””There is no guy.””Bull…””Really, no guy, Its just that I promised my Mom that I would give it a try. That’s all.””your Mom has been trying to girlie you up all your life, why now?””I don’t know, it just felt like the right time.” These were no really lies, more like half-truths. But Paula stopped pushing and actually was very helpful in finding the right outfits. It turns out that she likes feminine women so this was easy for her. She even helped me get some sexy underwear, including thongs, boy shorts, garters stocking and everything. Back at my house I tried on the sexy outfits while Paula added encouragement and told me how sexy I was. I was starting to really like this sexy stuff._______________________________________Being the only boy in the house was rough. Sure Dad was there but his hours were strange which had him at his job as a night auditor or sleep during much of time the rest of us were about the house. I spent a lot of time in Dads gym and it showed on my body. I needed it too because it is hard growing up with sexy parents (all my friends wanted to “do” my Mom) the hottest sister on campus and another sister that could out shoot me in basketball. If it were not for a kick ass tight body, I would have been the laughing stock of the school. But as it was, I held my own.Things started to change around the house when one afternoon I was home alone working out in the basement when I heard the sounds of someone upstairs. I didn’t think too much of it so I kept on with routine. When I was finished I went upstairs to take a shower when I heard a major commotion coming from Lisa’s room. I peeked in to see Lisa and Paula in her room. Lisa was modeling clothes and Paula was making catcalls. Now everyone assumed that Paula was gay and there were questions about Lisa because they hung out together. But here they were now and Lisa was shaking her butt for Paula’s amusement. Then I was really surprised when Lisa reached down and pulled her dress over her head revealing her lace boy cut panties and matching bra. I looked over at Paula and by contrast she was wearing baggy basketball shorts and a tank top. Paula’s hair was braided back and she looked like a boy. She was even flat chested. I learned later that she tied her breast down to look that way.Lisa kept dancing trying to entice her friend. Then she reached back and removed her bra. Her panties came quickly behind them and she stood there and looked at her nude frame in the mirror. Feeling safely cloaked behind the cracked door I reached in to my shorts and fished out my fully hard cock. I could not believe how much the sight of my nude sister and her butch friend was turning me on. Lisa continued to stare at the mirror and ran her fingers through he pussy hair.”Do you think I should cut it off?””Cut what off?””My bush silly” Lisa said as she turned to face her friend. “Which is better, hairy or shaved?” she asked as she repeatedly covered and uncover her pussy with her hand as if to hide the hair.”Shaved! Shaved!” I screamed in my head wanting to see it in all its glory.Lisa turned back to the mirror and studied her pussy in more detail. As she did so, Paula pulled the baggy pants legs of her shorts up revealing pink lace panties. I would have never guessed. She put her fingers into her pussy then pulled them out slowly. Her fingers were covered in the silky slime of her pussy juice and she rubbed them back and forth before returning them to pussy. Lisa looked up from her examination to notice her friend masturbating. She pretended not to notice and kept running her fingers through her hair as she secretly watched Paula masturbate to orgasm.When Paula was finished Lisa asked for her verdict. “Hair or no hair?””Ok. Ok, no hair! Now!” Paula was till coming down from her orgasm at the time.”Will you do it?””No I like mine the way it is.””Not yours silly, will you cut mine? I’m afraid I’ll cut myself.”Paula stared at my sister as she walked naked into the bathroom and came out with a razor and some saving cream as well as a couple of towels. With trembling hands Paula took the items from Lisa.”Hold on, I need you to relax I don’t want to get cut up here.””Ok, I’m cool. I just need to catch my breath.” She stared at the items that Lisa had given her and she looked up at Lisa then back down to the items.”So where are we going to do this?” Paula asked.”I’ll lay on the bed and we can do it right here.?”I looked on in amazement as Lisa spread the towel out on the bed. She laid back and spread her legs as bursa escort bayan an open invitation to come forth. Lisa meant that invitation for Paula but little did she know the invitation was open to all in attendance. I began to stroke my cock in earnest as I watched Paula go between my sister’s legs and spread the shaving cream. With a light touch she applied the cream to her pussy making my sister moan at the sensation. It did not take long for me to lose control. By the time Paula had made three swipes of the blade I came in a hard blast all over the carpet and the wall in the hallway. I had never come so much