Fond Memories of Scotland

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My love of the east coast was only beaten by the fun I enjoyed at the hands of a very wild Scottish flower, never did I think that a short break in Scotland could have been so much fun. I wanted to take myself off for a weekend to clear my head and get things straight in my life, so I thought I would get away from it all and head for Scotland to do some soul searching.

The best way I find for doing this, is to walk along the waters edge and allow the wind and sea spray to work its wonders. Therefore, that is exactly what I did. It was on my first venture out on the holiday that it happened – in no time at all, my weekend changed for the better.

I had walked just over a few miles from my hotel, working my way closer and closer to the beach. That day the weather was typically Scottish and I felt energised as I marched onwards in the bracing and blustery elements. As I climbed over the crest of the sand dunes, I was thrilled to see the huge expanse of beach spread out in front of me like on enormous door mat welcoming me home. A sight that always excites me yet calms at the same time.

I stopped to take in the breathtaking view and that is when I saw her. She was alone, standing at the waters edge, her beautiful brown hair blowing in the wind. She looked as if she were part of an enormous oil painting. Lost in thought and waiting for the return of her long lost lover to return from sea. I was mesmerised by the sight and could only stand and stare, captivated by the canvas in front of me.

As if sensing that she was being watched, she slowly turned and looked straight at me and I felt as if time had stopped. Casually, she withdrew one of her hands from her pockets and brushed away the hair that had been blowing onto her face. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

I sensed, rather than saw her smile, before her eyes looked shyly down to the sand at her feet. The spell broke as she then turned and walked away, heading down the beach to the village.

I remained rooted to the spot and watched the brown haired beauty stroll away from me. I felt warm inside as if someone had just shared a secret with me and I stood for an age simply staring at the white horses galloping towards me as the waves crashed against the rocks and cantered up the shore.

Starting to feel the cold seep into my bones I decided it was time to find some warmth and set off in the same direction as the mysterious woman had. Realising it had been a while since breakfast I decided to pop into a small café, which looked out over the bay.

As the door opened a small brass bell hit against it and announced my arrival to everyone already seated in the warm, fire lit room. Small wooden tables were dotted all around, in the centre of each was a single purple headed thistle in a little porcelain vase. The small windows and large stone walls made the café feel small and welcoming. The fire blazed away in the grate and gave off a welcome heat, in contrast to the chilling breeze from the beach.

As I gazed around the room I was pleasantly surprised to see the woman I had spotted earlier. She was sitting on her own enjoying a cup of coffee. I caught her eye as she sipped from the hand-made pottery mug and our eyes lingered for what felt like an eternity but could only have been a second. I finally broke my stare and order a pot of tea from the waitress who hovered in front of me.

A quick glance back around the room made me realise that there were no vacant tables and I immediately made the decision to approach the striking looking woman who had caught my attention twice already that day. Taking a deep breath I plucked up all the courage I could muster, “Do you mind if I join you?”

To my surprise and delight she smiled and motioned to the chair next to her. Her shy smile made my stomach flutter.

As I sat down into the chair she had noddeded to, the waitress arrived holding a small tray with my order. I waited until she had placed the cup and pot of tea on to the table in front of me and then spoke to the beautiful stranger I was sitting next to.

The words, “Can you pass the sugar please,” emerged from a dry throat and sounded squeaky and high pitched.

She laughed at my voice as if she could sense my discomfort. Although I am sure I turned a deep shade of red, my croaky voice gave us the opportunity to share a giggle and to break the ice.

“You obviously have quite an effect on me,” I admitted, hoping that my embarrassment was not so apparent on my face any more.

“It would appear so.” Her Scottish accent was heavenly on my ears and if I hadn’t already fallen in love with her on first sight, it was the sound of her voice that clinched the deal. I could have listened to her for ages.

As it turned out we did sit and chat for ages over that first coffee. My initial awkwardness soon disappeared as we discussed everything from music and films to primary schools and pensioners. I soon discovered her name was Mhairi and she had recently moved into a flat in the next fishing village up the coast. When it was obvious we could not accept any more refills we agreed to leave and retrace our steps along the beach.

As sarıyer escort we walked, we talked and as we talked, we laughed. At one point I teased her with a little joke and she gave me just the slightest nudge with her shoulder. It was the closest that we had been so far and I swear I could feel electricity spark between us as our bodies touched.

