Gambling’s for losers

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Gambling’s for losersGambling’s for losersTonight was usually Poker night for my husband and the guys but tonight it was date night and I was making a real effort. Little black dress, garter belt and stockings with sexy high heels.I was in the process of completing my hair and makeup when the door bell rang.My husband went to downstairs to answer the door when I heard the voices of his poker buddies walk in. I heard them go through to our kitchen diner where they normally played poker. I could hear beer cans being opened and chairs pulled around our circular table. My Husband came up stairs and apologised for the intrusion but he had forgot to cancel and as two of the guys had drove from the far side of town he let them in to play a few hands.“Are you fucking k**ding me?” I ranted“Sorry honey, they’ll be here for an hour at the most then we can go out and paint the town!”“It better be only an hour!” I hissed.My husband kissed me on the cheek and ran back downstairs to his buddies.The usual poker crowd consisted of my husband, his high school buddy Jimmy, his mechanic Dan and his Tennis partner Kramer. Tonight I heard an additional voice, one I’d not heard before.I continued getting ready for our date night adjusting my lingerie and stepping into my high heels.I stepped into the black Lycra dress and pulled it up over my bare 34C breasts and slipped my arms through the shoulder straps. Adjusting my breasts under the skin-tight dress I checked that my garter straps weren’t visible. They weren’t hidden but you would have to look very closely to see them. I twirled in front of the full length mirror and decided to pop downstairs and have a glass of wine whilst the guys finished their game.As I walked into the diner all of the guys said hi and gave me the obligatory wolf whistle. I recognised the new player. It was Bob from my husband’s office. My husband had spoken of Bob on numerous occasions about how bob had fucked almost every woman in the company and was rumoured to be in possession of the most enormous cock. I wouldn’t know about that but one thing was for sure was that Bob was one hell of a hot guy. His Latin looks and olive skin with his dark thick mane was the stuff of romantic novels and from the tightness of his shirt I could make out his defined Pecs and well developed biceps. I went over to the wine rack selected a bottle and offered it to the table to open. Bob grabbed the bottle gently, arose from the table to reveal the rest of his magnificent physique and placed the corkscrew into the cork and opened the bottle. He picked up my glass tilting the bottle at the perfect angle as he poured me a very large glass of wine. Handing me the glass our fingers brushed each other’s and a spark of electricity shot through my pussy. I smiled and thanked Bob as he returned to the table to continue his game. I must have been getting ready longer than I thought as two of guys were already wiped out of cash. My husband looked to have a decent pile of chips in front as did Bob and Dan was holding a few dollars worth. The next hand Bob won and Dan was wiped out. Dan said as he was now out, he was thinking of heading to a sports bar. Jimmy and Kramer decided that Dan’s idea was a good one as they got up, said their goodbyes and left. The only players at the table were my husband and Bob.My husband had a couple of hundred dollars worth of chips where as Bob was holding about two grand’s canlı bahis worth. I hinted to my husband that we should get a move on as he looked as his cards.“Tell you what honey we’ll play this last hand winner takes all!”Bob looked at my husband and said“You don’t have enough chips to make that bet!”“What if I used my wife as stake?” He enquired“You’re telling me that if we go all in and I win then I get your wife?”“You only get a blow job!”I was looking on in disbelief, frozen to the spot as these two discussed using my sexual prowess as a stake in a bet. Part of me wanted to belt my husband and the other part of me was so turned on and intrigued at the outcome.“Ok I’ll take the bet!” said Bob comfortably “But if I win she comes home with me and gives me the blow job in my home!”“Yeah if that’s what you want!” my Husband replied lethargicallyMy husband turned over his cards to display a nice flush.“Read them and weep” he said as he leant back in his chair smugly.Bob looked him in the eye and said“I won’t be crying tears of sorrow but tears of joy!”Bob placed his cards neatly on the table as he revealed a full house.My husband’s jaw fell then he looked at me with fear in his eyes.