in my life. My juice was everywhere as I looked around for something to clean it with I heard the gentle sound of the front door closing. I scurried down the hall to my bedroom not wanting to get caught with my pants around my ankles at my sister’s bedroom door.I knew it was my mother and figured that I would come back and clean the mess after I cleaned myself up. Mom never just came upstairs when she got home as her bedroom was on the main level._____________________________________________I came home from my volunteer work earlier than expected. I knew Lisa would be home since I saw Paula’s car in front. I wondered how my plan was working and if Lisa had told Paula what was going on. I knew that they talked about everything. I hoped for an opportunity to hear some girl talk so I crept up the stairs careful to make no noise what so ever. I wanted to be undetected by my daughter and her friend. When I approached the top of the stairs the sight that I saw caught me completely by surprise. Leaning forward at his sister’s door was Robert my youngest c***d. His pants were around his ankles and he was slowly almost absent-mindedly stroking himself. I marveled at his chiseled physique as his shirtless muscles rippled softly with his motions. His butt was sticking out and very firm. It had been many years since I had seen my boy naked and I don’t think I had ever seen him erect. His tool was gorgeous, not one of those monster cocks that you read about in porn stories but a nice firm tool that looked like the perfect mouthful. As he spied on his sister his pace quickened until he had a massive blast of come all over the door the wall and the carpet. Oh the potency of youth. I had not seen a blast like that since Dave and I were teens.Seeing my son come, I did not want to embarrass him so I went down stairs and made a noise at the front door to alert him to my presence. I was careful only to make enough noise to alert him and not Lisa. I wanted to see what it was that had caught his attention. So I tip toed back upstairs and peeked into Lisa’s room. What I saw delighted and excited me. Paula was using a damp cloth to wipe Lisa’s mound clean of the remnants of shaving cream. She seem to be more deliberate then the job called for as it took quite a while to complete the task.”how do I look?” my daughter asked her friend.”Good enough to eat.” Paula replied with enthusiasm.”Oh I bet you say that to all the pussies you shave.” Lisa said lightly.”Well since this is my first shaved pussy, I guess I do say it to all of them.” The two girls laughed but Paula could not stop looking at Lisa’s bald pussy.”So what do you really think.?””Lisa I think this is the sexiest thing that I have ever seen.””Really? You think I look sexy?””Oh my God you have no idea how sexy you look.”I went down stairs giving the girls their privacy. I could not believe how well the plan was working and we still had over three weeks before the big day. The more I thought about it the more excited I became but right now I just wanted to go to my room and play with my toys while I close my eyes and pictured my son.________________________________________I think I only had about an hour or two of sleep last night. All I kept thinking about was this big surprise birthday and it was finally here. Everyone in the house had been acting strange for the past month. My tomboy twin Lisa had started to wear dresses and wear them well. Mom kept flitting around and acting strange. Robert had taken to walking around the house shirtless showing off his muscles all the time. Daddy had gotten real quiet and reserved. I think the only sane one in the house was me. But now was the day that should make all of this make sense, or so I hoped. I woke up to movement in my bed. Lisa was crawling up to me, wearing a see through baby doll nightie that hung low in front exposing her tits as she crawled up to me. She looked so sexy I was still not used to seeing her like this but I liked it. Lisa kissed me on the cheek and snuggled up behind me spooning with me.”Happy birthday s*s.” Lisa whispered in my ear. Her lips gently touching my earlobe as she spoke.”Happy birthday to you too. What do you think Mom’s big plan is for us today?””I don’t care as long as we “do it” together.” There was an unfamiliar tone to Lisa’s words as she spoke. I tried not to read too much into it but had this been anyone else I would have thought I was being seduced.I shook my head to clear those thoughts just as the door opened and Mom entered carrying a breakfast tray. I jumped up and sat back against the headboard as though nothing had happened. Nothing had happened? Right? Somehow I was not sure.Behind my mother followed my father and brother. They were both shirtless Daddy was wearing silk boxers and Robert had on silk pajama bottoms. Both men had rippling muscles and rock hard abs. daddy’s body was firmer and bigger than Roberts because he had been working out much longer. I never remember a time when daddy didn’t work out. Mom put the tray on the bed forcing Lisa and I apart as the tray was set between