As soon as this had happened a silence developed and we walked on again conscious of the hush that now surrounded us. Hesitatingly, I reached out and took her hand in mine. It was warm and soft and it felt to me as if a jigsaw piece had just been slotted perfectly into place. I waited for her reaction but instead of turning to me or pulling back, she just gave my hand a tight squeeze and we continued along the sand as if it was the most natural thing to do.

As we neared the end of the beach, the rocks tried unsuccessfully to protect the shore as the sand was being eaten away by the waves. We left the shoreline and wandered over to the car park where she had left her car earlier. It soon became clear that she was going to leave but I somehow had the feeling that she did not really want to go. I let her hand go as she retrieved her keys from her pocket and unlocked her car. She turned, standing between the open door and the car and smiled at me. However, although her lips looked happy, her deep brown eyes appeared doleful and sad. It felt odd to be on the receiving end of the look and I could only return a confused half-baked grin accompanied by a silent shrug.

She then got in her car and started the engine. I could see her stretching for her seat belt as I watched the woman of my dreams drive out my life. I stood transfixed. My tongue clung to the top of my mouth as I remained motionless and dumbstruck. But then suddenly the car door opened and she got out. I could feel my pulse starting to race as she came towards me. She then went on to her tiptoes and kissed me gently on the side of my face. Her soft lips felt red hot against my cold, wind blown cheek.

“Can I see you again?” I managed to splutter out before she disappeared into the Scottish mist.

“I would like that,” came her simple reply. “Care to buy me dinner tonight?”

I did not have to think about my reply and stammered,” Yes of course,” before she had even finished asking the question. We both gave a relieved giggle and arranged to meet later that evening.

As I walked back to my hotel room I felt as if I were 15 years old again. I walked along garden walls and trailed my hand along railings. I was elated.

Later that night I got myself ready, choosing a cream collarless shirt and light coloured denims. A quick spray of Issey Miyake and I was ready to meet my sexy Scottish siren. We had arranged to meet in a pub, which she said was just around the corner from her flat. She had only been in the pub once before and wanted to make it her local, since she had only recently moved in to her apartment. I arrived early, obviously eager to see her again. I ordered myself a pint and sat at a table where I would be able to see her enter through the door, waiting nervously for her arrival.

I didn’t have to wait long as she walked through the door bang on time. I stood up to greet her. She looked fantastic. Her long brown hair shone and her radiant smile made my stomach contract. I asked her what she wanted to drink and she ordered a glass of Shiraz from the barman. I quickly pulled out a £10 note from my wallet and paid for her drink. I watched her as she walked from the bar to our table. She was stunning. She wore an elegant red top and a short, black skirt that was fairly tight. It showed off her curves beautifully. Then I could not help but notice her legs were covered in black nylon, which got my heart racing, was she wearing stockings?

Instead of sitting at the table I had been at, Mhairi walked past it and chose to sit in a little nook, tucked away past the corner of the bar.

I settled in beside her and soon we were chatting again like long lost friends. We ordered some food and a bottle of wine and went on to enjoy a wonderful meal together, tasting each others food as if we had been together for years, rather than only hours. Before long the conversation became decidedly flirty and I could tell from her body language that she was relishing the attention she was getting. At one point she caught me staring at her legs and she teasingly crossed them, allowing her skirt to ride up slightly, which revealed a darker band around the top. Yes. She was wearing stockings. I immediately lost the ability to speak and was instantly turned on. I emptied the last of the wine into her glass and drained my pint. When I offered to buy her another glass of wine she suggested that we went for a walk. I didn’t refuse and went quickly to pay the bill. When we got outside the pub it was already dark and taking my hand, Mhairi directed me along a path.

Our walk led us to what looked like a newly built apartment block. Its clean, sand stoned, brickwork crudely standing out from the rest of the old fisherman’s houses.

She explained that this was esenyurt escort her new flat and asked if I would like a tour. I was hardly going to refuse so I followed her in and we climbed the winding stairs which led to her apartment. We came to a stop outside her front door, which turned out to be on top floor and as I looked out the corridor window I could see a stunning view of the street lamps reflected in the water along the shore. We watched the view together and I was pleasantly surprised when Mhairi turned to me and kissed me gently on the lips. Her soft, sweet mouth felt heavenly on mine and I could feel her tongue gently press against my lips. I had never experienced such a tender but passionate kiss before.

