Gargi Ch. 06

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Autumn Falls

I would like to tell my readers that those looking for quick, fast and furious action will probably be better off looking elsewhere but I hope that those who want to read a good story will find this one rewarding.

I hope that my Marathi speaking readers will appreciate conversations that took place in Marathi. These are recorded in italics. For the benefit of others, these are immediately followed by English translations.

Please read Ch. 01-05 for the sake of continuity.

Please do vote and send me your constructive feedback.


Ch. 01-05 Summary: A young, temporarily grounded air hostess and an even younger (18+) management trainee are neighbours. After a period of (almost) platonic friendship, they start an affair. They explore their sexuality and try stuff they’d only read about till then. She will soon be flying again and they make the most of the time available before she is off to work, visiting Powai Lake on a weekday and spending a day and a night in a Juhu hotel.

Ch. 06 describes their efforts to get her to healthily shed a few pounds.


“Testmadhye kaay zaale?”

“What happened in the test?” I accosted her in the evening as she stood in front of her building. Her body language told me that it hadn’t gone well.

“Mala ajun teen athawdyansathi ground kele!”

“I’ve been grounded for another three weeks!” Her disappointment was palpable. Although her back was OK, she had been found to be overweight.

“Kamit kami saha pound kami karayala pahijet!”

“I’ve to lose at least six pounds!”

“Tyat kaay ahe mothese! Eka athawdyat hou shakel!”

“Oh! That’s no big deal. It can be done in a week!” To me that didn’t seem like a lot of weight to lose. It wasn’t that simple, though. The airline doctor had prescribed a three week grounding to ensure that she didn’t go on a crash diet and possibly harm herself.

“Theek ahe. Ugach kaalji karu nakos. Apan ek changla program tayar karu wajan kami karnyacha!”

“Don’t worry, it’s OK! We’ll plan a proper weight loss program!” I was determined to cheer her up and not allow her to mope and wallow in self-pity.

I took her to a newly opened gym in Juhu and enrolled her for a three week weight loss program. It consisted of cardio and weight training on alternate days. In addition, the dietician prescribed a strict dietary regimen. I also ensured that her trainer knew about her recent recovery from a sprained back.

“Ya shivaay apan roj sandhyakali beachwar jog karu ya.”

“Apart from this, let’s jog on the beach every evening!” I declared.

She quickly caught my infectious enthusiasm and applied herself to the task with her usual diligence. We started spending thirty to forty minutes late every evening jogging on Juhu beach, after I returned from office. We didn’t miss a day even when I was late from work.

“Yaay!” She enthused when she weighed herself at the end of the first week. She’d already lost three pounds. Her trainer however cautioned that this was due to loss of fluids and further losses due to fat burning would not be so fast. It was nevertheless a good beginning and a great incentive to continue.

Although the clothes she wore for jogging were rather baggy and shapeless and it was usually quite dark by the time we started, I could sense from her graceful, sinuous movements and the healthy glow on her face that her body was shaping up nicely. All the shared physical exertion and our proximity as we jogged together quite naturally made us horny as hell. We could barely keep our hands off each other until we reached the far end of Juhu beach and found a relatively secluded spot to go into a clinch. We would frantically kiss and grope each other, looking around nervously for any voyeurs. She would let me thrust my hand under the waistband of her jogging pants and finger her pussy to a quick, hard climax while she shoved her fist into her mouth to muffle her screams. She would then fish out my cock and stroke my shaft, while I kept a lookout for intruders. Usually, I found it difficult to get off on her hand, but on the open beach, with an imminent danger of being caught, I used to come practically in seconds, occasionally soiling her hands. Once, on a particularly dark night she even sucked and licked my cock head while her hands stroked my shaft, catching a bit of my jizz on her face as I ejaculated. She licked my cock clean before putting it back inside…

Being mindful of neighbours, I didn’t want to be seen visiting her apartment every day. Hence we had to content ourselves with these weekday mutual masturbations on the beach. However, they provided only temporary relief and in fact whetted our appetites for more. Although I would have loved to take her to a hotel room every evening, I just couldn’t afford it. We used to wait eagerly for the weekends, when tuzla eve gelen escort we could finally release our pent up passions with long, hard and hot fuck fests in her apartment…


“Tu cigarette odhli ahes ka?”

“Have you been smoking?”

