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First Pt2There we were, waiting for Sarah to get out of work. Joe and I had just been out about town having some fun and smoking some really good pot. We were nicely buzzed and just kicking back enjoying the Summer night, leaning against the car while waiting. I’m having a hard time waiting, because I inevitably get horny when I smoke and Sarah and I hadn’t fucked for a few days.When Sarah finally got out of work, we jumped in the car with her driving. The plan was to take Joe home then go to Sarah’s house, so we could spend the night together. We were talking about some of the things we’d done while Sarah was in work. Knowing us it most likely involved a sleazy teen movie, which would be another reason for me to be horny. I loved my titty flix. As we’re talking, Sarah reached over and started rubbing my cock through my pants.I know she must really be horny too, because she doesn’t usually get this way in front of other people. I reached over and started rubbing her. I could tell it was distracting her because she started to lose track of the conversation, hell to be honest, I did too. It wasn’t long before one of us let out the inevitable moan.”Hey, what’s going on up there?”, Joe called from the back seat.Sarah and I looked at each other with wicked grins, and she pulled over into a parking lot near Joe’s apartment. Since we’d been smoking earlier, I was horny as hell. Combine Sarah’s mood with the fact that Joe and I had our earlier encounter, I decided to go for it. I reached back over the bench seat and put my hand firmly on Joe’s cock.”This is what’s going on”, I said.I wasn’t sure how this would go over. Sarah and I hadn’t really talked much about what Joe and I had done, and it had been over a year since we had played with each other. My fears were eased a bit, because Joe just closed his eyes and moaned. Encouraged, I got up to my knees, leaned further back over the seat and unzipped his pants. I slowly reached my hand into his now open pants and rubbed his stiffening cock and balls through his underwear. It didn’t take long before I couldn’t take it anymore and I pulled his cock out of his pants. I’d forgotten how beautiful his cock was. Between 7 and 8 inches long, about 1 ½ inches thick, circumcised with a slight curve to the left. It felt warm and smooth in my hand as I bahis firmaları started to stroke it gently. He moaned louder.Just then I was shocked to feel a pair of hands undoing my pants. I’d actually forgotten about Sarah for a minute. I was relieved to see that she wasn’t just OK with what I was doing, because she pulled out my cock and started to stroke it. My cock was a bit different than Joe’s. It’s about 7 inches, slightly shorter than his, but thicker at 2 inches. It’s also uncircumcised, so when Sarah plays with the head, it’s super sensitive. This only got me hornier.I leaned even further over the seat and took the head of Joe’s cock in my mouth. It wasn’t the first time his cock was in my mouth, but it was the first time it was erect and in my mouth. I really loved that feeling. Sarah seemed to be getting turned on by what she was seeing too, because she started stroking me faster and gripped me harder.Sarah kept her head about her a little better than Joe and I, because she reminded us that we were in a fairly well lit parking lot and we might want to take this somewhere else. We quickly decided that we should all go to Sarah’s house, as her mother was away for the weekend and we’d have the place to ourselves. She drove faster than I’d ever seen her drive, it was obvious how excited she was. I just had no idea what thought was turning her on. The idea of having 2 guys, or the idea of seeing 2 guys having fun.When we reached the house, we were all hornier than hell. The anticipation had been excruciating. We got inside and started groping like we were wild a****ls. It didn’t matter to us what we grabbed, cock, pussy, tit, we just needed some flesh in our hands. The pile of clothes that we used to be wearing grew rapidly right there next to the door. Before long I was practically chasing Sarah’s naked ass down the hall to her bedroom, while Joe chased my naked ass.We continued getting to know the feel of each others bodies for a little while. At one point I was sucking on Sarah’s tit, fingering her and stroking Joe’s incredibly hard cock. I was in heaven.Sarah broke us off, and said that she wanted to see us guys suck each other off. Question answered! Despite what happened in the car earlier, I wasn’t sure if Joe would go for it, but I just wanted to suck him dry perabet güvenilir mi at that point. I need to have his cock in my mouth and wanted to feel