Breaking the spell and pulling away from me, she hastily plucked her keys from her handbag and let herself into the flat. Politely holding the door open for me, I quickly joined her and closed the door behind us. Her apartment was beautiful. I felt as if I had walked into a show house. She gave me a short tour and I found myself speechless. I also made the decision there and then that there was no way she was seeing my house.

She opened up the French doors in her living room and told me to have a look before disappearing into the kitchen. I wandered out onto the small terrace. A glass screen cordoned off the area, which held an appealing lounger, a small table and a few plants. I could not believe the scene that unfolded in front of me. Her balcony had the most fantastic sea view. As I stood looking out over the Forth I could practically feel the spray on my face. The salty sea air nipped at my cheeks as Mhairi joined me with two glasses of wine in her hand.

“This is fantastic. I can’t believe the view.”

“Stunning, isn’t it? I can’t see myself ever wanting to leave here.” She said sweeping her hand over the vista.

“Why would you want to?” I exclaimed, thankfully accepting the offered glass.

Mhairi placed her glass on the table and then bent over to pull a weed from a container of grasses. I don’t know if she did it deliberately but I suddenly had a much better view than the balcony offered. I could see the tops of her stockings and the beautiful, smooth, soft skin of her upper thigh. Unable to resist, I immediately went over to her and put my glass down next to hers. Straightening up, she looked over her shoulder at me and gave a small smile. She knew exactly what she was doing. I placed my hands on her waist and softly kissed her cheek, moving down I grazed her neck with my mouth. She tossed her hair aside, allowing me to gently kiss along her collar bone and nibble her ears. I could hear her breathing change slightly and then she surprised me once more by turning and kissing me passionately on the mouth. Eagerly, I returned the kiss and soon our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths as our hands roamed all over each other’s bodies. I could have stayed there kissing her for hours on that balcony as we relished getting to know each other physically, not caring that anyone on the beach could see us. The cold sea air, in contrast to her hot mouth was creating a unique sensation and I could feel myself starting to harden. I think she knew the effect she was having on me as her hand reached down and started to rub over the front of my jeans. My hand sought out her breast and I fondled it slowly. The nipple protruded through the skimpy material of her blouse and I ran my thumb over it making it stand to attention. She had great tits and I wanted to suckle them so badly. I started to undo the buttons of her blouse and as I did, I could feel her hands struggle with the button of my trousers but it soon relented under her dextrous fingers as did the zip of my denims. I was so hard by this time I was relieved to have the tight confines of my jeans loosened and not to be so restricted. Her hand snaked down my stomach and, as I have a hatred for boxers, she soon found out I was going commando.

I bit my lip as she took my now rock-solid cock in her hand. She had a delicate touch as she slowly pulled back my foreskin. The cold night air encircled it and I twitched in anticipation. By now I had managed to open the front of her blouse and was rewarded with the sight of her ample breasts being cupped by a black satin bra. My hands reached out and massaged them both at the same time over the glossy satin before I undone the clasp of the black underwear and touched the deliciously bare skin of her breasts. Just as I was about to lower my head and take one of her dark, cherry red nipples into my mouth, she sank to her knees in front of me and I held my breath as she took my hardness into her mouth.

Fucking hell. It was amazing. The contrast of her hot mouth compared to the biting cold air was immense. Her tongue flicked all around the head of my penis. Probing and licking and teasing. Her hand ran itself up and down my length as her mouth sucked hard on the end of my cock.

My hands ran through her hair as her lips closed over my shaft and she took my entire length into her mouth. It was unbelievable. To think that only hours before I had never met this woman and she was now giving avrupa yakası escort me the most fantastic head, was astonishing. I tried thinking of something else other than the fantastic sensation happening to my cock as I wanted this to last but suddenly I could hardly hold back. I think it was a result of having such an enjoyable day coupled with Mhairi knowing exactly what she was doing. I was at her mercy. She grabbed at my buttocks, pulling herself on to me, taking me deeper than she had already, her hands pulling my cheeks slightly apart. I could feel one of her fingers starting to gently tease around my anus and just as I thought she was going to plunge a finger inside me, I came. I came so hard and so unexpectedly her lips still held me tightly in place and I could feel my semen spurt into the back of her mouth. I pictured it trickling down her throat and gave a final push, forcing out the last of the hot white liquid from my cock. I let go of her head suddenly realising that I had been holding tightly on to her hair as I had ejaculated and looked down at her. She sat back, grinning up at me, literally licking her lips like the cat that got the cream.