“You dumbfuck!” I ranted. “Now I have to go suck his dick over the other side of town!”Grabbing Bob’s hand I said“C’mon your prize awaits!”Bob scooped up all of the cash from the pot, winked at my husband then followed me out of the door.Bobs car was a powder blue corvette. He clicked his remote key to open the vehicle. He held the door open as I sung my long stocking clad legs into his muscle car. Closing the door on me I looked over at my front door to see my husband framing the entrance with a look of total disbelief.Bob climbed into the car, closed his door and turned the engine on. The muscle car roared its power to world. Bob looked across at me and said “Do you think he’s suffered enough yet? You can jump out anytime you want!”“Fuck him; he made the bet without consulting me. So to keep my husband’s honour I owe you one blow job in your house!”“You’re really gonna do it?” asked Bob startled somewhat“Hell yes! Who knows I may even enjoy it!”The drive to Bobs was extremely erotic. The muscle car engine was throbbing through the interior of the car, every thrust and throb stimulating my naked pussy. I instinctively placed my hand on Bob’s muscular thigh and ran it up and down the impressive muscle. His jeans were crisp designer and lung to his wondrous physique. I slid forward slightly in my seat allowing my black dress to ride up over my thighs revealing my stocking tops and garter belt to Bob.Bob glanced down and placed his hand on my thigh stroking the inner thigh softly and gently. I opened my legs wide for him exposing my shaved pussy to him as his masculine fingertips gently stroked my wet labia. His fingers began a soft tickling manipulation as my pussy opened to allow him further access. My juices were flowing wildly as his index finger slid inside my bald cunt. He began to expertly finger fuck me as I thrashed away on soft leather sports seat. Still fingering me he pulled into his drive opening his garage door in the process. He drove into his garage and switched off the car engine. Leaning across to me he kissed me gently, nibbling my bottom lip then sliding his tongue between my teeth. I moved my wandering hand up his thigh till I made contact with his crotch.I heard myself bahis siteleri gasp as I felt the size of what must be an anaconda hiding in his jeans. His massive cock throbbed against my rubbing hand.Bob whispered “Let’s take this inside and get comfortable!”I moaned with pleasure and nodded.We got out of the car and walked into Bob’s kitchen.Bob grabbed a bottle of wine from the fridge and a bucket of ice. Picking up two glasses he said“Follow me!”He walked me through the lounge then up a half flight of stairs to a mezzanine level. Opening the door he led me into his opulent bachelor bedroom. One wall was floor to ceiling mirrored wardrobes one wall had a huge 50 inch TV screen opposite a king size four poster bed. A video camera was placed on top of a tripod and Bob made no attempt to hide this.Bob dimmed the lights to a romantic level, opened the wine then offered me a glass. Taking a refreshing sip of my wine Bob sat on the bed and patted a spot next him, beckoning me over.I sat next to Bob as instructed and he kissed me gently then said.“It’s a shame the bet was only a blow job!”“That was a bet with my husband. I can make my own bets and I bet you here and now that you can’t fuck me!”I stood up before him and pulled my little black dress over my head revealing my Stockings and Garter belt framing my shaved pussy and my firm pert 34C breasts with my nipples already achingly erect. Bob unzipped his jeans and pulled them down his thighs. His boxer shorts could barely contain the massive weapon as his throbbing helmet poked over the waistband. Pulling his boxers down I knelt before him and began to worship this proud throbbing specimen of manhood. Giving the best blow job I ever thought possible I heard Bob moan and groan approvingly as my tongue and lips feasted on his colossal cock. Holding the base with one hand, I tickled his heavy laden balls with my other hand. Licking the length of his shaft I began to lick and nibble his shaved balls. Turns out Bob had done a little manscaping and his cock and balls were completely hairless. I looked up to see Bob removing his shirt. His body was truly Adonis. This finely sculpted masterpiece of manhood with the most impressive cock was smiling at me knowingly. I got off my knees, straddled Bobs thighs and slowly impaled myself on Bobs cock.