FIELDS OF DESIRE (a Lesbian tale) – Part 1

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FIELDS OF DESIRE (a Lesbian tale) – Part 1FIELDS OF DESIRE (a lesbian tale) – PART 1Note: The events detailed in this story, although somewhat credible, are totally fictitious. These farms never existed.————————————————-In some parts of Germany, immediately after the war, selected Allied female military personnel, called WACs (Women Auxiliary Corps), were given a rather unusual job. They would look over groups of 25 to 50 German women, each group working on a large farm planting, watering and generally taking care of producing large quantities of vegetables. Each farm had a dormitory, kitchen and outdoor toilets. Each farm was supervised by six WACs, each from a different country (USA, Great Britain, Canada, France, Holland and Greece). A number of farms existed in the area we are looking at and they were side by side. Their production helped feed the rest of Germany. The German women were not prisoners per se, they were German citizens, widows mainly, who had lost their home and exchanged room and board for work in the fields. The youngest were in their early 20s, the oldest were nearly 60. Most had not slept with a man for years. All were horny. The place was a nest of lesbians.The men who had written up the rules and regulations for these farms had not covered sexual activities since all involved were female (it had not occurred to them that lesbians existed). Therefor sex was not at all forbidden between the German women, actually it was not forbidden for any woman. Therefore it was rather a daily occurrence that every night, in the dormitory, a woman would slip into another woman’s bed and the two would have sex. Sex also occurred in the fields during working hours. The Allied WACs had noticed this practice quite early during their assignment. At least 80% of the WACs were lesbians or bisexuals. One nest of lesbians was supervising another. Paradise. The supervising staff slept in the same dormitory as the German girls, only they were gathered together in one row near the main entrance. Our story begins about three weeks into the first program of these experimental farms. It was an explosive situation which was never reported on by the military and is related here for the first time.————————————————————————————————————“Did you hear the raucous around midnight last night ?”, asked Shirley, the American soldier.“You had to be deaf or very tired”, laughed Annika, the Dutch girl“Was there a fight ?”, asked Paulette, the French girl“No..more like a fuck”, added Shirley.All the girls having breakfast laughed. Shirley was American and the leader of the group. She was tall, lean and loud and originated from the Midwest. Gladys was British. Short, stocky and busty, she was the classic butch. Joyce, the Canadian, a farm girl herself, had a nice full body and had just joined the group. Both Annika, the Dutch girl, and Paulette, the French cutie, were both blondes, rather attractive, and sexually very active. Ritsa was Greek, dark-skinned, rather plain and shy but could surprise everyone with her sexual depravity. All these women were between 20 and 35. “Who was involved ?”, asked Paulette“God güvenilir bahis şirketleri only knows…at least two couples…”, said Shirley“Actually three couples”, added Annika, the Dutch girl, “I got up and watched”. “Oh you dirty little wench”, cried Gladys, the Brit who had kept silent since the start.“ was dark..and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a fight”, pleaded Annika“You got an eyeful ?”, asked Joyce, rolling her eyes at the cute blonde “I bet Gerda was involved”, added Gladys, elbowing Annika, “Did she see you ?”.“Gerda was on top of some tall slim girl. I don’t think she saw me”, answered the Dutch girl, a little embarrassed.“Who else was involved ?”, asked Paulette who persisted with her first question.“It was dark. Two of them were in 69, one was under the sheets so I didn’t see her but I think the other was Margarete. Ursula was part of the third couple. I didn’t recognize the other girl,”concluded Annika“I bet Ursula was having her tits sucked”, said Gladys with a broad smile.“I bet you would love to suck those big titties”, mocked Annika“Damn right I would”, cried Gladys, sticking her tongue out at Annika“Where are you going to stick that lovely tongue ?”, moaned Gladys, blowing a kiss at the blonde“Ok…ok…ladies…enough of that…we have work to do”, commanded Shirley who led the teamAs they got up from the breakfast table, Gladys brushed against Annika who kissed her on the back of the neck.“I said that was enough”, screamed Shirley at the two lesbians“Ok..ok…can’t even cuddle anymore”, complained Gladys under her breathJoyce, the Canadian peacemaker, stepped between the British and the American girl as she smelled trouble between the two dykes.Ritsa, the Greek WAC, who had been silent all along, asked “Can we fuck with the German women ?”. Dead silence followed. Nobody has talked about this subject openly before.“Nothing in the rule book says you can’t”, stated Shirley formally “but be careful, discreet and don’t start any fights. Just use your head”. “I wanted to use my cunt”, whispered Ritsa so everyone could hear. Everyone went out of the room that morning at least with a smile on their face. ——————————————————————————————————————-The German women did the work in the fields. Rotating assignments took care of basic cleaning of the barracks and keeping the dormitory’s sheets cleaned and beds made. Sunday was a day off for washing, reading and relaxing. The German women were not allowed to leave the farm or receive visitors. The military personnel took care of managing the work, dealt with the equipment, the transportation of the vegetables, and any other matters. The WACs were dressed in their uniforms: short tight navy skirts and blazers. When the weather was warm, they took off the blazers and walked around in their white blouses. The German women were dressed very simply in summer dresses or skirts and shirts. Shirley had gone to town with Ritsa in the truck to pick up linen bags for the vegetables. This had left Paulette and Joyce to walk the fields and make sure all the German women were at work. Annika wrote many languages and was in charge of radio messages. bahis siteleri She walked into the tiny radio room near the dining room and Gladys silently followed her. Annika looked surprised when the British girl grabbed her from behind and put her arms around her waist. The Dutch blonde pretended to struggle but both knew it was just a put on. Although one was stocky and plain and the other tall and cute, these two had been smelling each other out since they had arrived. It had been obvious to all the girls who had seen them purring at each other, that they were on the verge of mating. Only Shirley, who fancied herself the dominating butch, had reservations about the situation since she fancied Annika. The women had taken off their blazers and were now kissing passionately, smearing their bright red lipstick over each other’s cheeks. They didn’t speak but both were breathing heavily. They didn’t even bother taking off their blouses. Suddenly Annika stopped.