Fun With A Friend

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Fun With A FriendI have known her since middle school. Unfortunately we ended up losing touch after high school was over. We ended up finding each other again on a social site and rekindled our friendship. She was in a long-term relationship, worked constantly, and went to college; which basically sounded like my husband’s and my lives, except we had c***dren added to the mix.After a couple months of chatting and messaging each other, we finally got to hang out a couple times. After the last time we got to hang out, her and her partner ended up moving to another state and it was going to be over a year before she would be back for us to see each other again. So we made a promise to each other to text, message, email, Skype, etc… as much as possible; which of course we did.My husband and I had been texting her for almost 6 months. Most of it just idle chit-chat about home and work, and sometimes we’d talk relationships and sexual experiences, as friends do. My husband and I had had quite a few fantastic threesomes (MFF), one four-some (MFFF), and had been to an orgy. Not to mention our many, many amazing experiences with just the two of us. Her sexual experiences included only one horrific threesome and just all around not very good sexual experiences with any of her partners. 99.9% of her partners were women, as she is a lesbian by nature; although she did have a short-lived relationship with one young man when she was 19. ALL of her former ex’s and current ex-girlfriend never tried to get her worked up with foreplay before they just took her. So, sex was just painful for her (I mean come-on, who likes to be taken dry?!?!) and more of a nuisance than a turn-on even though she was horny all the time; she tried to say that she was just used to it after all these years. She just never had sex “the right way”- with foreplay as the precursor to the sex. One night after talking about all this, my husband and I started joking around with her and yet being serious, and told her that if she played with us, she would definitely be taken care of right sexually. We would show her what sex and making love is really supposed to be like; all she had to do was come visit us and we would show her anything she wanted. We all had laughs about it, but we all knew that it was a serious offer. After about a month’s consideration she decided that she wanted to try this with us, she was so horny. We were all excited about the prospect of having a whole lot of fun and began planning.We ended up making the trip to see her. The trip was long but beautiful. Once we pulled into our destination, we both fell in love with the area. It was gorgeous and very welcoming; all except the crazy traffic. She was working that day so we decided to drive around and figure out where things were. The traffic and everything was a bit too overwhelming for me as I had never driven in a big city before. Thankfully my husband was driving and was able to figure out all the streets and turns we needed in order to keep from getting too lost. Lol. Once she got off work, we picked her up and took her to her place so she could pack her bag; she was going to be staying with us in our hotel room for the duration of our stay.After getting her clothes and feeding her a****ls before leaving for the next 10 days, we went to our hotel and got ready to go out and eat so we could visit for a while and check out more of the area. After eating and our long visit, we went back to the hotel room and got comfortable. We lay down in the bed and turned on the T.V. as some background noise; as we were laying there talking an all-out tickle war broke out between the three of us. I can’t even remember who started it, but it was a lot of fun. Next thing I know, we were all kissing and touching each other except for where we all wanted to be touched; me and her, her and my husband, my husband and I, and all three of us in a hot triangle of tongues mingling and caressing hands. After a while of this, it started getting really hot and heavy and clothes started flying. Once all our clothes were strewn all over the room, we started slowly exploring the areas where we really wanted to touch and kiss and nibble and suck. Her mouth slowly moved down one side of my neck, kissing and nibbling her way down to one of my nipples as she palmed the hefty weight of my breast in her hand then the other, taking turns tantalizing both of them. My husband was on the other side of me nibbling on my earlobe and licking and kissing and gently biting my neck just the way he knows how to drive me insane. By this time my head was back and my back was arched; I was groaning and I was holding on to them; not to touch them, but for them to keep me grounded I was getting so worked up.Then my husband began moving ever so slowly across my jaw nibbling and kissing until he came to the corner of my mouth. He then took a long deep look into my eyes and began kissing me passionately while one of his hands was cradling my head. His other hand was holding her long, beautiful hair out of her face for her while holding her head to my large breasts at the same time, encouraging her to keep sucking on my