“Oops! Looks like I’ve lost my bet!” I giggled as I began to ride Bobs cockBob tweaked my erect nipples as I gyrated my pelvis and fucked Bob’s monster cock.Bobs lips locked on mine as my first orgasm burst through me.Panting ferociously I breathed“Fuck my cunt Bob!”Bob willingly obeyed and lifted me up with his cock still deep inside me then placed me gently on my back. He thrust his cock deep inside me as my stockinged legs wrapped around his back, resting my high heels on his taut buttocks. Bob fucked me into a frenzy driving his huge cock deep inside me as his heavy balls slapped against my ass. Our mouths locked as we fucked this way for what seemed like an hour. I lost count of the number of wonderful orgasms I enjoyed.Bob was drenched in sweat as he whispered he was about to come. I slid from beneath and positioned myself with my mouth at his cock as spurt after wonderful spurt of thick creamy cum splashed into my open mouth. Slathering my tongue around his ejaculating glans I swallowed every marvellous drop. His cock never lost hardness.“Would you like to go again and this time record güvenilir bahis it?” I asked“You up for that? He asked“As long as it’s for your eyes only!” I insisted“I’ll just set it up!”“Fine with me but this time when you come I want you to come on my dress!”Bob set the camera in motion and suddenly I appeared on the Big TV screen. Bob came over to the bed with a bottle of baby oil. Pouring some of the oil over my tits and pussy he began to rub the smooth liquid into my skin. Turning me over he rubbed some on my back and butt then began to pay special attention to my asshole. I raised myself up on my knees parting my legs exposing my ass and pussy to the camera. Bob splashed a little oil on my ass hole and began to slip his finger in and out of my ass. Kneeling behind me he slid his cock deep inside my pussy and began to slowly fuck me. Sliding his full cock length deep inside my pussy, then withdrawing everything but the tip. He repeated this teasing action for about 10 minutes, giving me countless orgasm in the process. Orgasms I can tell you that were quite vocal for the camera. I placed my hands behind my back holding my butt cheeks apart as Bob ploughed into my cunt. Turning my head a little I whispered to Bob“Fuck me p the ass!”Bob splashed a little bit more oil on puckered ring and withdrew his massive cock from my pussy. Placing the tip of his b**st inside my ring, he slowly fed the entire impressive length into my hungry ass. My ass had never experienced sensations like this. Stretched and full I could feel the burning heat of his cock as he slowly slid in and out of my ass. Stretching the flesh of my ring as it grasped his invading meat. A powerful orgasm burst through me as I fucked his cock. My ass was twerking like some rap video slut as he fucked my ass expertly, giving me another anal orgasm. He told me he was about to come and I said grab the dress.He grabbed the dress and removed his cock as spurts of spunk splashed onto my little black dress.I lay back on the bed in afterglow of this glorious fuck. My legs wide open showing my naked pussy and gaping asshole to the video camera. Bob lay beside and stroked my body as he kissed me gently.“I’ll need to get back to my husband!” I said as we both went to get off the bed.Bob passed me my cumdrenched dress as I slid it over my well fucked body.“I’ll give you a lift home if you let me fuck you again!” said Bob.“I’ll have to lose another bet to you!” I smirked.We went down to the garage once Bob dressed and he gave a lift back home. This time the sexual tension was calmer so I decided to give him a blowjob all the way to mine.I sucked his beautiful dick all the way to my house stopping outside our drive as he finished off in my mouth; I had the good manners to swallow every drop. Placing his cock back into his jeans I gave him one last kiss and said to call me next week, then got out of his corvette.I clip clopped my high heels up our driveway as Bob drove off. My husband opened the door to see me looking like I had truly been well fucked which is exactly what had happened.As I stepped into the hallway he closed the door.Looking at the semen stains on my dress and my dishevelled hair and makeup he asked did I fuck him.“Turns out you weren’t the only one to lose a bet!”My husband bent me over lifting my dress up and rammed his cock inside me, fucking like he’d never fucked me before.Looking down at his cock entering me he sighed.“You let him fuck your ass also!”“And it was divine” I panted as my husband came inside me.We fucked three more times that night until exhaustion got the better of us.Looks like we’ve found me a new hobby…….

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