Falling behind on my rent

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Falling behind on my rentSo my name is Dean, but on a weekend when I lock myself away in my flat I become Diana.So my dad left my mom years ago and she now found true love with Graham who was a complete knob, so when mom told me he was moving in it was clear to me she wanted me to move out.I had a job working in a warehouse which gave me hours some weeks, but others when the work dropped off there was nothing or very little.I knew I had to move out so I found a one bed flat over the local Asian corner shop, which was cheap but small. I walked into the shop and spoke to the shop keeper and asked about the flat and asked if there was any way I could do work around the shop to work off the rent.The shop keeper didn’t seem keen on letting me have the room if I was already asking if I could do work around his shop to work off the rent.So a long story short a couple of weeks later I walked into the shop and the shop keeper said are you the young man who wanted to rent my flat, yes I said with hope in my eyes. The shop keeper said come with me and asked the young lad behind the counter to watch the shop as he lead me out the side door and then along a corridor and up some stairs.The flat was very small only one room, a bathroom and a bedroom, the kitchen was part of the living room which made it odd when cooking food because the smell would stay in the flat all night.The shop keeper told me it was two weeks in advance if I dropped a week behind he would kick me out the flat by Friday of that week. He told me the table and chairs, the old couch and bed could stay if I wanted them, or I would need to remove them as he felt it offered more towards the rent of the flat.I stated I was good with leaving the stuff in the flat and I would just bring a new mattress for the bed. The shopkeeper said he could get me one cheap and asked me for £30. I was shocked but happy and paid him the money, so I was all set to move in that weekend.The day came and I moved my limited amount of stuff into my new flat. I was so excited I would be able to walk around my new flat in the nude, dressed as a girl, or anything else I felt like doing on the day. I unpacked my limited number of girls clothes, most of them were my mom’s old clothes that I had stolen over the years when I found they fit me perfect and made my ass look good.So the first couple of weeks all was good I had lots of work and the money was coming in to pay the bills, then work dropped off and I was only getting two or three days a week. I knew my money was running low so I stayed in and spent most of my time walking around the flat in my mother’s stockings and suspenders, tight little summer pants, silk robe or basque. I took loads of pictures and uploaded them to lots of sites seeing what people thought of my crossdressing body. But then we moved into week 4 and my money was almost gone. I needed more work but the boss didn’t even allow me to explain why I needed pendik escort the work he just said you will get work when it is there.I had enough for 2 more weeks then I was totally out of money and knew I had nowhere to go. I went to see my mom asking if she would help me out, but her new fella just told me to fuck off and leave them alone. I don’t even know if my mom was there, he wouldn’t let me in the house.So I went back to the shop to see if the shop keeper would let me do some work around his shop. The boy in the shop told me the shopkeeper was out but he would let him know I had been down looking for him.I went back to my room feeling down and stressed. I thought it would be a good idea to have a couple of fo drinks and relax and wait to see what tomorrow brings. I logged onto a website to see if anyone liked my crossdressing pictures. There was a guy on there who was telling me he found me sexy and would love me to be his girl, he was saying all the right things and getting me horny and excited I might find someone to share my secret life with.He asked for pictures of me in just stockings and suspenders and high heels. I finished my drink, fixed another one then stripped off and started to put on my stockings and suspenders. I left my moms knickers and silk robe on for the first coupe fo pictures. He then sent me pictures of his big cock and asked me to send him pictures of just me in the stockings and suspenders and high heels.The booze and my need to find someone to share my secret with overwhelmed me and allowed me to strip down to take the pictures for him. He then got me to do a webcam link with him and walk around my flat allowing him to see my ass and long legs, then to bend over and place my little tight ass by the camera so he could see how tight and small my ass was.I had consumed way too much booze and should have turned the camera off, but I was enjoying all of his complements and seductive comments around my body and what he wanted to do to me. There was a knock at the door and we laughed saying it was him outside and he had come over to claim me as his. I was drunk and believed him when he said it was him. If I had been sober I would have known it wasn’t him, but my drunken state made me get up and walk to the door under his instruction in just my near-naked state.I opened the door and turned around and bent over and pushed my ass towards him standing in the doorway allowing him to see my sexy ass and take advantage of me. The issue was it turns out it wasn’t him as he was just playing me up on the webpage.It was the shopkeeper who just stood there looking at me in stockings and suspenders, my mom’s thong and her six-inch high heel shoes. I bent over and looked back through my legs expecting my sexy chat buddy to be there, but was horrified to see the shopkeeper stood there looking at my ass.I screamed and ran into my bedroom slamming çekmeköy escort the door behind me. After around 5 minutes I had covered my body in a manly housecoat then