him explode. I didn’t think about it, and just went for it. I practically dove for his cock and started sucking like a mad man.It turned out he was very up for it. As I sucked his cock, starting with the head and working my tongue in that sensitive V under the head, then taking as much as I could into my throat, then back. It was an amazing feeling, having his hard cock in my mouth and throat. I loved every second of it. Even when my jaw got sore, I kept going. I desperately wanted to make him cum.Soon enough, he started moaning louder and bucking his hips. Then he started to push my head indicating that he was about to cum, so I should stop. There was no way in hell I was going to stop. Unlike my girlfriend, I wanted to find out what having someone cum in my mouth was like. I wasn’t sure whether I’d spit it out, or swallow, but damn it, she was going to see him cum in my mouth. Of course I hoped I wouldn’t regret that.Joe gave one last really loud moan and a grunt and started to fill my mouth with his hot cum. I was so fucking horny, I just started swallowing. He kept bucking his hips, groaning and the cum kept, well cumming. I kept swallowing, until every last warm, salty bit was gone. Damn that was fun. I couldn’t believe that I actually did it. Neither could Joe or Sarah, they were both stunned.Since Joe was dazed, and I was still hard and horny as hell, I laid on my back and had my girlfriend get on top of me in a 69. Shit her pussy was soaked. It actually dripped on my face. I just had to dive in and have a taste. I loved the way her juices mixed with the taste of cum that still lingered in my mouth.Sarah must have really like the show though, because she was sucking me like she never had before. God it was great. Before I realized what was going on, I noticed that there was a mouth on my balls, but my girlfriend was still sucking my cock. I had to look, and what I saw just turned me on even more. Joe and Sarah were sharing my cock. I dove back into her pussy and licked her like I had been poisoned and her pussy was the cure. They had me so hot I needed to keep working on her clit and tasting her juices.I tipobet wanted her to get as much out of it as I could manage, so I put a couple of fingers in her pussy. She was so wet they slipped right in. She really liked it when I’d eat her and play with her g-spot. She tended to have what we called ‘silent’ screaming orgasms. Watching her shake like that always turned me on beyond belief. She was so much wetter than normal tonight though, and I was so much hornier, add in the dope and my inhibitions were way down, so I used her juices to make her butthote slick. She hadn’t ever let me play with it before, but she knew that I was fascinated by it.With my opposite hand I stuck a couple fingers just inside her pussy enough to get then wet with her juices. Then I rubbed them on her beautiful puckered hole. All this while they were still having fun sharing my cock, but I could tell she was beginning to get distracted. I then licked the juices off her butthole and she stopped sucking my cock and moaned really loudly. Then I sucked on her clit again and she ground her pussy, with my fingers still in it, into my face. That’s when I stuck a finger from my opposite hand in her ass.She exploded. She came like I’d never seen her cum before. My face was drenched and she was just quaking on my face and fingers. Joe stopped sucking me, I’m guessing to watch Sarah. I wished I could have seen her face at this moment. Judging from how wet she was and the shaking, it must have been an incredible sight. Sarah collapsed and just started shaking and moaning, I loved it.Then Joe started sucking me like crazy. I couldn’t believe how good it felt and how different it looked to see him sucking my cock, instead of Sarah. Up until tonight, she was the only one that had ever done it. And until tonight, she made it seem like a chore. I didn’t last long. I was so far gone by this point I couldn’t even warn Joe that I was going to cum. I just started blowing my load, and he just took it right down his throat.We all laid there for a while. It felt like hours, but it could only have been a few minutes. Then we just cuddled, all 3 of us in the afterglow. It was an amazing feeling, having both of them there. After a little bit, probably 30 minutes or so, we quietly got up and went into the bathroom. There we cleaned each other up a bit.Joe had to get home, so he and I got dressed, and Sarah, still naked, said her good-bye to Joe. We got in the car and I drove him home. It was a really quiet ride, as we were over the total lust and into shock over what had happened.

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