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Big Dick

It was a forbidden vacation to begin with, so it only made sense to experiment with forbidden fruit. Here I was, a 48-year-old man with a serious relationship at home, in a high dollar hotel with a woman only 12 days younger than myself. I had met her on the Internet in a chatroom a couple years before that and we had struck up a friendship that had gradually led to cyber sex, then to phone sex, and finally to this meeting.

She was from the east coast and I was a mid-western guy and our cultural differences obvious to me when we first became friends. I was a laid back type and her life was one of constantly on the run. We were to be together for three nights and four days and I had no intentions of letting her run.

We had met in a city slightly closer to me than her but I was driving and she was flying out. I had picked her up at the airport and we kissed and I knew it was going to be electric. She had a very nice body, especially for our age! I could only have wished I looked half as good as she did!

Within moments of getting back to our room, we were all over each other. We had both talked about sex in the shower so that was where we headed first. We let the hot water rinse us both clean while we played with each other. My hands were massaging her tits as hers fondled my balls and cock. I knew she loved to have those huge dark brown nipples sucked and I was there to please her! She lay back against the shower wall as I sucked and chewed those big ol’ nips. She was moaning and sighing more than any woman I had ever been with and I loved it.

Pretty soon, my mouth slipped down her belly and I began to suck at her clit. I was once again amazed as I parted her pussy lips and saw how large her clit was! I was sucking and nipping at it and all the while thinking it was almost a small cock! I buried my nose against that clit and shoved my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could. I thought she was coming unglued when she orgasmed over and over.

It took her a couple of minutes to catch her breath and I thought we were going to dry off and go to the bed. As I started to leave the shower, she grabbed me and pulled me back in with her. She kissed me with her tongue going deep into my mouth. Slowly her mouth parted from mine and she kissed her way to my own nipples and she began to softly suck them. I could barely keep from falling over as she worked them back and forth. Her eyes kept looking up at me and I knew she was enjoying this more than I was.

She kissed down my belly and around my sides, then made her way to my thighs. She kissed and licked her way all around my cock but never touched it and I was almost in agony! I made a mental note between my own gasps to return that favor to her. When she finally gave in and moved to my cock, I was so excited that I exploded in thirty seconds but it was one of the best thirty-second periods of my life! She must have known I was pendik escort going to blow and she had my cock deep in her throat when I came. She sucked and swallowed and finally got it all taken in. We played in the shower a bit longer, dried off and then took a nap!

The rest of our stay was nothing but sex. It was a Thursday and we didn’t have to leave until Sunday checkout time. It was a wild and sex filled next couple of days. I can barely remember but I know we started each day with oral sex and finished each day the same way. She would suck me for a few minutes and then we would fuck for a while. When she got good and hot, I would sneak down and eat her wet pussy. I love eating pussy and could almost live on pussy until I starved to death. I especially love eating a pussy I have just fucked for 15-20 minutes and that’s how we started and ended the days. After I had gotten her off a couple of times, she would begin to gobble at my cock like she was searching for life sustaining juice.

By Saturday we were almost sexed out and decided that since it was our last night together, we might ease off a bit during the day so we could fuck all night. We went to a movie in a near by theater and I played with her pussy through most of the show. I have no idea of what the movie was but it didn’t matter.

We got back to the room about 8PM and took a quick shower together again. I have learned as I aged to be able to cum fairly quickly or to fight off the initial urge to cum and then fuck for over an hour or more. It was early and I decided to make it a quickie and go for the long play later in the night. It took less than twenty minutes and we got dressed again and went to the bar that was at the very top of the hotel.

This was a well laid out bar simply because it had so many dark corners and I am sure more than one couple had done the nasty in one of its remote corners. We sat in a darken area and watched the couple across the way from us do everything but fuck and we got talking about fantasies. She mentioned she always wanted to be ‘picked up’ in a bar, pretending to be a hooker. I also had the same fantasy but this bar had lots of ladies that could be mistaken for hookers and too many guys looking like they might take them up on the offer.

It was getting late in the evening and our waitress gave us a ‘last call’ for drinks. I looked at my watch and was amazed it was nearly 2 AM. My lady friend ordered another gin and tonic while I settled for chewing my ice cubes. Her drink came and she looked up at me. “You know another fantasy of mine? I have always dreamed of fucking in a public bathroom.” I smiled. I knew the layout of this hotel as I had stayed there on business many times before. The hotel could hold close to 2200 people and I knew that they were close to full. The bar was full and there was lots of hustle and bustle up and down the six elevators kartal escort but I knew where there were some out of the way restrooms.