us. When Mom stood back up I noticed that she was wearing a long see through grown with lace thong and matching lace demi-cup bra. Her nipples poked out over the top over the bra and were clearly visible through her gown. When she turned to step back I saw the crack of her ass clearly as her thong strap disappeared. Neither of the guys seemed to notice. Robert’s eyes were firmly fixed on Lisa and her see through top. While Daddy was, oh shit Daddy was looking at me! I sleep naked and the covers were around my waist my tits were clearly exposed to his gapping eyes. I scampered to cover up as I caught mom’s eye.”Why Leslie that’s not like you to be so shy, besides we’re all family here and it’s your birthday. Come on guys!” With that they all started to sing the birthday song as Mom lit two candles on two cupcakes. “Now make a wish and blow out your candles” Mother said in her delightful tone.”So what’s the big birthday surprise Mom?” I asked”Later my sweet, now is the time for you to enjoy your breakfast. We’ll talk about your surprise later. Did you tell your friends to be here at 5?”Mom already knew this because she had only asked me every day for the past month. Mom sat on the bed as the guys sat down in chairs and we all talked while Lisa and I ate breakfast. It all seemed so casual and relaxed. I didn’t even notice when the covers had fallen back down to my waist and the guys didn’t seem to pay it much attention either. It is in moments like this that realize what a special and loving family we have. Not knowing what was to come, was still driving me crazy.After a while they left Lisa and I in the room. Lisa got up and was primping her hair in the mirror. Shortly after I rolled out of bed and was walking to the closet when Lisa asked, “Do you want to take a shower? I’ll wash your back, if you wash mine.”This question came out of left field. While we were not strangers to seeing each other nude, in fact I was standing nude in the middle of the floor, this was unchartered territory for us as adults.”We haven’t done that since we were k**s.” I replied wondering what had brought this on.” Yeah and now that it is our 21st birthday it would be real fun to act like k**s again.” She replied as she grabbed my hand and bounced into the bathroom not waiting for my reply. Quickly we were in the bathroom with the shower running, me standing nude and Lisa removing her clothes. We opened the door to the shower and step in and just as the water hit us we were like two four year olds again, splashing and sudsing and laughing away. We must have been in there for quite some time because after a while Mom came back upstairs looking for us.”Hey what’s taking you so lo…” she didn’t get the whole statement out before she peeked in to the bathroom and saw her twin daughters splashing away. Naked and wet, she probably had no idea, which was which. When she caught her breath she smiled and said “take your time this is your day.”After awhile longer we dried each other off to get dressed.”What are going to wear?” Lisa asked”I haven’t decided yet. Why?””I thought it would be fun if we dressed alike. That’s all.””I think this birthday has landed this whole family in the twilight zone.”” Is that so bad?””No, its kinda fun. Just really strange. Like what’s up with you and this new whole new look. What happened to my “opposite twin”?””Mom just convinced me that I needed to start looking like a lady since I was about to be one and I agreed.””Well I’m glad to hear that. For a while there I thought you were playing for the other team.””And what would be so wrong with that?””Nothing if that’s your thing… look all I’m trying to say is that you look pretty and I’m glad you decided to show it off which ever way you flow.”I wanted to make sure that Lisa knew I loved her no matter what because to be honest I am still not sure if she is gay or not. As I looked at her putting on her makeup I was reminded at how strange this all was. Two months ago she didn’t even wear makeup.”Here, let me help you with that.” I stepped in front of her and finished applying her makeup for her. This was a fun new part of our sisterhood that I had missed over the years so I felt like I was making up for lost time.________________________________________As I sat there with Leslie putting on my makeup I really enjoyed the moment and the changes in my life that the last month had brought. My mother had awakened something in me that I did not even know was there. And what ever it is it has brought me closer to my whole family.Even my brother who was jealous of me for playing ball better than he could, had started to hang with me more. I noticed in the past month that he would go out of his way to do things for me or to spend time with me. I had always thought that Leslie was daddy’s favorite but lately he has been paying just as many compliments as he does Leslie.And now for the first time in our lives, my sister is putting my makeup on. She stood in front of me still nude from our shower. Her body smelling of fresh soap. Her tits swayed gently in face as she worked