First Time: The Incident That Made Me Gay (Part5)

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First Time: The Incident That Made Me Gay (Part5)”You dislike your own brother?” I shockingly said. I just can’t imagine howterrible this guy is.”Hey little b*o. what’s your new friend called?” Melvin’s brother askedwhile he strips.”Oh… You mean Jacky. Joe, i think Jacky has to go. So you wait for mewhile i send him home alright?” Melvin told his brother, and pushing me outof the bed. “Come on Jack! Let me see you home.”With no reply from Joe, both me and Melvin quickly got off the bed andstarted putting on clothes. Joe just stood there staring at us change, ifelt kind of uneasy. Slowly, Joe’s serious look turned into an evilgrin. He turned around and went into his own room without making a noise.”Hey Mel, thanks!” I thanked Melvin, knowing he was trying to help. But Ididn’t think that he was sacrifcing himself.”Jack, i think we shall not have our game in my house anymore. We’ll justdo it in your house, come on you got to get out of here fast!” Melvinstammered.I felt kind of dissapointed, i manage to reveal my hidden self and neverfelt so crazy before. Yet met up with a crazy brother whose own youngerbrother was afraid of.As fast we could, both of us left the house and headed straight for myhome. I told Melvin not to send me home, but he kept insisting he must. Onthe way to my homw Melvin seem to have something up his mind, he seem to beworried canlı bahis about something. I dare not ask him, thus just walk along.”Hey! Melvin! Stop, I’m home!””Huh? Oh we here, ok see you from here.””Ok bye! Here this is my phone number, call me alright?” I pass a slip ofpaper to him and went inside my house. I looked at him walk slowly away, hewalked so slowly that he might be back after bedtime. I was getting curiousabout why he seem so weird.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++A FEW DAYS LATER….++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++With no phone call from Melvin, i was getting curious. I manage to findout which school Melvin was from, I even went to his school to findhim. Until now there has been no news about him, i was getting a littleworried. Then suddenly i thought about his brother, I started to have crazynightmares about Joe. I once thought Joe tied melvin up and tortured him tohave sex with him.Therefore i decided to go to his home to check it out.The next day after school, i went to Melvin’s house. I was so worriedabout him, and about myself for a moment. I thought: what if Joe is athome? What if I get tied up too?Then the door open, i slowly raise my head and look at who is theperson.”Jack! What are you doing here?” Melvin shouted out.”Melvin? Hey man, how come bahis siteleri you havn’t called me or gone to school? Are yousick?” I asked caringly”You been to my school?””Yeah! You sick? Why are you wearing long sleeves in such warm weather?””No, I ain’t sick.””What’s with the long sleeves?” i move closer to him and tried to hold hisarm. But he just kept moving back trying to get away from me.I finally got a grip of him, i quickly lift his sleeves up. And sawtones of line marks.”Oh my god! Did your brother do this to you? Your mom and dad doesn’tknow?””Yeah! Joe did it to me after you left that day. My parents are overseas ona job trip. Come on Jack you gotta leave this instance.” Melvin pleaded me.All of a sudden, a shadow was cast over us. I pair of strong arm pushedme from behind straight away i thought of Joe.”What a lovly couple! Looks like if I don’t do anything i cant leave. Hehheh heh…””COme on Joe, havn’t you enough fun this few days. Leave Jack alone!”Melvin pleaded his brother while kneeling on the ground.”No Mel, don’t beg for me. I know you’re doing for my seek, but i ain’tgoing to leave you behind this time. Now Joe! I’ll stay if you promise toleave Melvin alone.” I mustered all my courage and told Joe.”Sure I promise, looks like i’m going to have lots of fun today. Now followme please.” Joe said. Melvin and I followed behind güvenilir bahis him, with hands heldtight together hoping for the best. Joe climbed up his bed and all of asudden a large hole was seen in the ceiling. It was an artic, after threeof us were in the artic, Joe shut the door closed. I looked around and sawthings i have never seen before. There were leather straps, wooden boards,baseball bats, a whip and lots of rops. It seen like prison to me.Joe walked towards me and grip me up and threw me on a board, then hetouched me all around, slowly taking my clothes off. I closed my eyes andrelaxed, trying not to fight back. Until i was left naked, he took a fewropes and started tying me up. He tied my hands to each corner of theboard. Then he tied each of my legs to the ropes hanging from theceiling. The ropes held my legs up into a 90 degrees bend, the ropes werekind of bouncy too. Then there was the last rope, it was tied to my ballswhich was st****d onto the board. Joe said this was to make me stay still.”Ok are you done? You can start on me now.” I said.But Joe ignored me and head straight for Melvin. This time i started topanick, i struggled a bit. But the rope to my balls forced me not to.”Hey Joe! You fat basturd! You promised me not to touch Melvin, you idoitleave him alone! Melvin RUN!!” I shouted with all my might.Joe just continued, he tied Melvin up with a rope to a stick. And lefthim there. He started stripping himself down while he left Melvin to thestick. I was furious with Joe, looks like he has something up his mindwhich we both won’t like…

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