She finished her drink and gathered her things and we quickly went back to our room to leave our jackets and things there. I could tell she was all aquiver over the prospect of living out this fantasy and truth be told, so was I! We made our way to the third floor and down behind a convention room and there they were… a pair of restrooms that were seldom used but probably required by state law. It was perfect.

We decided to use the men’s room because I would get into more trouble if caught in the ladies room than she would if we were found in the men’s. I went in to scout out the territory and found it quite empty. I went back to the door and waved her in. She was smiling like a teenager contemplating mischief.

I took her to the last stall, which happened to be handicapped stall and locked the stall door behind us. I could tell she had only fantasized about fucking in a bathroom and never thought it through. I on the other hand had had numerous dreams about this situation and I didn’t wait to tell her about them. I pushed her to a seated position on the toilet and had my pants down in a flash. She reached in and had my cock in her mouth in a matter of seconds and was sucking me in grand style.

Now I am sure she would have been content to have just sucked me off and felt her fantasy fulfilled but not me. My fantasy was to fuck in a restroom and I was going to do it. I waited until she was quite excited and then stood her up, turned her to face the wall and pulled her skirt up, She held it up, momentarily confused but when I grabbed her red lace panties, she knew what to do. She grabbed the plumbing fixtures on the wall and placed her knees on the seat and lifted her glistening pussy toward me.

I had fucked this pussy at least a dozen times in the last three days but this was like fucking for the first time all over again. She had to really grip the plumbing to keep her head from hitting the wall as I slammed my cock into her. She was quietly moaning and I slapped her ass and told her to keep it down. I knew that was going to be difficult for her but I knew if she got going we would be heard two floors away.

I was beginning to think about cumming in her when I remembered I owed her one for her sex play the first day. I began to slide my thumb into her pussy as I fucked her and got it all nice and wet. I pulled it out and added some saliva and began to rub it against her ass. During our sex marathon stay, I had played with her ass a number of times and knew she loved it. We had talked about ass fucking but she said she had never done it.

So here I am, rubbing her ass while I am fucking her, trying to decide if I should push my thumb in her ass when the restroom door opens. She is in maltepe escort a near panic but I am more turned on than ever. She turns to me as if to ask what to do and I put my hand over her mouth and keep fucking her. The guy must have known I was there but he never came down to look. He came in, used the urinal, washed his hands and left. My cock was harder than ever now.

She is giggling knowing we just averted disaster and is getting hotter than I had seen her and I had seen her plenty hot. I once again began to massage her asshole and could see it was turning her on. I decided to just go for it and slid my thumb into her ass while I just kept pumping away at her pussy. She moaned quite loudly and I once again slapped her ample ass and told her to be quiet and she was. I began to counter time the thrust of my cock with the thrust of my thumb and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know she was loving it.

My balls were really throbbing now but I worked on stifling the urge to cum just yet. She had already cum three times and was working on number four when I pulled my thumb out of her ass and replaced it with my cock. She ALMOST argued with me about it but I barely missed a beat and within a dozen or more strokes she was cumming again.

I kept fucking her ass as she gasped for air and energy. She was trying various positions to get the maximum feeling from my cock when I told her to stick her fingers in her pussy while we fucked. In a heartbeat she had two and then three fingers in herself and she was moaning about she could feel my cock through her pussy. I slapped her ass again and told her to keep quiet and get ready to cum again.

That was all she needed. I know I was pounding in and out of her ass harder than I ever had fucked her pussy and she was loving it. I could feel her rubbing her giant clit as we fucked and I knew I couldn’t hold off any longer. She told me later she could feel my cock getting thicker as I began to cum. All I knew was she had a super tight ass and I was buried in it up to my ball sack. I shot a huge load of jizz into her ass as she came one last time. Within a few more seconds it was all we could do to stay standing.

I pulled my pants back on and she got off the stool and rubbed her knees. I knew we had been in there for close to 45 minutes and to have been interrupted only once was just plain lucky. We made our way back to the room and the shower and before we drifted off, we fucked again.

We had to leave the room by noon that day and managed two more fuck sessions. Her plane didn’t leave until 3:45 PM and while sitting in the airport parking lot, she went down on me one more time. It was phenomenal.

We went into the airport and I went with her as far as I could. She waited until she absolutely had to leave and then pulled me close and we hugged and kissed one last time. Just as we had to part, she leaned into me again and whispered; “The next time we meet, I want you to ass fuck me in the bathroom again!” That was four years ago and we have met three more times and each time, we have managed to find that same bathroom and each time we fucked like the first time. It has become a ritual to which we both look forward!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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