nipples.Once we pulled out of the kiss he slowly began kissing his way down and took one of my breasts in his hand and began sucking on my nipple while she had the other doing the same. He began caressing and massaging my ass with his hand that was closest to me and with the hand closest to her, he began exploring her breasts by gently lifting them and caressing them and softly running his thumb over her hard nipples feeling them get ever harder. A short while later my husband couldn’t resist the temptation and stopped suckling on my breast and began suckling on her breasts. The moment his mouth made contact with her first nipple, she moaned loudly with my nipple still in her mouth. I could feel the vibration of her moan, which made me moan. I put both of my hands in her hair, holding her to my breast and she moaned anew from the mixture of my hands in her hair and my husband’s talented mouth wreaking havoc on her nipples. She tore her mouth away from my nipples and pushed me back to lay flat on the mattress. She lifted her body over mine and in between my legs and lowered herself on top of me; kissing me and touching my body with a passion that I’ve only ever encountered in my husband (who had moved up to lay down next to me, caressing my body where he could, just watching and enjoying the show). After kissing for bahis siteleri what seemed like an eternity, she began kissing her way down my body. First, to both of my nipples, alternately flicking them with her tongue and sucking them into her warm, wet mouth. Then down and around and past my bellybutton, and on down to just before the juncture in my legs.At this point, she pushes my legs up over her shoulders and pins them, pretty much folding me in half; exposing my dripping wet pussy to her lust filled stare. My husband and I watch as she slowly lowers her head to first one thigh, kissing down (or up as the case may be) to the crook in the back of my knee then back up (^Vise Versa) to just the crease in my leg, then does the same to the other leg. Once she’s completed her excursion she lifts her head with a huge smile on her face and looks into my eyes, then my husband’s eyes. She swings her intense gaze back to mine and slowly lowers her head; her mouth landing right on my hard, throbbing clit. She began to swirl her tongue around my button, making my hips rock on my spine of their own volition, which caused her tongue to lick between my pussy lips and just inside me and back up to my clit. Her mouth felt amazing! And being a lesbian, she most definitely knew what she was doing. (Most of the girls we had been with had been new to the concept of eating pussy and were very unsure of what they were doing.)My husband was watching with rapture in his face and awe in his eyes, as he had never seen any woman do what he does to me; that is, until now. She licked my pussy and sucked on my clit while gripping my hips, holding me to her mouth, until I squirted all over her face (yes, I am a squirter, and so far only my husband and her have ever been able to make me squirt). His eyes swung to mine and he kissed me nice and deep while he played with my titties. She is still down on me, eating away, making my body go wild. I reach for my husband’s big, hot, hard, weeping cock; wanting to feel it in my hands, in my mouth, anywhere. He tore his mouth away from mine on a deep groan and began slowly thrusting his big, hard cock in my hand, while I gently played with his balls with my fingers on each thrust.He quickly moved up so that he was on his knees, kneeling next to my head; his cock protruding out from his hips like another arm waving at me, trying to get my attention. I grip his hard cock in my hand and slowly bring my head up to taste his pre-cum on the end of my tongue. Mmm, yummy, he tastes so sweet! I twirl my tongue around the head of his cock, slowly pulling him deeper into my mouth. I take him in until there is no more to take, then I just sit there for a few moments and let him revel in the feeling of having his cock buried in my throat. Then I slowly pull him back out of my mouth, and repeat the process. After a while, I add my hand and begin stroking his cock as I am still sucking on it while I am moaning and bucking wildly thanks to her intense ministrations on my pussy. After a short while of this he has to pull away. He doesn’t want to cum yet.We look at each other, and I give him the go ahead, telling him to get after it. I wanted to watch him eat her pussy as she was eating my pussy. He leaned down and kissed me hard and deep. Then he slowly moved down the bed, until he was right behind her tight, sexy ass.He started off by massaging her beautiful ass and her back, encouraging her to keep eating my pussy. Telling her that he had never seen anyone do what she is doing to me, other than himself of course, and that it was the hottest thing he’d ever seen. He said that he wanted to see her soaked from my pussy juices squirting all over her; she responded by moaning and eating me out with a new vigor making me squirt all over her face again.He kept massaging her as he slowly and inexorably lowered himself down so that her ass was right in front of his face, enjoying the view. His hands moved down, massaging her thighs