walked out into my flat with my slippers on and no sign of my female attire.The shopkeeper was now sat on the old sofa he had left in the apartment looking around the room then at his watch. I apologised for my near-naked state and said it had been for a joke for a friend who should have been here around the same time.The shopkeeper held my laptop up from his seat on the sofa and said yes I can see from your chat room discussions. I squealed and ran over to him to grab my laptop from his hands. I looked at the screen and could see he had been chatting with the guy who was making out it was him at the door. I didn’t know what to say or do, so I got up and walked over to the table, placed my laptop down then turned to him to ask why he was here.He smiled and said you asked for me to come to see you too see if there was any work for you in my shop.I went red and said yes I remember now.The shopkeeper stood up and said no I am sorry there isn’t any work for someone like you in my shop, as he turned to walk towards the door I noticed a large bulge running down the inside of his trouser leg.I walked after him and held his arm and begged him to think about any job no matter how bad it was. I explained I needed the work to pay the rent or I would be out of money in two weeks. The shopkeeper smiled and I noticed the bulge in his pants got a lot bigger and made my eyes open wide, he looked to be around 9 or 10 inches.My little dick lurched inside my man pants as the shopkeeper told me he would let me have a week’s free rent if I was to go and put my sexy clothes back on that he saw me in when he was stood at the door.I asked him how would I know I could trust him and was he just doing this to make me feel silly.He turned to walk out the door and just shrugged his shoulders and muttered something under his breath.I grabbed his arm and pulled him towards me. I looked into his eyes and begged him to give me work in his shop. He just looked at me and said you want a week’s free rent go dress like a girl, if not get out my flat next week.I took a chance and let my hand drop to the large bulge I could see hanging down the side of his trousers and squeezed it looking into his eyes saying OK please sit down and I will go dress like a girl for you. I closed the door and led him by his hard cock over to the sofa then pushed him down and turned to walk away. I felt his hand slap and try to grope my ass as I walked away.I went into my bedroom and pulled on my girly clothes, then with butterflies in my stomach and my little cock throbbing like crazy I walked back out to see what the shopkeeper wanted from me.I was told to take off my moms silk robe as soon as I walked out. I was then made to walk around maltepe escort the flat bending over and spreading my legs to allow him to look at my ass and little white cock.The shopkeeper then stood up and said he wasn’t sure I had done enough to warrant a week’s rent. I walked towards him begging him to be nice to me and allow me to stay for an extra week. Once I was close enough he reached out and pulled me towards him, his hands dropped to my ass and he started to grope and feel all over my ass.I looked into his eyes and he just moves his face forward and kissed me, his hands went inside my knickers and his finger slipped into my ass. I wanted to push him away but knew he was my last chance at keeping my flat.He moved his face away from me and pushed me down towards his hard cock. I dropped to my knees and then looked up into his eyes, he just pulled his hard cock out and slapped me round the face with it, he then forced it into my mouth and without a word, he just fucked my mouth like it was a woman’s pussy.I was still half drunk, here I was allowing the shopkeeper to fuck my mouth while I knelt before him in just stockings and suspenders and 6 inch high heels, my knickers had long since been removed as he slipped his fingers into my tight ass.I felt so sexy yet dirty at the same time. Was I really allowing the shopkeeper to fuck my mouth for a week’s rent? His cock was really nice and big, it filled my mouth and made me gag every time he shoved it into my mouth with full force.I put both my hands around his cock to stop him ramming it down my throat, plus also hoped it would make him cum sooner as I really gripped his large brown cock with both hands.It worked I felt his lovely big cock grow even bigger then fill my mouth with his cum. He pushed me away and told me that would allow me a week’s free rent, but he would not allow that to be all if I didn’t have the money for next week.I jumped up and followed him to the door begging him to give me work in his shop, he turned around grabbed me and slammed me against the wall of my room. He looked into my eyes and said I was a slut and he didn’t want a slut being around his nice family.He then let his hands run down my body and feel my ass as his other hand tweaked my nipple. I tried to kiss him but he just slapped my face away calling me a dirty white cock sucking slut. I didn’t know what to do or say to keep him there to see if I could offer him something else.He turned me to face the wall spanked my ass five or six times, then just walked out of the door without saying a word.I was lost for what to say or do. I then heard a noise coming from the table, it was the guy I had been talking to before the shopkeeper arrived. He called me over to the laptop and then played me back the video he had managed to record from my live video chat with him, it wasn’t the best and you could see me from a side angle sucking the shopkeepers cock, you could see some bits of me walking around in my stockings and suspenders and high heels.He sent me the link to the video and asked when he could come over and feed me his big black cock. He sent me a picture and I knew I needed to suck his cock real soon.If you like it and want more and longer story then you know what to do

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