on my eyebrows with a razor.”So what do you think Mom has planned for today?” Leslie asked as she did my face.”I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it.””How could you not? It’s all I have been able to think about for the past month!””I guess I have just had other things on my mind.” I chuckled to myself as I thought about my recent change in attitude and its possible meanings to my life. “I feel like what ever it is, it has already been a great day for me. So I’m good.”” I don’t understand you Lisa, Ok take a look.”Leslie spun my chair around and I saw my makeup for the first time. I looked like Leslie. Not the dumpy one. The sexy one. I could not stop staring in the mirror. Then suddenly I started to cry.”I’m sorry Lisa here we can take it off you don’t have to wear makeup. I thought you wanted to. I am so sorry.” Leslie said searching for something to take it off with.”No, no that’s not it. I’m not upset. I don’t know why I’m crying. I’m just like Mom, that’s all. A big crybaby for no reason. I looked at my face and thought for a moment that I looked like you and I had the thought ‘is this what it must be like to look pretty’, then the water works. I’m a mess.””Lisa, Lisa you are pretty. You have always been pretty. You have to know that. The only change in you is that now you are not hiding your beauty. So you better get used to people coming on to you all the time.””Is it rough?””It definitely has its advantages.” Leslie said as she prance around the room in her birthday suit.I watched as Leslie put on her own makeup all the while giving me pointers. I felt like we were closer than ever before.The rest of the day we spent lying around the house and talking. No one went anywhere. They all stayed home to spend the day with us. Everyone kept complimenting me on how lovely I looked even Robert kept telling me how pretty I was. It was nice to be the center of attention. It was turning out to be a perfect day.Before too long it was 4:00. Mom came down stairs with two boxes for us. I’m not sure where Robert or Daddy had disappeared to but right now it was just the girls.”Here Babies happy birthday. Oh I guess I should stop calling you babies huh?””Oh Mom, we will always be your babies.” I said as I gave Mom a big hug. Of course she began to cry. Which made me cry, which made Leslie join us in a group hug then she started to cry.”Ok lets stop with the tears. And open the gifts.” Mom said.”Shouldn’t we wait for daddy?” Leslie said looking around the corner.”No, Daddy is fine. He is getting ready for work. This is my gift your Daddy has another gift for you later. So go ahead and open it.”We tore into our boxes without need for a second invitation. They were outfits, matching outfits. I don’t think Mom had ever bought us matching outfits before. In the boxes there was a black cocktail dress with thin straps and a plunging neckline a pair of sexy black shoes and a pair of crotch less pantyhose. There was also some jewelry that matched the shoes it was exquisite.”I want you both to wear these things and only these things when you go out tonight.” “But Mom there’s no underwear in here, no bra or nothing.” I protested.”Yes that’s the point, darling. I want my two little girls to go out on the town and be sexy as hell tonight. I want people to talk about the night those Baxter twins lit the town up.” Mom held my face in her hands and spoke softly, “Remember you are my sexy girl. There is no one on the whole planet sexier than you. If you feel sexy others will see you as being sexy.”Then she kissed me. Not on the cheek like she usually does but softly, delicately on the lips as she held my face. It was so light that it was almost as though our lips never touched. And when she parted it was as though she had taken my breath with her. I struggled got just a moment to find air to breathe and when I did I opened my eyes to see my sister, Leslie staring at me with her mouth wide open. Mom never looked her way she looked right at me and said. “You are sexy.” And I believed her. Just then the door bell rang.”Alright you two, your guests are already coming, go upstairs and get ready. I’ll get the door.”___________________________________________When I parked my car I was afraid to get out. This was all so new to me. I did not know how they would take it. I did not know how Lisa would take it. I hope that she would not reject me. It was a gamble but it was too late to turn back now. It took about five minutes but I finally got the courage to step out of the car. I was wearing a long flowing silk pants suit with wide legs. The top was long and came to my butt. The silk fabric swayed in escort bursa the wind. My first steps were a little unsure as I got used to the three inch heels. I was not wearing a dress but this was very feminine and no doubt women’s clothing. The biggest change for me was that I had let my hair down. My hair had been in braids since I was 6 years old. I don’t remember myself without braids. But now as I walked to the door my curls were bouncing off my shoulders. The feel of it was exciting. The