and spreading her ass cheeks, showing him her sweet, tight, wet pussy. She moans more, sending vibrations into my already wet, swollen, and sensitive pussy, causing intense shocks to go through my insides.He moves his head so that he has complete access to lick and suck her pussy as he so chooses. He darts his tongue out, taking a quick taste of her pussy. He moans and tells her and me how good she tastes. Then he spreads her ass cheeks apart and buries his head between her cheeks; taking turns sucking on her little button and her soft lips, and licking deep into her honey hole. She starts bucking wildly on his face, moaning loudly into my pussy. Tongue fucking me hard and fast; ravishing my pussy as he’s ravishing her pussy. She was reveling in having a real man’s mouth on her pussy and his hands on her body. He’s grabbing her hips and keeping her firmly to his mouth.Next thing I know, she tears her mouth away from my pussy and starts moaning really loudly, pushing her pussy into my husband’s face. She throws her head back and begins having her very first, real orgasm; given to her by another person (she’d had small orgasms before, but she had given them to herself masturbating). She shudders and collapses down onto the bed. Her head rests on my leg, trying to catch her breath. My husband’s head comes up, preceding the rest of him, with a huge smile on his face and his chin dripping with her cum. He flicks his tongue out to slowly swipe all around his lips, licking up as much of her cum as he can.He comes back up the bed to me. He leans over the side of me and kisses me, giving me a taste of her sweet juices. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him down to me more, deepening our kiss. Her pussy on his mouth tastes fantastic and I can’t wait to have her on my face next, and I say as much to both of them!She has a different idea, though. She says she wants to watch my husband fuck me from behind. We oblige, and I turn over on my hands and knees while he repositions himself behind me. She’s now sitting on the bed next to us, watching. My head is turned toward her, and I can see her and my husband.My husband begins as he did her; massaging my ass and back with his strong capable hands. He is also slowly grinding his big, hot, hard cock on my entrance, and rocking his hips back and forth so that he’s rubbing my button as well. He looks at me with unadulterated passion; then, alters his stare to her with lust filled eyes.She gives him a glazed, sultry look. She then slowly lowers canlı bahis her gaze and watches intently at where his manhood is rubbing my core. His cock is so wet from my pussy juices dripping all over him. She licks her lips, telling us that she’s never been so turned on in her life; meanwhile, her hand is slowly traversing over her sexy, voluptuous body. Steadily getting closer to where she feels the best. Once there, she spreads her pussy open and slowly begins rubbing her clit. She throws her head back and moans loudly. She looks at us again and inserts first one, then two fingers into her tight, wet pussy. She starts finger fucking herself with one hand, while still rubbing her little button with the other.My husband and I are so turned on by watching her masturbate while watching us. It was the hottest thing we’d seen in a long time. My husband leaned over my back and started playing with my breasts with one hand while holding onto my hip with the other, still rubbing his cock on my dripping wet pussy. His cock slipped just inside my lips and to the opening of my honey hole. His back stiffened of its own volition, causing his cock to slide a little deeper into my tight wetness. His head rolled back on his neck and a deep groan came from his throat. My body stiffened around his shaft on its own, making me gasp and bringing a purr out of me. He stopped moving, absorbing the feeling of being inside of my tight hole and letting my body accommodate his before pushing deeper, while still watching her touch herself.Before long, he was moving slow and steady, in and out of my body. Making sure that we were at a perfect angle for her to watch his cock and what he does to my pussy. She moves closer and uses one of her hands to reach up underneath me to rub my clit as he is sliding in and out of me. Then, curiosity gets the better of her and she uses a finger to touch the bottom of his cock while he’s in me. She starts rubbing herself harder. She has an orgasm that seems to last forever, and we get to watch her cum ooze out of her tight little pussy.Watching her orgasm like that fueled our desires. My husband’s hips started rocking on his spine, pushing his rock hard cock deeper and deeper in and out of me, until he was buried to the hilt and I gasped on the swords edge of pain and pleasure. He paused for a moment to let both of us adjust to the depth, then he began going at a steady not-too-fast/not-too-slow, just right pace. Propped up on one of his fists, he caressed my face and slowly slid his fingers into my long, red curly hair and grabbed a handful, using my hair as a handle to hold onto. He turned my head to face him so that he was staring deep into my eyes, communicating all that he wanted to say through his eyes and his actions as he