I helped her up to her feet and then tucked myself in. My now sensitive cock grazed against the harsh material of my jeans and I timidly zipped up my fly. Mhairi walked past me back into the apartment and I followed her in, now glad to be out of the cold.

I sat on the couch and took a large gulp of my wine, glad to be sitting down after the knee shaking experience I’d just taken so much pleasure in. Mhairi had disappeared into one of the rooms, which, thanks to the tour, I knew to be her bedroom. When she returned I nearly choked on the mouthful of wine I had just taken. She was still wearing her heels as she walked into the room but she had discarded her skirt and blouse. All she wore was the black satin bra I had seen earlier accompanied by a matching tiny thong, suspenders and stockings. She looked fantastic, like a model on a catwalk and surprisingly I could feel my cock starting to stir into life already.

I hadn’t noticed earlier that she clutched something in her hand when she had first emerged from the bedroom but now I realised that she held something, which looked remarkably like a vibrator. I couldn’t believe it. The woman in front of me was constantly surprising me and I loved it.

Quickly I set my drink down and walked over to her. I kissed her deeply, my hands immediately going to her bare bum and grasping her beautiful buttocks. Her arse felt great, it was smooth, round and firm. I turned her so she could lean against the back of the couch. Kissing her once more, I allowed my hands to glide down her sides. Her hour-glass figure felt great to my touch. I nuzzled in at her neck as my hand stroked over the top of her bra. Reaching behind her I unfastened it and peeled the black satin from her body. Her skin felt so soft and silky as my hands caressed her naked breasts, taking each nipple in turn and rolling them between my thumb and finger. I could hear her sigh as I bent my head and nibbled on one of them. Then sucking hard on it, I pulled it into my mouth and ran my tongue over the contours of the areola. My hand grabbed at her other breast squeezing it coarsely and making her back arch.

I tried to memorise her every curve as my hands continued to wander over her body. As they smoothed over her hips, I hooked my thumbs into her thong and pulled it down to reveal a perfect strip of pubic hair and a small tattoo of a ladybird. I could feel her wriggle them down further until they fell unhindered past her knees. I then sensed her leg kicking them from her ankle as I continued to run my hands over her hips and thighs. She now wore nothing but the black suspender belt and her stockings. I stood back and admired her. Her breasts sat round and proud, punctuated with the dark hard nipples I had recently savoured. The straps of her suspender belt squarely framed her pubic hair and I could not wait to run my tongue down the middle of her inviting pussy. Wanting to tease her but also to give myself some recovery time I sank to my knees in front of her and parted her legs. I started to kiss her inner thigh, licking and nibbling all around the tops of her stockings. She smelt musky as I drew ever nearer to the lips of her vagina but mischievously I refused to touch the very place I knew she yearned to be stroked as she kept writhing and moving her hips towards me. The aroma of her sex grew mustier the more aroused she got and I needed to know how she tasted. Unable to wait any longer I drew the tip of my tongue down the centre of her lips until it reached the entrance to her vagina and plunged my tongue deep inside her. I could feel her hands at the back of my head forcing my face against her now soaking, wet pussy. Drawing back slightly I licked at her clitoris, using my tongue to massage and encircle it; I felt it engorge under my touch. I then moved down, lapping up her juices, she tasted divine as I drank her in. Mhairi purred and moaned as I continued to stimulate her with my tongue, sucking and flicking. As I moved to try and push my tongue deeper and deeper inside her, my hand knocked against something hard on the floor. Realising it was the vibrator, I looked up but her eyes were closed. From her expression I could see she was taking great pleasure from my tongue and mouth. I flicked the switch on the vibrator and witnessed her eyes suddenly fly open. She looked down at me and beamed. “Oh yes please,” she moaned.

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