I caught a whiff of tobacco smoke on her breath as I pulled her into my embrace and kissed her late one Friday evening, after completing our customary jog on Juhu beach. I’d never smelt tobacco on her during the past few months since our acquaintance began and quite naturally, I was surprised.



“Pan ka? Prakrutisathi changle nahiye he! Thauk aahe na?”

“But why? Don’t you know it isn’t good for your health?”

Although the full extent of damage that tobacco could cause wasn’t widely known then, it was well understood that it wasn’t good for health and it was best to avoid it.

“Tyane wajan lawkar kami hote ase kalale. Ani tensionpan kami hote mhanun…”

“I heard that it helps to lose weight faster. Also to reduce tension…” Clearly, she was on the defensive.

I was rather annoyed. I’d only once tried a cigarette on a dare while I was in college. I’d coughed and sputtered and could barely inhale a couple of puffs. I’d hated the smell of stale cigarette smoke on my breath and on my clothes the next day. I had never smoked since then and always wondered why people seemed to enjoy it so much. Besides, I was aghast at the stink of tobacco smoke overwhelming and defiling her wonderful, natural feminine scent that I had come to love so much.

“Hey bagh Gargi, hey mala mulich awadlele nahi. Cigarette na odhta suddha wajan kami hoil tuze. Ani tensionche kaay karan ahe? Mi ahe ithe, tujhi kaalji ghenyasathi!”

“Look Gargi, I don’t appreciate your smoking. You can lose weight without smoking too, you know? And why are you tense, when I am here to take care of you? ”

She was taken aback by the vehemence of my reaction and the open display of my possessiveness towards her. It took a while for her to react.

“Ragawlas majhyawar?”

“Are you angry with me?” She asked in a small voice.


“Of course!”

“Sorry. Mi pharach waeet waagle ka?”

“Sorry. Did I behave very badly?”

“Tuch saang!”

“You tell me!” I wasn’t letting her off the hook.

“Sorry… Tu itka ragawshil asse mala watle navte!”

“Sorry… I didn’t know it’d make you so angry!” She whispered, contrite.

“Majhya ragawnyacha prashna nahiye ha. Prashna ahe tujhya prakruticha. Tichi kaalji tu ghetlich pahijes!”

“It’s not about me getting angry. It’s about your health. You must take care of it!”


“OK!” She responded after a long pause.

“Parat cigarette odhshil?”

“Will you smoke again?”




“Promise!” Her voice was muffled as she hid her face against my chest.

We sealed the deal with a kiss. I didn’t let her know by word or by act how much her breath stank of tobacco smoke…


There was a curious change in our relationship after that incident, although it took me a while to fully understand and appreciate it. Till then, perhaps because she was older and more experienced than me, she took the initiative most of the time and led from the front, so to speak. It was she who tested the boundaries and pushed the envelope when it came to trying new stuff outside our experience and comfort level. She was comfortable doing this with me, since she trusted me and knew that I wouldn’t force her into anything that she didn’t want to do. But now, she became strangely deferential and respectful. She now let me to take the initiative and do whatever I pleased, without demur or hesitation on her part. On occasion, she even egged me on if I wasn’t being assertive enough to her liking. I was intrigued and also rather aroused by this newfound deference.

I got the first hint of her changed attitude the very next day, which was a Saturday. I was lolling on the couch in the living room after having exchanged a quick hot kiss with her, waiting for her to get ready and emerge from the bedroom. We’d decided to go out for lunch, followed by a movie.

“Eka minitasathi aat yetos?”

“Can you come in for a minute?”

She had stripped down to her bra and panties and was wrapping a thin chunni around her shoulders as I walked in. Several sets of clothes were spread out on the bed. Her body had visibly become tauter due to her regular gym workouts. Her breasts appeared to ride higher on her chest.

“Kuthle kapde ghalu?”

“What should I wear?” She’d never asked me this question before.

“Aggo, kuthlehi ghal. Tu kashat pan chhanach distes!”

“Oh, wear anything. You look good in whatever you wear!”

“Tari tuzla otele gelen escort suddha, tula yaatle kaay awdel jasti?”

“Still, which one would you like best?”

“Khare sangu? Tu atta ghatle ahes twedhepan purey ahe!”

“Well if you ask me, what you’re wearing right now is good enough!” I eyed her half-clad body with a naughty smile.