lady at the salon tried to get me to put on makeup but all I would let her do was lipstick.I must have stood in front of the door for another 5 minutes before ringing the bell.As the door swung open I held my breath not knowing who would open it or what the reaction would be. Would it be her creepy brother, Robert? Lately he has been staring at me A LOT. I don’t know what his problem is. Would it be her hunk of a father. That man makes me feel things that I thought men shouldn’t. Would it be her too sexy mother? If Lisa will look like that when she gets older DAMN. Would it be her sexy as she wanna be, too hot sister. In a perfect world a ménage trios would be in our future. Or will it be my friend, my soul mate Lisa. Whose opinion means more to me than my own sometimes.When the door finally opened I couldn’t take it any more and shut my eyes.”OH MY GOD! OHHH MYYYY GODDDD! OOOOOHHHHH… MMMMYYYYYY… GGGOOOODDDD!” PAULA? Is That You?”From the strain in her voice I could not tell who this was. At least the father and punk brother were out. I slowly opened my eyes to see Ms Baxter standing in the door way with hands on her face and her mouth hanging open. Speechless was an understatement.”Hi Ms. B” I said timidly.”Girl I’m sorry, come on in, I’m so sorry come have a seat. You look… I mean it’s just that… I mean you. You, are… You just look so amazing. I have never seen you… I mean of course you’re a pretty girl I have always thought it just that…””Its ok Ms B” I interjected as a way to get her out of trouble before she said something really stupid. “Is Lisa home?””Yeah, she’s upstairs getting dressed.””Thanks” I replied as I started to walk passed her and go upstairs like I always do.”Paula”, Ms Baxter gently held my hand. “Can I talk to you for a moment?””Sure, what is it Ms. B””Lets go in the kitchen for a minute this won’t take long.”I followed Ms. Baxter to the kitchen watching her ass sway in her sundress. It fit loosely on her hips and with each step she took her butt cheeks pinched the fabric of the dress. I knew immediately that she was either wearing a thong or no panties at all. My pussy instantly got wet as I watched her sashay into the kitchen.”Have a seat Paula can I get you something to drink?'”I’m good Ms B what’s on you mind.””Paula you know how much my girls mean to me so I think you can appreciate how special I want this day to be.”Oh shit, is about to start trippin on me and her daughter? After all this time she gonna pick now to do this?” I think I know where this is going Ms B and I want to assure you…””Paula, just me get this out. I assure you, you don’t know where this is going.”I shut up waiting for the other shoe to drop when what I heard made my jaw drop.I want to solicit your help in making tonight special for Lisa. Leslie is used to having a good time but Lisa may need some encouragement. Do you know what I mean?” I stared blankly at her because I had no idea what she meant and I wasn’t about to put my foot in my mouth, again.”Let me try to explain it better. Lisa is a very shy girl who has recently started to come out of her shell. I think you know what I am talking about, as it looks like you have broken a few shells yourself lately. I am hoping that you can look out for Lisa tonight. Encourage to let her hair down, so to speak. Get her to try new things and have a good time. Can you do that for me Paula?””Sure Ms. B, that will be easy. That’s what I do anyway.””But today is a little different Paula you will need to go the extra step. Here you will need this.”This woman hands me what looks like a custom lunch bag. I open it up and it is full of stacks of money.”Ms. B what’s this for””That’s for tonight, your tab at the restaurant and the limo is already covered as is the special room that I have arranged for, don’t worry it’s a surprise. This is $2,000.00 use it for tips and what ever. Throw it around. When the time comes you will know what its for. Be generous. The more generous you are, the fun everyone will have. Remember you all are ladies now so act like ladies but know that even ladies have fun.””But ah,I…””Shhh, it’s alright it will all make sense later, I promise.””Holy shit! I’m sorry Mom!”‘Its Ok I had the same response. Just watch your mouth.”My head spun around to see Robert walking circles around me with his mouth wide open.”Does that mean you approve?” I asked. I am not really sure why I wanted to know or even cared what he thought yet I held my breath waiting for an answer.”Hell yeah I approve!”Watch your mouth. His mother said.”What gives?” Robert asked”Sometimes a Lady just wants to feel like a lady.””RRRIIIGHT! He replied not buying it. “Robert, leave the girl alone and go check on your sisters.” His mother told him.I was glad that Ms. B came to my rescue and got Robert out of the room.”You really do look fantastic” said the strong male voice from behind me.”Thank you Mr B.” I replied, “at least someone in this house knows how to be a gentleman” Mr B continued to stare but he didn’t say anything else. Then the door ball rang and it was two of Leslie’s friends. This