kept thrusting in and out of me. He leaned down and kissed me, flexing his cock each time he thrusts in. My body responds in kind and exploded all over him, squirting jet after jet of cum all over him. As my pussy kept convulsing and contracting around my husband’s cock, he thrust harder and faster into me causing me to squirt all over him again and again and again.I collapsed on the bed and he wrapped his arms around me kissing me and running his hands all over my body. We both turned our heads so we could look at our friend and new playmate. She was still playing with herself and her pussy was glistening with cum dripping down her crack. I gave my husband a look and we both crawled over to her and we both began kissing her legs, starting at her inner ankles and gradually making our way up; stopping now and then to nip, lick, and suck on her soft, silky skin.When we each got to the bare, velvety skin of her tight pussy, we both tongued her wet lips and each sucked one into our mouths, driving her mad. She was thrashing her head around, hands buried into our hair, keeping our heads firmly at her hot core. We then both stuck our tongues into her pussy and began a one in- one out rhythm making her rock her hip and her body shake. Soon her body tightened up and she was cuming all over our faces. We were licking it up as fast as it was coming out of her, leaving her breathless.I moved from between her legs, leaving my husband to tend to her pussy with his amazingly capable mouth. I sat back and watched him lick and suck her pussy for a minute while I rubbed my own pussy. Then, I moved around her side and began touching her body, leaving kisses in their wake. I made my way up to her breasts and cupped them both, bringing one then the other up to my mouth to suck on. I kissed my way up to her neck right behind her ear and whispered into her ear, “Do you want to feel my husband’s hard cock inside your tight, wet pussy, Baby?,” to which she responded by having anther orgasm. Before she could catch her breath, I whispered with a smile, “Mmmmmmm…that answers my question.” I lifted my head to see her nod her head with raw lust in her eyes.I looked to my husband and told him, “I want to watch your cock inside of her.”, seeing him treating her like she should have always been treated and making her cum like that would be hot I thought. I was right (boy, was I right!). He looked to her for confirmation on consent to have sex with her, and when she nodded her head slightly, he raised his eyebrow as if to say, “Are you sure ?”, she nodded again.He rose up onto his knees and started stroking his already throbbing, hard cock. Pre-cum was dripping out of his hole and down the backside of the head of his cock, giving his ample lubrication. He moved closer to her and began rubbing the tip of his cock on her pussy lips. Her body was shaking in nervous anticipation and pure lust as to what was to come for her. He grabbed one of her hips with one of his hands while the other was still stroking his cock and rubbing on her. I was playing with her beautiful breasts while I played with my pussy and watched them.Soon he was slowly sliding the head of his cock in and out of her tight pussy. Each slow thrust in brought him a little deeper into her, making her moan loudly in pleasure. Before he even got two inches into her, she came all over his cock. He took advantage of her orgasm and slammed his cock into her pussy all the way to the hilt and froze where he was. She cried out in painful pleasure and came harder. Once my husband felt like she was ready for some rocking action, he began moving slightly, watching her facial reactions to make sure he wasn’t hurting her.She was far from being güvenilir bahis hurt. She had a smile on her face, her eyes were glazed over with sexual satisfaction, her hands fisted into the sheets holding on for dear life, and she was breathing hard and moaning loudly. I leaned over and started licking her clit as my husband was gliding in and out of her honey hole. I pulled his cock out her and sucked her pussy juices off him and then guided him back into her. I began licking my way up her body until I got to her soft breasts. I sucked on her nipples and watched as my husband fucked my lesbian friend and took care of her sexually, the way she should have always been treated. As I was watching them fuck and I was sucking on her nipples, I started rubbing my pussy while my husband finger fucked me. She then let go of the sheets and wrapped her hands around his back, digging her nails into him. She urged him on by pulling him to her, wanting it harder. He grabbed her hips with both hands and began moving faster and deeper. I sat up more, wanting to watch how hard she would cum and reached down to play with her clit and feel my husband’s cock slide in and out of her tight pussy.She closed her eyes and moaned out, “Yea Baby, fuck me harder!!! Oh yea!!!! Fuck me faster and harder!!!!” He obliged her, his hips pistoning in and out of her core, pounding her pussy. “Yea, that’s right!! Just like that!!! OOOOOOHHHHH MMMMMYYYYY GGGAAAAWWWWWDDDD!