“Bagh han! Mi kharokhar ashich tujhyabarobar yeu shakte! Neshil?”

“Look, I really can come out with you like this! Will you take me?” She dared me, pulling out her handbag from the wardrobe and starting to walk out of the bedroom.

“Aggo thamb, thamb! Mala vichar karu de thoda!”

“Wait, wait! Let me think a little!” I stopped her.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned close, her mouth hovering inches away from mine. I smelt her arousal on her breath. The mere thought of going out half naked with me had been sufficient to light a flame in her. I couldn’t resist planting a long kiss on her lips and she started going limp against me.

“Apan hey sagle nantar karuya. Nahitar lunch ani picture sagle budel.”

“Let’s keep this for later. Or else we’ll miss lunch as well as the movie!” I whispered.

“Thik ahe!”

“OK!” She reluctantly unwound her arms from my neck and stepped back.

I then rummaged through her wardrobe and finally picked a naughty choli and a Kolkata cotton sari to go with it. The thin cotton choli was half sleeved, brief, and very tight, had a large neck opening in the front as well as back and had built-in cups. Gargi let me take off her bra and help her put on the little choli. She was just a little disappointed when I didn’t tarry on her naked tits, satisfying myself with fleeting touches of her flesh against my fingers as I did up the hooks running down the front. She then shooed me out of the bedroom while she finished dressing. Unlike the synthetic silk sari she’d worn on our trip to Powai, the Kolkata cotton sari was thick and opaque and the pallu she’d demurely wrapped around her shoulders covered her delectable curves that were otherwise left bare by her brief, tight choli and the sari worn low on her hips. In addition, she carried a shawl on her shoulder. As usual, she’d worn no noticeable makeup. Deferring to my wishes she’d also refrained from using perfume or deodorant.


Many men glanced enviously at me as we ate a light lunch in a restaurant in south Mumbai, not far from the movie theatre where I had booked our tickets for the matinee show. We sauntered into the theatre in good time. I had picked our seats in the uppermost row of the balcony, off to one side. The movie had already run for several weeks and the crowd was thin. The balcony was mostly populated by a scattering of young couples like us. The air-conditioning was powerful and there was a blast of cold air from an outlet overhead. Gargi shivered and wrapped the shawl snugly around her. I sought her hand under the shawl and her fingers interlaced with mine. I pressed her hand reassuringly and my thumb was soon drawing lazy circles on her palm. As soon as the lights dimmed and the movie started, I wrapped my arm around her shoulders, pulling her close and she snuggled up against me. Soon, my fingers were brushing against her bosom, over her shawl and sari. She quickly re-wrapped her shawl so that my hand was covered and straightened up a bit, “accidentally” thrusting her bosom against my hand. Soon, my hand had crept under her pallu and my fingers were caressing the expanse of her upper body. I grew bolder, and after a quick look around to ensure that nobody was looking at us, started fondling and squeezing her generously proportioned tits under the cover of her shawl and pallu. My fingers crept inside her choli and I pinched and rolled her nipples, revelling in their stiff, sticky touch and the shivers coursing through her body. After trying for a while to sit up straight and pretend that nothing was happening, Gargi finally succumbed and slumped against me, while the waves of arousal arising from her nipples first hit her pussy and then spread all over her body.

“Ghari jau ya!”

“Let’s go home!” She whispered as the lights came on for the intermission.

We’d barely paid any attention to the movie. As she went to the ladies room to freshen up, a couple of girls looked curiously at her. Like most women, they had sensitive antennae and had noticed Gargi’s state of high arousal by her expression and body language. To cool herself down, she’d repeatedly splashed cold water on her face and by the time she emerged a good fifteen minutes later, she had composed herself and looked almost normal. I would soon find out how far she’d really cooled off…

She self-consciously sat apart from me as we rode back in a taxi, her pallu wrapped securely around her shoulders and her handbag placed tuzla sınırsız escort between us. She tried to avoid looking at me, looking out the window instead. I on the other hand kept staring intently at her, drinking in her beauty and enjoying the delicious jiggling of her sari covered bosom as the taxi drove over the pot-holed road. Every once in a while she would glance at me and catch my intense gaze.

“Assa baghu nakos na majhyakade!”

“Don’t look at me that way!” She couldn’t take it anymore.