girl had the hottest damn friends ever. It was like I had died and went to pussy heaven I did not know how I would get through the night. One of them had on a tight ass spandex dress while the other had on some shinny pants that fit her thin legs so tight that I could see her camel toe and the separation of her panty less ass cheeks. We all knew each other but hung in different crowds. Just then I noticed that the two girls started looking upstairs. I turned just in time to see the two loveliest sights I had ever seen. They looked incredible and I was confused because I didn’t know which was which.That’s when one of them walked directly up to me and planted a kiss right on my lips. Not a friendship kiss, this was a full blown make out in front of her sister, her mother and her father. I was hesitant as first but when she put one hand behind my head and the other right on my ass. I said what the fuck and went for it. Kissing her full back. Accepting her tongue in my mouth and grinding my pussy against hers.When the kiss broke there was applause throughout the room. Lisa looked me in the eye and told me how amazing I looked. It was incredible my best friend had just turn into a sex kitten and she accepted me as a little bit of a sex kitten too.”Ok the bus is here. Time to go, but before you go I want a picture in front of the bus. “c’mon.” her mother said as she grabbed her camera.We went outside and saw this beautiful bus. After taking a few pictures we all boarded the bus. It was incredible. This was no ordinary bus it was a party bus that seating sofa style for bout 15 people. It had a full, stocked bar. And in the back there was a disco with a dance floor. The bus started driving around town and we all started drinking and having a good time. It was so much fun. I kept looking at the twins. It seemed as though they were really enjoying themselves. I noticed that they seemed to enjoy each other more than usual. They have always loved each other but in social settings they tended to go their separate ways. Not tonight, they were snug as a bug in a rug together. It was fun to watch.The bus pulled up to this fancy restaurant where we had reservations and were given the first class treatment. When the meal was over our tab was paid for, I tried to leave a generous tip but they said that it was already covered on the tab and would not take my money. What in the hell is all this money for if every thing was covered? After dinner we boarded the bus and rode around some more. At the restaurant the girls arranged for some guys to meat us, and they got on the bus and we all partied. They were nice guys and I really got into one of them. We all danced and did shots as the bus drove around town. Then the driver said we had to say good night to the guys because we had one more stop to make. As they were getting off the bus Mike stopped and planted a kiss right on my lips. It was the second surprise kiss of the evening. I heard someone say OOOOOOH In my ear. I broke the kiss to see Lisa teasing me.”Watch out Paula, people might start thinking you’re straight.” She teased me as only Lisa could.As we drove off we all waved to the guys and headed happily to the next destination.The bus stopped and suddenly the bag of money and Ms.B’ little talk all made sense. We were at the hottest male review this side of Chippendales. Drama was the spot of legends and none of us had ever been there. When the girls realized where we were they all started to scream. We hopped off the bus and happily showed the bouncer that we were all 21. Once inside the club, the music was crazy and there were naked and nearly naked men everywhere. It was so sexy watching all of the women let loose and have a good time. The manager quickly met us at the door and asked us to follow him. I though that he was taking us to our table but instead he took us upstairs to an even fancier room in the back. A man wearing only a jockstrap came in and took our orders for drinks. When he came back we tried to pay him but he said the drinks were covered. He saw the puzzled look on my face and stated that we were welcomed to tip anyone that met our fancy.Quickly I handed money to every one and told them to have a good time. Men started to come in our room and soon there were naked men and cocks all over the room. The party was on.___________________________________________I felt like it must be i*****l to have as much fun as we were. I looked over at Lisa. Having a twin never felt this good before. I watched her as Paula kissed that boy good night. I hoped Lisa would be Ok with it and she was totally cool about it. I am not sure where things are with those two and after her little display in the living room I am even more confused.But the order of the evening was fun and we were having it in truckloads tonight. Once we were in the champagne room Paula gave us a shit load of money that she said Mom had given her and that we were to spread it around and have a good time. This was a night full of surprises.Just then I heard the chant of Go Lisa, Go Lisa. I looked up to see my “shy,” “tomboy” sister bent over the sofa while a man wearing a cock sock thong was behind her grinding away. Now the two of us got dressed together and are wearing the same thing she was so I know that hard cock is rubbing against her exposed pussy. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Shortly all of the dancers left the room and we were alone just us girls. We didn’t know what had happened until a voice came from the sound system announcing the feature attraction. “Ladies, the Champagne Room at the Drama club proudly presents the feature performer of the evening. Give a drama club welcome the Bone Ranger.”In came a man in a white hat and black mask like the Lone Ranger. He had on a vest a pair of riding chaps and a cock sock. He danced into the room and his cock hung half way to his knees. His body was like that of a god, so hard and chiseled. He made my pussy wet just looking at him. He danced around the room keeping his distance at first. I guess he wanted us to beg for it. It was working because we all started to chant Bone Ranger Bone Ranger. Then I was shocked to see Lisa jump up and start dancing with him. She got him to take off his chaps then off came his vest she ground her pussy up against his cock sock then before long she wanted the real mccoy. So she pulled his cock sock down and exposed his beautiful man meat. I was in awe of my sister and a bit jealous, the way she worked this guy over. She stroked his cock in her hand then the girls started to chant Go Lisa again. Lisa grabbed a glass of champagne. Downed it in one swallow. Dropped to her knees and started sucking this guys cock. Everyone cheered her on, especially Paula who at some point in the night had taken her pants off and was just wearing her top and no panties.I wanted to get in on the action and was not about to be out done by my shy sister. So I pulled my dress over my head and wearing just my stockings and heels stepped up behind the stripper and played with his ass as I danced behind him. His body felt so good and hard. He had on just a bit of oil. Not so much as to feel icky, but just enough to feel smooth. He smelled delightful. I heard the girls chant go Leslie and I did not want to disappoint. So I squatted behind the stripper and was about to make my way around the help Lisa suck his cock when my heart stopped. On the side of his butt cheek was a small mark that look like the map of Africa. Just like mine. I quickly stood up. I had too see. I had to know. I looked him directly in the eye and saw it. A look that I had seen before a look that had always provided me with comfort. Except now there anything but comfort. There was terror. What had we done? What were we doing? And what would become of our family? My poor mother was at home while we were destroying her life. Then it hit me. Mom had set this up. She was no victim here. She was the perpetrator. My mind went blank I was standing there with my dad’s arm around my waist naked except for stockings and my sister socking his cock. Oh my god, I had forgotten about Lisa. I looked down and she was working Daddy’s cock like a pro. She had one hand stroking him while the other worked his balls. Daddy had his hand on her head and was fucking her face while she sucked with gusto. The sight was surreal. Looking at my sister suck Daddy’s cock was like watching a movie of me doing it. It was so confusing. Yet it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.I leaned in close to my father and said, “Daddy what’s happening? What’s happening to me?””Its Ok Baby, Daddy Loves. He loves you both.””But what about Mom?””It was her idea. She wanted tonight to be special. She wanted this for you because she loves you.”My head was spinning. I looked down at Lisa unwittingly suck her father’s cock and thought that ignorance is bliss. Daddy’s hand was still on my ass and I could feel him start to stroke me with more confidence. I lost all sense of reason and planted a hot and heavy kiss on Daddy’s lips. Daddy met my aggression with his own, and we kissed hard and passionately. Lisa stood up from sucking his cock and I stood in front of him looked him right in the eye and said, “Fuck me Daddy I need your cock in me.” In no time at all Daddy had me down on the sofa with my legs spread wide and his cock deep in my pussy. I looked around the room and saw my two friends were both playing with their pussies while Lisa was sitting on the table spread eagle with Paula eating her pussy. I lost track of how many times I came that night and when Daddy finished with me he fucked Lisa, while Paula was sitting on her face.Around 2:00 that morning we were worn out and our birthday was officially over so we boarded the bus and headed home. On the bus Lisa snuggled up close to me with her head resting on my chest. Half way home she raised her head looked at me and said, “wasn’t daddy great?””You Knew?””of course I knew””When? How?””When I pulled his chaps off. You don’t think you are the only one who knows his birthmark do you?”

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