“What’s the matter”, asked Gladys“What if Shirley comes back ?”, worried Annika“She’s gone for at least an hour and, besides, we’ll hear the truck”, reassured the British girlAnnika pulled her skirt down and was about to slide out of her panties. Gladys stopped her.“Let me”, she whisperedGladys knelt in front of the blonde and kissed her belly, her mouth continuing its downward voyage, more skin being uncovered as the panties were pulled down. She buried her mouth and nose in Annika blonde silky triangle. Gladys worked quickly. She licked Annika’s wet open slit with her full flat tongue while she slipped her hand between her lover’s thighs and reached the area between Annika’s buttocks which she knew would please her. It took only a few minutes for Annika to whimper an orgasm which covered Gladys’ face with sticky juices. The women didn’t waste time with romantic talk. In other more formal and comfortable circumstances, Gladys would mounted Annika and they would have rubbed cunts to completion. In this situation, Gladys quickly changed places with Annika who pulled the British girl’s white panties down and right away began lapping at her lover’s pink crack. Gladys had shaved it before she arrived at the farm. Annika took the big clit between her plump lips and began to suck it while she moved her finger in and out of Gladys’ cunt hole. The British butch was not used to being sucked. Gladys took her partner’s hand and moved it towards her clit. Annika quickly caught on and began to rub Gladys’ clit with some vigour. The British butch did not take long before she humped Annika’s hand until a half-squirt shot through the blonde’s fingers. ———————————————————————————————————————— Paulette’s instructions were to show newcomer Joyce the extent of the vegetable gardens and also make her presence known to the German workers (although there was no formal introduction). Joyce’s grandparents had come to Canada from Austria at the end of the 19th century and she could at least understand most of the German spoken here (and she spoke a bit). “Are you into girls ?”, Paulette asked bluntly, as was her manner. “I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t”, answered Joyce smiling“When canlı bahis the opportunity arises, I would like to fuck with you”, the French girl said, obviously not used to the smooth approach.“I would be pleased and honored”, answered the Canadian farm girl with a large grinThe women had reached the end of the first garden (the others had just been seeded) and the German ladies were busy picking up different vegetables. One middle-age lady shouted something and the women stopped working, sitting on the ground or on small benches surrounding the fences. Some had brought a lunch. “Break time”, said Paulette, “Keep your eyes peeled”. There were the obvious remarks about Joyce’s anatomy which pleased her. That stopped when the German women realized she could understand them. They were very afraid of being reprimanded and worst, kicked out of the program. Paulette elbowed Joyce and showed her what was preparing a hundred yards from them. A dark-haired young lady had reached under her dress and thrown her panties at another young woman 10 feet away sitting between two rows of beets. Some women laughed. The young woman receiving the gift put it to her nose and smiled, looking at where the panties had been thrown. The older women, including the girls’ mothers, pointed at each other. The young lady finally gave in, although everyone knew she wanted to, and pulled off her panties and threw them at her suitor. The two WACs were watching this with interest. Some of the older women stood and made a wall to keep the session private. Paulette made a gesture with both hands suggesting that they sit down and let them watch. They even approached the group. One woman had taken off her dress and laid it on the ground, the other young lady joined her carrying her dress over her forearm. Both were naked now. After some brief kissing and breast pinching, the two lesbians lay on the dress in 69 and began to suck cunt. “Now … that’s interesting”, Joyce commented to her French friend“I think it was planned since the shower this morning..or breakfast”, replied Paulette, kneeling near the woman for a better view.The two young ladies were quite hairy and their pubic area covered a good part of their mouth as they continued to lick and suck.“She’s using her nose to rub her clit as she’s licking her….interesting”, Joyce commented admiringly.The other German women just watched, some with a hand under their skirt, others just smiling. No one had expected the WACs to stop the encounter. “You like ?”, said one German lady to Joyce“Yes….very good…technique…”, answered Joyce in German“You fuck with her ?”, she asked pointing to Paulette“No…not yet….I’ve just arrived”, answered Joyce nonchalantly“What did she say ?”, asked Paulette who had stood up again“She asked if we had fucked”, bluntly answered the CanadianAs they were talking, the two young ladies in 69 screamed their pleasure in each other’s open cunt. They got up, put on their dress, and joined their group as if nothing had happened.Everyone clapped including the two WACs. Paulette approached Joyce and put her arms around her waist. From the corner of her eye, Joyce could see the truck driven by Shirley pull into the driveway.“Tomorrow morning at break…we will both try to be here…to fuck”, said Joyce in German to the women.Catcalls and cheers greeted the announcement.“What did you say ?”, asked Paulette.“Tomorrow we’ll fuck each other in front of this crowd ”, answered the Canadian calmlyEND OF PART 1

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