The taxi driver was a middle aged sikh man and we’d tacitly assumed that he didn’t understand Marathi. Although we weren’t talking loudly, we didn’t try to keep our voices low, either. The driver too didn’t appear to be paying any attention to us. I decided to have some fun.

“Assa mhanje kassa?”

“What do you mean by “that way”?”

“Ashya bhukejlelya nazrene!”

“With those hungry eyes!”

“Pan ka nahi?Kharokharich upashi ahe mi!”

“But why not? I really am hungry!”

“Mala kassetarich hotay!”

“It’s making me uncomfortable!”

“Kassetari mhanje nemke kaay?Saang na!”

“How exactly? Tell me!”

“Mi nahi sangnar ja!”

“I won’t tell you!” She tossed her head, looking away again.

“Tula pan bhook lagliye na?”

“Aren’t you hungry too?”


“Chiutai olya zalyaet ka?”

“Is the Little Sparrow wet?”

“Mmh!” A soft moan escaped her lips.

There was pure, unadulterated lust in her eyes as she glanced at me, before turning away to look out the window once again. My tumescent cock lurched in response and the devil in me awoke. I picked up her handbag and placed it on my other side. She saw me doing this but pretended not to have noticed. She shifted further away from me and wrapped her pallu even tighter around her shoulders. She kept shifting and squirming, glancing nervously at me once in a while, wondering what I was going to do next, while I enjoyed tormenting her by my inaction, letting her suspense build up until she was ready to scream…

I finally placed my hand on the seat between us and waited for her move. It was not long in coming. She quickly placed her hand on mine and squeezed it, the heat and moistness of her palm messaging her state of mind loud and clear. I squeezed back and placed her hand on my lap. She tried to withdraw it but I held it fast. Knowing that it was a losing battle, she finally relented. Her hand was extended rather awkwardly and was also clearly visible to the driver. He had sensed by now that some hanky-panky was going on and had started glancing at us through the rear view mirror. To cover her hand Gargi was forced to close the distance between us and spread her shawl on our laps.

“Maza laoda kurwal na!”

“Stroke my cock!” I whispered in her ear and soon, her hand was hesitantly caressing the length of my hard cock over my clothes. Passion soon overtook her hesitation. Unbidden by me, she unzipped my fly, reached inside my underpants and gripped my cock. Her thumb circled on my cock head while her fingers stroked my shaft. Boy, was that amazing or what! I felt like a shahenshah (king of kings) as this beautiful, hot and sexy young woman willingly caressed my cock on a busy road during a brightly lit mid-afternoon, albeit inside a taxi and under the cover of her shawl…


“Don’t!” I stopped her as she tried to pull my cock out of my pants.

“Ka nako?”

“Why not?”

“Itka kadak ahe toh ki parat aat ghalayla awghad jaeel tula.”

“It’s so hard, you’ll find it difficult to put it back inside!”

“Mag kaay harkat aahe? Lokanna pan tujhya Nagobache darshan hou de!”

“So what’s the problem? Let everybody take a look at your Cobra!” She giggled.

“Bagh han! Kharokharich tula toh aat ghalta aala nahi tar saglyansamaksha tula toh chokhayala laawin!”

“I’m warning you. If you are not able to put it back inside, I’ll make you suck it in public!”

“Theek aahe! Chokhin!”

“OK! I’ll do it!” The expression in her lust crazed eyes told me that at that moment she was actually prepared to do it. Better sense soon prevailed and she eventually withdrew her hand. She looked around surreptitiously and then licked my pre cum off her thumb. As we were crossing the Mahim causeway I told the driver to take us to Juhu instead of her residence. She registered the change in plan without showing surprise. She could guess what was coming…

“Choliche khalche hooks ughad!”

“Open the lower hooks of your choli!” I demanded in a whisper. Since Juhu was still a while away, I decided to have some more fun.

“Nako na please!”

“Please no!”

“Ughad patkan. Mi tujhe nipples chepnar ahe.”

“Do it quickly. I’m going to pinch your nipples!” I wasn’t giving her a choice.

Although the brazen audacity of my demand took her aback, it also raised her arousal level several notches, driving her to the point of recklessness. Moreover, it awoke in her an overwhelming desire to please me. She covered herself with the shawl and I saw little movements of her hands under it.

“H’m!” She exhaled and snuggled up to me after she’d done the deed.

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