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!” she screamed out! She ended up squirting cum all over him (her first squirt ever!!) as my husband slammed his stiff rod all the way in her and flexed it deep, mimicking cuming, making her body spasm and shake uncontrollably. Suddenly her body went lax and her breathing was sawing in and out of her lungs. She blacked out for a couple seconds and came to with a huge smile on her lips. She reached out for me and pulled me down for a kiss, and did the same of my husband. She said in a deep, raspy, and sleepy voice, “I wanna watch you two fuck until you both cum, but I want you to cum inside of her so I can lick it out of her so that I can taste you both, together- all sweet, hot, and yummy.” My husband pulled his still ram-rod stiff cock slowly out of her pussy. He started stroking his cock while moving from between her legs, to between mine right next to her. She lay on her side with her head on my chest, using her free hand she slowly ran her fingers all over my torso and watched as he began rubbing my dripping wet pussy with the head of his manhood.He pushed into me and started a slow rhythm as she watched intently. I had one arm around her, running my fingers through her long straight hair; and one arm around the back of my husband, holding onto his side as he was thrusting. She looked up into my eyes and kissed me hard, using her tongue to stroke mine. Meanwhile, she began massaging one breast and my husband started with the other; playing with my nipples, gently squeezing and rolling them between their fingers and lightly pulling on them.My husband leaned over my body, still rocking his body into mine, and began sucking on the nipple he was playing with. She followed suit and began sucking on the one she was playing with. They then pushed my breasts together so that my nipples were touching each other. I watched as they began French kissing while also still sucking on my nipples. It was an amazing feeling and sight; making my back bow of its own volition, creating tingles of pleasure all the way through my body, and causing me to squirt all over him. Literally drenching him in my cum. He leaned back up leaving her to tend to my breasts if she so desired, firmly planting both his fists on either side of my head, and looked me with awe in his eyes and a smile on his lips. He leaned back down and kissed me on the mouth passionately and full of heat before rising to his knees and using his hands to spread my thighs out wider so he had better access to rub my hard clit.She leaned back up to watch us as his cock was sliding in and out of me slowly. He looked at me and raised his eyebrow, as if to say, “Are you ready for this, Baby?”. To which I responded with a raised eyebrow of my own, as if to say, “Whatchu’ waitin’ for, Baby? An invitation?”. He smirked and began pounding my pussy hard, still rubbing my clit. I was gushing cum all over him almost instantly, and he snickered in victory at having made me cum super-fast.He lowered back down over me with his elbows on each side of my shoulders, making love to me. He stuck his fingers in my hair, cradling my head in his hands, and looking into my eyes conveying all he wanted to say through his eyes and actions. I wrapped my arms tighter around him and lifted myself to him, almost sitting on his lap bouncing on his rod. In this position, his head rubs directly on my g-spot, driving my body wild with wanton.I began kissing and licking his chest and neck up to right behind his ear, then nibbling and sucking on his earlobe. The orgasm that I had had hit me like a ton of bricks and made me scream out in complete ecstasy. My body convulsed and I squirted what seemed like buckets of cum all over him again. His back muscles began spasming and tightening on his spine, his hips were pistoning back and forth like a b**st, his breathing coming out in short hard bursts-almost grunt-like. Finally, he pulled back to where he was almost fully out of me, then slammed his cock back into me as hard as he could and filled me up so much that his cum was flowing out of me and down my thighs. Of course, feeling his cum shoot deep in my pussy and subsequently flow out from over-fill, made me cum really hard one last time. My final orgasm was so intense it caused me to black out for a short time. I came to breathing hard and feeling like I had something on my chest. I looked down to see the dark brown hair and the wonderful weight of my husband’s head laying on my chest with his arms wrapped around me, holding me tight and trying to catch his breath. He had collapsed on top of me during my black-out moment. He moved his head back so that he was looking up into my face and mouthed, “I Love You So Much, My Angel!” To which, I replied with a smile and a mouthed, “And, I Love You With ALL My Heart And Soul Too, My Love!”We all cleaned up as much as we could muster, got the bed resituated to sleep-worthy and lay down, still trying to catch our breaths. As we were laying there with the air-conditioner on full blast, we all cuddled up the best three people can, kissed each other goodnight and passed out hard until early the next morning.And, this was just the first night!!! You can just imagine what transpired for the next 9 days!!! 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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